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Chapter 2

When Worlds Collide

Old Real World, Summer Vacation, Day nine after Tidal Wave

"So you're telling me that this Digimon, wherever it is, has the power to control the weather in the Real World?"

"No, Tai. What I'm telling you is that this Digimon is so powerful that it is controlling the weather, regardless of whether it is trying to or not." Izzy sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, looking over the impossible equations he had pulled up. They were impossible but here they were, running across his screen with lightning speed, telling him that things in his life were about to get very interesting.

"But…that's crazy," Sora said, folding her arms curiously. "How on earth could a Digimon possess that kind of power? Not even Azulongmon was that strong!"

"I know; it doesn't make sense. But that's what's happening. I spoke with Kari yesterday and she said that she could feel a dark presence. I think that whatever this 'Dark Presence' is, it's what's causing these problems." Izzy turned to his friends, both of whom look confused and frightened. Tai had come home early from soccer camp after an earthquake had nearly flattened the entire camping area and Matt, who was sitting quietly in the corner, had cancelled his band's tour in case someone needed his help. Clearly he had made the right decision. Sora walked over to Matt and sat down beside him, allowing him to gently slip his arm around her. She sighed and looked around the room at her friends.

"So…what are we going to do?" She asked, taking Matt's hand and squeezing it tightly. They had been going out for the past two years and now, at eighteen, she felt almost obliged to save the world…again.

"I say we get over there and kick this things butt!" Tai yelled, punching his fist into the air.

"Don't be ridiculous, Tai. We have no idea how powerful this thing really is, or what kind of Digimon we're up against. If we just charge in there we'll be walking head first into trouble," Matt said reasonably.

"I think Matt's right," Mimi, who had flown in from America the day before all the trouble had started, piped up. "Maybe we should ask Davis and the others to help out too. We sure could use the help and they are pretty strong."

"That's a good idea, Mimi. After all, they were the ones that destroyed Malomyotismon. Not to mention they can all DNA digivolve. Tai, why don't you call Davis and ask him and the rest of them to get over here. We should discuss this with them before asking them to join us." Izzy tossed him a portable phone and Tai nodded, walking out of the room while he dialed.

"What should the rest of us do?" Matt asked, yawning with boredom. He hated these stupid meetings they always had.

"I…I dunno. Tai's the leader, not me," Izzy said awkwardly.

"Well, maybe I should help Tai call everyone." Sora left the room too and Matt flipped out his cell.

"I'll call T.K," he said simply.

"Well then. I guess the only thing for me to do is get some more info in this Digimon. Maybe I should e-mail Alice…she's really smart with this stuff, even if she is two years younger than me." Izzy started typing again, his eyes glued to the screen of his laptop. He hated to admit this, but if they intended to beat this thing, then they were going to need more help. Even now, with all their power combined, they still fell far short of what they needed.


Tamers' Dimension (New Real World), Summer Vacation, Day nine after the first Hail Storm

"Oh-kay, could you run that by us again, Alice? But in human language please." Ryo grinned at his friend and she rolled her eyes. The other Tamers all looked as confused as Ryo felt so she figured she had no choice but to explain it…again. Sighing patiently she motioned to her laptop.

"These figures show the power level of the Digimon that's causing all these disruptions. I got these from an e-mail pal I have. According to what he's told me, this Digimon has a powerful dark energy that is causing all the shit that's been happening, including the weird diseases." Rika frowned at this and Ryo shifted uncomfortably beside her. "Apparently, the Digimon has limitless power were it is now…at least from what we've seen so far. Yamaki is helping me research the Digimon but as far as we can tell it isn't in the Digital World…not ours anyway."

"But if it's not in the Digital World then where is it? Our Digimon would have sensed it if it were in the Real World," Takato said and there was a general murmur of agreement.

"We think it's somewhere called the Dark Digital World, but we have no access to it nor do we have any information on it. I do know of a few people who have been there, friends of my e-pal, but they all got there by accident. Well, all except for this one guy called T.K, but not even he is sure how he got there."

"But if we have no way of getting there then how are we supposed to beat it?" Henry asked, folding his arms in confusion and bending to look at the innumerable equations that were flying across the screen. He understood a few of them but mostly they meant nothing too him.

"That's the problem. Yamaki is busy working on it with all his best scientists, but so far they haven't made much progress. I think that we should go ask the Sovereign. They might be able to help us."

"Well then, I suggest we go to the Digital World as soon as possible. Yamaki has finished that teleportation thingy so we should be able to get in and out without a problem right?" Kazu asked, leaning into Guardromon.

"Exactly. I say we leave first thing in the morning," Takato added.

"Sorry guys, but I'm sitting this little trip out," Rika said, looking around at her friends in case there were any disagreements.

"Yeah, me too," Kenta added. No one said anything, knowing that they were only staying because of their families. The doctors had found a way of treating the virus, but it was a slow process and not 100 percent accurate.

"Okay. Well, everyone who's going should meet at Hypnos tomorrow morning early. I'd say about…seven thirty?" There were a few groans and Kazu actually muttered something under his breath, but no one protested. When everyone had left, Takato and Henry walked with Rika and Ryo to the bakery. It had been a long week but things were looking up. Rumiko and Seiko had woken up the day before and were looking a lot better than they had. But just as they seemed to be getting better, Henry's elder sister and Kenta's mom fell ill too.

"We could really use your help tomorrow, Rika," Henry said, glancing over at her. She shrugged lightly and shook her head.

"You aren't going to be fighting anything. You're just going to see the Sovereign. You won't need my help at all." They stopped at the door to the Bakery and Takato bid them all goodnight.

"See you guys in the morning." With that he walked into his house and shut the door behind him. The Tamers walked on in relative silence after that, each wrapped up in their own thoughts.

"I promised my parents I'd meet them at the hospital to check up on my sister," Henry said when they came to a crossroad. They said their goodbyes and Henry turned towards the hospital while Rika and Ryo walked back home. Rika had a train to catch so she left after a few minutes too, leaving Ryo to walk along the deserted roads of West Shinjuku by himself. After the first few days had past and the initial panic had sunk in, people had taken to hiding out in their homes, not wanting to risk any kind of unnatural dangers by going outside. The only other people out at the moment were the people who had gone themselves utterly smashed in the hopes that it would make everything better. Needless to say things weren't exactly sunshine and daisies for them at the moment…and they'd be even worse in the morning. Ryo ignored these few drunkards, making sure that Cyberdramon was nearby in case any of them decided to cause trouble.

He turned onto his street and walked quietly into his yard. Taking out his house keys, he walked into his home and greeted his mother before running up to his room. He had decided to e-mail Ken, hoping for any kind of answers. Ken had been to the Dark Digital World before…he knew that because it was there that he had become the Digimon Emperor. It was there that the spore inside of him had taken control. Perhaps Ken could give him some kind of information about the place and maybe even some help with defeating the Digimon that lived there. He had a powerful partner after all so he might come in handy.


"So, we'll see you guys later today then." Takato and the rest of the Tamers were standing in front of the teleport to the Digital World, waving to Rika, Renamon, Kenta and MarineAngemon, who were waiting for Yamaki to send their friends to the Digital World. Thanks to Alice's modifications they could send them to and from any place in the entire Digital World at will. All they had to do was punch in the right co-ordinates.

"Yeah, just watch yourselves in there." Rika waved to her friends and watched as they all disappeared before turning to leave.

"See ya, Yamaki," Rika called, before running out of the building. She had told Rumiko and Seiko that she would go visit them at the hospital today but she had also promised Takato and the others that she would see them off. This, of course, had made her heavily late for her visit to the hospital.

"Rika, perhaps we should ride there. It would be faster," Renamon said and Rika knew what she meant all to well.

"Good idea." She pulled out a Digivolution card and with a quick "Digi-modify" Renamon Digivolved to Kyubimon and they were off again. It wasn't an uncommon sight to see a kid riding a Digimon through the streets anymore. People had gotten so used to seeing the Tamers and their Digimon that it was almost like looking at a kid and his pet. Kyubimon had chosen to run along the rooftops instead of using the road since it was overcrowded with people and cars trying to leave the city. After all the strange weather people seemed to think that moving to the country might make it go away. But the road signs and streetlights were going crazy and people were having a hard time getting anywhere because of it. There had been more than one crash just that morning and people were starting to panic. Kyubimon stopped on the roof of the building next to the hospital.

"Well, I see people haven't changed much when it comes to facing trouble. They still run around like ants in a sugar factory," Rika muttered, looking down at the chaos below them. There was a crash of glass and both Rika and Kyubimon turned in time to see that a group of masked kids were breaking into a shop on the other side of the road. But everyone was either to busy screaming or being trampled to notice. With an irritated sigh, Rika mounted Kyubimon once more and they leapt off the building. Landing on the sidewalk behind the looters, Rika hopped off Kyubimon and waited to be noticed. Just when the guys were about to leave, they spun around and came face to face with an angry Tamer and her partner. Hands on her hips and a glare fit to kill on her face, Rika stepped towards the largest and stupidest looking guy there. The leader of course.

"Look, I don't have time to waste on morons like you, so why don't you just drop what you're stealing and get out of here." The boys looked at each other for a few seconds before they all burst into idiotic guffaws.

"And what are you gonna do 'bout it, huh, Baby?" Rika felt her temper rising.

"Clearly you're either blind or just incredibly stupid. Kyubimon…" Kyubimon stepped forward and snarled angrily.

"Drop what you're holding and get out of here. That's the last time we'll ask," she hissed. The boys behind the leader shifted uncomfortably, but waited for their leader's word. He glared down at Rika and opened his mouth to speak, but he was cut off by a loud, piercing whistling noise coming from somewhere above them. Everyone on the road suddenly stopped running and screaming and all eyes turned skyward. A huge warp was opening in the air; pulsing red waves rippling across the clouds as the sky darkened. The looters all yelled and dropped what they had taken, running off in different directions while the rest of the street went berserk as well. Rika stared up at the sky in horror as hundreds upon hundreds of Digimon came pouring out of the hole at the center of the warp.

"This is not good…" The Digimon were flying out of the hole one after the other, spreading out over the city as they came.

"Rika! They're going for the hospital!" Rika looked back and her eyes narrowed as she saw a group of about twenty Gryphonmon circling the hospital.

"Not if we can help it. Come on!" Kyubimon de-digivolved back to Renamon and Rika held out her D-Ark.

"Biomerge activate!"

"Renamon Biomerge too…" A bright light surrounded them and Rika was lifted off the ground. She floated back into Renamon and both of them disappeared as Renamon's different digivolutions flashed in the air. A fox-like sorceress twirled in the air where Rika and Renamon had once been and she raised her staff into the air.

"…Sakuyamon! All right, lets get this over with." Sakuyamon flew up into the air and raised her staff. "Back off! All of you!" She snapped. The Gryphonmon laughed evilly at her and one of them flew forward.

"Not a chance! Solar Howl!" The other Gryphonmon followed suite and suddenly Sakuyamon felt herself being thrown against the side of the Hospital. Growling angrily she pulled away from the, now very damaged, wall and braced herself.

"Fine," she said calmly. Holding up her staff in both hands she drew a large amount of energy to the tip. It started pulsing as it turned into electricity and grew larger. "Crystal Sphere!" The light shot off her staff and collided with three of the Gryphonmon, deleting them instantly. The others snarled angrily and started attacking again.

"Solar Howl!" Dodging the first two attacks Sakuyamon flew higher in the air and pointed her staff downwards.

"Amethyst Wind!" Her attack deleted two more Gryphonmon but there were still plenty left and more Digimon were coming out of the portal with every passing second. They were invading the city and destroying anything they could find. The Gryphonmon formed a globe-like circle around her and all yelled out at once.

"Solar Howl!" There was no way of escape and Sakuyamon was hit by the combined attacks of fifteen Ultimate level Digimon. She cried out in pain and fell out of the sky, landing with an almighty crash on the tarred road. There was a huge crater around her and she could barely move.

"W-we need…help," Rika whispered weakly from within her. The Gryphonmon were flying down towards her and circling her from above. Getting to her feet Sakuyamon braced herself for another attack. The odds of her surviving another one was very slim but she wouldn't give up. Holding her staff aloft once more, she drew a huge hexagon in the sky. At each point an amethyst ball of light started glowing brightly, forming huge dragons that flew out of the balls and at the Gryphonmon. Their long, snake-like bodies twisted together in their flight, creating a long tunnel as they went.

"Dragon Helix!" The attack exploded when it hit a group of Gryphonmon and when the smoke cleared there were only ten left. Falling to her knees out of exhaustion, Sakuyamon looked up at the remaining Gryphonmon. But they weren't her only problem. There were hundreds of other Digimon rampaging around the city and several of them had noticed the battle between the Gryphonmon and Sakuyamon and had come out to either watch or join in.

"Need any help, Fox-Face?" Sakuyamon looked up in shock to see none other than Beelzemon (Blast Mode) standing over her. Behind him stood Ai, Mako and, to her relief, Kenta and MarineAngemon. If she ever needed the little twerps healing powers it was now. MarineAngemon flew over and used his "Kahuna Waves" on her while Beelzemon fended off the rest of the Gryphonmon, destroying them with his own "Corona Blaster" attack. When she was completely healed Sakuyamon stood up and looked over to Beelzemon.

"Thanks for the help but I'm afraid we're far from finished," she said looking around at the half-destroyed city.

"Yeah, I noticed. Well, lets get started then." He flew up into the air and drew a pink pentagram in the air with his gun-arm. The center started glowing bright pink and she shot several rounds of pink blasts into it.

"Corona Destroyer!" His attack wiped out a group of Triceramon who were pummeling a row of abandoned cars. Sakuyamon held out her hand and a ball of amethyst light formed in her palm. It flattened into a disc and she held it out at arms length. Spinning several times in the air at a remarkable speed, she let the disc go, throwing it with all her strength at another group of Ultimates that were terrorizing a group of people.

"Kenta!" Sakuyamon called. "Go to the Hypnose and tell Yamachi that we need the others, now!" Kenta started and turned to do as he was told. He grabbed Ai and Mako's hands and pulled them along with him. It was far too dangerous to let two twelve year olds stay unprotected in the middle of a battlefield.

"I hate to admit it, Fox-Face, but you're right. We need help." Beelzemon cried out when an entire swarm of Gryphonmon piled up on top of him, completely covering him. There was a flash of pink light and then a huge burst of pink energy shot out from amidst the Gryphonmon, destroying them all. Beelzemon lowered his gun-arm and spread his massive black wings. With a sudden surge of speed he lifted off the ground, Sakuyamon following suit.

"I'll take the east side of the city, a lot of them are grouping up there," Sakuyamon said, looking out into the chaos that lay to the east.

"Well, I guess I'll handle things over here then." Beelzemon said nonchalantly. "See ya around, Fox-Face." With that he flew off to fight a huge gold and red SkullScorpiomon that was using his pincers to slice whole chunks off wall out of buildings. Turning to the east, Sakuyamon shot forward and started gathering energy at the tip of her staff.

"Scepter Dash!" Her movements became quicker until she was only a blur. Rushing at another group of Triceramon she ran right through them, slashing her staff out to her sides in two clean blows as she past them. There was a moment of silence where she hovered in the air, arm and staff still outstretched, before the first Triceramon exploded into millions of bits of data, followed shortly by the others. Sighing and landing on her feet Sakuyamon looked back on an empty street. Turning around again to find any other Digimon she might have missed on this street, she lowered her staff and relaxed a little.

"Statue Bomber!"

"Vampire Dance!" A large chunk of rock, shaped like a miniature gargoyle, hit her right in the back of the head just before a shadow figure struck her in the small of her back. Crying out from shock more than anything else, Sakuyamon spun around to see who, or what, had attacked her. Two Digimon were standing on top of a building to the left of the street, each laughing evilly at what they had done.

"Cowards," Rika hissed from within Sakuyamon. This shut them both up.

"How dare you call us cowards you impertinent wretch!" Yelled the first Digimon. This was clearly a 'male' orientated Digimon. He was tall and extremely thin with snow-white skin. His long, thin arms where covered in silver belts ended with three very powerful looking fingers, tipped with dark blue claws. He had a golden X bolted onto his left wrist and a golden O on the right. His legs were just as long and just as powerful looking as his arms. They bent backwards at the knee like Renamon's did and his thighs were wrapped in more silver belts. His oversized feet ended in dark-blue-clawed toes. His chest was completely covered by the silver belts, crossing over him in different directions, leaving only a small section of his shoulders bare. They were covered instead by black shoulder pads and even more belts. His long blue tail was swishing in between a set of beautiful, white wings that were folded neatly at his back. The features on his face were covered by a cross of silver metal that wrapped over his eyes and under his chin, leaving only his mouth and nose open. There were miniature wings on the side of his head, the top most feathers curling oddly to the front. This was Gargoylemon.

"You will pay for your words," the other Digimon, clearly 'female', hissed. She was Bastemon, a Digimon that was a sort of cross between human, a leopard and a black panther. She had long, fiery red hair, hanging down her back in soft curves and waves, her face only partially visible through the semi-transparent vale covering it. Her cat-like ears, curving elegantly at the tips, stuck out of her hair just behind her fringe. Her arms were long and black with red claws, covered in bangles at the wrist and an arm circlet on each of her forearms. These each had a beautiful, pale blue gem in them. A crimson, scaled sword sheath hung at her hip, the swords handle dark brown and decorated with more blue gems. Her legs, huge at the thighs and strong at the calves, were yellow-orange and spotted like a leopard's. Her feet were covered with gold armour and her toes were dark black. Swaying gently behind her were two, black tails, each bearing two golden rings. She would have been incredibly beautiful were it not for the awful sneering scowl on her face.

"If you want to fight then do it like a warrior instead of attacking from behind like the cowards you are!" Sakuyamon snapped.

"Insolent human!" Bastemon snarled. "Prepare to learn what it means to have true power! Helter Skelter!" She leapt into the air and drew her sword. Appearing suddenly before Sakuyamon she started slashing her sword and claws through the air at lightning speed, her arms no more than a black blur. Sakuyamon fended off the blows with her staff before holding out her hand.

"Amethyst wind!" She yelled. Bastemon was sent flying backwards into the building but she stood up quite easily after her crash.

"You will have to try much harder than that to defeat us!" Gargoylemon called before soaring into the air and spreading his wings wide. "Freezing Wing!" Flapping his wings vigorously Gargoylemon sent a storm of ice and wind at Sakuyamon who held out her hands to deflect the blow. She fought back against it as it pushed her steadily backwards before breaking the attack apart with a furious sweep of her arms.

"I'm not the only one who needs to try harder," she smirked. Raising her staff to her chest she dropped her head and started glowing pale blue. A gentle breeze flowed around her body, twisting snake-like around her. The white wind gathered at her hands and they started glowing brighter. "Dragon Helix!" Long, thin, multi-coloured, shadow-dragons burst out of her hands and flew through the air towards Gargoylemon and Bastemon. The circled the two Digimon, the purple and blue dragon spirits fusing and shooting fire at them while the red and green supplied energy balls. After three full rounds they combined into one golden dragon spirit and flew straight at the two Digimon, exploding on contact. Bastemon screamed out in horror and was thrown back into a building, slowly disintegrating to nothing as she lay motionless against the wall. Gargoylemon survived Sakuyamon's strongest attack but he was badly injured and unable to move.

"S-so you have some power after…all. But your v-victory will be…short…lived," he muttered before being deleted by Sakuyamon's "Amethyst Wind" attack. She sighed and shook her head, wondering what he had meant. Perhaps it had been about the fact that there were so many Digimon invading the city. It would be impossible for just Beelzemon and herself to beat them all. Pushing off the ground and soaring away from the half-demolished street she landed on a rooftop two streets away and destroyed a group of virus type Ultimates with her "Twin Blades of Beauty" attack. But more Digimon simply replaced these and powered up to attack her.

"This is gonna be a long day…"


"So all we need is the right kind of Data Stream?" Takato and the rest of the Tamers were all sitting around Azulongmon, who had descended to ground level for their benefit, listening to his explanation of Dimensional Travel.

"Yes, but I'm afraid it will be very difficult to produce the Data Stream you need. We Sovereign will help you in any way we can of course." Ryo sat slightly apart from the other Tamers, listening quietly while he thought over his own experiences with inter-dimensional traveling. Before he had met Rika, Kazu and Kenta in the Digital World he had been in a completely different Dimension. He had, however, no idea how he had gotten there. He had fallen into a blue data stream with Monodramon and they had been whisked off to the Digidestined's dimension. He had met Ken, young and desperately sad over the loss of his brother, and had decided to watch out for him. But after Ken had been hit with a Dark Spore and transformed into the Digimon Emperor Ryo had been forced to leave and deal with a dangerous Digimon that was threatening both his and the Digidestined's worlds (Digital and Real). That had been Millenniumon. A cruel and powerful Digimon that might not have been all that bad had it not been for the evil spirit that had hovered above him at all times, controlling his thoughts and actions. The evil shadow had been Millenniumon's source of power and would have ultimately been his and Monodramon's downfall had it not been for the fact that the spirit had been tremendously greedy. He had wanted power…so much power and Millenniumon (as powerful as he was) hadn't been enough for it.

"Guys! Hey Guys!" The Tamers all turned to see an exhausted looking Kenta and MarineAngemon. They ran (and flew in the tiny Digimon's case) right up to the group and skidded to a shuddering halt, breathing heavily and bent doubled from the run.

"What's up, Kenta?" Takato asked curiously. "Something wrong?" Kenta nodded furiously, unable to speak for a few seconds.

"Real world…digimon…Rika needs help," he gasped between his breaths. Ryo stepped forward immediately and frowned.

"Where is she? Is she ok?" He asked seriously. Kenta shook his head.

"She's…fine. Beelzemon is…helping but there's too many of them." Having finally found the energy to breathe normally again, he straightened and looked at them anxiously. "They're everywhere. All Ultimates. The last I saw Sakuyamon was fighting off these two really strong Digimon but there are so many there's no way she and Beelzemon can handle it alone."

"That's impossible," Zhuqiaomon said angrily. "We Sovereign would have detected such a vast outbreak of Digimon in the Real World."

"Perhaps it had something to do with this new threat. I did feel a certain…disturbance earlier," Baihumon said quietly. "It is quite possible a tear has been made between our worlds due to all the natural disorder we have been having."

"Baihumon's got a point there, Laddy," Ebonwumon's first head said in his Scottish drawl.

"Yah, that he does," said the second head.

"Well then we better get back and help out," Takato said, looking around at his friends.

"Right, then let's get going," Henry agreed.


"Amethyst Wind!"

"Corona Destroyer!" The pack of Devidramon that had been swarming around the hospital (which was completely packed with injured people) was finally deleted and Sakuyamon let out an exhausted breath.

"This isn't working," she said in frustration. "Were are the others? They should have been here by now!"

"Beats me, Fox-Face." Beelzemon looked over to the left and frowned.

"You better go and check out what's causing those explosions," he said, motioning towards a group of explosion in the distance. "I'll stay here and hold off any more Digimon that try to attack the hospital."

"Right." Sakuyamon flew away from the hospital, squinting her eyes to see what was going on. It was probably just more Digimon on the rampage. She and Beelzemon had destroyed most of them but every now and then a few more Ultimates would come pouring out of the dark green-blue vortex that was swirling in the pitch-black sky. Yamaki had sent word that he and his team of specialists were doing everything they could to close the portal but they had made very little progress. As Sakuyamon approached the chard remains of an office building she saw what appeared to be giant bird wings spreading out from amongst those buildings that were still intact. She frowned and her eyes widened as the bird burst out of the buildings and took flight, soaring high into the air and screeching loudly. The bird was at least three times the size of a jumbo jet and violently purple. His wide spread wings were purple with a strip of blue-green before the pink-red quills. At the top of each wing was three grey spikes facing slightly outward and glinting horrible as lightning struck somewhere behind Sakuyamon. His tail was long a reptilian, covered in purple and pink feathers on top but beige scales below. His massive grey feet were tipped with bright white claws and his face was covered with a pink mask-like bone that had small holes in it for his eyes. There was a blue mane of feather running along his back and around his face, making him look oddly like he had a badly shaved beard. His name was Ornithmon and he was a Mega.


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