She's awake! That was all that Shadow could think as he looked into her sapphire eyes. They held that same awareness and sharpness that was not unlike how he first meet her. She blinked once and Shadow took notice to how calm she was. Then she smiled at him for the first time ever and his heart felt light. All seemed well now for now she was ok and he was there to protect her.

"Shadow, I guess this will be are first true hello." Her voice was soft and yet carried through the softly lit room. He shivered, not because he was cold, and sat up to look directly into her eyes.

"I believe so, Kagome." That got a larger smile out of her and he was pleased. But his eyes strayed to her injuries and looked back up.

"Are you in pain? How is your fever? Do you feel lightheaded?"

"No, I'm fine It's gone down if I had one and I don't feel lightheaded at all." Shadow looked at her face and saw that it was still a little to pale but otherwise she looked fine. Not even in pain at all, she really is a strong person to be able to endure all that she has so far. But then again she was asleep for most of the time.

Shadow watched as she touched her chest and felt the small bump as if in thought. It was almost gone completely. She looked up at him and seemed confused.

"I remember a claw coming from the sky and ripping me from the ground but why is this bump here?"

Shadow started to explain everything from after her capture to her rescue and was amazed at how she reacted when the jewel was mentioned.

"Hold it! You didn't just say I had a jewel in my chest!" Shadow could only nod and watched as she traced the bump a little harder (still clothed). Her eyebrows furred in confusion.

"What is it?"

"This jewel disappeared after I killed Naraku. It must have returned to my body without anyone knowing about it!"

Shadow looked at her in wonder, confused at to what she was talking about. When he questioned her about this Naraku and the disappearance she only gave a wave to her hand and asked him to continue with his tale, though he could still see the amazement on her face. During the rest of the tale she asked some questions of her own like "who are Tails and Sonic?" and "Eggman?"(Since he didn't say the mans name until later on, thought it came out like acid) but those confusions were easily remedied. Shadow had a few questions of his own though for her.

"What is that jewel?" and "Why were you in space?" where among them. Kagome sighed and set off to explain the jewel. She told him about Midoriko and the tale of the half-demon who fell in love with a miko. She explained their death and that she was the reincarnation of the miko and was destined to protect it all of her life. Kagome also explained about how the jewel draws the greed from the souls of mankind and makes them crave to have it. But she didn't tell him about time traveling or how she got to this world only the fact that she was from another world. Nor did she share that she was once a human since he seemed to assume she was a hedgehog all her life like him.

"Since I shared something about my-self why not you tell me a little about yourself?" She was curious about this new world she landed herself into but not only that this character before her was intriguing.

"First tell me why the jewel reacted like it did." Kagome could have laughed at how he seemed to demand everything but kept it down and away.

"That aura of fear?"

"Yes." A nod.

"I'm in a new environment and I wasn't awake to sooth it I guess. Well if what you said was true and there was no aura of fear until this Eggman kidnapped me, then I wonder…maybe the jewel was just dormant and asleep until Eggman got to it. The jewel must have woken up and found that its protector wasn't there to protect it, since I was unconscious, and sent waves of its fear out to keep others at bay."

"And it sort of did until Eggman got giddy and tried with all his might to get the jewel from you."

"Ahh, you reap what you sow." At Shadows look she just smiled and continued. "Eggman's greed got the better of him. Like I told you before the unpurified jewel draws in those kind of people. That's why only someone with a completely pure soul can purify and guard it. Eggman's in for a lot of trouble if he comes back and keeps trying to get the jewel, it's the worst bad luck charm ever." Kagome chuckled a bit at the end of her sentence before smiling up at her looming Shadow.

"So you said that I am now in a mansion owned by the Thorndyke's right?" A nod was her only answer. "Can I see more then this room, I'm sort of restless and wish to see if this world is different from my world."

"When your wound is healed."

"It almost is." Kagome smiled up at him as she looked down at her newly acquired clothing that Shadow had mentioned was given to her by an old lady of some sort. Wondering where her blue kimono went she awkwardly (since she still wasn't use to her new body) pushed her shoulder cloth down (surprised at how large that gi and hakama was on her) and showed a clean bandage. Unwrapping the cloth she barred her shoulder out to her companion and smiled at his look of surprise when he saw that her shoulder was indeed almost healed. The only thing that needed to be done was to remove the stitches. Well that would have been if it wasn't for the stitches actually moving themselves out of her skin on their own! Shadow watched in amazement as the stitches weaved their way out of her skin before falling off. Looking to Kagome for an answer he was the subject of another smile.

"The Shikon did that I guess. When I was little I healed a lot faster then others but when I lost it I started to slowly heal like others." Kagome picked up the thread and set it on the desk before she moved her legs carefully as she got use to her knew shape out to dangle off the bed. Taking a deep breath Kagome pushed up off the bed and tried to stand. It worked for a few seconds before her appendages started to wobble and she collapsed. Shadow kneeled down in front of her.

"Sorry, I never walked on this type of legs before, I'm use to my own." Kagome instantly noticed her slip up when Shadow raised his eyebrows in question. The miko sighed, she didn't feel like talking about this at the moment but she had to explain something and lying would only make things worse. So she took a deep breath and readied herself for what was to come.

"I was once human and another miko turned me into what you see before you. She also was the one who sent me to where I am now." Shadows eyes were wide, and Kagome couldn't help but look into them in surprise at how the red seemed to move like water to fill the circle of his eyes around the pupil. "And as such I never even walked on my new legs yet and this is the first time I actually moved my arms somewhat normally."

Shadow seemed speechless at her new declaration, his mouth moved to open a few times before he just snapped it shut. His eyes narrowed down again but she could see the curiosity again.

Such a curious creature he is. Kagome thought before she tried to stand again. If she wanted to see the new world she first had to take her first steps right? But she was surprised when the black hedgehog picked her up making her wrap her hands around his neck.

"You where human?" Its too hard to believe she was once just like Maria.

"Yes, but please lets not talk about this now. I've only been here for a day? Maybe two perhaps? I'll share more sometime later when I feel it's appropriate. Please."

"You will have to tell me everything sometime or another." He felt Kagome nod and clamed a little, she agreed to share more about herself with him but he could understand her need to see the world around her first. That jewel must be curious as well about its surroundings. Shadow balanced her and opened the door to her room ready to leave the house. He ran softly out of the house letting her look at her soundings first before he exited the house.

Kagome recognized most of the things that sounding her. It was almost like her house though the faces in the pictures were of different people. So there were humans in this world. She wondered how far advanced they were. Where they more advanced or more primitive? She didn't get to dwell on this for long as they reached the doors to the house, which were quite beautiful, and next thing she knew they were off. They weren't running as fast as Inuyasha when he jumped but it was fast enough that she had to turn left and right quickly to see everything, which made her sort of dizzy and she opted to looking in one direction.

They ran though a city lit by moonlight and Kagome was amazed at how similar the two worlds were. Televisions and cars were just some on the list of parallel things in her world and here. Grinning up at Shadow, who was focusing and his task she continued to look around at her surroundings in wonder. She never noticed the snow that surrounded them though for they where running fast enough that it wasn't really that cold.


They where in a forest (none snowy) somewhere when Kagome asked Shadow to stop. When he questioned her she pointed out a hot spring and asked if she could bathe. Complying with her wish he set her down on the bank but didn't leave the clearing saying that he might need to save her should she fall down into the water and couldn't rise up again.

Kagome didn't complain and quickly settled herself into the water. Dragging her cloths into the water she scrubbed the blood that stained the shoulder the best she could and was only satisfied when the stain was only a few shades darker then the white. She rinsed the pants before setting them both on the bank and proceeding with her bath.

Shadow listened to the soft splashes that broke the silence before he heard her get out. A rustling of cloths alerted him of her getting changed and when she said he could look he found not only her but also her cloths wet. The white strangely wasn't see threw and though it was sort of disappointing (he smacked himself mentally for that thought) he picked her up again, enjoining her feel in his arms and they were off again.

The sun was just rising in the sky by then and when they reached a hill he stopped and set her down on the grass before sitting down himself.

"Is this world any different then yours?"

"Yes and no."

"Explain." Kagome just had to stifle a laugh at how demanding he sounded. "Humans technology and the landscapes are alike though they are different in name and shapes. The technology is a little more advanced then from where I am from. But yet this world is much different from where I am from. There are no demons or shrines, and I bet the history is much different as well."

Demons? Shrines? What did she mean by that? He looked at Kagome confused and watched the girl sigh. "I'll explain everything sometime later, that is if I deem it not only necessary but safe." Shadow raised an eyebrow in question. "I'm from another world and I might cause paradox or even some kind of destruction of the people I meet and talk to and tell my secrets too."

That only made Shadow more curious but he pushed it down, he was sure that sooner or later Kagome would explain. It was all in due time.

"Can you teach me to walk? Maybe even run? I can tell that you can go much faster then from the speed you were carrying me." Shadow smirked at her causing her to jump a little in surprise but the warmth in his eyes relaxed her.

"Sure, but first we will return." "Why?"

A growl from her stomach answered her question and she flushed in embarrassment. Shadow stood up and held his hand out to her. She took and tried her best to push herself up though he did most of the work and the miko squealed in surprise when he picked her up again and ran at full speed in the direction they came from. Kagome had to close her eyes at first before she opened them and watched the blurs pass around her with amazement.


"There gone!"

Ella shouted it throughout the house as she searched all around the house. Sonic was the first to greet her and soon became worried when she explained that Shadow and the women disappeared and where nowhere to be found in the building. The others who just arrived herd the story and they all set off the find the two missing ones.

Sonic was worried, did Shadow take off again and left them all behind. And that girl was she well enough to be moving around? He was about to exit the house when the doors where kicked open and the two missing figures entered the house. Sonic looked at them in surprise then fear that that strange wave would wash over before relief sunk in when nothing came. His eyes locked onto Kagome's and were amazed at the warmth they radiated and the kindness that was there. He couldn't look long though because Shadow tuned her eyes away from him.

Shadow just kicked the doors shut and started to walk past them when Tails flew down the stairs only to spot them. He saw the women at once and noticed that her aura was normal and peaceful.

"Where did you two go!? She is still injured!" Tails pointed to the women Shadow's arms and they where both surprised when he laughed. It carried softly throughout the room and made them shiver.

"I'm fine, sir, just a little hungry." Tails watched her smile softly at her before he registered what she said.

"Maybe Ella can make you something! And my name is Miles Prowler! You can call me Tails!" Tails grinned back at her and held out his hand to shake.

Shadow didn't like at how easy these two were getting a long and how fast they seemed to be bonding. "That would be wonderful, Tails." Was said back to the fox and a shake took place but he didn't listen since he was now looking at the blue hedgehog who was staring at Kagome in nothing short of wonder.

It seemed Kagome noticed too for she looked at him. Tails noticed the staring and never saw Sonic hesitate to introduce himself before.

"His name is Sonic."

"Thank you Tails. Greetings Sonic." Kagome held out her hand to shake and was surprised when Sonic took it almost mechanically.

"There you two are!" Kagome let go of the hand and looked over to see a human woman rushing her way over to where they stood.

"Where have you two been!? With your injuries you shouldn't even be out of bed!" Kagome just grinned up at the woman.

"Sorry ma'am, I just wished to go outside. And I'm fine, I had Shadow with me." Kagome looked up at the displeased face of her companion and almost laughed at how jealous he looked before a smug look took over. She shook her head but blushed when her stomach growled.

"Are you hungry dear?" A nod. "How about I fix you something to eat?" Kagome smiled at that and said a "Thank you Ma'am."

"No problem dear, my name is Ella. It's a pleasure."

"And I'm Higurashi Kagome! And no the pleasure is all mine."

Kagome watched as Ella walked out of the room and wasn't sure what to do but it was decided when Shadow took off after her.

When they just tuned the corner Chris Came into view and looked surprised to find a dumbstruck Sonic and Tails staring off in another direction.

"What happened?"

"Shadow and Kagome came back!"

"Ahh! They have! I should tell the others!" Chris ran out of the room to find all the others.


Kagome was sitting in a chair that was placed in front of a dinner table. Plates where set out and all these people where sitting. When she first arrived some of them started firing questions that confused her greatly by the amount of them at once. She would have a melt down if Shadow didn't help by answering some of them.

Breakfast was being served now and Kagome was having trouble holding a spoon at first, but she was soon pleased to find that she mastered it after two minutes of holding it. Smiling as she ate she complemented Ella for her cooking.

This kid named Chris was extremely curious about her. He asked her so many questions that she was surprised that she could even remember the first one.

Also an introduction took place and she was pleased to find that everyone was friendly. They where in all shapes and sizes even species! The rabbit…cram…cren…cream, yeah cream, was so young it was kind cute. Her friend Cheese was a chao, even though she had no clue as to what in the world it was.

Breakfast ended almost quickly to them and Kagome was surprised at how they all seemed to stay around her. When Shadow picked her up new rounds of questions where fired out and Kagome found her self the subject of curious stares.

"Yes, I can't walk because I never walked on legs like these before."

"That's impossible." Said Amy.

Shadow smirked at the girl before placing his answer.

"She was once a human. And needs to learn again."


"NO WAY!!!"

And other things like that where shouted out around making Kagome wince. Why did Shadow have to say that!? But, she sighed, it couldn't be fixed.

"Its true. Please don't ask me to explain right now. I just want to learn to walk." He voice sounded tired even to her.

"How about she practices in the living room there are lots of tings to grab onto if she is going to fall." Cream supplied not even really fazed by the statement. Others stared at her but Kagome was glad for her. Innocent could be a blessing.

The others shook themselves of their shock before Mr. Tanaka led them to the living room. Their Kagome started her process of learning to walk all over again. Since her legs needed to once again gain strength since she never used them it was not only hard but also embarrassing. The others sat around talking to each other and tiring to help her but it ended up with Shadow holding her hands about her head and her wobbling trying to stand steady.

This continued for many days, as Kagome not only got to learn about her body but about the others as well. She learned they where from another world and was trapped here trying to find a type of gems to leave. Kagome even gave a little more of herself away to them and explained that she was indeed also from another world as well. She proved she was once human by easily telling about technology and human structures that were even in this time! She told them that she has visited at lease three different places and when they found out that she time traveled it was amazing.

The jewel they learned about from here wasn't even relatively close to the chaos emeralds except for the guardian and power. She was surprised that hers was more powerful then the seven emeralds. It didn't sooth her at all.

The days passed as she learned her way to walk and run and soon it was Christmas Eve.

Kagome smiled at how easily she was adopted into the strange family. But she wondered where Chris's mother and father where. She was answered later that day when sonic challenged Shadow to a race. Kagome had laughed when the two started their race but surprised them when she joined in half way and pushed snow into both of their faced and effectively winning the race. The seemed mad at first but the laughter around from the others cooled it somewhat.

It was then that Chris's mother first arrived home. Kagome was surprised at how kind and gentle she seemed. And when Kagome meet Chris's father she was surprised to shake hands with him almost like it was normal. Chris must have told them about her for they knew much about her. But they weren't as crazy as the elder seemed. He was always curious to find out about her, like her transformation and what her world is like.

Christmas day came and Kagome was sad that she couldn't get anyone a gift. She had no knife to carve anything so she settled to asking Ella if she could help with dinner. Happy that she agreed Kagome smiled and exited the room only to bump into Shadow. He was almost always around her; it was like his name suggested he was almost her shadow. It was like the sun shown down and instead of her shadow it formed a real live walking Shadow named Shadow.

"Hello." Kagome grinned at her. A snort greeted her but she smiled because even though he tried to be cold it didn't work with the warmth in his eyes.

"The others are looking for you." Kagome looked confused but followed anyway. They walked into the room and everyone was gathered around the tree. Understanding that gift time was here Kagome sat on a sofa and got ready to watch Chris and the others open their gifts.

It was five minutes later that a gift was placed into her lap. Kagome looked confused before she saw the smiled on all the faces. She read the tag and it said "to Kagome from us" before she sighed. The miko felt bad that she had nothing to give but opened it anyway.

Cloths. Kagome got a few new sets of cloths. She smiled at the pair of jeans and the plane blue long sleeve shirt. But what got her attention was another light blue kimono and miko outfit. Kagome had been wearing her only two outfits for a while and they were getting a little worn. Kagome looked up and smiled at everyone and said thank you and sorry that she had nothing to give. The others waved it off and soon Ella and Kagome went off to cook.

"You really do know how to work these machines!"

Kagome laughed at how surprised Ella sounded. "Why? I was human at one time wasn't I?" Ella smiled and Kagome saw the little doubt she had in her eyes fade and true belief showed.

And together they made dinner, working efficiently and though not silent it was fun. Kagome got flour all over herself but when dinner was ready it looked delicious. They set it up and called everyone together.

Dinner was eaten, joy was passed around and smiles came easy. After dinner sleep came as to how late they ate it. Kagome stood outside on the balcony watching the snow fall down when Shadow jumped up onto her balcony. Kagome smiled at him before he held out something to her. Confused she took it from his hand only to find a small a small rolled up blush-ish gray scarf. Kagome smiled up at him before Shadow found himself in a hug. A soft tint to of red to his face went unnoticed since it was cold and Shadow watched as Kagome smiled largely up at him but it fell soon when she realized she had no gift for him.

Kagome then decided to give him a kiss on the cheek before she went inside leaving him behind. She left early in hopes he wouldn't see her blush.