Author Notes: It's a Christmas fic! Should be a few chapters long, and will be done by Christmas. So ahead is some InuKag Christmas fluff. Anyway, just so there aren't any questions about it…

This fic presents a Japanese Christmas. It's not a religious holiday over there of course, especially since our lead- Kagome is Shinto. It's also not quite as family oriented. Christmas trees and Santa Clause aren't commonplace, although you'll see them used in decorations around town. However, most importantly- in Japan Christmas is a very romantic holiday. Men will often work overtime and extra jobs to buy their girlfriend the perfect gift, and Christmas itself is a day of romance for almost anyone involved in a relationship.

(InuYasha/Kagome) When Kagome invites InuYasha to spend Christmas with her- the two find a way to show each other through this Holiday that they want to be a bigger part of each other's lives, and to express the feelings of love they've held all along.

Japanese Glossary-

Kariginu- The proper name for InuYasha's fire-rat coat.

Tadaima- I'm home!

Shakujou- Miroku's staff

Bouzu- Slightly insulting word for 'Monk.'


One Promise to be Kept

Part One

By Kelly O'Connor


Kagome let out a deep sigh, her breath fogging the chilly air. Winter had come to rest in full force on sengoku jidai. With it she was reminded that since the last winter she'd spent here… many other things had come to rest.

The quest for the Shikon no Tama had been completed several months ago, the remaining shards relinquished to Kagome upon Naraku's final defeat. Kikyou found herself attaining a peaceful rest, and Kohaku was given a life anew by Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga.

Miroku, Sango, Kohaku, and Shippou resided in Kaede's village for the time being. InuYasha however, found himself as usual, going nearly wherever Kagome went.

Kagome had wondered in the back of her mind, if they would continue to see each other as often once all their obligations were fulfilled. There was no question she wanted to, but the small insecure voice in the back of her head wondered if InuYasha felt the same.

Judging by his actions, he did. For when she went to her era, he more often than not followed. Their place to rest seemed to be by each other's sides.

With a small smile, Kagome reached into her bag and pulled out a package of tissues. She fingered the printed decoration on them, that of a Christmas wreath.

He spends so much time with me already. So why is it that I find myself getting cold feet about asking him something so simple?

'Come spend Christmas with me InuYasha.' Then tell him what it is. Her face flushed red. It's kind of like asking him on a date. I guess that's what's making this so hard.

"Oi, Kagome." A familiar voice cut into her thoughts.

"InuYasha!" Kagome exclaimed, flustered, as she stuffed the tissues back into her bag.

"What are you doing outside? You're going to freeze," the Hanyou questioned, hands in his sleeves.

"I was just… thinking." She glanced back to the entrance of Kaede's hut, where InuYasha had just exited from.

"Keh. Well think inside." He gently grabbed her arm. "I don't want you to get sick or something."

"Neh, InuYasha…" Kagome coughed.


"I well… I have a question." She looked down at her feet and felt the inevitable blush seep across her face.


"Will you… will you spend Christmas with me?" Kagome said the last part quickly, and then sighed in relief at having completed that task.

"Christ…mas?" InuYasha repeated, the word foreign on his tongue.

"It's a celebration in my time," She chose her words carefully so the Hanyou would understand. "It takes place on a certain day in winter every year. They put up all kinds of decorations, and you spend time with people and… you buy gifts."

"Gifts?" He asked, curiosity piqued.

"Gifts for… those you care about." Kagome finished in little more than a whisper. She closed her eyes, expecting rejection of the invitation from her companion. Not because he doesn't care… just because…

"You're inviting… me to something like that?" Was not exactly what she expected. His voice was surprised and lower pitched than usual, a tone she only heard from him when she'd said something that truly affected him. Kagome looked up to meet his widened innocent eyes.

"Of course I am. You mean you'll go?" She asked hopefully.

Realizing his slip, InuYasha crossed his arms and 'Keh-ed.'

"It'll give me something to do, so why not."

Kagome's face brightened. "Thanks so much InuYasha!"

InuYasha turned away and made a sound in the back of his throat as a light blush made its way across his boyish cheeks.

"I need to go let Kaede-baachan and the others know what's going on. If you want, you can go wait by the well for me."

Nodding, he turned foot in the direction of the well. "Hmph, okay."

"I'll be there within a few minutes," She reassured him and pushed open the flap door to Kaede's hut. "Thanks again."


InuYasha tapped his foot absently as he leaned against the boards of the old well. With a thoughtful sigh, he looked up to the deep blue winter sky and closed his eyes. Kagome never gets nervous when she asks me to come home with her… so why is this 'Christmas' thing making her act weird? Moving to rest his chin in his hand, he continued his pattern of thought. She said you give gifts to those you care about, but she almost made it sound…

"Ah, InuYasha I figured you'd be here." A male voice cut into his thoughts. InuYasha darted his head up, a blush appearing on his cheeks. Miroku noted his flustered friend's expression and smirked. "Thinking about what kind of romantic gift to get for Kagome-sama?"

Blush deepening, InuYasha glared in the monk's direction. "No I wasn't!"

Placing his shakujou on the ground, Miroku sat down next to the Hanyou. "It's called 'Christmas,' hmm? I overheard Kagome-sama explaining it to you from inside the hut."

"Yeah, so what?" The teenage boy grumbled.

"If you give gifts to people you care for, wouldn't you give one to Kagome-sama?"

InuYasha's eyes widened for a moment before he shook his head.

"Keh, all she did was invite me. It doesn't mean I'm gonna participate or anything."

Miroku raised an eyebrow. "Oh, so you're thinking up something really romantic for her, aren't you?" He teased. InuYasha's face flushed red again, and he narrowed his eyes at the older man.

"Shut up Bouzu!" The white-haired boy growled loudly, temper finally snapping. "I ain't doing anything like that!"

"Uh, am I interrupting something?" A familiar female said, walking up to the well amidst the conversation.

"Ah, nothing Kagome-sama. I was just speaking to InuYasha about a somewhat pressing issue," Miroku held up his hands and looked innocent.

"Bah, no you weren't."

Kagome pressed her fingers between her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. Probably just Miroku teasing InuYasha about something perverted.

"Neh, InuYasha are you ready to go then?" She gave him a bright smile, ignoring the bickering between the two males.

"Huh? Yah, I am." He stood up and brushed the front of his Hakama off.

"Well you two have," Miroku paused and his expression turned impish, "…fun."

The two teenagers simultaneously shot him an irritated glare before leaping into the well that led to Kagome's era.


"Tadaima!" Kagome called as she and InuYasha entered her home. Slipping off her shoes, she made her way to the kitchen with her companion following.

"Ah, there you two are," Mrs. Higurashi smiled once they'd entered. Wiping her hands on the apron she was wearing, the older woman turned a knob on the oven. "I'm baking cookies because a few of Souta's friends are coming over tonight."

"Oh?" Kagome inquired.

"Yes. We figured the day before Christmas would be a good time for them to get together and celebrate a bit." Noticing that InuYasha was glancing to the oven, Mama laughed. "Don't worry, I made plenty of them. There will be enough for you and Kagome as well."

InuYasha made a small sound in the back of the throat, "Oh, okay."

"Neh, Mama… InuYasha," Kagome leaned against a counter and began. "I have a bit of shopping to do so I'm going to head out now."

Mrs. Higurashi gave her a knowing wink, understanding what she needed to get done.

"Shopping? Can I come?" InuYasha inquired, expecting nothing less than a yes. He often went out on errands with her, and had come to enjoy exploring the modern world on such ventures.

Kagome sighed deeply. "This time you can't InuYasha. I'm sorry."

InuYasha looked puzzled; he couldn't remember a time that he hadn't been extended an invitation to come along on an outing such as this. "Why not?"

"Because… you just can't."

"But why?" He asked again in bewilderment. "I always go, and you know I'll wear a hat and everything!"

"InuYasha, it's not that. Really you can't go." Kagome retorted, slight irritation sleeping in her voice. I'm trying to do something for him and all he does is… get upset!

"But you told me that you're supposed to spend this 'Christmas' thing with people." He countered.

Kagome blinked. I don't want to lie to him, but he's so insistent on coming. I just… don't want to spoil the fact that I'm going shopping for him.

"Look, I just can't take you!"

"Why, are you embarrassed to be seen with me now?" He questioned, voice trembling very slightly.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock at that accusation.

"It's not that at all InuYasha, you know I'd never…"

"Because I'm not like the other boys we see girls with here?" The Hanyou continued.

"InuYasha, how could you think that?" Kagome choked out. "I like going out with you… that's why I invite you."

"Then why not today?" InuYasha inquired one final time. Kagome opened her mouth to reply but was interrupted by Mrs. Higurashi's voice.

"Say, InuYasha," She began in a cheerful tone. "Why don't you stay home and help me clean up the shrine and house a bit? Souta is having those guests tonight, and I want it to look nice."

InuYasha narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms in his sleeves. "Keh, fine. No use going if Kagome doesn't want me along anyway."

"No really InuYasha I---"

"Then you'd best be heading out Kagome. You'll want to be back before it gets too cold out, right?" Mama cut in.

Kagome ran her hand down her face and sighed regretfully. "You're right, I should." She stepped outside the kitchen and snatched her coat off the coat rack. Slipping on her shoes, Kagome bit her lip when her mother came into the foyer to bid her goodbye. InuYasha stood behind the older woman, slightly broken expression still on his face.

Frowning, Kagome pulled on her coat. "Bye Mama." She paused and lowered her voice. "Goodbye InuYasha."

With a belligerent air, the white-haired boy turned away, a "Keh" escaping his lips.

My, my what an unfortunate misunderstanding. Mrs. Higurashi shook her head and thought as Kagome exited the house.


InuYasha laid his head on the living room table and grumbled, bored and upset. He was about to get up, when he heard the sound of footsteps and the sliding of a plate across the table towards him.

"Here InuYasha, the cookies are done and I figured you'd like some." Mama sat down across from him and smiled genially. InuYasha lifted his head from the table and nodded, reaching to retrieve one.

"These are good," He complimented after a few moments.

"Thank you. They're snicker doodles, a lot of people only make them during Christmas time." She explained.

There was a few minutes' silence, minus the sound of cookies being eaten before Mama spoke up again. "Do you really believe what you said InuYasha?"


"That Kagome could ever be ashamed of you."

"Keh, well she wouldn't take me!" He responded lamely.

"Has Kagome ever been embarrassed around you?" Mrs. Higurashi queried.

InuYasha poked at a crumb on the table and looked down.

"I don't think so…"

"Because she accepts you so completely, that's one of the reasons you like being with her right?" Mama continued, careful not to bring anything romantic into it. She didn't want InuYasha to get so flustered he couldn't think clearly.

"Yeah…" He confirmed, his voice nary more than a whisper.

"And don't you think that one of the reasons Kagome likes being with you might be because you're not like all the other boys in this time?" She suggested.

InuYasha looked to her, eyes wide. "What do you mean by that?"

Mrs. Higurashi laughed lightly. "I mean that Kagome would have a great deal of trouble finding a better boy than you anywhere around here."

InuYasha's cheeks pinked slightly. "Keh," He uttered, at a loss for words.

"I was thinking," Mama tapped her fingers on the table. "Since Kagome can't take you today, how about if you and I go shopping later on while Souta is having his friends over?"

"Really?" InuYasha grabbed another cookie. "What for?"

"Just for fun." She smiled.

The Hanyou closed his eyes and gulped. "Oi uhh… Kagome mentioned something about getting gifts for people on Christmas."

"Oh she did?"

"Yah," InuYasha's cheeks reddened considerably more as he continued. "Gifts for… people you… care about."

"Is that so?" Mama tapped her chin. "Would you like to get Kagome a gift when we're out shopping?"

At that moment InuYasha' face flushed as red as his kariginu. "Can I?"

"Of course. I'm sure Kagome will love anything you get her too." She reassured.

"What do you give people on Christmas?" He asked, voice a tad bit timid.

Mama chuckled. "Well, whatever you think they'd like to be given."

"Bah, I have no idea what Kagome would want."

"Hmm, well I have an idea." The dark-haired woman proposed. "How about if you go up to her room and look around. It will help you see what kind of things Kagome likes."

"Okay… I guess." The Hanyou stood up and stretched a bit, grabbing one last cookie.

"While you're doing that, I still have some baking to do." She got up as well and picked up the now clean plate.

Exiting the living room, InuYasha walked up the familiar set of stairs that led to Kagome's bedroom. I'm not sure how this is really supposed to help me. I already know what Kagome has in her room. Stepping into her room, he walked over to her desk and picked up the arithmetic Kagome had complained about many times before.

Well I know she hates that 'math' book, so I guess she doesn't like everything in her room. In confused irritation, InuYasha plopped down on the bed, sprawled on his back. If there's stuff in here she doesn't like, how am I supposed to know what she does like?


Next Chapter: InuYasha contemplates the perfect gift for Kagome. While Kagome worries about the situation she last left InuYasha in… and does some shopping of her own.