In the Blink of an Eye

By Alatariel Singollo

Chapter 28: The Fire Within Her

(Reposted with edit to author's note. This chapter was originally posted 1-11-2008)

Entering Helm's Deep, Adriane observed the preparations being made to protect the citizens within the Fortress. Adriane smiled sadly to herself when she realized that no matter how hard these good people worked to protect themselves, nothing could stop the rage of war that was headed their way.

One good thing was that she didn't have to worry about having to get patched up from the battle because she suddenly realized that it seemed her healing powers were starting to work on her own body, too. A cut that had been on her arm from the battle had, an hour or so ago, been still weeping blood. But now, it was just an angry red line.

Vaguely she wondered if it was possible for her to bring people back from the dead. She hoped it wasn't so. That was too heavy a burden to bear when it came to choosing who to resurrect when she only had so much power.

After getting Nightfall settled safely in her stall for the night, Adriane made her way to the top of the wall, and sent out a call on the wind to a close-by raven, who obligingly flew to her and landed carefully on her outstretched arm. Adriane whispered to the bird, asking it of things she wanted to know about Middle-Earth. Did the bird know if such things as vampires existed here? She had been quite infatuated with the beings when she was back on Earth. The raven confirmed her suspicion that vampires had fled Earth for a safer haven. She wondered how they survived and then realized there was plenty of wildlife [and orcs and evil stuff for them to feed on. She knew from research that not all vamps were evil. She also know that ravens were welcome in the home of a vampire. She politely asked the raven to locate one of their leaders, and cast it back out into the early evening sky. She hoped she would be able to recruit the vampires to their cause...

She, Legolas and Gimli had felt terrible when Éowyn nearly fell apart at the news that Aragorn had fallen. They wished they could tell her, but they could not risk her giving away that secret to her uncle. Adriane hugged the Shield Maiden and sent calming energies throughout the panicked woman, hoping that her healing powers could calm, too. It seemed to work, to Adriane's pleasant surprise.

"All will be well, my lady," she soothed. Éowyn nodded numbly, fighting back tears.

Adriane was given a small chance to rest while everyone was hurrying around preparing things. As far as she could tell she was not needed at the moment. So she pondered an idea she'd been considering for awhile. She took out her sacred sword and examined it very carefully, looking for anything inscribed that she may have missed all these years. Finally she noticed after much inspection that there was a rune carved into one of the black opals encrusting the hilt. She searched her memory, trying to remember the Wiccan runes she had studied long ago when she first became Wiccan...and realized that it meant 'fire.' Perfect. She now suspected she would be able to do what she wished to do: embed her sword with some of her fire power to make it even more deadly.

She went into a secluded alcove of the fortress and held the sword point up out in front of her. She closed her eyes, and reached within to her well of white fire. She then realized that she'd have to take her ring off to do what she wished, for her power was too subdued with it blocking her person from the full blast of her power. She hoped that because she was calm and more in control that she would be able to not transform like she did last time, and to not draw the attention of Sauron.

Carefully, she concentrated on building a barrier through which the power would not be able to break through, and slipped her ring off. The intensity of the energy and magick that ran through her was astounding. She fought to maintain control, and once she was sure she had it tame enough to direct, she zeroed in on her fire lore, and began to direct it through her hands into the blade of the sword. It began to glow white, finally flashing bright white, alight with white fire along the blade. She could tell that it did not weaken the metal of the sword, for that is how she had enchanted it to work. She also knew that since it was her fire essence that it would not hurt her or those she trusted. She quickly sheathed the sword once more, the flames extinguishing while in her steel scabbard. No need to draw more attention to herself, was there?

Some hours later, Aragorn arrived. No one noticed the dark shadow that slipped in with him as he was let in the fortress by the guards.

Waiting restlessly for Aragorn to return, Adriane had fallen asleep with her back against the stone wall of the alcove she was in. The shadow sensed her power and lurked towards her. Even as one of the most powerful Master Vampires in Middle Earth, Atarnis was still surprised by her ethereal beauty. He moved towards her, his royal blue eyes wide and observant. As he crouched closer to her, hoping to catch a whiff of her alluring scent, his long dark hair fell forward into his face. He reached out one cold, pale hand in curiosity, moving to touch the ring on her pinky that glowed such bright silver it almost hurt his eyes. So the Prophecy had been accurate.

END Chapter 28

[A/N: I am so incredibly sorry to people who love this story and have been waiting forever for it to be updated. This story is now officially on long term hiatus, and I have no idea when, if ever, I will get back to it, and finish it…honestly, I've changed and my life has changed so much since I started this story. I don't think my writing has changed much, aside from being a hell of a lot better than when I started...I've just grown a lot, and unlike when I started this, I've grown into myself and I feel incredibly secure with who I am. I started this story in 2004, which would have made me 14. Now, a life changing 6 years later, at 20, I see the world and myself so much differently. I've found my place in beliefs, and I became Wiccan at around 15, and I have become so at peace who what I believe in. You know how people say that if you believe in yourself and have confidence that it makes you kind of glow and attract people and friends more? That has happened to me. Suddenly I have this uncanny ability to be charismatic and talk to people easily. I've become so much more outgoing and outspoken, not afraid to voice my opinions [which I admit are not run-of-the-mill beliefs, and I love it. I'd like to thank my friends and family, and the Goddess, for making me who I am today: a strong woman who will stop at nothing to see her goals achieved. Thank you very much if you took the time to read this, I truly appreciate it. For more information on why I decided to put this story on hiatus and more info on where to find my original fiction, and my poetry, please take a look at the end of my bio, on my profile page. Thank you, and Blessed Be! =]