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Warnings: Many more spoilers for 'Kir'Shara'

Summary: T'Pol visits Trip in his room.


That Ever Beloved Eyebrow

"Ahh…" I let out as my head hit the pillow. Oh, it feels so nice to finally be able to relax. To just lay down and-

And then there was the chime.

Sighing, I swing my legs over the bed, forcing myself to sit up. "Come in." Oh, God, is that my voice? I sound so tired.

"T'Pol?" What is she doing here? Coming to yell at me for watching her with Koss?

"May I come in, Commander?"

"Yeah, yeah. Come in."

"You were preparing to sleep."

Always considerate, T'Pol. "Nah. I wasn't ever going to fall asleep, anyway. Come on, sit down."

What the-

I just patted the spot next to me on the bed. Yep, there's that ever-beloved eyebrow. I deserved it that time.

And she sat there anyway. T'Pol, in my room, sitting on my bed… and she isn't even doin' that cute thing to her nose when she smells me or another human. Now that makes me smile- she doesn't think I smell anymore.

She's been quiet for nearly a minute. That's… well I don't know if that a good or bad thing. But I do know that, if it's something that's been on her mind- something important- she usually stales if she don't wanna say it.

She looked at me with those big brown eyes. They're so void, so completely hidden from emotions. And yet at the same time, so beautifully colorful with expression-

Is she talking?

"-don't honestly know why I am here." Oh… I hope those first few words weren't important. "Koss came to see me, as you know."

"Sorry 'bout that, by the way."

Where'd that come from? Did I really think she'd be mad? But she just shook it off, thankfully not commenting about it.

"What'd he want?"

There's the glare. More words are just springing from my mouth. At least I know where that came from. I have a right to be jealous of him. She was mine first. Or, well, sort of… I know her better!

Oh right, she's talking. This I might not want to miss.

"Koss broke our bond."

"What?" Their what?

"We are no longer married."

"W-" What! What? Why? Who? Where?… whoa… I know those last two, and the when being a mere hour ago.

She just got- well, dumped, for lack of a better word- and she came to me? She came to me. 'Cause I'm the good friend with a shoulder to cry on.

"Yes. He said that… he understood I only became his wife to help my mother."

"So, he broke it off?"


All I could do was nod. I mean, what can you say when the woman you… you wanna be with tells you she just got divorced? What is there to say to that?

"So… so what does his mean for us?"

She looked away. That can't be a good thing… oh, yeah, breathe. That might be a good idea. Breathe… in and out.

But if she came here, after he… divorced her, to say that he divorced her, that's gotta mean that somewhere in her head- or heart- she wanted to say something about-

"I am uncertain… Trip. What do you want it to mean?"

What do I want it to mean? I want it to mean that we'll get together, that we can start over. Or start from an actual beginning. I want to go on a date; go to dinner; hang out. I want you to meet my parents and really see my world. I want-

"I don't know what I want, T'Pol." What am I saying? Oh, God, she looks hurt. Well, it's that look she had in her eyes the day she married Koss. Come on, Trip, fix this. Say something!

"All I know, T'Pol." Okay, she's looking at me, and with some hope. "All I know is that… that I want to spend more time with you. I want to stop feeling awkward when I'm around you."

I said fix it, not spill your guts to her!

"I do, as well." Well, that's a start. "It is late. I should go."

Go? "No!" Oops! My mouth just can't stop to wait for instructions! "I mean, ya don't have to go. I'm not gonna get to sleep tonight, I could use the company."

Whoa there cowboy! That didn't sound quite right. "Unless, of course you want to sleep, or something." That made it worse! "Uh, I mean-" Oh, shut up, nothing will correct that!

Wait! She just smirked! That was a smirk! She's smirking at me! "You smirked."

"I did not."

"Did too."

"I did not and I do not know why we are arguing about it."

"Because I'm right and you're wrong."

"Now there is something worth arguing about."

Now I'm smirking. That's my Vulcan! My Vulcan, I like the sound of that. "Ah, come on. You know you were smiling and don't dispute me."

"I am leaving now."

"Why?" There's that eyebrow again. It's really starting to grow on me. "Okay, if you must."

I gotta look like a schoolboy, smiling so as much as I am right now. But I don't care because I am escorting T'Pol to my door. My door to my quarters!

How did I wind up on my feet anyway? Great now the rest of my body isn't listening to me!

"I will see you tomorrow, Trip." God, I love the way my name rolls off her lips. I would have sworn she smirked again. In her eyes, at least.

"T'Pol!" What am I doing? Shut up mouth. She's turning around. Why'd I call her? "Would you like to have dinner... with me... tomorrow? Ah, I happen to know that Cap'n isn't going to use his mess."

There's the invisible smirk again. "That would be… agreeable."

"Nineteen hundred hours, then."

She said yes. We're having dinner. Oh my God…

What am I going to wear?


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