Sinful Pleasure

He moaned then grabbed on to the white sheets that surrounded his partner and him. He lay there, shirtless and his belt buckle undone. His partner sinfully sucked a vein on his neck. The boy moaned again as the partner sucked more intensely. This is sinful, weird, wrong, he thought and moaned once again. If this was so bad, then why was he here? Why was he lying in bed like this? His body was covered in sinful sweat.

Releasing the sheets, that felt like paper in his hands, and placed them on his partners back. Running his hands down the other's back. The other boy shivered as the other ran his hands down his back. Moving his lips from the vein he had been sucking on, he moved his lips to the others lips.

His tongue curled around his tongue. One hand move to go through his hair, the other ran itself over the boy's groan. Feeling the boy below him moan and shiver under the movements of his hands.

The boy who sat on top, preferred as 'partner', moved his lips to be sucking on the left side of the other's neck. His lips sucked right underneath his chin, a little over to the right. Hearing moaning he sucked harder and his hands moved faster and faster.

Kyou gasped then moaned again. He mentally cursed at his situation. This was sinful, having his cousin and housemate sucking intensely on his neck. "Y…yu…" He tried to speak out his housemate's name, but his housemate sucked even harder making him moan again.

Yuki secretly snickered as Kyou tried to say his name. Tried to tell him to stop. No, he wouldn't. Kyou had brought him to do this. His hand that had once been moving over Kyou's groan moved to be stroking his cheek. His lips and tongue were starting to hurt from all the sucking. Moving the hand that had been going through Kyou's hair he traced it to were he had once been sucking. The skin there felt bruised, sore, and gushy. A hickey would be there soon, and on the side that he was sucking on now would have one as well.

Kyou had been holding in a moan, and he let it out. It rang out semi-long and he gasped for breath after that. He had to make this stop. Lifting his hands he placed them in the space between Yuki and himself. Pushing against his chest he caught Yuki off guard and Yuki stopped sucking. "Stop." He said still gasping for breath.

Yuki smirked and removed Kyou's hands from his chest. "No." He calmly said and lifted his hands over his head and held them there in a tight grip. He could fell Kyou squirm and try to free his hands from the grasp, but Yuki knew his attempts wouldn't work. Tomorrow his wrists would be bruised and may be sore. "We'll do this until I get what I want." This wasn't common for Yuki, but his anger was taking over. At this moment, he wasn't sure what he was mad at. All he knew was he would take it out on Kyou.

Kyou hissed at Yuki and tried to kick him, but all it did was create unwanted sensation. At first Yuki had pulled Kyou's legs apart and rid his knee between the space. Now, if Kyou kicked, it would cause sensation and pain. Kyou once again hissed but lunged up and bit Yuki on the shoulder. His sharp teeth dug into his skin and made him bleed. Despite his attempt to hurt Yuki, his blood tasted sweet and it felt warm. He tried not to touch the blood, but his tongue had to taste it and licked at the blood. He could feel and hear Yuki laugh at his attempt and tighten his grip. "What are you doing, baka neko?" he inquired and loosened his grip a smudge.

Kyou hissed still with part of Yuki's shoulder in his mouth. He drew more blood and bit even deeper. As long as he still had his teeth in Yuki's shoulder, he could do nothing to him now. Kyou had changed the way their position was. He kicked Yuki in the stomach making him release his wrist. He removed his teeth from Yuki's shoulder and pushed Yuki away. Scooting back to rest against the head bored he waited for Yuki to make his next move.

As Kyou kicked him in the stomach and pushed him away, Yuki grabbed the bed sheets and fell out of the bed. He lay on the ground for a few moments and tried to gather his thoughts. Could he just get up and leave now? No, he had told Kyou that he wouldn't stop till he got what he wanted. The nezumi scowled and thought more about how to do this. The first plan he had done was to do it easily, he didn't want to hurt Kyou, but it was down to this now, using extreme force.

Standing he pushed the covers back on the bed and glared at Kyou. He climbed on to the bed and crawled towards Kyou on his knees. Stopping three feet away from him he stretched out his arm. Kyou kicked and he caught his leg in his hand. With all his strength he pulled him under him. Kyou looked shocked and that brought a smile to the nezumi's face. He crawled on top of the baffled neko. "I gave you a choice Kyou." He said as he brought the neko's arms above his head once again. "We could have done it the easy way, but you wouldn't allow me. Now we'll do it the hard way."

Once again Kyou gasped. "Damn….s…sto-" He breathed, practically yelling. Yuki had pulled Kyou's pants down to right above his groan. Moving his head back, Kyou gasped again. Yuki was kissing, almost licking that spot. That spot right above his cleavage. Yuki had tightened his grip on Kyou's wrist, by now one was broken. Kyou groaned in pain, this wasn't fair! Yuki removed his lips from that spot and brought them back to Kyou's bruised lips. Kyou wouldn't open his mouth at all. Yuki took his one free hand, it only took one hand for him to hold Kyou's wrist, and it formed into a fist and pushed up against Kyou's right side of his jaw. Yelling out in pain Kyou had to open his mouth, and Yuki stuck his tongue into that tasteful cavern.

He lay there in some sort of pain. His breathing was slow, and unwelcoming. "God…" He said and opened his copper colored eyes to be looking at the bare skin of his violator.

Kyou hissed under his breath. How could he be lying here with Yuki? Images of the night last night flooded his mind. Why the hell was he at Yuki's house in the first place. Closing his eyes he rubbed his temples with his hand which wasn't broken. Why was he here? Oh yes, to deliver that box of stuff for Toharu. Breathing a sigh of relief that he had figured out why he was here, what exactly had happened?

Rolling to his side and scooting away from Yuki, he felt warm arms wrap around him and bring him back to Yuki. Was Yuki awake? He dare not look up at him, what would happen if he did? Kyou scowled. Why the fuck was he afraid of his rival? The smell of those familiar plumbs invaded his senses. That smell smelt so good. May be he could just fall asleep to it. His eyes slowly closed and he was swept away into dream world again.

Yuki had been awake during Kyou's movement away from him. He watched soundlessly as he drifted back into his peaceful little sleep. He could tell Kyou barely remembered last night, but it stained and haunted Yuki.

He had planned for his brand new apartment to be sin proof. He hadn't turned religious or anything, just he didn't want anything damage and looking like Shigure's house. This apartment he had paid for himself. Himself! After he had graduated high school, with excelling grades, he had found a college and job near by. Still attending college and doing a two-shift job he kept this tiny apartment. And now he had sinned it so badly.

Glancing down at the sleeping neko he scowled. They still lay there with both their shirts off, except Kyou's belt was missing and his pants were unzipped. Yuki thanked fate that he had stopped himself from going too far. Well that was shit, he had gone too far. Why couldn't he have taken the first no for an answer? It was unlike him to get so angry, even though somehow that damn neko had started it.

Bringing his hand up he traced the outline of Kyou's muscles. They were semi-small, not the type to bellow out and engulf his body. Bruises lingered here and there, all caused by him. His hand moved all the way to his wrist. They were bruised and Kyou slightly winced as Yuki ran his fingers over the broken one. Removing his hand from Kyou's wrist he went to his neck.

Kyou felt Yuki moving his hand along his body. It was unwelcomed, but he allowed it to happen. It was plain warmth, and he wanted that warmth now.

He hated himself for allowing this to happen. He was strong, wasn't he? Physically, yes. Emotional, no. He pretended to be asleep as Yuki run has hand along his body, abuse, that was what this was. Kyou opened his mouth to breath easier and his lips ached in pain. So they were bruised too. What would Toharu say when she saw him like this? He wasn't palnning to go back to Shigure's house in a long time, but just seeing her face in disgusting made him feel sick.

"Are we just going to lie here forever?" Kyou dared himself to ask and opened his eyes. "If you want." Yuki's calm voice replied and wrapped his arms around Kyou again. His head rested on top of his. He could here the annoyed sigh of Kyou, and feel his heart tense up. "Fine." Kyou mutterd and found himself curling into Yuki even more.

Both lay there in silence, both fully awake, both wishing for the other one to say something. Last night's 'accident' was stil edged into their minds. Kyou had been punished for something that wasn't that clear, and Yuki had been the punisher. Not even he knew why kyou had been punished. May be it was temptation? Or, just the will to love someone?

AN: Total crap? May be. This is my first yaoi fanfiction, so it sucks.