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"And the new clan leader to be… is…"

Everybody was frozen with anticipation, her included. This is my chance. Please, whatever gods that are out there, let me have this opportunity… it will prove something to everybody… please…!


NO! Not her! Anybody else, but not her!

Now they would never see her full potential. Now she could never prove to them what she was truly capable of.

Now, she would never prove to them what she was capable of. They deserved it, for choosing her. They could suffer, and she would make them suffer.

Yet she had to quash that growing ache within her. That ache that longed to prove itself, to everybody, that she was not a failure and she could succeed.

"This is a great day for our clan," Shiden was saying. "A day where we can prove to other ninjutsu clans what young and powerful women such as my daughter are capable of."

Young and powerful. Bah. Kasumi held too much respect for the living and too much honour for the dead. She was weak, letting emotions overpower her.

She could see that. Why couldn't anybody else?

Now it was the bitch herself speaking.

"I am honoured to have this opportunity… for my clan, my family…"

This speech had to have been prepared. No other possible explanation. It sounded like something from an old-fashioned script.

"…and also, I think, for myself, too."

It could have been her. It could have been her, being presented with that award. It could have been her, as the heir to the legendary Mugen-Tenshin ninjutsu clan.

But no, it wasn't. It was Kasumi. It was always that blasted Kasumi.

Would that ever really change?

And yet, she thirsted for power. She wanted the power that being the clan leader could have given her. She needed to prove herself, to prove to everybody that she was more then just a mistake, more then dirt.

More then nothing.

She was something. She was. But because of them, she couldn't prove it.

And so, people saw her as nothing.

They were blind. Blinded by their 'young and powerful' Kasumi. She always was the favourite, always was the heroine.

From where she was standing, she could see Hayate cheering for his sister. Seemed odd to her that he didn't care. His own kid sister surpassing him, yet he seemingly didn't give a damn. That was strange. If she had been in Hayate's position, she would currently be beating the crap out of the little witch.

Admittedly, that was what she felt like doing now, in Hayate's position or not.

"Thankyou for having faith in me. I'll make sure I won't disappoint!"

She couldn't bear to watch those fools, cheering as though their saviour had come. Spitting angrily on the ground, she turned on her heel and strode briskly away, not looking back.

They'll never see

I'll never be

I'll struggle on and on to feed this hunger

Burning deep inside of me