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They both were lying bare on that same bed, which had caused on of them so much pain. There were slight whimpers and gasps for breath, but they were pleasurable with no sight of pain anywhere.

The orange-haired neko placed both his hands on the silver-haired nezumi. The nezumi was slowly sucking on the neko's neck. The neko gasped with excitement and pleasure.

Yuki stopped himself from sucking on Kyou's neck and kissed his nose. Kyou blushed deeply and gasped as Yuki start to trail his tongue from the crock of his neck down to his bellybutton. Yuki was so close to Kyou's 'manhood' and that was starting to make Kyou nervous. The nezumi had promised not to hurt him, but Yuki was never really predictable and this joyous situation could turn dangerous.

"You wouldn't dare…" Kyou gasped as Yuki licked even closer. "Oh I would." Yuki replied calmly, like they weren't even having sex. Kyou scowled through his pleasure. How did Yuki have this ability to control him at every moment? "Don't." Kyou barked, not really wanting to go even further.

The last time they had done this, it wasn't exactly 'pleasurable'; unless you were a person who loved to get the shit beat out of you by your lover.

Ignoring Kyou's demanded, Yuki took this leap of bravery and reached down and grabbed 'it' Kyou shuttered with pleasure and glared at the nezumi. "Y-you…" He stuttered and as Yuki started to rub him he moaned. God damn it. This was so blissful, but he was starting to regret it.

Yuki stopped rubbing Kyou's groin then kissed him on the lips. "See that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Every time he talked, he made sure that their lips brushed against each other's, and Kyou once again shuttered in pleasure. His lips tingled as Yuki's touched his.

The nezumi lifted himself up and looked around for some sort of object. Kyou watched with puzzlement. "What are you looking at you dumb rat?" He questioned then his eyes landed on what Yuki was looking at. It was a small, blue bottle that contained that awfully, greasy stuff that was used to expand and soften his angus.

Yuki grabbed the bottle and looked at Kyou. Kyou stared at Yuki, and Yuki stared at Kyou. They squared-off for about a minute, then Kyou finally gave in and nodded his head. His body prepared itself for that liquid, and the pain, which followed after.

The nezumi opened the bottle with a look of mischief in his eyes. The greasy oil spread over his fingers, then he snapped the bottle shut and looked at Kyou. "It's going to hurt a little, but try to relax your muscles."

He pressed his fingers against Kyou's angus, telling the tight muscle there to relax. Kyou was hissing lowly at his lover, and grabbed onto the blankets surrounding them. "Make it quick." He often got cramps from all his body was forced to suffer during this act of love. So it really wasn't suffering, more like pleasure that brought little bits of pain, but he knew at as suffering.

Kyou, even to his mind's protest, lifted his hips to the feeling of one of Yuki's fingers slipping in. Yuki leaned over Kyou, slightly taller to him, and purred into his ear. He was tempting Kyou to enjoy what would come soon, and as he slipped another finger in, Kyou gasped with an uncertain pleasure.

Yuki had hit that certain spot within him, and his body was wanting more and more. His hips rose a little higher and Yuki chuckled at the look on Kyou's face. He looked dazed, almost confused.

Slipping his fingers out of Kyou's angus, he slipped downwards and spread Kyou's legs apart easily. "You perverted freak." Kyou said, almost in a whisper. "I'm not perverted, this is simply a way to show that I love you, you baka neko." He was smiling mischievously.

Lowering his head, he placed his mouth over the tip of Kyou's groin and Kyou clutched onto the blankets tighter and moaned with pleasure. He was really starting to hate his lover. Why couldn't he just simply get it over with? Why did he have to make it last so long and drown him in this pleasure called love?

Whimpering he tried to push Yuki away, but his arms were numb with pleasure. His body was telling him just to allow Yuki to do this, but his mind was yelling, 'tell him to fucking stop!' But soon enough, Kyou was buried in pleasure and he couldn't hear his mind or feel anything else except for Yuki's mouth and the pleasure that was building up inside of him.

Yuki soon stopped and smiled at what he had accomplished. "See that was fun. Wasn't it?" He teased Kyou. "Now lift your hips." It sounded like he had done this way too many times, or Yuki just found himself… interested too much in sex.

Regaining his sense, Kyou lifted his hips and hissed. "Why do you taunt me so?" He asked as Yuki pulled him to be sitting on his lap. "Haven't I explained before? It's just the way to show I love you sooo much." He kissed Kyou's nose playfully. "Now just drown yourself in pleasure." Yuki said smiling and gently leading himself into Kyou with slight pleasure.

'Easy for you to say.' Kyou thought and gasped as he felt that certain spot get hit. He relaxed his body to Yuki's length being inside of him, but grabbed Yuki's shoulders and placed his head on top of Yuki's.

Yuki slowly pushed himself in and out; causing Kyou more pleasure and giving him that cute little dazed look on his face. Kyou moaned with pleasure and finally let go of Yuki's shoulders laid on the bed. His hips were lifted and Yuki took that opportunity to place Kyou's legs on his shoulder, making Kyou's anus easier to access.

He pushed faster, and smiled when he heard Kyou's moans and whimpers… wait a whimper of pain wasn't good.

Kyou was grabbing onto the sheets. He was moaning, but whimpering in pain. It was common for him to get cramps and they were finally taking effect. Yuki was about to pull out all they way, but Kyou sat up and grabbed his shoulders. "Haven't you said." He was talking in between gasps of breath. "You weren't going to stop till you got what you want?" Yuki blinked then smiled. "Well yes, but I also said I didn't want to cause you-" "Don't you dare stop." Yuki was taken back at Kyou's words and pushed him back down.

"Fine then. Now shut up and let me finish." Kyou lay back down and grabbed the sheets ready for the pleasure to come. He could indoor cramps for Yuki. And it wasn't like they would be doing this everyday. It was awkward having Yuki's length inside of him, but he relaxed and moaned when Yuki started to push in and out again.

It was at least another five minutes of pleasure, untill Kyou couldn't hold it in any longer. He cummed to Yuki's satisfaction. "Yuki…" Kyou whispered, not being able take any more of these cramps. Yuki nodded his head, and cummed inside of Kyou.

Kyou flinched with that liquid flowing in his body, and was relived when Yuki slipped out of him and came to lay beside him. "See, that was fun. Wasn't it?" Yuki asked, looking utterly tired. "Whatever…" Kyou replied, turning over on his side to be facing Yuki and curled up next to him.

Yuki smiled and brushed the hair out of Kyou's eyes. "Can we do this tomorrow?" He asked, doing puppy-dog eyes and hoping Kyou would give in. Kyou scowled and sharply said "No." Yuki frowned and wrapped his arms and Kyou. "Why not?" He asked staring into Kyou's eyes.

"Because this was for a special occasion." Kyou replied closing his eyes then opening as he heard Yuki laugh lightly. "Okay then… but…" Yuki said and turned his head to the side for Kyou couldn't see it.

"But what?" Kyou hissed, wondering what Yuki was getting at. "Can we do it when I get a pay raise?" Yuki turned his head back with serious eyes. "Fine." Kyou replied and closed his eyes. His head was buried in the crock of Yuki's neck and he was slowly falling into slumber. "What about when I finish school?" Kyou hissed then nodded his head.

Yuki sighed with satisfaction. "Okay. I'll work extra hard then." With a little laugh, he closed his eyes and fell into slumber with Kyou.

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