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Chapter 1 The End of the Worlds

At the furthest end of the Digital World, in the deep recesses of the dark world where no one dared venture forth, an unknown Digimon was born. As it grew, the power of the mysterious Digimon slowly spread and those Digimon that came into contact with it, collapsed without reason. Due to its destructive force, the problem began affecting the Real World as well – this mysterious force disrupted computer controls, caused unknown illnesses and spontaneous natural disasters worldwide.

If the situation continued, the world would surely be destroyed.

But there were many brave worriers and there partners that challenged the being with this threatening force. From the Real World, six; from the Future Digital World came seven; and from the Past Digital World came six. All those brave souls would transcend time and cross different worlds to travel to the Dark Digital World, to join forces and destroy the mysterious Digimon! The fate of the world lies in their hands…

Rika yawned and stretched herself out on the grass, taking a deep breath of the warm, summer air. God how she missed the winter… Summer was unbearably hot and unbearably cheerful. Stupid birds twittering happily in the stupid trees. Her only relief from the heat was the occasional pool party Ryo would hold in his back yard. Ever since he and his father had moved from their home in Fukuoka city to Shinjuku life had become a little more interesting and a lot more complicated. A shadow suddenly appeared above her and Rika looked up at none other than blue-eyed Ryo Akiyama.

"Hmm," Rika smirked. "Speak of the Devil and he cometh." Ryo grinned down at her and plopped down beside her on the grass.

"Hey, Wildcat. Thinking of me again I see." He winked at her cheekily. "What're you doing all alone on such a nice day?" She ignored the suggestive look he was giving her and sighed, smiling lightly despite her self.

"Avoiding people like you, Akiyama. What do you want?" She looked up at him through her sunglasses and he shrugged lightly.

"Oh, nothing more than the pleasure of your Highness' company," he said before reaching down and snatching her sunglasses off her pretty face and putting them on. He looked down at her over the top of them and his grin widened into a smile. "How do I look?" She rolled her eyes and sat up.

"Like an idiot, give them back." She reached for them but he hopped to his feet and out of her reach. She scowled at him but the look was rather ruined by the smile tugging at her lips.

"I'm warning you, Ryo. Give them back or you won't live to regret it."

"Oh my! She said my name! It's a miracle! Someone pinch me, the Digimon Queen knows my name!!" He said leaping into the air with mock joy and consequentially, out of her reach when she tried to grab her sunglasses again.

"That's it!" She dove at him but he dodged her by sidestepping her and grabbed her around the waist. His movements had brought them closer to the hills edge and when she pushed back against him to free herself he lost his footing. With a yell he went head over heels over the hill, pulling Rika down with him. She laughed and grabbed the root of a tree to stop her self while Ryo went tumbling down to the shore of the park's lake. He landed in the shallows with a loud splash and lay on his back, staring dazedly up at the sky. Rika, still laughing quietly to her self, walked down the hill and stood over Ryo, her hands resting triumphantly on her hips. She bent over and held out her hand as if to help him up and he reached for it gratefully but her hand shot past his and snatched her sunglasses from him.

"Thank you," she said, putting them back on and grinning when he sat up.

"No problem…" he muttered with mock shame. Rika smiled and helped him to his feet and was just about to make a smart comment when a deafening boom of thunder rolled over the park, shaking the surface of the lake as they stood there. The sky suddenly darkened, as quickly as it would in the Digital World and the heavens opened up, pouring rain down upon them with incredible force. More thunder rolled over them and then came a huge crack of lightning that lit up the sky around them.

"Where the hell did this come from!?" Rika yelled over the noise of the wind and rain.

"I dunno but we have to find shelter and quick!" Ryo called back. They ran for Guilmon's old hideout and dove inside only to find Henry, Terriermon, Takato, Guilmon and Jeri cowering inside as well.

"You guys okay?" Henry asked, ruffling his blue hair to shake out the water.

"Yeah, we're fine," Ryo said, doing the same with his brown hair while moving away from the door. Rika frowned at Guilmon when he shook himself to get rid of the water shivered and looked out of the small door at the torrents of rain coming down now.

"What's going on?" Jeri asked fearfully. "There wasn't a cloud in the sky earlier!" Takato was holding her tightly to his chest to keep her warm but he was just as wet as she was so it wasn't helping very much.

"Momentai, as long as we stay in here we'll be fine," Terriermon said with his usual smile, using his ears to lift himself higher off the ground. Another crack of lightning lit up the sky, followed by an almighty bang of thunder that rattled the metal gate of their small shelter. "I hope…"

"I've heard of sudden summer rain showers but this seems a tad much, don't you think?" Rika said turning her ice violet eyes to Ryo who was sitting beside her.

"I agree. This isn't normal weather. It seems…" But he was cut off when a giant chunk of ice suddenly came plummeting to the ground. It shattered at the entrance of their shelter and they all stared at it in shock as more started to fall. Hail the size of golf-balls was raining down from the sky with dangerous speed. Rika gasped in shock and leapt away from the door when another huge block of ice came flying down at them, landing exactly where she had been standing moments before. She tripped on Ryo's foot and fell heavily into his lap.

"You okay, Rika?" He asked urgently. She nodded with wide eyes, staring out the door at the hail.

"This is getting weird," Henry whispered. "It never hails here."

"Guys, I don't like this…" Takato said fearfully and they all silently agreed. But then, just as suddenly as it had started, the hail stopped and the sky cleared. The Tamers stared out at the ice-covered park in silent shock.

"We should…get out of here," Ryo said cautiously.

"My house is closest," Takato offered. "We should probably get in doors as fast as possible in case that happens again." He motioned to the ice balls covering the grass and they all nodded in agreement, following him out of the park at a run.

Meanwhile, in another Dimension…

"Hey, Kari! Check this out!" Davis dove off the pier and did a somersault in the air but on the way down he ran out of time to complete the flip. He hit the water hard on his back and groaned comically before sinking into the ocean's cool water.

"Don't worry, Davis!" Said a small blue Digimon called Veemon. "I'll save you!" He dove off the pier after his partner and landed in much the same fashion.

"Sure," Patamon, a small, light orange-brown Digimon with huge bat wings for ears, said with a smile. "But who's gonna save Veemon? He can't swim!" The Digidestined all laughed at this. Davis surfaced with a struggling Veemon in his arms, red faced and ego-bruised. Kari laughed and shook her head before lying back on her towel. A day on the beach was exactly what they had all needed on such a hot day. T.K was lying beside her on his own towel watching Gatomon attempt to sip a milkshake through a straw. It was quite an interesting site to see a white cat with big blue eyes hold a boxed milkshake in her green-gloved paws. Her purple tipped ears were twitching slightly in the wind and her purple striped tail was swaying lightly behind her, the ring at the very end of it occasionally catching the sun and shining brighter gold. Cody and Armadillomon, enough said, were busy building a sand castle nearby while Yolei and Ken relaxed together on a beach mat. Their Digimon, Hawkmon and Wormon, where busily digging a deep sand pit close to the water and every time a wave rolled in it would wash water and sand into their hole.

"Hey you two!" Yolei called to them. "Maybe you should try building that away from the water!" But they seemed to be having fun so she ignored them and happily leaned into Ken while her held her close. Just then, Davis came out of the water and flopped down beside Kari, scowling at T.K who had been chatting animatedly to her only moments before.

"Hey, Davis! I think you might want to rethink your plans to join the schools diving team," Cody laughed. Davis huffed angrily and folded his arms, shaking his head free of the salty water.

"Davis!" Kari said angrily as the water sprayed out over her.

"Oops…sorry, Kari," he said, blushing bright red. She frowned at him and thanked T.K when he offered her his towel to dry off with. This made Davis even angrier so he growled at T.K and stormed off to go swim again.

"What's with him?" Ken asked.

"Oh, he's just jealous that Kari picked T.K over him," Cody said nonchalantly. Kari blushed at this comment but smiled anyway, knowing it was true despite it being unofficial. A sudden silence crept over the entire beach, followed by a low rumbling noise. The water had become still and had pulled back so far that Davis ended up on the sand, despite having gone out pretty far into the water.

"Hey!" He called while jogging over to the Digidestined. "What's going on?" They all heard Yolei gasp with shock and turned to her in surprise.

"What is it, Yolei?" Ken asked. She said nothing her eyes wide as she pointed out to sea. They all turned to look and Yolei's gasp was echoed five times. A huge wall of water was rushing towards them, rumbling and crashing as it came with incredible speed and power.

"We'll never get away in time!" Kari said desperately.

"Oh yes we will!" Davis grabbed his D3 and held it out. "Veemon! Let's go!"

"Right!" He yelled, bracing himself as a light shot out of Davis' D3. "Veemon digivolve to…ExVeemon!" ExVeemon lifted Davis, Cody and Armadillomon into his arms.

"Come on guys!" Davis called. "Make your partners digivolve! We don't have time!" He was right. The water was getting closer by the second. T.K and Kari looked at each other and nodded before holding out their D3's too.

"Gatomon armour digivolve to…Nefertimon!"

"Patamon armour digivolve to…Pegasusmon!" They climbed up onto their Digimon's backs and took off while Ken and Yolei held their D3's at the ready.

"Let's go!" Yolei cried out.

"Right! Hawkmon armour digivolve to…Halsemon, the wings of love!"

"Wormon digivolve to…Stingmon!" He lifted Ken into his arms and took off, narrowly missing the massive wall of water that crashed onto the beach with a roaring splash.

"Is everyone okay?" T.K called, clutching all his things to his chest. They all confirmed and looked down at the suddenly flooded beach.

"Where in the heck did that come from?" Yolei asked curiously.

"Oh no! Guys look!" Kari said, urgently pointing down at the beach. They all looked down and there were several shocked gasps and cries. There had been other people on the beach who hadn't made it away from the water in time. Only those with water or flying type Digimon had managed to survive the massive waves. Kari let out a choked sob and shut her eyes tightly as a body floated below her. Nefertimon flew away from it and closer to Pegasusmon.

"Oh my God…" Ken whispered. Yolei was trying very hard not to look down while she gripped Halsemon's helmet so hard her knuckles turned white. The water, that had become oddly calm after it settled, started shaking slightly.

"Now what!" T.K said desperately as the water started shaking more violently. People were screaming with horror and most in pain while a tremendous earthquake suddenly broke out over the entire city.

"We have to help all these people!" Cody cried out.

"He's right! Ken, we could use your help with this one, Pal." Davis looked over at him and Ken nodded. They held out there D3's and identical lights burst from their screens. ExVeemon and Stingmon circled each other in the air before they started glowing brightly.



"DNA Digivolve too…Paildramon!!" Their bodies fused and they became what looked like a crude combination of the two Digimon. Paildramon had Stingmon's arms, helmet and armour but he had ExVeemon's body and wings.

"Ok, lets take it up another notch!" Davis said eagerly.

"Ok!" Said Paildramon, his voice a mix of ExVeemon and Stingmon's. "Paildramon Digivolve to…Imperialdramon!" Now standing on all fours, Davis, Ken, Cody and Armadillomon found themselves inside a protective dome on Imperialdramon's back.

"Ok guys. You get as many people as you can, we'll handle the rest!" Ken called. The earthquake had become worse and it seemed that those people with flying Digimon had decided that the Digidestined had a plan. People were being pulled out of the water all around them while Imperialdramon flew out to the city. Kari turned to look at T.K, who was helping two very young children onto Pegasusmon's back. The little girl was clutching a Nyaromon while the little boy she was with waved at his Dolphmon that he was ok.

"T.K…" she said. He looked over at her questioningly.

"Yeah?" He asked gently as she helped two more kids onto Nefertimon's back.

"I feel weird…like there's a very evil presence coming…" She was shivering and her eyes had dulled a little. This reminded him forcefully of when he had rescued her from the Dark Ocean so long ago. Because of her vulnerability to Darkness Kari had the uncanny ability to sense its presence. He knew better than not to believe her when it came to things like this.

"You think something evil is in the Real World?" He asked nervously. The earthquake had died away now and the screaming and moaning that followed such tragedies was sending shivers down his spine.

"No…" Kari replied, looking worriedly at the city. She desperately wanted to go home, if she had a home left, and see if her family was alright. Thank God Tai had gone on soccer camp! "It's not in the Real World, it's…somewhere else. Far away but I can still feel it. It's really strong and…angry. I think it wants revenge."


In the Tamers Dimension, three days later, sometime in the late afternoon…

Rika shoved her way through a group of people, running at top speed down the streets of Shinjuku. She took a sharp turn and ran right into a man carrying a briefcase. He had been staring at the sky as if he thought that another hailstorm would start up out of nowhere like it had three days ago.

"Move it!" She napped at him. "Get out of my way!" She threw him aside and ran off again. The man looked after her grumpily, muttering to himself about the rudeness of children just as Ryo came screeching around the corner after Rika. He bumped into the man too, throwing a hurried apology over his shoulder as he took after her again. The man, now thoroughly irritated, made to start walking again when a group of children stampeded after the other two kids. There were a few more hurried apologies as the turned the corner too. The man lay on the sidewalk staring up at the sky and blinked once or twice.

"Anyone else wanna run me over?!" He shouted.

Rika had never run so fast in her life. Her legs were screaming but she ignored them, clutching her cellphone so tightly in her hand that it was in danger of being crushed. The phone call had to have been a joke; it had to! Turning another corner at lightning speed she found herself being halted by a hand grabbing her arm.

"Let go of me, Akiyama!" She snapped, wrenching her arm free of his grip.

"Rika, you need to calm down…"

"Don't tell me to calm down!" She yelled. "I have to go, now!" With that she took off at a run and, groaning sadly, Ryo ran after her again, this time managing to keep up with her right until they came to a shuddering halt in front of Shinjuku Hospital. It wasn't until they had walked inside through the mechanical doors that Ryo managed to convince her to calm down a little. He had never seen Rika look so terrified in his life. She hadn't even bothered to tell the Tamers who had called her or what they had said. All she had done was hung up and took off. If Ryo hadn't caught up with her he wouldn't have known where to find her.

"Rika, what's going on? Why are we here?" He asked. But she ignored him and hurried to the reception desk. Speaking to the nurse behind the counter rather urgently she gave a quick nod of thanks before taking off…again. Ryo came up along side her as she stood looking down several corridors, obviously looking for the right one.

"Which one do we need?" He asked.

"23B," she replied simply. Ryo looked around and catching sight of 23A he grabbed her hand and walked her to it. Just inside the door leading to corridor 23A was another door that read 23B. Ryo glanced back at Rika before opening the door for her and walking in after her.

"Where now?" He asked, but Rika was already walking cautiously towards a door halfway down the corridor. She paused outside the room and Ryo walked over to her. She was staring into the observation window in the door, her eyes slightly wide and horrified. Frowning slightly out of confusion, Ryo turned to the door and looked into the small window too. Like Rika's his eyes widened with shock and he actually turned away from the window. Rika's breathing had become heavy and she looked a little pale.

"No…" she whispered sadly. "This…this is a joke. It has to be." Ryo sighed and pulled her away from the window to a seat on the other side of the corridor. She sat, or rather, fell onto the bench and buried her face in her hands. There were no tears, no noise; she just sat there, breathing heavily from both shock and her long run. Ryo lowered himself down beside her and shook his head to clear it. The other Tamers suddenly burst into the hall and ran over to Rika and Ryo.

"What's…going…on?" Takato panted, his face red from exhaustion. Jeri stepped forward and looked down at Rika worriedly.

"Rika…what's wrong?" She made no move to answer, still breathing heavily so Ryo raised his arm and pointed to the door opposite them. The Tamers looked at each other in confusion before they stepped up to the window and peered inside. Jeri gasped and turned away while Takato and Henry stood there, staring at the unconscious forms Rumiko and Seiko Nonaka. They were lying on separate beds in the small, private room, each hooked up to innumerable machines. Neither of them, it seemed, could breathe on their own and they were both connected to life supports that were beeping quietly in the silent, darkened room.

"W-what happened to them?" Kazu whispered, his voice trembling from fear as if he thought he might get the same thing if he spoke to loudly.

"They don't know." Everyone turned to look at Rika who was now staring at her knees, her hands in her hair as if frustrated. "They think it's this new disease that's been spreading around the city but they're not sure." She sat up straight and stared oddly at the door to her mother and grandmother's room. A doctor carrying a clipboard that (they hadn't noticed was standing behind them) looked around at the Tamers.

"Which one of you is Rika Nonaka?" He said, his voice almost stern. Rika looked up at him and frowned.

"I am," she said, her voice taking a defiant tone. The doctor nodded and lowered his clipboard as Rika stood so that she could be on even playing fields with him.

"I am Doctor Anuyashi. I'm afraid, Miss Nonaka, that because the symptoms of the disease are so irregular we have no way of treating your family. All we can do for now is make them as comfortable as possible." Rika looked at him as if she thought he were responsible for everything bad in the world before glancing at the door. He was making it sound like they had limited time left before…

"Can I go in to see them?" She asked. The doctor sighed and shook his head.

"I'm sorry, but we have no idea if the disease is contagious or not. For now I'm afraid you will have to stay out here."

"But…" Jeri started before the doctor held out his hand to stop her.

"Are you family?" He asked. Jeri shook her head.

"No, but…"

"Then please take a seat so that I can talk to Miss Nonaka." Rika seemed quite unwilling to speak to him any more so she sat down again and dropped her gaze. Ryo glanced at her before standing up to face the doctor.

"And you are?"

"Ryo Akiyama. I'm Rika's cousin," he lied. The doctor raised an eyebrow at this but said nothing. "Are they going to be okay?" Ryo asked, motioning to the room. The doctor gave him a sympathetic look before shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, but at the moment we really can't say for sure. There is nothing more we can do for them; it's in God's hands now." He glanced at Rika, who had her arms folded defensively across her chest, before walking quietly away. The Tamers all turned to look at Rika but she didn't seem to notice; she was glaring angrily at the floor.

"You gonna be okay, Rika?" Henry asked. She nodded but didn't meet his eye when she did so. Knowing Rika better than anyone else Ryo cleared his throat and motioned for them to leave, knowing that she would want to be alone. Jeri seemed a little reluctant to move so Takato took her hand and gently led her away while Henry steered Kazu and Kenta away too. He glanced back at Ryo, who had sat down beside Rika again. Ryo caught his eye and they came to an unspoken understanding. Ryo was staying. When they were alone Rika sat up a little and looked up at the door.

"You don't have to stay, Ryo," she aid quietly. Ryo smiled at her and tenderly slipped his arm around her.

"I'm not going anywhere, Pumpkin." He hugged her gently and when she didn't pull away he pulled her closer.

"Don't worry," he whispered. "They'll be ok. They're related to you aren't they?" She smiled weakly at this and rolled her eyes.

"Shut up, Ryo." He held her tightly for a while before letting go of her and she stood up, glancing sadly at the door. A slight tremor rumbled through the building and Ryo stood up cautiously. They had had several minor earthquakes in the last three days and one bad one that had destroyed the harbour so even the slightest hiccup in the earth worried him. If they had a really bad one now then Rumiko and Seiko wouldn't stand a chance of surviving. They stood in silence, waiting for any more tremors but none came so they relaxed a little. Rika walked over to the door and looked into the window again, her eyes darkening slightly with fear.

"Ryo, what if they…" she broke off, her voice quivering as much as the rest of her.

"They're going to be fine," Ryo said, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "You'll see. They'll be up and around in no time." Neither of them was very convinced though.

"I should have known something was wrong," Rika muttered sounding angry with herself. "Mom didn't go to work today and Grandma said she wasn't feeling well yesterday. I should have known…" Ryo shook his head and turned her away from the door.

"Even if you had known, Rika, you wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. The best thing you can do now is go home and get some rest." It was becoming a little dark outside. It had, after all, been late afternoon when they had come in here.

"I guess," she said glancing back at the door while he walked her away from it. She felt guilty about leaving, like she should be staying in case they improved. When they came to the hospital entrance dusk had fallen and the streetlights had turned on. The streets were buzzing with life despite the tremors and the freakish weather. Ryo wondered how it was possible that people could act like nothing was happening when just yesterday they had experienced massive electrical disturbances followed shortly by a light snowstorm and then blazing heat. They walked closely but not quite touching, something that had become somewhat of a routine ever since they had become friends. A big gust of wind flew down the street and Ryo watched as a group of screaming girls ran out of the way of some runaway umbrellas. He shifted a little closer to Rika and their arms brushed. He felt her stiffen and quickly sidestepped away from her.

"Sorry," he mumbled when the wind died down again. She just shrugged her eyes not leaving the sidewalk.

It took them a good half hour to reach Rika's oriental, old style Japanese home. Ryo walked her right up to the door, waiting to bid her goodnight. He didn't like the fact that she would be alone at home. But as if to relieve him of this worry she turned her head slightly and narrowed her eyes against the darkness in the house.

"Renamon?" She called. A yellow fox appeared beside her, standing a good head taller than Rika.

"Is everything okay?" Renamon asked, looking worried and it occurred to Ryo that Rika must have conveyed the story of Rumiko and Seiko to Renamon psychically. Yet again Rika answered with a single shrug, but the look Renamon was giving her told Ryo that that shrug had underlying meanings to it that he couldn't hear.

"Thanks for walking me home, Akiyama." Rika turned to look at him and managed a small smile. "But you can go home now. I'll be fine here with Renamon." Ryo nodded and bid them both goodnight before setting off for home at a run. He was worried about Rika but he needed to get home fast. Alice had sent him a rather enlightening e-mail about everything that was happening. Apparently one of her Internet buddies had some information about a very powerful force in the Digital World. Powerful enough to disrupt the weather.

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In the next chapter they will meet up with Alice at her grandfather's house to discuss the powerful Digimon and the digidestined will have a meeting with the older digidestined about it too.