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I honestly never would have guessed it. It seems so unlikely, so impossible… The two of them together? And I mean together together. Is this just a dream, or has something beyond my imagination really occurred?

For the longest time it's just been the three of us. Back when we were kids, just eleven years old and starting to really understand the world, relationships were never complicated. Scratch that, I mean we had our shaky points as all friendships do (the two of them had terrible fights sometimes) but really everything was plain and simple. The three of us were best friends, the 'golden trio', the 'dream team'. And now oh-so suddenly it's no longer the three of us. It's the two of them… and me.

Do I sound bitter? I am happy for them, really. So what if I get a little jealous? You would too if your two best friends paid more attention to each other than they did to you. But what can I say? Perhaps I've gotten enough attention in my life already. Still, I wish we could hang out as much as we used to. I wish it could still be the three of us instead of them and me. It was all so sudden…

And yet… and yet there are times when it all makes sense. When they sit looking into each other's eyes, lost in their own little world without realizing it and with no desire to find their way back… how horribly romantic. But it's at times like those when I realize yes, this is right. And then I wonder why I never saw it before.

I hear some one call my name, startling me out of my thoughts. They call again, this time the sound is accompanied by footsteps. I know it's them, my best friends who-happen-to-be-dating, who else would it be?

"Come on, Hermione! We'll be late!"

I smile and nod, following them through the portrait hole. It does make me sad to see them walking so close together without me, but I can certainly still walk beside them.

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley… who would have thought?

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