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I do not believe Kikyo is evil, even though I do not like her.

Dark. That was all it was. The moon softly glowed down upon the land reflecting off of water and illuminating dark shadows to a degree. Cool air wrapped around exposed skin and every breath. Even right know there was soft puffs of air reaching out from its confinement and turning into mist.

The heavy breaths and loud crunching steps, in the snow, were the only things that broke the silence around. For a forest, especially Inuyasha's Forest, it was very particular to see the woods to be utterly silent; it was almost as if it was watching waiting for something to happen.

It was a game of cat and mouse at its worst, with the winner living and the loser dieing. On top of that, one of the two players was far more skilled then the other providing more then an advantage over the little 'mouse'. The cat's light footsteps across the snow, like the predator she was, slowly got closer to her mouse. It was almost time to pounce!

The mouse was out of breath. As hard as she tried she just couldn't put any distance between her predator and that scared her. Pushing her body to go faster she never noticed the rock and tripped slamming into the cold unforgiving snow.

"Looks like I didn't even have to stop you myself." The cats voice was laced with utter humor. She didn't even have to do anything, and bet that if she left this girl alone Kagome would have ended up killing herself on her own!

"Get away!" Kagome backed up (though the snow was very deep and didn't help her much). Kikyo just chuckled before pacing towards her prey a smirk sporting, slowly at first, upon her dead face.

"I think not. I spent all this time chasing you and now I want my reward." Kagome was struggling farther and farther back and soon the game got boring. Kikyo summoned her soul collectors and had two wrap around the untrained miko restraining her of all movement. Kagome struggled against her binding but it was futile.

Walking towards her captive she pulled a vile out of her sleeve; Kagome stopped struggling to watch (eyes wide) Kikyo kneel before her. Kagome struggled to move her face far away but the dead miko only grabbed her and forced her to look at her.

"You may not know it but Inuyasha still cares for you." Kagome looked confused at her. Why is she talking about this? Silence reigned for a bit before Kagome opened her mouth. Shoving the vile into her mouth Kikyo forced her to swallow the potion by stroking her neck. The liquid was frigid and made her throat feel as though it was incased in ice.

"Also he wasn't mad when the Shikon disappeared. You have softened him. Made him like velvet. Soft but strong to withstand damage." Kagome was starting to sweat. 'This heat…like an inferno…' The poor miko didn't hear anything the women was saying, her ears felt like when you have a cold and the only thing you can hear is your own breathing. Her vision was wavering and black spots started to mix with white, swirling, making her feel sick.

"You know…I have no idea what this potion will do, but you will make a great test subject." A satisfied smirk came to her face. "I hope it just kills you, saves me time. But if the hunt could be continued that would be quite enjoyable." She waved her soul stealers away and watched with rapid attention to the affects that were happening.

Kagome felt horrible, a strange mixture of hot and cold was moving throughout her body at a sluggish pace; the miko wished it would stop. Suddenly she felt like she was being shoved into herself like she was being forced to shrink in size.

Kikyo watched as her reincarnation's body got smaller and changed shape. Her skin were changing colors making it hard to spot her; the only thing that she could see now was the kimono she was wearing consisting of a light blue and white.

'How odd…is she changing into a demon?'

Kagome wanted to scream but her throat wasn't allowing her the pleasure. The frozen likeness was blocking her of all speech. Moving her hands was like moving a thousand pounds and she couldn't budge them to wrap around herself, her heart was beating so heavy that it was the only sound she could hear. Thoughts were nonexistent inside her brain as the pain was too much for her; Kagome wasn't even allowed the pleasure of darkness and had to stay awake throughout the entire process. Like an eternity it lasted for the miko but in the outside world it was just moments.

Kagome was startled when the pain receded instantly and cringed when her ears gave a painful pop. Her vision returned and she blinked. Sounds filled her ears, a contrast to the silence she had just moments ago.

Kikyo looked on in interest when her test subject moved. So she didn't die but then what happened? Is she now a demon? There was only one way to find out.

Kagome's fuzzy mind provided her with an update and she looked over to Kikyo to see her notching an arrow. Eyes widening she struggled to get up but her now longer kimono got in the way. Kikyo shot her arrow and nailed Kagome in the shoulder; the girl cried out in pain and grabbed her shoulder. Seconds passed but the girl didn't start to dissolve.

"Interesting…" She whispered out watching Kagome try to stand on her new skinny limbs only to fall down to the ground again and clutch her arrow wound. Kagome looked up at the sound of footsteps only to see Kikyo standing before her. The old miko knelled down and moved her hand to her arrow. Kagome tried to scurry back but Kikyo stopped her by grabbing her arm. Pushing on her arrow Kagome screamed when it was forced more into her skin.

"I see my potion has turned you into something else." Kagome just whimpered. "I can't kill you for Inuyasha would instantly be able to tell if I had my full soul. But I cant leave you here either." Kagome tried to pull herself away from the dead priestess but her weak body just didn't have the energy.

"I will have to send you away. But you can't go to the future since you don't have the jewel. I will just have to send you to another dimension."


Kikyo seemed to realize that her test subject could speak. Pulling her hands away but summoning her soul stealers to hold the girl down she sighed.

"You are the only thing stopping Inuyasha from being controlled by me. By eliminating you I will gain control of him." Kikyo pulled out a powder bag. "When he is mine I will have him search for the jewel and then we will both become human."

Kagome watched, to tired to do much (not only from the transformation but from struggling too), as Kikyo threw some powder onto her. Thinking she had gone crazy she watched as the bottom of her kimono was starting to dissolve.

"Its interesting." Kagome looked up at Kikyo, how in the world could she be talking as if they were on a picnic? "The way your appearance has changed, at first I thought you were a demon." 'My appearance has changed?' Seeing the look on the younger miko's face Kikyo pulled out a mirror and showed Kagome her face. A resounding gasp filled the air as she looked at herself.

'This isn't me…is it? No! It has to be a trick!' A black hedgehog with sapphire blue eyes and long black hair with blue highlights looked back at her.She tried to look away but Kikyo only moved the mirror over to her face and made her face the facts. Her eyes were glued to the mirror.

'It really is me…' Kagome felt faint; her entire body was gone now and only her head was floating slowly dissolving away.


"I already told you. I just want to be with Inuyasha but you are the only thing stopping me. And even though you are stopping me I cant seem to hate you."

Kagome looked at Kikyo confused. "Can't hate me?"

"Inuyasha loved me first. You are a part of me so its only natural he would love you too."

Kagome couldn't speak no more and the last bits of herself dissolved away into nothing taking her away into another place far away from everything she ever knew. Kikyo stood there for a few seconds before she turned and walked away.