Queen of Mordor.

By Seerandgel

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About 20 years after Aragorn is crowned King.


"My lord." The assistant healer bowed in front of the king's desk, "You are wanted in the House of Healing."

Aragorn looked up from the many papers on his desk and pushed back his chair, he had not heard the man come in he had been so engrossed in the reading of a political document. "Ah! Greetings Halbarad, how is your grandmother Ioreth, is it serious?" He asked as he reached for his every day crown off a velvet cousin on a near by silver and gilt chair.

"No Sire 'tis not my mothers mother, she is well, but please no need to come now, just as soon as you can." The messenger bowed again as Aragorn walked around to the front of the desk.

"Of course, she never gets sick. I will come now, any matter, most of these documents only need my signature," Aragorn waved a hand in the general direction of a stack of papers, "and they can wait for later, come man walk beside me and tell me why I am wanted. Is anyone badly hurt?" Aragorn moved to the opened door and ushered Halbarad out, he nodded to the guards and walked down the hall towards the House of Healing.

The man bowed and quickened his pace till his strides matched the king, the guards dropped behind them at a respectable space. Aragorn sighed, even after the many year of being king; he still wasn't use to guards following him everywhere. The came every where with him, every where, except into his own privet rooms and the House of Healing.

"…It was a young woman dressed in white that the Guard Bergil had brought to us. She is all well besides a few cuts and burses on her feet, that were bare footed I might add. I would not have bothered you because she had just only woken up. But her manner of talk when she asked for "Your King, Governor, or Highest Official, which ever one is nearest" and her way of movement reminded me of the Queen."

Aragorn pulled himself from his thoughts and heard most of what Halbarad had said, and seeing that he waited for his reply asked, "Ah, well thank you for bothering me, I needed the distraction, and where did you say the young Guard found him?"

"I didn't Sire, but he said he had found her a day brake this morning in a faint out side the outer wall."

Aragorn mentally rolled his eyes, he knew that Halbarad knew what outer wall he had spoken of and any other person in the castle would have known as well in a heart beat, but Aragorn had always had a bad sense of direction in cities in which he had not spent more then forty years in. And the ways he had taken as Thorongil would not be suitable ways for a king. So he asked, "Which outer wall Halbarad?"

Halbarad looked surprised, "Why Sire, I meant The Outer Wall," Aragorn could hear the capital letters in his voice, "You still do not know their names?"

Aragorn just sort of nodded, "Ah, yes, I fear that at sometimes, I have no clue what level someone is talking about. Forgive me."

"My Lord, there is nothing to forgive, for I was raised out in the country side away from the city, and this year will have made it my fifth year of living in Mina Tirith, and I move in and out more then you do, and I still get them befuddled helplessly." He replied tossing his hands up in the air with defeat.

They had reached the Main Doors to the House of Healing, Aragorn tried not to keep his privet study to far away from them, mayhap five hundred yards. With as few turns as possible. Halbarad held one of the doors open for the king and then followed him through.

The guards stopped out side the door, and stood one on each side, they had learned that the King disliked unnecessary delays, such as protocol to distraction him while he was Healing. So after all was said and augured about, it became an unspoken law that all Royal Guards stayed outside the House when the King went in.

"Over this way Sire is where she has been resting since this morning." They walked down a corridor with Halbarad leading, and then turned left to a shorter hallway, Halbarad stopped and stood in front of a closed door, "I must leave you here, Sire, for I have herbs I need to attend to."

Aragorn waved his hand in dismissal, "Very well, go on." As Halbarad bowed and turned to go, Aragorn thought of something, "Wait," the young Healer turned about face, "Halbarad, what is her name?"

"She gave us none Sire." With that Halbarad bowed then opened the door for the King.

Aragorn inclined his head to him in dismissal, and then closed the wooden door behind him.

His eyes went toward the bed first looking for the Lady that had summon him; the bed was not created for the eyes that was for sure, like many of the bed frames in the House of Healing, it was of rough hewn oak wood, good and strong, but not very pretty. The bed also had the same identical linen sheets like every other bed, they were dyed a dark brown, many who visited the Healing Rooms soon found out that it disguised blood very well, thus less people getting sick from the sight of their own and others blood, preventing many unneeded messes. The bed was made up neatly, but it was empty. On the floor beside the bed was a patch work rug of sheep skin.

He moved towards the single chair and small table in the room, they were backed up next to a wall, on the table was a small pile of folded Godorian clothes, a white comb made of bone and a tray of food, a sliced of fresh baked bread, it was missing it's crust, barley meal with cream and honey and a small jug of mulled cider, that was untouched, and the chair was empty. He fingered the clothes and touched the bone comb with a finger and noted that the barley was barely warm by the small wisps of steam rising from the bowl. He smelled something else besides the barley, cream and honey coming from the bowl, but he could not quite place it.

That left only the balcony as to where she could be. It was on the west side of the room to his right, and instead of a door leading out to it, there was a cloth hanging that had been pushed to one side. It signaled to him that the balcony was, in use.

"M'lady," the figure in white turned only slightly at the sound of his voice, it was a girl or woman, who stood up to about his shoulder. She was facing out ward over the city and had her back to him. Her long white blond hair was braided halfway down her back then forgotten to hang free to about four inches from the cobble stones, reflected the noon sun. The wind had pulled some of it out of the lose braid and it drifted around her like a halo of light. His eyes went to her feet they were bound with ripped linen. Other then her bound feet from the back side he saw nothing wrong with her, in the physical sense.

Her voice was soft and the word was in Common, "Hello." Aragorn had to strain to hear it, he walked to the edge next to her, and she turned part way toward him and looked side ways up at him, he almost gasped; she had the clearest sky blue eyes, just like his grandmother in-law. He swallowed then spoke in Common back to her, "I am Elessar, the King of Gondor, You requested to see me…?"

She took a step back and studied him from the thin circlet on his head to his sword at his side to his boots on his feet and back up to his crown. She tilted her head to him, keeping eye contact, "And I am Serenity, I am a stranger here, King Elessar, and yes, I sent for some one who was in charge, I'm supposing that you must have been nearby this Healing House" she waved her hand at the door leading in to the room. "And I hope that I did not interrupt any business that you were attending to." Her voice was slightly stronger as she said her name, and her tone had a strange but fitting mixture of respect, aloofness, grace, amusement and kindness to it.

"Lady Serenity," He tried the name out, seeing her satisfied nod he continued, looking her in the eyes, "I was not to far, tis my delight in helping those who are hurt most days I am Healer first, King second. Thus you interrupted nothing. And now I must ask you as a Healer, did you know of the breakfast sent to you?"

Lady Serenity sighed turning back to face outward over the edge of the balcony, then she nodded.

"Then why you did not eat?"

There was a small silence as she considered his question. A golden canary flew past them, and then turned in flight to land on the pale white hand Serenity held out for it. From a pocket Aragorn couldn't see she pulled a small piece of bread crust out to crumble in her palm. The golden flurry jumped to her finger tips to the middle of her hand, unafraid. It quickly consumed over half the crumbs, and then it leapt to her finger tips.

It stood there for a moment then wobbled slightly like a drunken man, Serenity placed her other hand to ketch him as he feel from her crumb dusty hand in a drugged sleep.

Cupping her now canary full hand she showed him to Aragorn with a little mirth by the look on his face, "I felt that I did not need any more sleep Your Majesty."

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