Author's Note: This one's short but sweet. Just a little one shot short story I wrote during Global class rather than watching some gay movie. But hey, something got done.

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Warnings: slight spoiler for 'Kir'Shara'.

Summary: Trip thinks about T'Pol at the end of 'Kir'Shara'.


That Look In Her Eye

Sighing, I walk out of the turbolift. It had been one long day between stopping an interstellar war… dealing with the Vulcans… and worrying about the Cap'n and T'Pol.

T'Pol. Not there's a subject.

Scratching my head, I turn down the corner, heading for my quarters. Sleep.

Sleep sounds great… Then again, sleep's been impossible lately. Maybe I shouldn't have said no to T'Pol when she asked, I mean those session were like godsend. I always sleep great after them-

But Koss…

Just thinking about him makes me want to shutter. I mean, I only met the guy once, and he seemed all right and all but… he married T'Pol for crying out loud! They're married! T'Pol's married! I couldn't have her perform such an intimate thing- on me!- when she's married to him.

I mean, just look at what happened once. As great a night as it was- and as short… I don't know, sometimes it was kind of hard to focus on what we were doin' after that. God, that'd be bad if-

Turn, Trip, turn. You'd of ended up walking the entire ship, idiot. What am I doin'? Getting all messed up thinking about T'Pol. Come on…

T'Pol. She's married. God, I was at the damn ceremony and I still haven't processed it!

Everything I think about it, I just think about that look in her eyes. Right before she went out, when she kissed my check- I still can't believe she did that in front of all those Vulcans!- but there was that look.

She was sad, I could see it. Afraid even, I think. But mostly sad. It hurt more to see that than to see the ceremony. It hurt a lot more to see that than anything.

But I guess I never really thought that a human and Vulcan could make it work. What would my mom say? My dad! They'd both be… well I don't know. I just don't think they'd like it much.

And if we ever had a kid? I liked him and all- the one I met from the other Enterprise- but he was never raised on Earth or Vulcan, never somewhere that he- or she- would have been made fun of.

God, I was so stupid to think it could have all worked out… But damn… I wanted it to. I wanted to try, anyway. But I understand why she married him… for her mother.

Her mother who's dead now…

She was a good woman, I liked her. One of the few Vulcans I liked almost right away. But I… I feel guilty that I don't feel as bad as I should about her death. I almost feel like…

Damn! Her marriage was for nothing! It's not fair. But he was her choice-

Speak of the devil.

Slowing down, I can see Koss standing in her doorway, his back to me. I stop, hoping they don't see me. Don't know why. I can walk here if I want to.

It's just… I hope they don't see me. Well, I don't want Koss to see me. I guess I just don't want to test his memory, to see if he recalls that I was the Human hanging out at T'Pol's house that day.

Koss turns and walks away, I don't think he saw me.

But T'Pol looked up and caught my eye. There was something there, that little hint of emotion. That look in her eye. She wasn't afraid and not really sad, but… I don't know if she's happy about whatever he had said.

It was almost the complete opposite of what had been there before…

The door closed, hiding her inside her room. I just stood there, trying to figure out if I'd be welcomed inside or if I should just go…

Or maybe I was just waiting there to see if she'd come out. But she didn't… maybe she didn't really see me. Maybe I just thought she had.

With a deep breath I stepped forward… but I couldn't find the found the strength to hit the chime.

With another deep breath, I turned away from the wall, making myself walk away. I'll see her later…


See, I told you it was short. I hoped you liked it!