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He was dead. It was as simple as that. I heard the news days after it had happened. Captain Wilkins of the Green Dragoons, the only man I had ever esteemed in my life, was gone forever. He had died in battle, as he had always wanted. A single bullet had penetrated his side, ripping through him.

"He hadn't even realized what had happened." Colonel Norrington said simply. "He fought on, tearing his way through the soldiers around him. I didn't even realize he had been shot until I saw a trickle of blood on his coat, it was barely noticeable." My eyes clouded with unshed tears, not comprehending at all what was being told to me. I stood from the table and began to pace the room back and forth, my hand reaching up to rub my temple in comfort. He was dead? I had only seen him days before! Colonel Norrington remained seated where he was, a purely sympathetic look on his sharp features.

"How long did he have?" I asked, my voice barely audible and shaking. Colonel Norrington's eyes merely glowed with unshed tears. He stood from his seat, and came to my side. He never once reached out to touch me comfortingly, for which I was grateful. He stood behind me for some moments, torn with sympathy for me. It took a few moments before he responded.

"He lived for a night and a day after he was wounded." Colonel Norrington replied. "He fell from his horse after the field had been taken. When I saw what had happened…." He continued on, his voice trailing off. "I tried to help him as best I could, Miss. I jumped from my horse to help him, but when I saw the wound…there was nothing I could do." I turned and looked at him, my eyes freely shedding tears.

"He was so nice to me." I could only utter. "His last moments?" I asked, my voice choking. Norrington noticed as my step faltered. I steadied myself on my seat.

"Miss Amelia, you are not feeling well. Should I bring you to your room?" he asked. "I'm afraid this unfortunate event has taken its toll. You need rest." Norrington replied. He remained where he was for a moment, watching after me with a stunned look on his features.

"Please, I would like to at least know that." I answered simply. "Where they at least comfortable?" He didn't answer, he merely shook his head yes.

"Good. I am glad of that. He was a good man…" I said simply. Fighting back the tears coming to my eyes. "I am going to get some rest, Colonel." Norrington nodded yes, allowing me to walk to the door unaided.

"He asked about you before he passed." Norrington said suddenly. "He had grown delirious in his last moments. He wanted to make sure you were safe." I smiled weakly in understanding. He had always been the one to watch out for me. "I just thought you would like to know that. He was a good man."

"Yes he was." I replied, my hand reaching out to touch the doorframe to keep myself steady. I smiled at the Colonel before continuing. "I'm glad you were there for his last moments. I could have no one better by his side." I answered. He smiled sadly before turning and heading towards the door opposite me. His head seemed bent in defeat.

"Colonel?" I asked suddenly. He turned at the doorway. An expectant look graced his handsome features. I smiled. "You are a good man. For such a long time, it was us three, Wilkins, you and I. You've lost a friend. I know you have. But you still have one in me, even though you are a lobster." I answered, forcing a smile. He laughed unexpectantly.

"I'm glad to hear it." He said. "Good night, Miss Amelia. I hope you will feel better in the morning. I'm sorry to have been the cause of your grief." With that reply, he turned and left the room, leaving me looking after him as he softly closed the door behind him. I remained where I was for some moments longer, my body still in shock from the news, before I turned and left the room, in total and complete desolation.