Hello, minna

Hello, minna! Ah, time for a new fic for Ami-chan! What strange things can I come up with for her this time? Well, read on….

As just about all my fics, this is manga based, though I don't think it makes a big difference here…just in case, I reference to something called a 'lemure' used by the Dead Moon Circus…in the manga, the Amazoness Quartet uses these to attack dreams.

Italics are Ami's thoughts.

Sailormoon does not belong to me, but to Naoko-hime, who has fed all of our obsessive-compulsive habits towards anime. I make no claim on Sailormoon, though it would be cool if it were mine. I do, however, own Kami. (read on, and find out who that is…!)

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Ja ne!


A few terms you might want to have:

Miyako- Modern day Kyoto, capital of Japan in the Heian period, 11th century

Amida Buddha- Buddha of Paradise, where people could be reborn through their faith

Koto- 13 stringed instrument

Shoji- paper door

Waka- poem

Sakura- cherry blossom

Monogatari- a telling, a story

Tatami- a mat made of rushes or straw

Murasaki- lavender

Furin- a windbell

Cicada- a noisy insect, associated with summer

The Bloom of the Mountain Cherry


And as she slept, she dreamed.

And the visions of faces fell before her, painted onto the blossoms of the sakura petals, of enemies of long past, of friends who she treasured. But these sights were not earthly, for they swirled and passed by her, and she could not touch them, as their beauty faded and wilted under her fingertips. There was sunlight, or perhaps moonlight, but from no source that one could see, coming from every space, ebbing into her vision, washing away the darkness, but blinding her even as she tried to grasp for some stability in this tiny enclosed world.

There was a sound of laughter, and as it is in dreams, the world shifted, becoming a place it was not. The high sound of a vibrating string reached her ears, sounding in her mind to be beautiful and sweet. But the pitch grew, and there was the sound of breaking, a scream in horror, and then a face filled with tears, eyes milky and white. There was a roar of water. And then only the quiet, and the blinding brightness.

Eyes opened to the sun streaming in though her window, the girl who dreamed buried her face.

I'm a failure.