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Alice watched the boy climb out the Honda and slam the door, using a small keypad to automatically lock the car. He raised a hand over his face to shield it from the rain and jogged up to her.

He wasn't soaked, but his long brown hair was pretty much wet. Alice bit her lip and studied him as he drew closer. Shaking his hair out of his eyes, the guy raised his head, glancing at her.

Alice wanted to disappear into the ground.

Yuri gaped at her, obviously stunned. "What the hell are you doing here…?"

She cast her gaze down and shifted her weight, folding her arms self-consciously across her chest.

"I was walking home." She mumbled.

"It's raining." He said in disbelief, looking her up and down.

"I know that." She gripped her arms, "Can I please just use your phone?"

Yuri kept staring at her, as if hypnotized. She cleared her throat uncomfortably before he snapped out of it.

"Sorry." he muttered, groping around for his house keys.

"Ring the doorbell." He gestured. "Stasia should be home…"

Alice turned her back to him and rang the doorbell. She could feel his eyes staring at her still and she struggled to appear cool and collected.

Shifting her weight nervously, Alice tucked away a few wet, stray strands from her face, continually blinking.

The sound of the door being unlocked was heard and she took a small step back, not wanting to crash into Yuri. Light flashed upon the pair of them as the door opened fully. Anastasia stood there in white shorts and a royal blue tank top.

"About time," she started to say. Her eyes lit up. "Are you guys back from a date?"

Alice stared blankly at her at first, not quite registering what Ana said. Yuri on the other hand glared at her, sidestepping Alice. "You've opened the door. Screw off."

Anastasia ignored him as she eyed them. "You're both wet." She giggled, "A date in the rain. How romantic." She teased in Yuri's face.

Her brother pushed her and went inside the house, calling. "Where's the phone!?"

"In my room!" Anastasia hollered over her shoulder before turning back to Alice. "So was it a date?" she asked keenly.

The older teen gave her a small smile. "No."

The cinnamon haired girl stepped back and beckoned her to come in as she stared at Alice in disappointment and suspicion. "Then what are you doing here?"

"I came to use the phone, are you sure I should come inside? I'm soaking wet."

"Oh gosh, you should get out of those clothes!" Ana exclaimed, "You could probably get really sick!"

"It's okay," Alice said quickly, "I'm just afraid I might spoil your carpet or something…"

Anastasia waved it away. "My mom won't freak. Yuri usually splatters the carpet with mud every once in awhile."

She scowled, "But does she care? No, because he just came back from winning a tournament." Her frown deepened.

Alice didn't know what else to say, except; "So… may I use your phone?"

"Sure, but you really do need to change. You can wear something of mine--" Yuri came jogging down the stairs, phone in hand. Anastasia looked at him and quickly changed what she was saying.

"Actually I think my clothes won't fit you." She smirked in her brother's direction. "Guess Yuri'll have to lend you something. I'm sure he doesn't mind."

"What?" Yuri said absently, "Here's the phone."

Alice took the phone from him and gave Anastasia a half stern, half teasing look. Ana pretended not to notice and glanced at Yuri.

"Call whoever you want after," she said. "Yuri you are so rude! She's soaking wet and she could get sick…"

"It's alright. " Alice insisted.

"…And you're not even offering her an exchange of clothing!" Ana planted her hands on her hips and mocked a glare in her older brother's direction.

Yuri shot daggers at her before turning back to Alice, trying to appear nonchalant.

"Yeah, you should probably change." He said, surveying her for the second time. Alice felt her cheeks flush pink.

"It's okay," She repeated, "I'll change when I get home or something--"

"No." Anastasia said, "You'll change now. I mean, your mom is never let you go on a date with Yuri again if this is the way you return--"

She ducked and ran for the stairs as Yuri swiped at her. However, she stayed there after assured that Yuri would not come after her.

"Come on," he muttered to Alice, "I'll give you something."

"Its okay--"

"I'll get something for her!" Ana cried, on the verge of running up the stairs and into Yuri's room.

"No. Don't go into my room!" He started up the stairs, leaving Alice, obviously expecting her to follow.

Anastasia motioned for her to go with him, a wide grin playing around her lips.

Alice didn't know whether to smile at her childishness or feel exasperated. She hesitantly followed him after a second, phone hanging limply in her hand. Ana grabbed it as she passed by.

"I'll give it to you after," she said sweetly before giving Alice a push to continue.


Yuri's room was dark and cold. He didn't bother to turn on the light, which seemed to make Alice even more nervous to go inside. She stood awkwardly by the door, watching as he dug around through his top bureau drawer.

Through his search, he had lifted up a shirt from the drawer, and something fell out. Yuri tensed as he felt her eyes follow the object to the ground. To his pack of cigarettes.

He knew it wasn't sinful or anything, to smoke… but what if she was against it? What would she think of him then?

Yuri bent down and snatched it up, avoiding her gaze and quickly shoved it back into his drawer.

He turned to her, eyes down and held out the shirt. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed how her mouth was slightly open.

She hastily closed it and reached out timidly to take the shirt. Her fingers accidentally brushed against his hand, and just as she had done earlier that afternoon, Alice jerked back, causing the shirt to fall.

Mumbled apologies came from her mouth as she quickly bent down to grab the shirt.

Yuri said nothing and watched her stoop down on her knees, wet hair cast over the side of her face. He suddenly bent down too and gently grabbed her elbow pulling her back up to her feet.

He smirked as she turned her head away from him, her nervousness visible.

"Yuri, the shirt--" Her voice shook and he released her arm, knowing how uncomfortable she felt.

He bent down himself and grabbed the shirt, before pushing it towards her. "Wear this and, uh…" he glanced at her dress. She looked good in the wet, white gown and he didn't really want her to change.

The dress clung shapely to her body. She looked perfect. She didn't have killer hips or monstrous breasts, but she still looked perfect. Her chest was big enough for you to know there was a chest, and her hips stuck out just slightly. It was so gorgeous.

He found himself liking it so he quickly looked back at her face when he realized what he was doing.

Her face was flushed bright red with embarrassment. Alice took a step back from him.

"I guess I better change," she squeaked, turning around to exit.

Yuri suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He shouldn't have kissed her earlier. It just made his impulse even stronger. Alice stared at him through wide, tensed eyes. Her mouth opened, but nothing sounded.

He could feel goose bumps on her arm as he traced her jaw line with his finger. The previous kiss was amazing. He just wanted… another one… a genuine one.

Not a 'she's-not-really-my-girlfriend-but-let's-kiss-to-make-Karin-jealous' one. A meaningful kiss. Something you mean…

Yuri almost laughed aloud in spite of himself. Alice would never mean to kiss him. Not now, not in a million years.

"God, Elliot." He breathed in her ear, making sure his breath tickled her skin.

He was pleased to feel the goose bumps grow beneath his hand so he lowered it to her wrist, goose bumps obediently trailing after his touch.

Her body stiffened against him and he sighed mentally. Brushing his lips against her cheek, he stepped back and released his hold on her wrist.

It was good thing he did too, because at the precise moment, Anastasia came stomping loudly and obviously into his room. Her mouth opened, and then it closed. Her light green eyes blinked apprehensively.

Alice managed an uncomfortable cough and stepped away from Yuri, fingers gripping his t-shirt.

"You didn't change yet?" She said in her bothersome accusing manner. "What were you doing?" her satisfied tone was so evident; Yuri wanted to slam the door in her face.

"Nothing," Alice turned to her, voice still a bit unstable. "Can I please call my mother?"

Ana opened her mouth to protest, but Alice cut her off. "Please, Anastasia?"

Yuri rolled his eyes as his sister let out a grudging sigh as she handed Alice the phone.

"Thank you, excuse me," She walked past Ana and down the stairs. Once she was clear out of earshot, Anastasia shot him a look.

"You know better than that,"

"What!?" Yuri snapped, annoyed.

Anastasia turned away, chin up once again, and stalked out the room. Yuri cursed her as she left.


Alice's finger shook as she dialed her home number. She felt dizzy and a bit sick, now that she thought about it. She sneezed as she pulled the phone to her ear.

The line rang two times before being abruptly picked up. "Hello?"

White, hot familiar anger came over Alice. "What the hell are you answering the phone for!?"

"Your mother told me--"

"I don't care," Alice cut Yoshiko off, "Hang up."

"What…?" Yoshiko said, confused.

"Hang up, I'm--" She quickly made up her mind, "I'm going to leave a message for--"

"Your mom is very worried!" Yoshiko broke off angrily, "She's been needing green tea every second!"

"Good, I hope you're helping her."

"I am, you should be here. She's your mother and she cares for you! You should be grateful that… that you have a mother!"

"Hang up."


Alice clenched the phone with frustration. She struggled to hold in a scream and glanced over her shoulder. Anastasia and Yuri weren't insight.

"Fine," She let out a low hiss of aggravation, "Then tell her, I said I'm not coming home tonight. And tell her, not to worry because she's wasting her time--"

Yoshiko gasped, "You are such an ungrateful person!" she screeched in a whisper. "Don't worry, I'll tell her not to worry! I hope you sleep on the streets!"

Alice heard the dial tone. "Witch."

A delighted squeal sounded behind her, and whirling around, Alice found Ana hiding behind a large recliner. She leaped out from her hiding spot once she realized Alice knew where she was.

"You're sleeping over? Here? At our house?!"

Alice felt humiliated. She didn't even ask them, or anything.

"No," she said quickly, looking down at the phone and hitting 'power' again. "I--I'm going to call my best friend to--"

"No!" Anastasia snatched the phone, grinning. "You can sleep here! In fact you can LIVE here!" She let out another triumphant laugh, "In Yuri's room of course."

"Anastasia," Alice began sternly and quickly, "Please don't try anything okay? There's nothing going on between me and your brother, and nothing going to go on."

"Just let me do my stuff, Ali!" she giggled and Alice instantly thought of Kurando, the only person who called her that. She held out her hand.

"May I please call my best friend now?" she asked politely, "It's nice of you to allow me to stay, but…"

"NO!" Ana suddenly shrieked, leaping back. "YU-U-U-U-U-R-R-R-R-I-I-I-I!"

Alice jumped, thoroughly startled. She stared at the young teen in shock.

"Yuuuuri!" she yelled, yet again.

After a minute or so, Alice heard Yuri coming down the stairs.

Once he reached midway, Yuri leaned against the wall and folded his arms.

"What?" He asked in a bored tone.

Alice shifted her eyes away from him. She always felt queasy under his gaze.

"She's trying to leave!" Anastasia cried, as if her leaving was wrong.

Yuri seemed to think so too. "What the fuck is wrong with that? Christ, you're screwed." He turned to leave again but his younger sister shouted again.

"She's about to go sleep on the streets--!"

"Am not," Alice protested.

"--she called her mom and told her she wasn't coming home!"

"Yeah, because I'm going over to my best friend's house!" This girl was really frustrating.

Alice grabbed the phone back from Anastasia and started to dial as quickly as she could, Kurando's number.

But it was his voice that stopped her. Her finger froze above the sixth digit of Kurando's number.

"Wait," Yuri said, "Don't bother Inugami, he's probably too busy studying for some test two months away,"

There was slight mirth in his tone. "You can stay here. Sleep in Stasia's room."

"Yeah!" The bouncy teen agreed, "Stay here and sleep in my--" She stopped and mouth went wide, "WHAT? MY bed? No, no, no. YOUR bed." She pointed to her brother. Yuri scowled at her.

"You forced her to stay," he muttered. "You should let her sleep in your bed."

"Where would I sleep? On the couch?" Anastasia argued. "Even you wouldn't sleep on the couch!"

"Sleep on the floor."

The Russian gasped in horrify, as if sleeping on the floor was the worst thing anyone had ever said to her.

"Are you crazy?" she screeched, "I would NEVER sleep on the floor! Oh my God… my poor back…" She began rambling incoherently under her breath after that.

Yuri closed his eyes and shook his head, causing his bangs to fall even more in front of his face. "How the hell are we related?"

Alice stole a quick glance at him, before immediately looking away. Her lips twisted into a small smile.

Ana stopped muttering to glare at him. "If sleeping on the ground is so normal, why don't YOU sleep on the ground and let her sleep on your bed?"

"It's okay, I'll sleep on the ground." Alice said wearily.

"No!" Both of them yelled at the same time, glaring at each other venomously.


"I can't!" She wailed despairingly. "My baaaaack."

"Jesus Christ!"

"Shut up! My bones are too small to sleep on hard floor! Even mom says so!"

"You are so--"

"Noooooo!" The younger girl howled louder.

Alice found the exchange between the two siblings amusing.

"Screw small bones!" Yuri yelled, "The floor isn't that hard!"




Ana folded her arms and turned away from him. Yuri quickly turned around and stormed back up the stairs.

Alice shook with silent laughter. "You guys are so… impossible."

Anastasia looked at her and opened her mouth. After a second thought, she closed it before opening it again.

"I like the effect my brother's appearance has on you," she said, suddenly smiling. Ana froze, imitating her before dissolving into a laughing fit.

Alice reddened. "I do not look like that," she said indignantly.

"Then you should see yourself." The 14 year old smirked, "Anyway…" She began yawn widely. "I think I'm going to go up to bed now. You better go to Yuri's room and get some sleep."

She wandered up the stairs and left Alice standing there, helplessly.


Yuri looked at his bed. Knowing Elliot probably didn't need two pillows, he took one. Sighing, he decided that he would sleep downstairs on the couch while she slept in his bed. His bed.

Yuri glanced over his shoulder to stare longingly at it. His back was probably going to go all-stiff after sleeping on the couch. Maybe he should camp on the recliner.

The eighteen year old pulled open his bedroom door and stepped out into the hall. The very next second, Ana came shrieking out of her room.


"What." God, he was so freaking tired of her.

"HIDE HER!" Anastasia tore down the stairs. Yuri stared open mouth after her. His sister was completely insane. Why couldn't she make sense when she talked? Why did she have to be such an alien?

Yuri dragged himself to the stairs and looked down to see Anastasia pushing Elliot into the coat closet.

"What the fuck are you doing"

Ana didn't answer and pushed the poor girl all the way in and slammed the door.

Funny, Alice didn't even complain, though she did cry out.

"Mom!!" His sister screeched.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

Yuri suddenly was very relieved at his sister's quick thinking. Sure he used to bring girls home, but he didn't prance them around his mother or anything. Even though his mom was very fond of him, he knew she'd freak.

"Hello, darling!" Mrs. Hyuga's voice rang out as the door opened. The red haired woman closed her umbrella once she was inside, pulled her coat off and reached towards the hall closet.

"STOP!" Anastasia screamed.

Yuri smacked his forehead. She was so pathetic at not being obvious.

Anne froze in utter surprise.

"What's the matter, Anastasia?" she asked, twisting to look at her panic stricken daughter. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Anastasia ran up to her mother and quickly took her coat from her.

"I'll put it up for you mom. You must be really tired. You should change and maybe have a hot shower before getting to bed? Huh, mom?"

Mrs. Hyuga laughed. "Bed? Nonsense! I'm not about to go to bed."

"Y-you're not?" Ana's face looked crestfallen. Yuri wanted to kick her as their mother directly noticed.

"Why?" Anne asked in a slight indignant tone.

Yuri decided to break the ice and quickly went to go greet his mother.

"Hey mom."

Her eyes lit up instantaneously and she pulled a rather grudging Yuri into her arms.

"Yuri baby, shouldn't you be asleep?" She lightly scolded. "You have practice tomorrow!"

"It isn't till 3:30, mom." He rolled his eyes against her.

"Thank you so much for picking up your father's car from the mechanic, baby." His mother cooed.

"Noprblm—" His muffled reply said.

"Why aren't you going to bed?" Came his younger sister's demanding voice again, and Mrs. Hyuga released him.

"Shut up, Stasia." Yuri said angrily.

Anne's face fell. "You want me to go to sleep? I rented a moviebecause I never really got the chance to go to the movies, or rent it before. And all of my friends said this was spectacular!"

She produced a DVD from one of her large coat pockets and smiled invitingly. "You want to watch it with me, hun? How about you Yuri?"

"Uh, no thanks."

"Sure, why not." Ana's voice had changed sickly sweet. "Can you put in the DVD, or should I?"

"I'll do it," Mrs. Hyuga assured her. "Let me just go upstairs and change." She walked away, and up the stairs, disappearing from view.

Both siblings stared up after her before Ana turned to him. "I better go stall her," She said grimly. Her expression changed quickly to a pleased grin.

"You better get Elliot," she mocked him, "out of that small closet and take her to your room. Have fun."

Yuri glared after his younger sister before turning to the closet.


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