"There she is…"

Buttercup walked down the hall smiling, she knew that rumors would start flying around the moment she came out to the world. She knew the kind of chaos it would cause.

"The lezbo?"

Utter Chaos! She loved it. People would act a little different around her, trying not to ask about it to be nice. Some people would be cruel about it and call her names, she didn't care she was proud, no reason to hide, she was out, and damn proud of it

"Yeah that's her, she-"

"Cant be her."

"Why not?"

"She's a powerpuff girl, they're supposed to be, like perfect girls or something."

"Hey I don't mind a dyke walking around the school maybe I can get in some action, know what I'm saying?"

Mitch was talking about it to one of his other friends; he was still the same kid just with x rated jokes. Just a teenage version of a stupid little brat who would never get tired of boob jokes. He had been the one to start calling her a dyke at the beginning of their senior year; she didn't deny it and after some time finally confirmed it, beautiful chaos.

"Dude, she's a Lesbian, LES-BI-AN! You're a guy… any questions?"

"Maybe I can watch."

She came and stood behind Mitch who didn't see her, his friend did however and shut up quickly unable to tell Mitch to shut up in time.

"Come on man, Pay up you owe me ten bucks. I told you she was a dyke and I won the bet." He held out his hand to his friend who's face looked absolutely horrified as he stared pasts his shoulder. Mitch turned to see a smirking girl of 17 looking at him. She wore a green top that had a black cats face on it and the words "bad cat." Her purse was that of a small black cat with yellow eyes. Her black boots came up to the top of her shin but he didn't see that thanks to her black leather pants. Her black hair neatly framing her face making her look a bit evil, Mitch gulped


"Save it Mitch, I don't care what you have to say so relax. What's our history homework I missed class yesterday."

"Page 297 to 304 and do the questions on page 305 including the essay question" He said quoting word for word what the teacher had said earlier that day. Turned out Mitch was some kind of genius with a photographic memory so he passed all his classes by reading the book as soon as they got them. The boy barley ever lifted a finger to study ad only did the homework to pass. "By the way, Buttercup, What was it today?"

She smiled remembering the fight it had been a good one that day, "Get this, Ninja aliens from beyond the stars, pretty good fighters but I still kicked their butts."

"Nice! That sounds so cool; I wish I had seen it. Oh well another thing for the books" Mitch planed on being a writer and with all the monsters and villains he got a lot of ideas, he had already published a best selling book, about teenage super hero's. "What's with the cats?" He asked gesturing to her bag and shirt.

"Well incase you may or may not know I have a thing for pussy." She said jokingly, all three of them laughed and went on to there designated classes. Good thing it was the last class of the day, although it was geometry. Just as the teacher Mrs. Robison was explaining the side, angle, side postulate the guidance counselor pulled Buttercup out of class and into her office and sat her down on the comfy chair.

"Buttercup? Is there something wrong, I heard some rumors and just want to know if any of the kids are giving you a hard time?" Buttercup laughed inwardly taking her time explaining to the teacher that it really didn't bother her and not to worry as her infamous temper had somewhat cooled down over the years, these days she was more in to watching chaos unfold then being part of it, though she still loved a good fight. She watched the clock and about five minuets till the end of the class told the teacher she better get back to class. With pass in hand she headed back to class to wait for the end of the day bell.

She waited for her sisters in the lobby; she saw the pink that was blossom coming down the hall with an armful of books. Today she was sporting her pink and gray horizontal stripped sweater, and white pants with pink laces, and her usual black shoes, with black stockings today. Her hair pulled back but in a flat wide pony tail that went over her shoulders, no pink bow atop her head. Down the other hall came the blue puff in what could only be called a naughty school girl outfit, it was innocent enough that she didn't look sleazy, and her naive innocence was just amusing. She had no idea that she was making heads turn with the short blue skirt and form fitting top. Her hair in long pig-tails coming from the sides of her head, she too sported black shoes, clog like in appearance with long white socks. In three steaks of color they flew home.

"So," Said Blossom trying to be inconspicuous and failing horribly at it. "How was your day?" Bubbles started to answer but was quickly shushed but her red haired sister who then looked pointedly at Buttercup. "Oh." Both puffs knew of their sister's preference but didn't know how other people would react to it. They were afraid of their sister's anger on the more close minded populace of their school.

"It was fine went pretty good actually, I even got out of geometry because the guidance councilor wanted to "talk about it," pretty funny really." Blossom could hide the relief from showing on her face and bubbles just smiled knowingly, she had told her sister that everything would be fine, and everything was fine, as fine as fine could be.

"I am so glad it's Friday; I can lie down and relax for a while, and not have to worry about doing homework for two days." Buttercup said as she hung up her school bag and purse in the front closet.

"You should really do your homework first thing after you get home from school, even if it is Friday." Chided the pink puff, who was currently pulling out a note book and trigonometry book, she sat down at the kitchen table and started to work. "And my day went smoothly." She said smiling. Bubbles followed suit and pulled out her history book and started writing an essay on some war or another.

"Feh," Buttercup scoffed before she went to lie down on the couch to watch TV. No one noticed the pink cloud that started to swirl in the doorway, Him smiled as he materialized in between the kitchen and living room. He crept behind Bubbles, who was closest and looked over her shoulder at her book.

"You know," Said a high pitched voice in Bubble's her making her jump out of her seat. "I started a few of these wars; I could tell you what really happened." He leered in what seamed to be a suggestive manner. The girls all jumped to their feet and alert. Buttercup stepped through the door behind Him and leaned against the wall ready for a fight. Him turned to her and smiled. "Buttercup, just the person I wanted to see, let's talk." He smiled creepily and walked into the living room sitting on the black couch. He patted it with one of his claws, "Well, I'm waiting." He looked up at her, Buttercup looked at her sisters and all three puffs walked in cautiously expecting a trap at any second.

"What do you want?"

"What I want is to talk to you, silly girl" He laughed, "And not your sisters, now run along girls, shoo!" He shooed them away with his claws as he spoke.

"What makes you think that I would trust you?"

"OH!," he said putting a claw to his heart, "You wound me with you cruel words! My hearts weeps with sorrow." He put his claws on his hips and gave her a stern look, "Look Buttercup I solemnly swear as the evilest of evil that I am not here to cause any harm...to your family or you."

"That doesn't mean anything to us, your evil that should be reason enough to not trust you." Blossom stated as she glared at the demon who had stared preening him self.

"Et tu, Blossom? I just wanted to talk of certain rumors that have been flying around lately."

"Oh, alright fine. Girls go finish you homework." Blossom and Bubbles left but not before giving Him a curious glance first, he just smiled cryptically at them.

"Good, now girls no fair using your super hearing!" He said never looking back at the door.

"We're not!" Came Bubbles reply followed by an, "OUCH! Opps sorry blossom." Buttercup rolled her eyes and Him just waved a claw so they couldn't hear what was going on. Buttercup sat on the couch a cushion away from Him and crossed her arms waiting for him to start.

"So," He began rather awkwardly not knowing what to do, he quickly composed him self and started again. "Welcome to the SPGPSG we here at the SP-"

"The what?"

He sighed, "The SPGPSG it stands for the Super Powered Gay Pride Support Group. I started it and I am currently the only member, until you came out that is, all super powered persons that are homosexual are automatically in it whether they want to be in it or not." Buttercup sat there with a neutral look on her face.

"You know now Mitch owes me five dollars, I always told him you were a fruit. Is that all or is there more?"

Well she certainly taking this a lot differently than I imagined, Thought Him. He preened his fluffy attire before answering her; something he knew annoyed her a great deal. "Well? If you need any support I am here to talk and if anyone tries to give you a hard time just speak to me and I'll arrange….something." He said grinning a little at the thought of how many different ways of vengeance there actually were. "Also, there is a great little dance club in Citysville that I started and I get a surprisingly large amount of people there, I can let you in should you get the urge to party with some of your own crowd."

"A club? Is it like open today, cause I got nothing to do tonight and that sounds like fun. Can you bring me tonight I am just gonna wear what I got on right now, ok. Do I have to wear makeup? I don't wear make up at all. I guess I don't have to because it's a dance club so-"

"Slow down!" He said holding up a claw, "It is open today, and I guess I could bring you, "at this he smiled evilly," on one condition."


"I get to pick out your outfit and do your make up!"


"Oh well, toddles!" He said as he started to swirl away in a pink cloud of smoke. As quick as lighting her hand shot out and grabbed his. The smoke disappeared and he smirked at her. "Yes?"

"Fine." Him was grinning sardonically. He twirled his claw and Blossom and Bubbles suddenly found themselves sitting on the floor in their living room.

"Girls I have a mission for you, run up to Buttercups closet and find me her best out fits for clubbing and get me some make up"

"Make up don't you have your own?" Bubbles said eyeing the blush on his cheeks.

"For her!"

"You got her to agree to wear make up?" Blossom and Bubbles were looking at Him with something akin to awe. "How? We've tried everything bribery…"


"Trying to do it super fast so she won't notice…"

"I even tried to put some on her when she was asleep!" Bubbles admitted. "She woke up and that hurt." Buttercup sent her a glare from the couch but said nothing.

"Sometimes, girls you have to have the right thing to bribe her with. Now go" They did and soon returned with almost nothing, they had a few green shits and some leather pants and some make up from blossoms vanity. "Why, Buttercup I never knew you were into leather! This is simply fabulous! But you don't have nearly enough for me to choose, we are going to have to take you shopping."

"I hate clothes shopping! Can't you just magically make something appear? That would be a lot better and quicker!" Buttercup groaned from the couch.

"Not if you want to go! It is so much more fun to shop anyway."

"Where is she going and why?" Blossom asked concerned for her sisters well being. So Buttercup hastily explained the SPGPSG to her sisters and Him had to assure and reassure that she would be perfectly safe and under his care, and that in retrospect didn't help the Puff's fear for their green eyed sister.

"The Sip-gip-sig?" Bubbles said after a few moments, "I've heard of that place, that's that dance club in citysville isn't it?"

How do you know about it?" Him asked surprised that she knew of it.

"I sounded out the letters for your group thingy and it sounded familiar and then I remembered Mike talking about going their a few days after he turned eighteen." She didn't think it was that funny but Buttercup burst out laughing.

"Mike?" Bubbles nodded, "Mike Believe? That kid?" Again Bubbles nodded. "That's so funny! I guess we know why that other imaginary friend he made looked like that!" Even Blossom couldn't resist smirking, in tenth grade he had accidentally made another imaginary friend who looked and acted like a male stripper. The friend had been even more powerful because it could be seen by everyone, not just him, it was quickly deposed of though and the incident wasn't forgotten but no one thought anything of it other then that Mike was a little crazy.

"Perhaps I should make him part of our little group, he's even been to my little night club." Him said thoughtfully. Buttercup was still snickering and Bubbles was still thinking about what was so funny, she was a very smart girl but didn't pick up on things like that right away. Blossom sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Come on guys, let's go." Him waved a claw and they were at the mall. "Well that was certainly faster then flying here." Blossom laughed. They all walked over to the clothing stores. All the summer clothes had just come out so they had a wide variety of brightly colored things to choose from. A women walking by glanced at Him and ran away screaming.

"Nice to know I still have that effect on women." He said grinning devilishly. "Good Thing I go after men, but I guess I've got to change. He closed his eyes and before the girls could blink a boy about their age stood before them. He had pink hair that went a little below his ears, grey eyes, a fluffy pink poet's shirt, and tight black leather pants, his shoes were simple and black. Blossom and Bubbles couldn't stop gawking at him. Buttercup smiled, the boy although beautifully masculine had somewhat feminine features, and curves.

"Impressive, I think I'd almost go strait for you." Buttercup said appraisingly, "Almost, being the key word." They grinned at each other for a moment then buttercup turned to her sisters, who were composing themselves, Blossom looked very flustered, but the blush in her cheeks was quickly fading.

Him, to his credit didn't say anything to the girls about their reaction, although he did make sure that if they walked behind him he walked in a manner as to show off his derriere.


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