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When will the insanity stop!? When will I stop writing AU fics? Okay so I only have one other. I just wanted to test this out, too. A high school with Yuri and Alice. Yup there isn't any cliché high school fics in the SH section so that's why. I hope you guys enjoy it. There are lots of characters in here some with altered personalities and some with not, Yuri and Alice has the same personalities but a few others don't. SH and SH2 characters are all over in here. I really really hope this isn't lame! Okay enough talk I'll talk more at the end of the chapter. Hope you find it the least bit interesting.

"MORE PANCAKES!" A lady around her mid 40s shouted from the living room to the teenage female in the kitchen. "ALICE WE NEED MORE PANCAKES! 50 ARE NOT ENOUGH! BRING AT LEAST 30 MORE PANCAKES! ALICE--"

"Coming, coming." Alice Elliot murmured under her breath as she quickly picked up the plate resting on the table, which was piled high with syrupy pancakes. Her hands carefully gripped the plate as she cautiously made her way to the living room.

She at once spotted her mother happily serving about thirty or more people sitting around the living room. Alice warily treaded her way, not wanting to step on a random person lying on the ground. She reached her mother and set the plate down on the coffee table.

"Mmmwah." Mrs. Elliot leaned over and quickly kissed her daughters' forehead. "Thank you dear. Won't you have some before going to school? They look delicious, sweetie."

They looked anything but. Alice smiled faintly and quickly shook her head. "Um, no thanks mom… I'm going to be late and I'll miss the bus. See you after school, okay? Bye."

But her mother was no longer paying attention. Mrs. Elliot was busy helping out a lady with paper plates, shouting over the din heartily. Alice sighed inwardly before walking out the living room. It wasn't as if this was anything new. Her mother always tends to forget she was there.

Alice reached the front hall and leaned down to grab her backpack off the stairs. She slowly pulled it on, brushing back her long blonde hair. Alice headed over to the front door and stepped out, swiftly closing the door lightly behind her.

The morning was cool and quiet, just as Alice liked it. She hated loud noises and crowds because she barely had any quiet time for herself. Half of the day she spent at school, around people, and the other half mostly at home, which was occupied by a little more than thirty people. It was crazy.

To make a long story short, Alice's mother once ran a 'Help the Homeless' program. She didn't receive as much community help as she had hoped. Mrs. Elliot decided that it was, she, who had to make the first move and sacrifice to get the rest of the community to pitch in and help the… less fortunate.

So, the last thing Alice's mother did was invite the entire homeless into their once, beautiful home. They occupied the first living room, den, and two bathrooms inside of the Elliot's five-bedroom home.

Anyway, once the media heard about what her mother had done, a TV crew for some sort of channel, and reporters landed on their front lawn. Suddenly exposed to public, Alice's life took a steep turn downwards. Her once normal life was now too painful to live. At school she was labeled some sort of freak. The friends she used to have, now skirted off somewhere--away from her. Her only loyal friend was her best friend, Kurando Inugami.

Alice's relationship with her mother grew distant. Mrs. Alice now was always off, on business trips of some sort, interviews, or publicity conferences. She made up the lost time with money. Checks, cash, credit cards.

Alice sighed and zipped up her jacket, shifting the weight of her heavy pack crammed with books. She headed for the bus stop, head down. A few kids stood waiting, talking and chattering animatedly amongst one another.

Alice tried to come up behind them unnoticed, but failed. A curly brunette female turned around, face scrunching together.

"Ew, get away from me, freak." She exclaimed, dancing away. "Don't touch me with your infested homeless hands!"

The comment didn't make sense, and the brunette's friends knew this. But they laughed anyway, turning away from Alice and resuming their loud chatter.

It seemed to be the only thing anyone said to Alice now. If they talked to her, it had to do something with her house occupying the homeless, if not; they didn't talk to her at all. The comments and calls were small—but snide.

Alice stared blankly at the girl, not moving her mouth to retaliate. Why bother? The rest of her friends would just gang up upon her and throw her down in the mud or something childish.

She miserably sighed inwardly. This day wasn't going to be any better than the rest. She wished she didn't have to almost always ride the bus. It was torture going through it every morning. The kids in there were so insensitive and cruel. Not one of them pitied her being bullied, and if they did, they didn't show it.

The only highlight of riding the bus was that no jock or cheerleader would be caught dead in one. If there was one thing Alice really despises, it was the jocks, cheerleaders, and company. Making her life even more unbearable seemed to be their favorite pastime. They did it often, and there really was no way for her to avoid their torment.

Alice's stomach twisted painfully just thinking about facing them again. She could usually stand if one person made cruel jokes about her to her face, but when they brought their entire posse, she wanted to die or disappear. She hated them.

"Yo freak, the bus is here." A guy yelled.

Alice's head snapped up. She had been so absorbed in her depressed thoughts that she hadn't realized the big yellow bus had finally come. She nodded her head to show that she understood which only made them crack up as they boarded the bus.

"Are you going to stay or what, Veron?"

"I'll try. I swear!"

"You always say that." The girl standing before Alice sighed, annoyed. "You know, it's your loss! You're the one who doesn't get to see Yuri practice."

The other girl, 'Veron' groaned. "Don't remind me!" she whined. "It's not fair. I just have so many activities I can't stay to watch."

Her friend shrugged superiorly as they dropped into a seat. "Your loss." She repeated before sighing dreamily. "He looks so good…"

Alice found a lone seat all the way in the back. The seat was always empty. The others in the bus had graciously named it the 'Freak Bench'. It was reserved especially for her.

Alice slumped into the seat, bitter thoughts once again rebounding back after she had heard the two girls' conversation. Of course, they're talking about popular, gorgeous, star of the Martial arts group, Yuri Hyuga she thought viciously.

Yuri was only the guy who seemed to love messing with Alice more than anyone. He was no jock, but she thought he was ten times worse than any jock or cheerleader. He messed with her when he was happy, when he was bored, when he had no reason to, or when he was angry. He seemed to think making her miserable was the only solution for his anger. He was jerk. A self-absorbed, arrogant, egotistical jerk.

"Oh my god, did you go to the tournament, Joshua?" Ahead, Veron was squealing excitedly to another friend. "Yuri was…like, oh my god, the best!"

"Yuri fought so good!" her friend added enthusiastically.

Alice grinded her teeth, trying to block out their high pitch squeals and voices. Yuri was the only thing the stupid girls at Nemeton High talked about nowadays. His name itself was a torment.

"I talked to Yuri yesterday!" yet another girl half way across the bus shrieked. "No, I swear guys! I really did. He was soooo NICE!"

Alice snorted to herself. He was anything but nice.

"Liar!" her friend screamed, awestruck. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Um--because! He said to keep it a secret!"

Alice gritted her teeth. One more comment about the jerk, and she was going to literally explode. She already had to face him, like first thing in the morning during the English class they had together. Did she really need this right now?


"Test results!" Miss Iasant the AP English teacher called gaily. "Test results for The Crucible!"

Alice sat up attentively. Test results were always something she looked forward to. Studying all night, preparing all week; she liked getting an A for all of her hard work.

She also was paying close attention, just to appear to the bigheaded jerk sitting in the back that she thought he wasn't worth half her time. But of course, that didn't always work. Actually, it never worked.

Yuri always seemed to have a smirk frozen on his face around her. There was no way she could win with him. Alice closed her eyes as another one of his stupid paper airplanes hit the side of her head. She was sick of hearing his obnoxious laughter.

Miss Iasant sighed. "Mr. Hyuga, please stop throwing these childish paper airplanes around the room." Alice hated how the teachers never really were serious with him. They acted as if they simply couldn't yell at the "Karate kid".

"Sorry," was Yuri's usual careless response.

Alice grabbed the paper airplane off her table and violently ripped it to pieces, anger pounding in her head. She swallowed, trying to control her fury as Yuri's scornful laughter reached her ears once again.

Miss Iasant sharply rapped on her table. "That's enough, Mr. Hyuga!" Yuri merely smiled sweetly at her, but ceased all actions. Satisfied, Miss Iasant continued.

"I am pleased to say, that most of you have achieved passing grades. We have the usual, two A's." Everyone in the classroom rolled their eyes in unison as Miss Iasant beamed at Alice, and Kurando, who was in the same class. They always received A's.

Kurando, who was sitting beside Alice, grinned broadly, turning in his seat and nodding to his fellow classmates. They curled their lips in disgust back. Anyone associated with the Freak, a.k.a herself, were instantly disliked. But Kurando was also known as a geek, so it didn't really matter.

"Yes, yes congrats to Mr. Inugami and Ms. Elliot!" Miss Iasant clapped enthusiastically, but stopped fairly short afterwards when nobody followed suit. She cleared her throat, businesslike.

"Unfortunately," Miss Iasant continued. "There is only one person, who did not pass." She turned her gaze upon Gasp, Alice thought sarcastically. Mr. Martial Arts and King of the School himself.

Yuri's smile was wiped off instantly and he slumped in his seat sulkily. His eyes were glumly downcast.

"Mr. Hyuga," Miss Iasant sighed. "This is your second F for this semester. I am starting to feel that AP is much too hard for you—"

"It's only a quiz grade!" Yuri interjected. "It's not like it's for the whole year or something."

The female teacher sighed dramatically once again. "Maybe we should move you to a lower level." Miss Iasant said.

Alice felt a pleasant feeling deep in her gut when his face flushed lightly in embarrassment. There, let him have a small taste of his own medicine for once. A smile formed at her lips as she watched his sullen figure.

Miss Iasant also noticed his down in the dumps state. "Well, does anybody have a suggestion to help our fellow student in need?" she glanced around the room expectantly.

After a minute or so, one of the blondes in the room raised their hand. Alice secretly mocked surprise.

Miss Iasant however nodded in the girls' direction. "Ms. Carlton?"

"Well um, like why doesn't Yuri--" The blonde giggled, suddenly aware that she was center of attention. Alice scoffed under her breath. "--get like, extra help and stuff?"

Miss Iasant frowned for a second. "Extra help? What do you mean?"

"Blonde" straightened up brightly. "Like, ya know! A helper." She gestured.

Miss Iasant raised an eyebrow. "A helper? What are you talking about?"

Blonde sighed impatiently. "Like--like ya know! A helper! A helper-helper!" she looked around the room for help.

"Ms. Carlton," Miss Iasant's tone was of annoyance. "What are you trying to say?"

The girl looked desperate now, blushing furiously. "A helper," she wailed. "You guys know what a helper is! Don't you?" her hazel eyes looked pleadingly at her friends, who sat dumbfounded, looking back at her stupidly. "I forgot the word! I know the word! You guys know it! Why doesn't Yuri get a helper?"

There was a note of anxiety now, and she blushed even harder as even Yuri stared at her in disbelief. "A helper—"

"You mean a tutor." Alice spoke up.

All eyes turned to her now.

Blonde shrieked, leaping from seat. "Yeah! A tutor! DUH!" she looked around. "That's what I meant!" she laughed, it sounded forced. "You guys are so stupid!"

"Mhm," Miss Iasant said tartly. "Sit down Ms. Carlton and thank you Ms. Elliot."

Alice simply looked away as Blonde now reddened in humiliation. "Thanks a lot, freak." She hissed, once she got the opportunity. "I had everything under control…"

"Well, what do you think, Mr. Hyuga?" Miss Iasant asked. "Do you think that's a good idea?"

He looked outraged. "I don't need a tutor!" he said spitefully. "I can handle this shit on my own!"

The teacher pursed her lips. "Well, think about it Mr. Hyuga--" The bell rang. "No homework for everyone since you passed my test!"

"Quiz." Yuri muttered.

She ignored him and beamed at the moving class.

Alice stood up, but was just pushed back down because of the sudden rushed traffic. Five seconds later, Alice exited the room by herself. Miss Iasant flashed her a fond smile before returning back to her work.

She spotted her best friend up ahead. Alice had intended on talking to Kurando but he blew her off, yelling how he needed to get to Bio Chemistry early so he could talk with the teacher about some other test. She mentally scowled before turning her heel.

Alice headed for her locker but fell to a stop and swallowed. Yuri was pacing relentlessly in front of her locker, fists clenched. Just great. He was angry, and like he always did, was going to take it all out on her.

Alice uttered a soft sigh. She hated this. She hated this part the most. Being the center of attention and the target of humiliation. It made her feel so… worthless. The bullying, the teasing, the jokes… Alice was honestly tired of it.

"What's your problem?" Yuri growled, suddenly spotting her, and walking up to her, eyes narrowed.

"Excuse me?" she said in the most timid voice she could muster. He liked it best when she appeared frightened so she might as well… he was in a bad mood already.

"I don't need you butting in on my business," he spat. "I'll handle my problems on my own."

Alice merely lowered her gaze. "Okay. I'm sorry." She had no idea what he was talking about.

"I don't need a fucking tutor," Yuri continued, lips bent into a snarl.

Oh. So that's it.

"Stay out of my face," he said forebodingly before a sudden malevolent smile graced his 'god given' features. "In fact, stay out of my life." Yuri shoved her most brutally, sending her crashing into the lockers. Students in the hallway laughed openly at the sound of the crash.

Alice pushed herself back rightfully on her feet a bit shakily. He intimidated her, but she was more grateful that he hadn't exactly stir up a frighteningly large crowd with all of his cruel cronies by his side like last time.

The bell suddenly rang again, causing the poor girl to jump in surprise. Oh no! I'm late for Calculus! Mr. Simon's going to flip!

Alice was very smart and took her studies seriously. She was never late for a class. She was never tardy for school, and in fact, she never missed school at all except if she caught the flu or was down with a high fever.

And now, for the first time, courtesy of Yuri Hyuga, she was late for one of her most favorite classes.

Alice ran to her locker to grab books and homework before sprinting down the hall for her class. Her speed appeared as if her life depended on it… but then again, maybe it did.


His tiny, beady eyes stared up at her, wide and large with astonishment and shock. He couldn't state how disappointed and stunned he was.

His silence was killing Alice. She suddenly felt fearful of what he had to do.

"M-Ms. Elliot?" Mr. Simon stuttered, attention focused most unwaveringly upon her. The rest of the class took the opportunity to socialize one another.

Alice didn't respond and continued to stare shamefully at her toes.

"What—why…" Mr. Simon shook his head, as if trying to clear it. He cleared his voice alongside before talking once more in a stronger voice. "Why are you late, Ms. Elliot? What is the meaning of this? You know how important and vital my class is for the future you intend to build!"

"I'm sorry," she mumbled. "I was held up--"

"Surely my class means more than what you are displaying for me now!" He continued, voice raw with emotion.

Alice bit her lower lip. "Yes, sir." She murmured. "They are. They mean the world to me, it's just that--"

"I can't even tell you how disappointed I am in you!" Mr. Simon went on. "You were never in after the warning bell rang, let alone ten minutes after."

What's ten minutes? She hopelessly thought. Did he explain a new lesson which I missed today or--

"Now, you are wasting another ten minutes, not only of your time, and mine but the rest of the classes' too!" his voice thundered sternly. "Now give me your excuse. What held you up?"

Alice lifted her head respectfully and opened her mouth, but just like her male teacher, no words came out. What on earth was she supposed to say? 'You know Yuri Hyuga? Yeah, the guy everybody loves and teachers adore? Well yeah, he was bullying me a few minutes ago'.

Right. The teacher would never believe Perfect, Good, and School Valedictorian Nominee Yuri Hyuga would do such a thing.

"I--I…" Alice faltered and despised herself for it as Mr. Simon narrowed his eyes. "I… I don't know." She mumbled, lowering her head again. "I'm sorry."

Mr. Simon nodded and pursed his lips, turning away before uttering one word, "Detention."


Alice couldn't even begin with the horror stored inside of her. Detention! She had never in her life received such a horrible punishment. The prospect was so terrifying that she had spent some of Calculus crying behind her large textbook.

Alice's sorrow quickly turned to a burning rage. A rage aimed at no one but herself. It was her fault. Her stupid, irresponsible fault. How could she have been late for Mr. Simon's class anyway?

Misery mounted inside her as Alice timidly raised her hand, to knock on the closed door to detention. Her insides twisted apprehensively as the door opened, revealing a grumpy looking boy.

Alice drew in her breath and took a small step back.

The boy stepped back also to expose Miss Iasant, who sat the large table at the front of the class. A sympathetic smile graced her youthful features as she beckoned her inside.

Alice took a step inside the gloomiest room she had ever been in. There was only one girl and four boys. They barely seemed to acknowledge her presence and stared off into space. Only the girl was scribbling aimlessly on the desk top, the rest were slumped in their seats.

"Have a seat, Ms. Elliot." Miss Iasant's voice said kindly.

Alice jumped before skirting towards an empty table near the exit, and the drawing girl.

The girl looked up and her eyes fell upon Alice. Her eyes widened curiously. "What are you here for?" she demanded rudely.

Alice looked down at the table. "Lateforclass." She quickly mumbled.

"What's that?" the girl didn't bother to lower her tone.

"Ms. Koenig, please do not bother Ms. Elliot." Came Miss Iasant's curt voice. The girl sat back properly, drawing again. But once she saw that Miss Iasant was once again busy with papers, she leaned to Alice once more.

"Elliot huh?" she whispered. "I thought I recognized you. I didn't hear you earlier. Why are you in here?" she grinned nastily. "Probably for being a freak, huh?" She slapped her forehead mockingly. "Oh duuuuhhhh, I can be a bit dense some--"

"Ms. Koenig," Miss Iasant snapped. "One more word from you and you'll be doing some of this work." She gestured to the scattered table before her. The red headed instructor turned her attention to Alice.

"Ms. Elliot?"

Alice at once straightened up and said respectfully. "Yes, Miss Iasant?"

The other guys in the room snickered, silently mouthing her words and saluting each other mockingly. The girl beside her laughed most viciously. So what, Alice thought with slight resentment. It's not my fault they don't respect their teachers.

"Will you come up here please?"

"Ooohhhh!" The four guys said in unison. Miss Iasant glared at them.

The small blonde stood up and walked carefully up to her teacher. "Yes, Miss Iasant?" she said once again.

Her teacher smiled brightly up at her. "Alice, do you remember what I said earlier to Yuri? About the tutor thing?"

Alice nodded robotically. "Yes Ma'am." She was aware that the guys were still making fun of her, amusing each other with a mock impersonation of her and doubling over in silent fits of laughter.

"Well," Miss Iasant's smile broadened. "I was wondering if I could inflict this honor upon one of my most favorite student—yes, you!" She beamed excitedly at the frozen petite female before her. "So what do you think? I wanted to ask you first, because I knew I could count on you! You never let me down!"

Alice's brain had went momentarily numb. Her? Tutor Yuri? The brunet boy who passionately hated, detested, and made fun of her? She who secretly loathed him as well in return?

Are you out of your mind Miss Iasant?

Alice raised her disbelieving blue orbs up and suddenly felt her gut clench. Her teacher was staring confidently at her. So convinced that her best student would—couldn't let her down. After all, she didn't let any teacher down.

Except for Mr. Simon, Alice reminded herself.

The second the thought raced through her head, sudden determination flooded her body. She wouldn't let Miss Iasant down like she had done Mr. Simon. She would go through this… obstacle and succeed.

Her mouth opened, as usual, robotically. "Yes, Miss Iasant."

Maybe, if she got through this, maybe it would make up for Mr. Simon.


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