Legend of Zelda: 1776

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Summary again: It is the year 1776 in Revolutionary America and Link is a soldier in the Continental Army. After participating in the battle for New York he is injured and accidentally left behind for dead in the hurried evacuation. He is found by a rich Tory merchant living in New York and his beautiful daughter who nurse him back to health, but what happens when a romance forms that shouldn't exist. Zelink romance ahead!!

The year was 1776 and a major one at that in world history. Following the siege of Boston and the battles at Lexington and Concord, the Americans had signed their Declaration of Independence. The world was in shock that a backwards group of colonists would dare challenge the might of the British Empire.

It was August 20th 1776. In the first major battle of the war the British landed thirty two thousand troops in the regions around New York and moved against the American army stationed there under the command of General Washington. For three days they clashed in several places, Long Island being one of them.

Private Link stood shoulder to shoulder with his comrades, marching towards the sounds of fighting on Long Island. Echoes of musketry and cannon fire could be heard over the regimental drums which kept up a steady beat for the troops to march to. Link was eager for the fight ahead and shifted the musket on his shoulder around impatiently. He was an ardent Patriot, tired of British colonization. Ahead the sounds of fighting grew gradually louder. Smoke swirled around the battlefield obscuring much of it to Link's eyes. Offshore one could see the forest of masts that was the British Navy and the flashes that were the firing of cannon. Gouts of dirt were thrown into the air as the shot impacted against the ground.

"Halt!" the officer in command of his company shouted.

In front of them the smoke cleared revealing the carnage taking place. The American line was a wavering thing at best. In some places its ranks were broken and in others stubborn knots of men continued the fight. Just seventy yards away the British stood in stark contrast to the American forces. They stood in straight even lines, bayonets gleaming as they marched relentlessly forward. Where as the Americans had no real standard uniform quite yet and each simply wore what he did everyday, each of the British soldiers wore a pristine scarlet uniform jacket with white crossbelts and breeches. At the sight of this fearful war machine several of the men from Link's company bolted but not him.

"Take aim!" the officer in charge commanded, raising his sword into the air.

Link hefted his musket up to his shoulder and pulled back on the flintlock. Sweat beaded upon his brow as both the heat and tension of the situation got to him. Still, the British came forward undaunted by this new line of Americans in front of them.

"Fire!" the command came echoing down the line.

All along the line gray puffs appeared as the Americans fired their first shots of the engagement. Link pulled his trigger, seeing a red uniformed soldier ahead of him drop dead to his satisfaction. The American volley inflicted a fair number of casualties among the British redcoats but yet they marched forwards without pause.

"Reload!" the officer shouted with urgency creeping into his voice.

On the opposite side the British halted and a mounted officer unsheathed his sword.

"Take aim!"

As one body the British lowered their muskets to aim at the Americans.

"Fire!" the officer yelled out pointing his sword at the Americans.

A sheet of flame appeared at once and scores of Americans dropped to the ground some of them shot in the head and others clutching wounds in their bellies and other places. The British volley being fired all at once unlike the Americans had been frightfully effective. Right away the British began to reload and it was evident that they would do so before the Americans.

Link hastened to reload his weapons after discharging it the first time. Unlike their British counterparts the Americans were still largely undisciplined and each man reloaded and fired at his own speed lessening the effectiveness of the army as a whole. He tipped his powder horn over to prime the flintlock and finally was ready to fire again. Bringing up his weapon once more he yanked back on the trigger sending a tongue of flame out and striking one more redcoat in the leg. However by that time the British had finished reloading and had raised their muskets once more and fired again with the same results.

"Retreat!" the shout of one American soldier was heard.

"Save yourselves!" another shouted.

Trickles of men broke ranks and fled, and trickles became a flood as the American line crumbled. While some of the men such as Link still itched for a fight they could see that staying and trying to fight without the majority of their comrades would be a fruitless waste of lives.

"Charge!" the British officer shouted seeing the Americans in full retreat.

With a mighty roar the British surged forwards their muskets lowered and the sharp tips of their bayonets eager for blood.

Link fired one last shot before breaking into a dead run. Behind were hundreds of American dead which the British trampled over in their rush to finish off their quarry. Off to one side, Link saw a wood and decided that his chances of evading the British would be better off there. Changing directions, his powder horn thumping at his side he broke for the woods followed by a score of men who had the same idea. Behind him Link could hear the shouts of the British officer as he urged his troops on to follow the Americans who were fleeing.

His heart pounding Link ran as he never had in his life before. A whiz of a bullet and the crack of it as it impacted against at tree and sent up a spray of splinters only motivated him to run faster. Cracks of musketry were heard behind him as the British tried to pick off the fleeing Americans. Some of those who were not very quick runners fell pray to the glistening sharp bayonets of the British and gruesome screams were heard as bayonets were thrust into bellies and hearts.

Ahead, Link could see the end of the forest. Hopefully there would be other Americans there who could help him and delay the pursuing British. As he got closer and closer he heard the whinny of horses. Link thought to himself that there might be some American horsemen or wagons there that could help him flee the area. However as he and dozens of other Americans exited the forest they did not find American soldiers in their motley collection of uniforms waiting for them but instead the scarlet red of British cavalrymen with pistols and sabers drawn. The cavalrymen discharged their pistols first into the Americans and then charged into them, their sabers wildly swinging. All around him, Link saw his fellow soldiers being shot or stabbed, blood spurting from their wounds, their last dying gasps escaping their lips.

Suddenly, he felt as if someone had landed a sharp blow on his shoulder. Link toppled over and eventually fell unconscious hearing in the background the victorious shouts of the British.

After what felt like an eternity Link awoke from his unconsciousness, his shoulder still feeling as if it were on fire. He reached his hand back and touched it and felt a sticky wetness there on his shoulder. Looking around he only saw the dead bodies of the Americans the British having left him for dead and his comrades also in their haste to evacuate. Link tried to stand up only to fall down again as he discovered that his left leg was broken. He got to his hands and his knees and began crawling towards a road he saw in the distance. Hopefully someone would find him and give him a ride back to the Patriot lines. Crawling slowly along on all fours dragging his musket with him, he managed to reach the road in about fifty minutes. In the distance he saw a cloud of dry dust rising.

The dust cloud rose above the road to reveal a handsome carriage It was rolling along at a quick pace until the driver spotted the slowly moving body on the side of the road and stopped the carriage. The last thought that crossed Link's mind was that these might be some Patriot sympathizers who could return him to the Continental Army, before passing out.

The driver walked over to the door and conferred with the passengers inside. After a few minutes of deliberation two more people got out of the carriage, an important looking man dressed in fine clothes approaching middle age, and a young woman in a fine dress. With the help of another servant the driver managed to lift the unconscious young man into the carriage. After the young man was safely in the carriage along with his gear, the carriage wheeled about and headed off in the direction of New York, which was now being occupied by the British.

Authors notes: And so the first chapter is here! Hope you liked it a lot and hope that you will review. First Link and Zelda interaction will be in the next chapter, yay! On a different note I have started the next chapter of Legend of Zelda Freedom's Cry, expect that to be up soon.

Authors notes: And so the first chapter is here! Hope you liked it a lot and hope that you will review. First Link and Zelda interaction will be in the next chapter, yay! On a different note I have started the next chapter of Legend of Zelda Freedom's Cry, expect that to be up soon.

Authors notes: And so the first chapter is here! Hope you liked it a lot and hope that you will review. First Link and Zelda interaction will be in the next chapter, yay! On a different note I have started the next chapter of Legend of Zelda Freedom's Cry, expect that to be up soon.