They have hated each other since their first year at Hogwarts

They have hated each other since their first year at Hogwarts. They have avoided each other since then. They were in good terms with each other's friends…

Potter vs. Evans

Chapter One - Detention

Lily Evans was tall, thin, with waist-length red hair (it was almost totally straight and had some waves, but it wasn't completely? wavy) and emerald green eyes. She was the prettiest girl in Hogwarts. Her best friend was Lucia Rossini, but she was in good terms with the other Gryffindor sixth year girls, Konstanze Angelkort and Patricia Wilson. She was also a friend of Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, her worst enemy's best friends. She also happened to be very smart and was very good in many subjects, especially Charms and Potions.

James Potter was tall, thin, but not too skinny, with perpetually messed jet-black short hair and brown eyes. His best friend was Sirius Black, but he was also a friend of the other Gryffindor sixth year boys Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. He had a girlfriend, Konstanze Angelkort, and was in good terms with her best friend, Patricia Wilson and with his worst enemy's best friend, Lucia Rossini. He was the most popular boy in Hogwarts. He also happened to be very smart and was good in many subjects especially Quidditch and Flight (he was the captain of Gryffindor's quidditch team) and Transfiguration.

Lily Evans and James Potter hated each other since their first year, but nobody knew why, even their best friends. They always pulled pranks on each other, and liked it.

This story begins in a Thursday which was supposed to be an usual Thursday, but for one thing…

Lily went downstairs to breakfast with her best friend, Lucia. They were talking about who they wanted to ask them to the Yule Ball, that Saturday. Lucia had a crush on Remus, and was waiting for him to ask her. Lily already had a partner, Sirius Black. Remus was too shy to ask anybody out, so Lily told Lucia to ask him.

"Lily! And what if he dumps me?"

"I think he won't."


"Because he is polite and because he's too shy to ask any other girl."

"Oh!" Lucia replied disappointed

"I knew you wanted me to say that Remus will accept because he's madly in love with you but…"

"Hey! I didn't mean that!"

"Sure you didn't…"


"I know my name, thanks."

"Lily, I didn't want you to say anything. "

"So why did you ask me why?"

"You're making me confused…"

"Poor Lucia…"


"I know my name, darling!"

"You're not in a good mood today."

"No, I'm perfectly well, my mood couldn't be better."

"Any dreams about him?" Lucia asked teasingly

"About who, Lucia?" Lily asked angrily

"You know, him."

"If you don't tell me, Lucia, I won't know who he is."

"Lily! Who do you dream all the nights?"

Lily blushed and wondered if she talked during her sleeping. She had never told Lucia about her dreams.

"I… I don't dream about anybody… I don't know who are you talking about."

"Okay…" Lucia said looking pleased at an uncomfortable Lily

"Lucia… do you know what I dream?"

"Er… no. But I wonder."

Lily looked much more relieved at those words. She didn't want even Lucia to know about her secret. It was only hers.

They sat down at Gryffindor's table.

Almost 5 minutes before class, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew went downstairs to the Great Hall.

"Look who is there!" James said to his friends "My darling Evans!"

"What are you planning to do, Prongs? Don't forget she have to go to the Yule Ball with me the day after next and that I want to go with a pretty girl. Please… can't you wait until Sunday to dye her hair black or to make it bushy?" Sirius argued at him

"Who talked about hair?" James replied

"Look, Prongs! There's Severus Snape. Let's pull a prank on him!" Sirius asked, hoping that James didn't go to pull a prank on Lily

"Snape? I'm going after Evans!" James insisted

"Jamie-boy… watch yourself!" Sirius said

"Sirius… you're sounding like my mum!" James said

"Yuck, Prongs! I won't let you take my breast! You know… this baby/mother thing." Sirius shouted making a face.

"Silly!" James whispered

"Moony, Wormtail! Help me removing this stupid idea from Prong's head! I want my Lily-lily beautiful to go to the ball with me!"

"I'd better stay quiet. Last time I tried to interfere in James and Lily's er… "friendship"… I was changed into a pumpkin." Remus said

"Wormy?" Sirius begged

"No way! L-l-let's let they solve their own problems alone!" Peter said in an odd tone of voice

When Sirius realized, James was next to Lily, his wand pointed on her.

"Lily, turn your back! James is just behind you!" Sirius yelled

Lily turned around and saw James with his wand pointed at her back.

"Coward… you tried to hit me when I was oblivious, in my back… Tsc! Tsc! This isn't a gentleman-like thing. Not at all!" she said sharply

"Don't call me coward, Evans or I…"

"Or you what? Or you'll meow at me?" she said with her wand pointed at a cat she had already transformed. "You know, Potter? You look better this way. Not talking."

The Great Hall burst into laugher. Their luck was that the teachers had left to their classes.

"Don't be so glad, Evans!" James said, as he transformed himself back in himself "Forgot that I'm a genius in Transfiguration?"

"So let's see who's better. Saltulumn Coellum!" she shouted and he started to jump freakly

"You'll see, Evans! Wingardium Leviosa!" As he yelled, Lily began to fly to the Great Hall's ceiling.

Everybody there looked amazed.

In the ceiling, Lily yelled:

"Wingardium Leviosa"

And James too was flying up to the Great Hall's ceiling.

Snape couldn't be happier. Two of his worst enemies were there, just waiting to lose points.

He hurried to Professor Kent, the Potions teacher.

"Hurry, sir! Potter and Evans are in the top of the Great Hall's ceiling!"

Kent hurried, and so did McGonagall, and Sprout, and Quintus Moody, and Flitwick and all the teachers who Snape had bothered calling.

"Evans and Potter! Down right now!" McGonagall yelled at the top of her lungs

"I can't, Professor!" James and Lily shouted together

"Accio cushion!" Flitwick summoned a big cushion to the middle of the Great Hall "Finite Incantatem"

James fell first on the cushion (Lily's robes were tied on the luster), Lily fell some seconds later, and exactly on him.

"Ouch!" James yelled, trying to pretend the sensation of Lily being on him wasn't even a little bit pleasant.

Lily stood up. James too, after her.

"It was really the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen two sixth year students do. Honestly! You two were always great in all the subjects. This stupid rivalry corrupts you. I'm really sad with what I've already seen."

James and Lily glanced at McGonagall.

"You'll be in detention this evening. And before I forget… 50 points each from Gryffindor."

"Have you realized what you did?" Lily muttered.

"It was you, Evans" he replied

"Even after all this rubbish, you don't stop acting like babies? You two disappoint me." McGonagall

"Sorry!" Lily whispered looking at the floor

"You don't have to apologize to me. You have to apologize to James and to everybody who watched this rubbish."

Everybody in the Great Hall was glancing at them.

"To my office, NOW!" McGonagall ordered

James and Lily stayed quiet and followed McGonagall.

"Will you explain me why all this rubbish happened?" McGonagall asked angrily

"Well…" Lily said

"She hates me!" James shouted

"Will you shut up? You hate me too." Lily replied

"Because you strut!" James replied

"You strut, Mr. Popular Potter!" Lily replied

"It's not my fault if everybody likes me. Unlike you, I'm nice."

"And modest…" Lily said sarcastically

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP?" McGonagall yelled.

"But, Professor…" Lily started

"SHUT UP, MISS EVANS!" McGonagall yelled

James looked victoriously to Lily and muttered something that made her slap him.

"OUCH!" he yelled

"Miss Evans, you are affronting Mr. Potter in front of me. Why do you both act like little kids?"

"Because he's annoying. Because I hate him. Because he struts." Lily answered

"Stop it! You don't have respect even for me! I was thinking in put you two in detention separately, but I've already decided to put you together."

"WHAT? You can't do that!" Lily shouted.

"Low your voice, Miss Evans. I'm your teacher and you owe me respect." McGonagall said "And I CAN do this. I'm doing it!"

"Sorry." Lily whispered looking to the floor

"Don't you be embarrassed fighting like this in front of everybody, from first to seventh year?"

"Sorry, Professor." James whispered looking at the floor

"Potter started, Professor. I was having breakfast calmly with my friends when he arrived and tried to pull a prank on me while I wasn't looking and… " Lily started but was cut by McGonagall

"Doesn't matter who began. When one doesn't want to, two don't fight. "

"Sorry." Lily repeated "It won't happen again if Potter agrees not to tease me again."

"You tease me, Evans!" James said

"Stop it NOW!" McGonagall yelled "You're making me mad!"

"Sorry" James and Lily whispered at the same time, and turned their faces to the floor

"Sorry! SORRY! You can only say sorry! What does it matter if you apologize if you keep doing the same mistake again and again?" McGonagall shouted "You'll receive an owl by the lunch saying the hour you have to present to detention."

"Okay. Can I go now?" James asked

"Yes, Potter." McGonagall granted

James and Lily walked towards the door

"You stay here, Miss Evans! I want to talk to you." McGonagall said sharply

James left the office and Lily turned her heels and walked towards McGonagall.

"Yes?" Lily asked

"I want to talk to you about you."

"What?" Lily asked

"You're a prefect, Miss Evans. You can't do the things like this. You're embarrassing Gryffindor. Dumbledore wants you to be Head Girl next year, and an hour ago, me too! How can you do the things like this?"

"Really?" Lily asked I'll kill Potter if I won't be Head Girl because of him "Is there any possibility of me still being the Head Girl?"

"I don't know, Miss Evans. You are embarrassing Hogwarts, not only Gryffindor."


"But if you start acting like a responsible girl in your age, there's still the possibility."


"You can go now."

"Thank you, Professor."

Lily left the office and closed the door.

Damn Potter! Why do he have to do this to me… If I won't be Head Girl because of him… I hate McGonagall too. She thinks I am going to get along with Potter because of this damn outpost of Head Girl! Great thing being a Head Girl! Well, I want to be a Head Girl but Potter sucks. Why he have always to pull pranks on me? Why? I pull pranks on him too, but I don't make it in front of everybody… Well, I do, but…

Lily shook her head. Why I am thinking about this stupid git? I'll think about something happy now: Detention with James… Wait! Did I call him James?


Dammit! He's driving me crazy!

You also said that detention with him was a happy thing

I had already said that Potter is driving me crazy.


Don't talk to me like that, you stupid subconscious. You're so… so… sarcastic.

You only see what you want to see…

No I don't. I just listen the rubbish you tell me.

I am you, darling.

OOOOHHH! Shut up!

Lily ran towards Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. She washed her face with cold water.

This is better

You only see what you want to see…

Oh, No! You again?

I'm you, honey!

No, you're not!

Yes I am




Yes, yes and YES!

"Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" Lily yelled at the top of her lungs

Suddenly, Sirius appeared there.

"Who are you talking too, Lil?"

"Oh! What are you doing here, Sirius?"

"I asked first!"

"I asked second!"

"Okay, I like going to the girls bathroom…" he said blushing. Being Sirius, it was a very rare moment

"You pervert!" Lily said laughing because Sirius blushed

"So… who were you talking to?"

"Well… to nobody."

Sirius laughed

"I'm going to send you to Saint Mungo's!"

"Sirius! So I'll send you there. You're a pervert!"

"Well, when the subject is you…"

Lily raised her eyebrows.

"So… what happened to you and my dear Prongs?"

"McGonagall gave us a detention."

"When is yours?"

"I dunno. She's going to send me the owl at the lunch time."

"Oh! Is it going to be today?"


"And Prongs's?"

"Today too. Together with me… Dammit!"

Sirius burst into laugher. He laughed so hard, that Moaning Myrtle left her box and started to yell:

"Pervert! Pervert! There's a boy here! Pervert! Pervert!"

"Oh-oh!" Sirius said "Gotta go, Lil!"

And he ran through the door.

Moments later, McGonagall entered the bathroom.

"What happened this time, Miss Evans?"

"Nothing. Myrtle's just have a bad dream, I guess."

McGonagall glanced at Lily.

"Ghosts don't have dreams, Miss Evans."

This time Myrtle burst into sobs

"Only because I'm a ghost you treat me like that. It wasn't a dream, but why do you have to remember me that I can't dream? Why? Why?"

Lily held back laughter

McGonagall only turned on her heels. Myrtle was really boring and discussing with her was an even more boring experience. Listening to her cry too.

Lily went to her History of Magic class. Everybody was there.

"Why are you late, Miss Evans?" Professor Binns asked coldly

"I was in McGonagall's office." She answered

"Potter was with you and he's already here." Binns said

James smirked victoriously to Lily, she pretended not to see it.

"McGonagall held me more time there." Lily argued

"15 points from Gryffindor." He said

"But…" she started

"More five points from Gryffindor. Sit down."

Lily sat down next to James. It was the only remaining desk. James was laughing at her.

"Are you happy because Gryffindor had just lost 20 points?"

"No" he answered "I'm laughing because YOU lost 20 points for Gryffindor."

"You're crazy!"

"And the last goblin rebellion happened on the last century, before they owned Gringotts. Miss Angelkort, could you tell me who was the first owner of Gringotts?"

"Er…" Konstanze answered "House-elves?"

Everybody burst into laugher.

"No, Miss Angelkort. Who can answer this?" Binns asked

Only James and Lily's hands were up.

"Mr. Potter?" Binns said

"The Ministry of Magic owned all the Gringotts banks."

"Good, Mr. Potter."

After History of Magic, they had Divination together.

In the Divination class, Lucia asked Lily: "So… what about your detention?"

"Why everybody is happy? Because I'll have to spend my time with James?"

"You will? Oh! JAMES?! This is an upgrade!"

"Shut up. It slipped."

"That's because you think about James, not about Potter, like you're used to say."

"I don't think about him." She snapped

"Okay…" Lucia said sarcastically

"Can you stop being so sarcastic?"


"Stop being cynical, Lucia!"

"Do you have PMS?"

"Shut up!"

"Calm down!"

Sirius, who was walking towards Professor Trelawney, listened to part of the conversation

"Wow! Lily! Do you fancy Prongs? That's nice to hear!" Sirius said before laughing hard.

"What about me?" James walked towards them with interest

"Nothing" Lily snapped

"Lily fancies you, Prongs!" Sirius said

"Yuck!" James shouted and made a face

"I don't!" Lily shouted

"You do!" Lucia shouted

"Lucia!" Lily said

"I know my name! Lucia teased copying Lily's way of speaking.

"I didn't say that I fancy Potter. You're all crazy!"

"Really? And your dreams?" Lucia asked teasingly

"Yeah! And your dreams?" Sirius repeated, even without knowing about the dreams.

Lily blushed.

"Dreams? I dunno what are you talking about."

"Okay, then!" Lucia said sarcastically

"Stop trying to convince me that I'm madly in love with James!"

"See? You called him James again!"

"Because you're driving me crazy!"

James looked pleased with Lily

"Don't look at me like that. I'd rather date Snape than fancy or like you."

"Wow!" James said startled.

"I hate you more than I hate him. At least he doesn't tease me like you do." She snapped.

"And you don't tease me?" James asked.

"I do." She agreed.


"So nothing. I'm not asking you to stop teasing me because I hate you so much that I couldn't stop teasing and pulling pranks on you."

"It looks like love! It's romantic!" Lucia said.

"SHUT UP!" James and Lily yelled together.

This time, Professor Trelawney (who since then was helping Konstanze to read her tea leaves, walked towards them.

"My inner eyes told me you were fighting." Trelawney said calmly.

"It's rather your ears, Professor" Lucia said (she loved to tease Trelawney because she doesn't like her faking Divination skills) "They are fighting out loud… as ever."

Trelawney ignored her.

"What happened, dears?" she said with a mystic voice.

"Didn't your inner eyes tell you?" Lily asked teasingly.

"I'm having a little block." Trelawney replied.

"They are just saying how much they love each other!" Sirius teased.

Looking at the looks on James and Lily's face, Trelawney said:

"My inner eyes told me it's not this."

"Thank god there's somebody intelligent on the world! They are trying to drive me crazy, Professor! They are trying to make me think I'm madly in love with Potter!"

"You called him James just two minutes ago." Sirius teased.

"Shut up!" Lily muttered.

"My inner eyes told me they hate each other." Trelawney said with the same mystic voice.

"See?" Lily said victoriously.

"Half an hour ago, you agreed with me that she didn't know anything." Lucia muttered.

"Well, now I find her very clever." Lily said.

"Me too." James agreed.

"You're not supposed to agree with me, Potter! We're enemies!" Lily said.

"Why not? Do you think I'm supposed to think we love each other? Because if I don't agree with you that I hate you and you hate me… so I'm thinking the opposite."

"Good point!" Lily agreed.

The bell rang. They left the class, but stood in the corridor.

Lucia and Sirius were whispering to each other and laughing hard.

"Will the couple of monkeys tell me what's the subject of the laugh?" Lily asked.

"The love birds." Sirius replied.

"How many times do I have to say that I'm not madly in love with Potter?" Lily shouted angrily.

"Who said we were talking about you?" Lucia said teasingly "We were talking about James and Konstanze. And you said you don't fancy him…"

Lily turned around and saw a kissing couple. It was James and his girlfriend.

"I only said this because I'm used to hear your horrible comments." Lily said angrily "I'm hungry. I'll go to the Great Hall"

Lily went downstairs. Sirius and Lucia glanced each other and laughed hardly. James pulled off from Konstanze breathlessly.

Sirius and Lucia looked at the kissing couple and laughed as hard as before.

"What?" James asked with a visible red lipstick mark around his mouth.

"Nothing, Prongs, nothing!" Sirius said between laughter.

"Crazy!" James said moving his index finger- rolling it near his right year.

They all went downstairs to lunch.

Lily was there, at Gryffindor's table with the most bored look in her face.

"Cheers, Lil!" Sirius said "One day Jamie will look at you with other eyes".

Lily slapped Sirius.

"I don't want Potter even to look at me!"

"Calm down! He looks at you. His problem is this Angelkort-girl." Sirius teased

Lily slapped him again.

"Hey, Lil! I hope it didn't come to be a habit!" Sirius said between laugher "It really hurts!"

"So you're shameless!"

"Yeah, I am!" he said.

Lucia sit in Lily's right. In her left was Josephine Ryan, a fifth year. Josephine wasn't exactly her friend, but she loved to flatter Lily.

"What happened, Lil?" Josephine asked.

"This shameless git keeps saying I am madly in love with Potter."

"Sirius! Stop saying this! She hates Potter!" Josephine shouted.

Josephine did everything Lily asked her to do. She was a flatterer and if Lily hated James, she would hate him too.

"Shut up, Jo-jo! I'm talking to my Lily-lily!" he teased.

"I'm not your Lily-lily!" Lily snapped.

"You're right! You're James's Lily-lily!" Sirius teased.

Lily slapped him again.

"Ouch, Lil!" Sirius said "It's really becoming a habit!"

"Well done, Lily!" Josephine shouted.

"Why you are so annoying, Sirius?" Lily asked.

"Because I love you!" he said teasingly, but unexpectedly kissed Lily on the lips.

James, who was in the other side of the table looked at them and his jaw dropped.

Lily pulled Sirius off her and asked breathlessly:

"Why did you do that?"

"To make Prongs jealous. Look at him!" Sirius whispered in her left ear.

"I don't want to make him jealous. I don't even like him! And he doesn't like me"

"Whatever. Aren't you going to slap me, then?" Sirius whispered.

"No." said Lily and pulled Sirius into another kiss.

James looked at them in disbelief, and become suddenly very interested in the food in his plate, though he started looking at this.

Suddenly, two tan owls entered the Great Hall. One of them dropped a letter on Lily's lap, the other, in James plate.

Lily pulled off Sirius and started reading the letter. James stopped looking to his plate and started reading the letter.

Lily read exactly this:

Dear Miss L. Evans,

We expect you to accomplish your detention at this Thursday at 23 o'clock at my office. Then you and Mr. Potter will go to Hagrid's cabin and he'll give you the orders.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

James read almost the same thing:

Dear Mister J. Potter,

We expect you to accomplish your detention at this Thursday at 23 o'clock at my office. Then you and Miss Evans will go to Hagrid's cabin and he'll give you the others.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

"Dammit!" James and Lily complained at the same time.

After lunch, they had Muggle Studies. The Teacher, Professor Buntton, was a muggle-lover, and loved to talk about their inventions and stuff.

"Today we are going to talk about the planes. As you must know, planes are picturesque ways of transportation, as the Muggles don't know how to Apparate, or to ride a broom, or to use the Floo Powder. Planes, which are strange machines, can fly. There's many controversies about its inventor. Some people says it was invented by the Wright brothers, others say it was invented by Santos Dumont. The fact is that the Wright brothers put the machine in the air before Santos Dumont, but they used a catapult. They had just a few witnesses. Three years later, in Paris, Santos Dumont flew around the Eiffel Tower, in front of the eyes of hundreds of citizens. And he didn't use a catapult. I want you to discuss with your partners who was the inventor of the plane. Then you'll write down your conclusions. Two rolls of parchment, please."

Lily, who was a muggle-born witch, thought that Santos Dumont was the real inventor for the plane, as he flew in front of more witnesses and he was the first not to use the catapult. Lucia disagreed with her, because, in her witch creation she thought that even using a catapult, Wright brothers' plane flew. Sirius agreed with Lucia.

At the end, almost everybody had agreed that the Wright brothers were the real inventor for that flying machine.

"I don't!" James said.

"Why?" Sirius asked.

"With a catapult, they could make even a whale fly." James replied

"Good point." Sirius said "But the plane flew, didn't it?"

"Yes, but Santos Dumont's was more elaborated."

"So he invented the elaborated plane. The first one was Wrights' invention."

"I think not!" James insisted

"Why do you have always to agree with my Lily-lily?" Sirius teased.

"I don't always agree with her." James snapped.

"No, of course not. It's only strange you have always liked the same things as she. You and her choose the same subjects, even not talking about this." Sirius said.

"Coincidence." James replied

"I know…" Sirius said



"Why did you kiss her?"

"Why are you asking me this?"

"I asked first."

"Okay, Jealous Prongs. I'll answer you. She's cute, smart and nice. Would there be any other whys?"

"I don't agree with you. She's ugly and boring. Okay, she's a little bit brainy, but that's all. And I'm not jealous."

"Yes, you are. And Lily, ugly? I think you really need to fix your glasses, Prongs!"

"No, thanks. They're perfectly fine."

"Okay, then… But why did you ask it?"

"I asked what?"

"You know… why did I kiss her."

"Well… I was wondering why somebody would kiss Lily Evans."

"Look at her, Prongs. Don't you see a reason?"

James looked at her. She was incredibly beautiful writing her essay. She wasn't looking angry, as she always did when she was near him. She was looking busy. Not smiling, but she wasn't knitting her brows, so she looked very pretty.

"Earth to Moon. Prongs! Are you hearing me?" Sirius teased

"Uh?" James said absently minded

"Never mind. You were looking to Lily as a dog looks for a bone."


"You were. But forget about it. She's not for you. And after all, she is MY girlfriend now." Sirius said incredibly serious He likes difficult women. Sirius thought He prefer what he can't have. I'm sure he's going to be more interested in Lily after hearing what I've already said.

"I'm just disgusted in how did you chose her with all this really pretty girls around."

"Halt! She's the prettiest girl in our school."

"Your opinion."

"Our opinion."

"Don't put me in the middle of your stupid feelings!"

"Okay, Prongs…" Sirius said sarcastically "Let's pretend she isn't even a bit interesting."

James ignored him.

After more double Potions (which was really boring), their school day was over and they went to Gryffindor's common room.

"I'll enjoy this little time before torture." Lily told Lucia

"Torture?" Lucia asked

"Being with Potter."

"Yeah… it must be torture being with the guy you love and have to pretend that you hate him" Lucia teased

"I don't love him. It's torture to see the guy you hate most in the world and pretend you don't want to kill him. Because if I show what I feel, Dumbledore and McGonagall will certainly not consider my name to Head Girl next year."

"It's not only this, Lil. Who else would they choose for Head Girl? Narcissa Karabastos? She's clever, but not like you. After all, she has strange connections to the Dark Lord, and Dumbledore must know it. There is also Mary Ann Simpson, from Ravenclaw, she's clever, but she's too shy to become Headgirl. Alison Ford, Hufflepuff's prefect is very popular and nice. But she's not much intelligent…"

"I know. But I think they can choose someone who's not prefect. Konstanze for an example…"

"Are you kidding, Lily? She doesn't have a brain! You're just thinking that she's better than you because she's James's girlfriend. She's only pretty, that's all."

"I'm not saying this because she's Potter's girlfriend. I'm saying that she has a brain, and a huge one. She has intelligence, but she doesn't like to study. She used to get better grades before she started dating Potter, but now… I think she loses her study time."

"You say it!"

"I say it, that's right."

"Because you're jealous."

"Why would I be jealous of… of Potter?"

"Because you love him. It's obvious!"

"I do not!"

"You do!"

"Lucia! You're looking like my stupid subc… never mind."

"I look like what?"



"Never mind!"

"Tell me!"


"Never mind you, Lil! Soon or later you'll tell me."

"Okay, then!"



"What, Lil?"

"Why are you saying that I love Potter?"

"Because it's written on your face."

"It's not!"

"Lily… I'm not a kid. I'll not keep discussing with you what is obvious and what you know is obvious…"

"It's not obvious. I don't love him. But why you and Sirius started saying this today?"

"Because we finally realize this."

"Impossible. Because it's not true. I'm in love with Sirius."

"Sure you are." Lucia said sarcastically

"I am. I kissed him."

"Because James was near. You wanted to see him jealous."

"I don't care about him."

"You do. Soon or later you'll realize. Haven't you said that you want to talk about another thing but James?"


"So… let's talk about Sirius."

"What about him?" Lily asked bored

"You see? If you really loved him, you should be interested in talking about him."

"Who said I am not?"

"Your eyes."

"What about my eyes?"

"I can read them."

"Lucia, you look like Trelawney when you talk this way."

"Haven't you already said that you realized she is REALLY intelligent?"

"Well… but…"

"Don't care about finding explanations about what can't be explained."

"You're mystic today."

"I've always been…"

"Good point."

"Lily… I suppose it's dinner time. Look at the clock! It's half past seven in the evening!"

"Let's go there! I'm hungry"

Somebody groaned some ugly words behind the sofa they were seated. But wasn't overheard.


After double potions, when every Gryffindor's seventh year arrived at the common room, James and Sirius went to their dormitory. Remus went there to. And so did Peter.

"What's up?" Peter asked

"Prongs' in love!" Sirius teased

"With Konstanze? I thought you were with her just for fun. I mean… you haven't ever said this to me… and I think not even to Padfoot or Wormtail… but… everybody could see it." Remus said calmly

"They could?" James asked

"Yeah!" Sirius replied

"Well… I'm not in love with Konstanze… as I'm not going to be with anyone. Love doesn't exist. At least in this way. I mean… I love my parents and you, my friends… but I think there isn't this man/woman love. Physical attraction exists. That's why I'm with Konstanze." James said

"A-a-are y-you I-in l-love w-with Padfoot's g-g-girl-girlfriend?" Peter asked

"Not at all. I hate Evans!"

"Let's see…" Sirius teased

"I'm going to take a bath!" James said angrily "See you at the dinner."

He left the room.

"Padfoot… do you really think Prongs's in love with Lily?"

"Nah! But I made a deal treaty with Lucia. We're going to disturb them." Sirius replied laughing

"Padfoot…" Remus said seriously "Why?"

"Just to disturb them. We know they're not in love but it's funny to see Prongs's face when he's contradicted."

"B-b-but she's you-your g-g-girl-f-f-friend, Pad-dfoot!" Peter said

"No! She's not my girlfriend!" Sirius shouted

"But you kissed her in front of everybody at lunch!" Remus argued

"It was just a kiss!" Sirius said "And I don't think she wants to be my girlfriend.

"She kissed you too" Remus argued

"To show everybody she wasn't in love with Prongs. We all know it, but she had to SHOW it."

"Well… so she had a why to kiss you. And why did YOU kiss her?" Remus asked

"Well…" Sirius blushed "She's pretty and I wanted to see Prongs's reaction. To have sure."

"What was his reaction?" Remus asked.

"He was shocked. But I think it was not because of jealous, but because of shock. He thinks nobody is able to like Lily."

"Do you want to know my opinion?" Remus asked.

"No!" Sirius replied teasingly.

"So I won't say it!" Remus replied.

"Okay… say it!" Sirius said.

"Say you want to hear it!" Remus asked.

"Okay, I want to hear it!" Sirius said.

"He likes her." Remus said calmly.

"Are you crazy, Moony?" Sirius shouted

"No. But why would they tease each other so much, huh?" Remus asked.

"B-b-because t-they ha-hate e-e-each o-o-other!" Peter said.

"No! Because they love each other. When you hate someone, you'd rather ignore this person. But they care for each other." Remus said.

"Good point!" Sirius said thoughtfully "But do you really think Prongs and Lily?"

"I dunno if they are going to be together, but I think they are in love with each other, but they don't want to admit it. Even to themselves!"

"Let's wait and see." Sirius said.

"Let's just wait…" Remus whispered.


At dinner, Lily was seated at Gryffindor's table, and in her right was Lucia, in her left was her flatterer Josephine. In Lucia's right was Paola, her sister, who didn't looked very much like Lucia, who was short, thin with light brown straight hair that reached her shoulders and deep blue eyes. Paola was short and thin, but she had long wavy dark brown hair (it was almost reaching her legs (hips?) and olive green eyes. She was in her fourth year at Hogwarts. Paola had a secret, that only her diary knew: she was in love with James Potter.

Paola wasn't used to sit near her sister, and neither to sit near that Evans-girl, but now she was very interested in what she would say. Paola wasn't used to hear her sister saying someone was in love, or almost saying it, specially to her best friend. There was two options: A – Lucia was kidding, and was just trying to drive that stupid Evans-girl crazy, B – That Evans-girl was really in love with James and Lucia was opening her eyes.

Well, I'd like if it was option A, but Lucia wouldn't be kidding with that subject to that idiot, who she calls her best friend. Option B seems to be more like Lucia. Paola thought This Evans-girl is cynic. First she said she hated my Jamie, then she loves him? She's a mental, but… well, Jamie likes girls who he can compete with, he likes girls who aren't his fans. He definitely doesn't like easy girls, because he has a lot of this kind of girls, so I don't bother with them. Like his girlfriend, that stupid Angelkort-girl, she isn't good enough for Jamie, she's just fun for him, he doesn't love her, he just thinks she's attractive, nothing more than this. I want more. I want to marry him, and I know I will ,I'm patient. He gives Angelkort a couple of insignificant kisses, and then, bye-b! ye . Okay, I'd like to receive those insignificant kisses, but I want more than this. Is that why I don't run after him, because he doesn't like this kind of girls. I know him better than I know myself. I know him better than he himself knows him. Evans-girl's danger for Jamie, because she seems to be a difficult girl. I have hated her all this time, of course she thinks I don't hate her, I'm just the stupid baby sister of her best friend, because she hated my Jamie, but I didn't hated her like I do now. She's after MY Jamie. She's a danger for me. I need to know the enemy. I'll be her friend now.

"Lily! Are you going to detention with Potter?" Paola asked trying to seem nice.

Lucia glanced her sister suspiciously. It was the first time she heard Paola calling James of Potter, but she didn't say anything, just stayed there, looking at the scene.

"Unfortunately…" Lily said grimly

"Look at the good side of the coin, Lil." Lucia said "He is cute."

"I think you really need glasses, Lucia! He's four-eyed and has messy hair!" Lily shouted

"Calm down, Lil! The glasses and the messy hair are his charm!" Lucia said calmly

"I agree with Lily, James is such a four-eyed idiot, and he's ugly." Paola said

"Oh!" Lucia shouted amazed "It's incredible how you change your opinion so quickly, my sister!"

"I have never liked him." Paola insisted

"What's the matter if Paola doesn't like jerks, Lucia?" Lily asked

"Any. Any at all." Lucia answered quickly "But she was used to call him James."

"What's the matter? Sometimes I call him James, others Potter. Depends of my mood. What he did to Lily this morning… honestly! He must be more polite with women!" Paola said trying to seem annoyed

"Oh!" Lucia shouted sarcastically

"I'm with you, Paola!" Lily said

"Thanks! Maybe we should found an Anti-Potter fan club!" Paola said

"No! It would make him strut even more!" Lily disagreed.

"You're right. I was just kidding!"

"I know…" Lucia said suspiciously

"What about your O.W.L.S, Lil? Top marks?"

"Almost. But Potter beat me at Transfiguration…"

"It happens. He must have cheated." Paola said

"Well, being honest, I think he didn't cheat. I have to admit Potter's really good at Transfiguration."

"A-Ha!" Sirius shouted "You finally admitted James is better than you!"

"I did not!" Lily disagreed.

"Yeah! You did! And I can prove it. Show her, Wormtail!" Sirius shouted

Peter walked towards them holding a seashell. He said, with his wand pointed at the shell:


From the shell, Lily's voice came saying: "I have to admit Potter's really good at Transfiguration"

"Dammit!" Lily shouted

"See, Lil?" Sirius teased

"What hell is this shell?" Lily asked pointing her hand at the shell

"Well, it is a Voice-repeater shell. You have just to touch its bottom and it starts to record. Even muggles can record something here. But only witches and wizards can make it repeated what it recorded by the touch of a wand and by the pronounce of the magic word you have already heard Peter say. It's another Marauders' invention." Sirius answered

"Amazing!" said Lily really amazed.

"We know." Sirius said proudly.

"Can you erase what you recorded? Because I don't want my voice recorded, let alone saying this beside of myself thing. I really didn't mean that."

"We know dear Lily!" Sirius said holding in laughter.

"Sirius! So…"

"Well, there's a way to erase this. But it's top secret!"

"Tell me!"


"It's because you don't know"

"I know, Lily, my lily. But… well, but you can't erase this."


"Because only the owner of the shell can. Anybody can record things here, but only the owner of the shell can erase the things."

"So erase this, Sirius!" Lily shouted.

"Why would I do that?"

Lily glanced him and smiled sweetly.

"I would give you my life for this smile Lily, my lily, but I really can't do this. The shell isn't mine."

"So, it's Peter's?"



"Not at all.

"So who is the owner of the shell?" Lily said horrified, knowing the answer.

"It's James's." Sirius said calmly.

"Oh, no!" Lily shouted horrified.

"Who said my name?" James asked while he was walking towards the crowd.

"I said." Sirius said "My Lily-lily was asking who was the owner of this spectacular seashell."

"Hey! I didn't say that it's spectacular!" Lily argued.

James ignored her.

"It's me… so?"

"It was exactly what I said to my Lily-lily." Sirius answered.

"Why did Evans want to know who was the owner?" James asked.

"Because she had already declared her love for you and she doesn't want us to show you" Sirius said innocently

"What?!" James asked confusedly.

"Liar!" Lily shouted.

"Okay… she just said you were good at Transfiguration, but coming from my darling Lily-lily, I would say it's a declaration of love..." Sirius said

James glanced Lily confusedly. She looked at Sirius angrily.

"…if she wasn't in love with me, of course!" Sirius said quickly, before Lily could kill him.

"What did Evans say?" James asked hoarsely.

"Hear for yourself!" Sirius said.

James pointed his wand at the shell and said


Lily's voice came from the shell: "I have to admit Potter's really good at Transfiguration."

Lily blushed. James looked at her amazed and victoriously.

"So finally you admitted it, Evans!"

"I didn't admit nothing. I only said you were good at Transfiguration, and I can't deny it, your grades prove it. But I didn't say you were better than me. I'll never say it." Lily said

"Let's live and see…" Lucia said

Sirius grabbed a goblet full of pumpkin juice and lifted it.

"Long life to Lily and James" he shouted

"Long life to James and Lily!" everybody at Gryffindor's table, except Lily and James themselves, shouted toasting their goblets.

"Sirius, why do you have to be so annoying?" Lily and James asked together.

Then, quickly, Lily and James glanced each other and blushed.

"Well, I just want to show you that you were made for each other. You're just meant to be!" Sirius said sarcastically

"Padfoot, is my impression or you want to be a cuckhold? That sentence does not make any sense. Revise it a little. Because what I know is that you and Evans are… boyfriend and girlfriend!"

"Prongs… don't you know me? Everything is mine is yours!" Sirius said holding in laughter.

"Sirius! I'm not yours to be distributed between your friends!" Lily said trying to sound offended.

"Just kidding, my dear! You're only mine! Nobody else's." Sirius said sweetly.

"Okay…" Lily said and then smiled sweetly to Sirius "But don't say nothing more about I and this stupid git, because I don't like it."

It was the first time James saw her smile. Wow It was the only thing that occurred to his head, but when he realize what he was thinking about, he shook his head and tried to think about another thing. But he couldn't think about anything but that adorable smile. How could I never see this? Oh, yes! She's always angry when she's near me.

"How can I say no to you, my Lily-lily?" Sirius whispered in her ear and then kissed her.

James looked horrified, and decided suddenly that he wasn't hungry anymore and went upstairs to the common room.

Lily just smiled when she saw James going upstairs.

Why are you happy?

You? Well, finally you admitted that you aren't me, just my subconscious.

Just because I'm you, I have to call you the way you want.


Answer my question!

Isn't it obvious? Because Potter left the table and I have a few moments without him.

How can you be so stupid? You don't even know yourself! You're happy because he's jealous of you.

If he's jealous of someone, it's of Sirius. You know, that friends' jealousy thing.

You're cheating yourself. You know he's not jealous of Sirius! If he was, why it would be when Sirius is with YOU? Huh? Sirius dated many girls before you, and since what I know, he had a very serious relationship with Hillary Weathers, not just a few kisses relationship like he has with you, and James wasn't jealous!

But I'm his enemy, and when Sirius was with Hillary, there wasn't the possibility of Sirius turning his side, just because Hillary was friends with Potter.

You want to cheat yourself.

Why would I?

Because you don't want to admit it!

Admit what?

That you're in love with him and you are very pleased of him being jealous of you.

I'm not pleased with this!

You are!

I'm not!

You are, you are and you are!


You are!

I am not and end of the paragr…

Lily was almost finishing her reply to her subconscious when Sirius, realizing she was absently minded and just grinning like a idiot, yelled in her ear: "Earth to moon. Calling Miss Evans! There's a flower in the outer space!"

"Oh!" Lily shouted as if she was waking from a trance

"What was you thinking about?"

"Er… nothing!" Lily replied.

"When people are absent-minded, they are thinking about something else." Said Sirius "… or about somebody else"

"But I wasn't." Lily snapped.

"Calm down! I forgot you were a lily, not just a person..." Sirius said sweetly "But come on… what were you thinking about?"

"You and Hillary." Lily half-lied.

Sirius giggled and then asked: "Are you jealous?"

"Of course not!" Lily said "I was just wondering why did you break up. You were made for each other! I mean… she has this debauch tone in her voice, she's always kidding… just like you!"

Sirius stopped grinning, and then said:

"Well… she doesn't like dogs…"

"Then…" Lily asked.

"Then nothing. She just doesn't like dogs!"

Lily started to laugh compulsively like a madwoman. Everybody started looking at her.

"Sirius, you can't be serious!" Lily said between laughter.

"Of course I am Sirus, madam! I am not somebody under the polyjuice potion trying to be me. Do you think that somebody, even had drinking this potion could be as beautiful as I am? There's just one Sirius in the world and you're having the pleasure to be looking at him!" Sirius said sarcastically

Lily laughed.

"I know… if there was one more Sirius Black, I'm sure there won't be any Lily Evans in the world, because I would have committed suicide! But I'm asking about if you aren't kidding about breaking up with Hillary just because she doesn't like dogs! I was asking you if you weren't serious, the contrary of being joking, because… well, nobody breaks up because their girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't like dogs!"

"I do!" Sirius said sadly and laughing at the same time.

"Why?" Lily asked curiously.

"Because I love dogs!"

"Come on…" Lily insisted.

"It's true!" Sirius affirmed.

"It can't be true, Sirius!" Lily said seriously.

"It is! I swear for Severus Snape's life it's true!" Sirius said showing his fingers to show they weren't crossed.

Lily laughed.

"Now I'm totally sure you weren't serious. Swearing for our darling Severus…"

"Okay, it was a joke swearing for Snape" Sirius said, spitting the very moment he said Snape's name "but I truly broke up with Hillary because of the dogs stuff!"

"Oh my God!" Lily shouted.

Then they had finished eating and walked towards the common room. During the way…

"Why are you looking sad, Lily?" Lucia asked.

"Because I'll have to spend my supposed-to-be-sleeping-time accomplishing detention with Potter. There's another thing to bother me but that?"

"You're disturbed by having to pretend to hate him during too much time. Alone with him."

"I won't be alone with him. We'll be with Hagrid!"

"Oh! Hagrid!" Lucia said hoarsely.

"What about him?" Lily asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"And honestly, I'm not pretending to hate him. You're my best friend since our first year and I'm startled you don't know me. How can't you realize I truly hate Potter."

"It's because I know you so much that I'm saying you're in love with James."

"Come on, Lucy! If you really know me, you know I hate him and that I…" Lily started to talk, but was cut by Lucia.


"Why why?"


"Why did you ask me why?"

"Why do you hate him?"

"Well… can't we talk about this later?"

"No." Lucia answered

"I'm not in the mood to talk about Potter."

"Okay, it's your choice. I'll talk to you tomorrow. I'm too tired and I need rest!" Lucia said and climbed through the portrait hole

"Lucy! I need to talk to somebody!"

"I'll talk to you… TOMORROW! See ya!" Lucia shouted

"Dammit" Lily whispered

Lily napped on a loveseat, far away from the fireplace, and it was in a position, almost hidden. She was almost falling asleep, when…

Something heavy felled on Lily.

"Ouch!" she yelped with pain

When she looked up, she realized:

It was James and his girfriend, kissing.

The kissing couple glared at her.

"Potter! Konstanze! Could you please do it in another place but on me?" she said trying to show sarcasm instead of jealousy.

Then, Konstanze and James stood up, straighten up, visibly embarrassed.

"Oh! Lily! What you're doing here?" Konstanze whispered with contempt "Could you please sleep in the dormitory instead of this loveseat? Please! It's our place" she said looking at James

"That's just a problem, Konstanze! Thanks to your boyfriend I have to accomplish detention, and if I go to my bed, I'll really fall asleep and you know I sleep like a rock. So, knock off you two, I really need to rest!" Lily said trying to act normal.

"Do-do you have detention with James?" Konstanze asked, startled.

"Unfortunately" Lily said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Konstanze asked looking at James

"I-I thought it wasn't important. After all, you're used to see me on detention!" James argued.

"Not with… not with her!" Konstanze whispered to him.

She looked at Lily, who seemed to have fallen asleep..

"It had to happen one day. I fight too much with Evans!" he argued.

"I mean you had never been on detention with a girl!" Konstanze complained.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"The matter? Isn't it obvious? She's a girl and you're a boy!"

"Come on… she's Evans!"

"You're lucky because I know Lily would never leave Sirius for you!"

Now James seemed to be indignant.

"Hey! Sirius isn't any better looking than I am!"

"I know, darling" Konstanze said "But Lily hates you so much that she would never even kiss you on the cheek. So I won't be jealous!"

"Hey! I hate her too. I would never even shake her hand, unless I had a shock ring around one of my fingers!" he argued "And… well, I wouldn't cheat on you!" this time he said lowly, this last sentence wasn't exactly true.

"I know, darling. That's why I love you." Konstanze said, and kissed him on the lips.


Lily woke up just after she noticed that Konstanze/James snogging session was over. She had some time to take a shower and wear clean robes.

After leaving the prefects' bathroom, she went to McGonagall's office. James was already there.

"Is it time, miss Evans?" said McGonagall sharply

"Sorry, Professor. But I'm only five minutes late." Said Lily

Only now, Lily noticed that besides she herself, McGonagall and James, there were two kids there. Two very young kids. One of them was tall and thin, with neat blond hair and olive green eyes. The other one was a short and thin black-haired pale girl with blue eyes.

"Oh, I'd like to introduce you Dorothy Baker and Clark Patterson, from Slytherin the two of them. They're first years, and they're going to accomplish their detentions with you and James Potter." Said McGonagall.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Lily Potter." Said Lily, and when she suddenly realized what she had already said (James and McGonagall stared at her, the two kids don't find it odd, because they didn't know her name, so… it could be Potter), and mentally slapped herself, she tried to fix it "What? I'm Lily and he's Potter, this is what I meant to say."

"It doesn't seem it." Said James "But, anyway, it's better to."

Lily just blushed.


After leaving McGonagall's office, the four students walked towards Hagrid's cabin.

Hagrid was there, waiting for them.

"'Lo, peoples. See yah've been in trouble." He said

"You're right, Hagrid. Pretty much trouble. You won't believe it. McGonagall decided to put Ja… Potter and I in the same detention. Madwoman…" said Lily

"Be careful with your words, Lily, she can hear it" said Hagrid, laughing

Lily just smiled. It was the second time in his whole life that James could see this phenomenon. For him, it was prettier than sunset, prettier than life, but looking at her hurt like death…

"Well, yah'll going to search for Kent's potions' ingredients, Lily and James, and yah can go with Fang. Miss Baker and Mister Patterson, yah'll come with me. Yah've got to help me to plant a few muggle apple trees. The muggle studies teacher needs it for some reason, and after he'll magic it for it to grow faster, but now, we have to do it in the old-fashioned way. In the middle of the forest." Said Hagrid

Lily and James stared at him blankly. After a few moments, Lily said, between nervous laugher "Hagrid, ha ha! That's really a good joke. You almost caught me. Ha ha! But, seriously, we really need to accomplish

"I'm sorry, Lily" said Hagrid, holding a laugher "Dumbledore's orders. He said Miss Baker and Mister Patterson are too young to go alone with Fang. After all, Jamie here is used to the Forbidden Forest… It's already decided. Anything can change that. You and James will go together and search for Kent's ingredients."


To be continued…


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