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This idea has been swimming around in my head for a while and I wanted to do something a bit more lighthearted than my other stories. Hope its ok.

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Spoilers: For Season One episodes 1-14 probably.

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Prologue: Ask and you shall recieve

McKay sighed, scratching his head. Why couldn't he figure out what the blasted thing did?

So far he'd spent five hours studying the newly discovered Atlantean lab under the supervision of Sheppard and Stackhouse. The two soldiers had wondered off for a little exploration, ready as backup should anything go wrong. It had been obvious that they were bored out of their puny little military minds and he'd waved them off in his frustrated huff. Ok, so it was unfair to call Sheppard puny mentally since he knew he hid some bizarre mathematical talent but Rodney was at a loss, close to pulling his hair out. And he wasn't one know for his patience at the best of times, which incidentally was not what he'd call now.

If only the Ancients had been better at leaving behind instruction manuals or at least buttons that said what they did in Ancient. Then it would just be a matter of translation instead of pushing and pulling levers randomly and swearing until you got stressed out enough that the mental component kicked in.

Sometimes he wished he was twice the man he really was. Everyone thought he was a genius, which he liked to perpetuate, but truthfully he didn't know what the hell he was dong half the time, something that had led him to envy such people as Sam Carter.

His stomach gave off an enormous growl and he clasped hands to his pockets absentmindedly, searching for a power bar.

No such luck. He was in dire need of food, having waited too long as it was. He moved toward the door about to radio in to Sheppard when his eagerness to escape toward food turned to a clumsiness, which caused him to stumble.

His head met something with a thunk and he swore loudly, which summoned the footsteps of the other two, clunking down the hall in a hurry.

His head swam and he thought a bright flash had gone off. He blinked feeling a little better and hoping the weird trick his eyes had played on him didn't signal a concussion.

One hand against the wall steadied himself and he put the other up to his head, feeling sick when it came back sticky with blood. Paying more attention he saw a trail of it from the ledge above console that he had dented his head on, some drops down onto the flat panel below.

He groaned, squinting at the figures who had arrived in the doorway.

When he looked back up Sheppard and Stackhouse were still standing there bemused expressions on their faces.

"Well don't bother checking on how I am. You only ran down all of E-section to get here."

No response.

"I'm fine, thanks for not asking"

He furrowed his eyebrows, decidedly confused and waved a hand across in their direction trying to catch their attention.

Come to think of it, Stackhouse's eyes were nearly bulging.

It was then that he noticed they were looking somewhere to the left and behind of him.

"McKay?" Sheppard asked incredulously, but not at him, to the same place their eyes were transfixed as there was an odd psssh sound of something hydraulic moving.

McKay turned around to see the chamber they had poked at earlier opening, meeting his own face there.

Rodney McKay just stared, mouth open wide gaping like a fish at an identical replicant of himself who stared back, pointing at him and asking "What the hell is going on? And who is he?"