In was a cool, windy day in Bern, and the sun shone like a fire in the early morning. It was truly peaceful, especially for Eliwood's Elite. They had just beaten a powerful foe, Linus, the Mad Dog of the Black Fang, and they were resting in a small village slightly north of their battle, away from the large crowds of the city. All of the previous tranquility, however, was about to be shattered for a certain young Sacaen swordsman.

A loud, vibrating bell rang into Guy's ears, instantly waking him. He cursed the contraption- Mark, the group's tactician, had bought an alarm clock for him as an early birthday present to make up for his constant sleeping-in. That's when it hit Guy like a hammer-today was his birthday! Suddenly thankful for the alarm clock, Guy hopped out of bed ad hurriedly bathed, eagerly getting ready for the big day. He pulled on his pants and under shirt, and was about to put on his worn, tattered long shirt when there was a loud knock on the door. He hesitated momentarily, then walked over to the door and opened it.

The, in front of his door, stood Lady Lyndis, of House Caelin, but also a plainswoman of Sacae. She held a neatly wrapped bundle in her hands, a smile on her radiant face. She greeted him with a nod, and he her with a bow.

"Hello, Guy!" Lyn said, still smiling. "Could I talk to you?" Guy instantly blushed- he was never good around girls, even when he was young! However, he managed to keep his blush in control.

"H-hey, Lyn. Uhh… sure. C-come in!" They both went into Guy's room, still standing.

"Well, Guy, I heard that today's your birthday, and I…" Now it was Lyn's turn to blush. "I have something for you…Here!" Lyn offered him the package. Guy smiled, pleased that someone knew of his birthday. He carefully unwrapped the package, careful not to tear any of the wrapping. When he saw what Lyn's gift was, he gasped. It was a beautifully long shirt, similar to his old, tattered one, but much newer. It was made of hand woven Sacaen fabric, and was as soft as silk. It was wonderfully embroidered with the sign of the Kutolah, one of the three tribes of Sacae, and with many other awesome designs. It also had long sleeves- something Guy would need in the cold of Northern Bern. Guy gaped, in awe of the beautiful shirt.

"Lyn, this is...amazing! Did you make this yourself?! This is wonderful!!" Lyn beamed, nodding her head.

"I…I figured that you might need it, seeing as your old shirt is, well, dead, basically. I remembered the sign from your old shirt, and did my best to copy it. So, you like it?" Guy then did something he never thought he would do to a girl like Lyn. He hugged her, clutching the shirt behind her back.

"Lyn! This is the best gift I have ever received! I love it!!" Lyn returned the hug, blushing at Guy's praise. She whispered in his ear.

"Happy birthday, Guy of the Kutolah." she then withdrew from his embrace, waving to him as she went downstairs for breakfast. Guy waved back, a large grin on his face. He put the shirt on, marveling at its comfortable fit.

Matthew had been watching from a dark corner, smiling with amusement. He sauntered up to Guy, who jumped at his appearance.

"Guy, I'm proud of you! You barely stuttered when you talked to a girl! And LYN, daughter of the Lorca Tribe AND Caelin! This, along with it being your birthday, and all, calls for a celebration!" Guy glared daggers at Matthew.

"Matthew, you demon! You were WATCHING?! Cursed thief! You know how I hate being watched!" Matthew laughed lightly, amusement plain on his face.

"Calm down, Guy! I was merely congratulating you! Cheer up! It's your birthday! Have some fun!" Guy smiled, his spirit renewed.

"Thanks, Matthew. Come on, let's get some food! I'm starved!" They then proceeded to get breakfast, eating their fill and being happy, chatting with close friends. However, more was going to happen that day than Guy could've ever hoped for.