Sour Candy

By Treanz-Alyce

Pairing: Thayet/Neal

Rating: PG13

A Romantic One-Shot

Dedicated to Selena (and her boy-toys) – Merry Christmas

Constructive criticism appreciated

...Sour Candy...

He closed the door softly, turning to face her. Glancing around the room, his garbled thoughts were tainted with disbelief. After years of lusting after her, she had finally noticed him. As a result, he had been drawn in.

Hazel eyes met green ones. Her hands were steady as they reached over and brushed his hair back from its widow's peak. She watched as he forced himself to swallow, the result of her hand lightly touching his face. Despite the many calluses, her hands were still slender and soft in movement.

She smiled, alluring.

He grinned back, nervous.

She led him to the bed.

He began to undress her, clumsy.

Amused, she shook her head. Reaching behind her back, she untangled the laces he had fumbled with.

Her mind was clear.

Embarrassed, he hid it by pulling his shirt off over his head, throwing it on the floor beside them.

His eyes were bright.

She closed the distance, her lips bushing his in one fluid, practiced motion.

He sealed his mouth over hers, his inexperience obvious.

In the time that followed, they both explored.

She wasn't satisfied.

He was.

She rolled over and pretended to sleep, ignoring her young lover.

He watched her, waiting for a sign that never came.

She didn't show him to the door.

He left silently.

She sighed; another one to scratch off the list. This generation of noble males was hopeless, he was only marginally better than the last. Glancing at the door he had left through, she smiled, grasping a thought abruptly.

There was no reason she couldn't teach him.