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Silent Words

Chapter 1

By NiamhakaLadyHex

Severus Snape was not known for his patience, especially when anything Potter was involved. He would rather be anywhere else but here walking down the street in this pitiful muggle neighborhood. But the Headmaster had somehow stuck him with retrieving Potter. It wasn't his fault the brat had not even bothered to reply to his Hogwarts letter. Why it was unimaginable that Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts could do a simple thing as retrieving his Golden Boy from his muggle relatives, no that would be far too easy!

So here he was walking down Privet Drive in the early morning to retrieve Potter. Snape shivered at the thought of the boy, he was probably so spoiled that his head wouldn't fit out of the door! He hoped that he could get this over as soon as possible so he could have the least amount of contact with the brat.

By this point he had reached number Four. He took a minute to look around where the savior of the wizarding world had grown up. It didn't look like anything special to him, it screamed of muggles and it was by far way too clean. It made him sick just looking at it. He quickly walked up to the door, he had spent enough time looking around, but before he could knock the door was opened. For a moment Snape thought he must have gone to the wrong house because standing in front of him was a woman whose face resembled that of a horse. She looked unlike any of the Potters.

She took one look at him and shrieked, "Whatever you're selling, we don't want it!"

She moved to shut the door in his face but he moved much quicker than her.

Already growing tired of looking at her he asked venomously, "Does Harry Potter live here?"

She quickly replied, "No Harry Potter lives here, I've never heard of him!"

Unfortunately for Petunia, Severus Snape was very apt in telling when someone was lying to him; he had to be to survive as a spy for as long as he had.

"I think you know exactly who I am talking about, now let me in before I am forced to do something unpleasant."

"Your one of them aren't you," she yelled in a horribly high pitched voice after finally noticing the robes he was wearing, "Get out before I call Vernon! Wait till he hears that one of you was here at our doorstep."

Snape had enough of talking with this screwed woman, he pushed past her giving her his trademark sneer that would have a first year run in fright and entered the house. Petunia quickly cowed away to the kitchen after that and Snape was left by himself to find Potter. He decided to check the upstairs bedrooms first.

As he walked up the stairs he noticed many pictures of an obscenely fat boy. He knew it could not be Potter because the hair was the wrong color; no son of James Potter would have anything other than that horrible mop of black hair. He hoped that Potter wasn't this fat, it was disgusting. It did cross his mind why there were no pictures of the brat on the wall but he figured that Potter would want a whole wall to himself.

He finally made it to the first bedroom and he opened the door. The only word that came to his mind as he looked at the room was revolting. The room was strewn with broken toys, clothes, and left over bits of food. Then he spotted the obese fat boy in the bed. So this must be Potter's cousin. He quickly left that room.

The next room had to bethe Aunt and Uncle's bedroom. It had a huge bed and some other furniture that was obviously there to impress the onlooker. Snape was not impressed. Then the last door caught his eye. It was covered in what looked like muggle locks. Why would Potter's family lock him inside of his room? It couldn't be for his protection, could it?

He muttered Alohomora and the door opened with a squeak.

Potter's room was far different from the others. The only furnishings were a small brass bed with a mattress that looked like it came from a camping bed, a ridiculous excuse for a dresser, and a small desk that had that appeared like it had nearly collapsed from being sat on. Other than that they room was completely bare.

Potter was sitting at the desk reading a book from what Snape could tell. His clothing hung off his small frame, almost like the clothes were not meant for him. In fact, the looked like something is abnormally large cousin could fit into. The boy was turned away from him so Snape cleared his throat to get his attention.

Potter didn't even move a muscle. Snape didn't waste all of this time and effort to come and fetch Potter to be completely ignored.

Now clearly beginning to get angry he snapped out, "Potter!"

The boy still didn't even twitch.

Out of frustration he finally walked over to the desk and turned Potter around to face him. The reaction he got was far from what he expected. The boy jumped as if he had been struck by a hot poker and then he slowly brought his head up to look at the Potion Master.

Snape was still angry that the boy had not spoken a word to him. "Boy, don't you know it's polite to answer when someone is talking to you! Are you deaf?"

Harry calmly looked the professor in the eye and then with his hands he signed, "Yes, I am."

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