Don't leave me.

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Chapter one: First thoughts.

It was a cold, foggy morning in the forest, and the group trudged ever on toward paradise. It had been almost three days since they last stopped to rest and as I'm sure you all can guess, they weren't to happy about it. As usual Kiba was up front, off in his little la la land.Tsume was close behind all spacey like thinking about Ra knows what. Surprisingly, Hige had purposely slowed down and was running with Toboe, who looked really tired. (Poor wittle thing.) Everyone was quiet when kiba stopped suddenly. The others stopped as well, and waited for an explanation. "What's wrong kiba?" Toboe asked quietly

"I swear I saw something." He answered.

"I don't see anything." Tsume said.

Hige raised his head high and sniffed the air slightly.

"Don't smell nothing either." He added.

They all stood in silence for a few moments, surveying their surroundings for anything unusual.

"You must be seeing things kiba." Tsume said sarcastically. Right as he opened his mouth to make another smart remark, a large shadowed figure flew out of the trees slamming him into a tree.

"TSUME!" They all yelled in unison. (They sure do that a lot) They all glared at the now visible creature. It was a giant snake, with shimmering green eyes and spiky scales.

"You have trespassed in my forest. For that….you….shall….all….DIE!!!!!" it said evilly lunging out at Tsume again. Kiba was the first to act and leapt up high in the air, clawing the creatures head. The snake hissed slightly and flung him away like a rag doll.Hige soon followed suit, but he too was quickly thrown away with a loud hiss. During all the action, toboe had run to tsume's side making sure he was okay. Then he looked up and the creature stared into his eyes, which glazed over in a trance. He stood dead still as the snake quickly wrapped around him and began to crush his body. He came out of his trance just as soon as he felt his oxygen cut off, unable to do anything else he began to gasp desperately and thrash around trying to escape. He soon began to lose strength and his struggling slowed, the creature had tightened around him making it impossible to even try.

"TOBOE!" Kiba yelled and lunged at the snake clawing his eyes till they bled. The snake hissed in pain and dropped the young wolf to the ground, gasping for air.Kiba was again thrown away, but hige and Tsume wasted no time and quickly attacked, biting and clawing till the creature fell. Obviously sensing his end, the snake lunged at the youngest wolf and sunk his venomous fangs deep into his side. Toboe let out a pained yell and fell to the ground. Tsume angrily clawed the creature's throat and killed him. Then he ran over to the pup and surveyed the damage as best as he could. Hige and kiba walked over to him as well.

"Do you think he'll be okay kiba?" Hige asked slightly worried for his young friend.

Looking down at toboe checked his eyes which were glazed and lifeless.

"I'm not sure……He's been poisoned….and it looks like he broke some ribs……"kiba answered with equal concern.

"So I guess we're going to have to find somewhere to stop..."Tsume said trying to mask his worry.They all agreed and hige and kiba went to look, while Tsume stayed to watch over the pup.

5 minutes later

Tsume sat quietly watching the pup, very worried at the pained expression on his face. Toboe had been asleep for a long time now, and was covered in sweat panting. He whimpered slightly in his sleep and shook slightly, obviously having a nightmare. Tsume reached over and brushed some hair from his face, causing the pup to jump awake and flinch away. Apparently the poison in his system had made him delirious and he backed away from Tsume scared. Tsume grabbed him and pulled him into a comforting hug.

"It's okay….It's me…don't be scared..." he said soothingly.

"Ts-Tsume……."The young wolf clung onto him and just cried, repeating his name over and over.

"I'm sorry…for not helping you…Tsume..."

"It's okay, it wasn't you fault…Now you just need to rest.." he leaned toboe against a tree and stood up.

"I'll go get the others." He turned to leave but stopped when he felt a small cold hand grab his. His eyes wide with fear..

"Please……don't leave me….I don't want to be alone…please don't leave…" he whispered. Now Tsume felt even sorrier for him, so he leaned down and picked him up gently turning to look for the others.

"I won't ever….leave you…" Tsume said quietly, and smile when he felt the pup cling to him tightly.

Chapter one over

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