Authors Note: The Mathew Shepherd thing on the door is just my little tribute to Mathew Shepherd. He was a brilliant boy who happened to be gay. While in a gay club he was tricked by two guys who told him that they were also gay. They brought him to a field and tied him to a fence and beat him and left him for dead. He died in the emergency room.

Mike left the club, glad that Buttercup hadn't noticed his odd behavior. He sighed tucking the bottle back into the bag. He hated doing it but it was the only thing that kept his powers in check. He was running low though. "Oh well," he said to himself. "I'll just have Mojo whip up some more. I just wish it wouldn't make me so loopy all the time." He paused and shook his head. "Mike stop talking to yourself." He was tired so he went home hoping his mum wouldn't notice that it was past his curfew.
"Wow Buttercup you look like a heroine addict!"

"Bubbles! Don't say things like that!"

"Well, look at her, she forgot to take off her eyeliner so it ran, so she looks like a heroine addict from all those shows."


Buttercup opened her eyes and rubbed them, the pillow was the first thing she saw and noticed that it had black smudges on it. "Aw, man, now I have to clean this up." She got up and floated half heartedly to the bathroom. She washed her face but couldn't for the life of her get the eyeliner from underneath her eyes.

Buttercup rubbed her face furiously with the wash cloth until she rubbed a hole right through it with out noticing. When Blossom walked by the bathroom on her way downstairs she noticed this. "Here," she said handing the green puff a Q-tip. "It helps." Before leaving the pink puff threw the ruined towel into the trash can.

Buttercup used the Q-tip to clean the eyeliner off of her face. She made sure to get all of the make0up off of her face, lest anyone know of her looking girly for a night. She then went to the bedroom the three puffs shared and changed her pillow case so the professor wouldn't notice the smudges. Tired she went downstairs to eat with her sisters.



"You really should do your homework you know, that way you won't have to worry."

"I got all weekend!" The green puff said tiredly. Her red haired sister just shrugged and shook her head knowing it was a losing battle. Buttercups Saturday was uneventful, the professor slept late as had come home late the night before after working in the labs. Blossom was glad that there was a new breakthrough it meant that Mojo would be occupied and not attack the city. The monkey was a handful but, thankfully, would want to risk missing out of the new experiment and wouldn't commit any crimes…for a while at least.

Bubbles and Buttercup stayed up late that night playing video games. Bubbles had gone to bead around eleven but Buttercup opted to stay up trying to beat the game that night. It wasn't till her sisters came down for breakfast that Buttercup realized the time. She saved the game and was about to go to bed when the hotline rang. The girls fought against a giant turtle like monster for about an hour before it retreated back into the ocean. Exhausted Buttercup headed for bed while her sisters went off to do other things.

The alarm clock went off signaling another morning of school.


"Buttercup! That is so not what I want to wake up to!" Blossom scolded her sister, who was flying out of bed in a panic Buttercup had to forgo breakfast in order to complete her morning homework. "That's what you get for not doing it earlier. Honestly if you had listened to me this wouldn't of happened" Blossom said while eating her cereal. Buttercup said nothing and tried to figure out if she would have time to eat lunch and finish her afternoon papers as well.

The first thing buttercup did when she got into school was find mike to collect the bet money. The second thing she did was run to class five minutes late. When she got to lunch she reached into her backpack to pull out her lunch and found nothing. It normally wouldn't be such a big deal but if she flew home to get it she would loose that much time from her school work even with super speed. Lunch in her school was way to short, stomach growling she pulled out her work and started to write. She wrote the first sentence but before she had time to write the next she saw her own handwriting swirl into someone else's.

Want to go have lunch with me?

Next to the words was a little picture of a red claw just incase she couldn't guess who was writing to her. She figured the best way to reply was to write back.

Can't I have to finish homework.

You should of listened to your sister.

That is creepy. What, do you spy on us 24/7?

Know thy enemies.

Still creepy, now leave me alone I have to work.

But I know a great little place by the sea!

Home work! Please leave me alone unless you want to do my homework for me!

What will you give me?

Are you serious?

Aren't I always?

To this Buttercup had to laugh, which made it very awkward as she burst out laughing apparently for no reason in front of everyone, luckily only the people around her noticed but it still was embarrassing. Everyone at her table gave her a funny look. She looked down at her paper Him had written again.

I'm bored!

Watch TV or something let me finish this!

To Buttercups surprise the writing swirled away but before she could start her paper again the ink surfaced back up into a paper written in her handwriting for her class.

"There, done are you happy now?" Buttercup looked up to see a very smug looking demon sitting at the other side of a table that wasn't anywhere near her lunch room.

"Him? Where are we?" Buttercup said putting her now finished papers in her bag.

"Twenty thousand leagues under the sea." Him replied idly handing her a menu and looking over his own.

"Ha ha, very funny but really, where are we?" In response Him pointed to a window behind her. Buttercup gasped as she looked out of it at the landscape below. They were really under water. Things were glowing strangely lighting up paths in the darkness of the ocean and she could see fish swimming around. "Oh my god."

"Well I'm glad to see you finally acknowledge me for the greatness that I am" Him said somehow managing to preen himself while looking over his menu. Buttercups response was to roll her eyes and look back out the window, still a bit shell shocked at the site.

(A/N)Get it! Shell shocked! … Because they are under the sea and sea things have shells.. Get it HA HA HA HA HA

(A/n) I realize that this is not funny….but at least gave it an effort! lol

While Buttercup was distracted by the window a waiter came over and spoke to Him in a strange swishy sounding language. Him replied and asked Buttercup what she wanted; she mutters something and Him told the waiter that she would have the same. With that the man left, witch was a shame because Buttercup would of found him as interesting to look at as the underwater world. He was pale, the kind of pale you only get from centuries of your species evolving in darkness. He had purple lengthy fingernails and purple tinged gills on his neck. His eyes were huge, black and despite their size managed to look a little beady.

"So? Is this place not fabulous?" Him said happily. "Atlantis is nice if wasn't for the heat."

"Atlantis! Holy crap Him, Blossom would flip if she knew about this…wait, heat? Its freezing in here." Buttercup said, noticing the chill for the fist time, underwater had that effect; you know the cold, murky chilling one, yeah that one.

"Exactly, there is no heat in this place what so ever. Usually makes me irritable but luckily I ordered us both something hot."

"What did you order anyway?" Buttercup asked suspicious of the now grinning demon across from her. No mater what he was doing he always seamed to be leering. It gave him a look that he was always thinking something naughty, and well he probably was.

"Don't worry, you'll love it." Buttercup rolled her eyes and looked around at the restraint, for that's what they were in, goers. Most of them looked like the waiter whom Buttercup didn't get to see, they varied of course on paleness and how much purple they were tinged with, but Buttercup got the general idea that they were the atlantians.

She looked over and saw a pool of water seeing a woman leaning out of it laughing with one of the underwater people. Buttercup could only assume it was a laugh, she seamed to be grinning but with her long pointed teeth anything could have been a grin. She had greenish skin and was not quite as pale as most of the people around her. Her hands were webbed and each finger held a long sharp talon. She reached behind her grabbing a fish that was in the poll and slit it open with one of her claws and then unceremoniously swallowed it whole.

Buttercup noticed that these people seamed to adapt to swimming which made sense. The seamed to be aerodynamic and their fingers were a bit wider giving them an almost webbed look, but not quite making it, a webbed-hand by product, if you will. The were tall and lean with strong arm and leg muscles, the women did seam to retain their breast from when they were still more human then fish, so Buttercup had to assume the men also had all their parts, although for all Buttercup knew they laid eggs like fish. They didn't, but Buttercup didn't know that.

The was of the building were rock and coral, but the window didn't seam to be glass, just some sticky clear substance, Buttercup touched it and found it cold and gross feeling. "Cool," was her response.

"I wouldn't do that, you don't know if it will hold. They have to coat it every twelve hours or so." His said watching her take in the sight of the place, he was amused that the awe stuck expression on her face.

The waiter came back with a plate of what looked like steaming green mush and two glasses full of what looked like water. Buttercup looked at the plate skeptically but Him dove in, so to speak. The green puff took a sip of her water, which tasted….clean, and pure. "Glacier water," The demon provided noticing her giving the water a strange look. "It's very clean and in my opinion the best in the world. The green stuff is sea weed; it's the only thing down here that's actually cooked since most of the people here prefer live or raw fish." Buttercup grimaced. "The seaweed is cooked with lots of things giving it a really great flavor, as I think it is rather bland with out anything."

Buttercup lifted her fork and put it in the seaweed but hesitated to put it in her mouth. "Oh come on don't be chicken, you silly girl." That did it, Buttercup was many things but she was no chicken, with out further ado she shoved the forkful into her mouth. It was surprisingly good, the texture was squishy but not mucky and the flavor was plantie, with a salty flavor, but not too salty. Buttercup didn't know what to think of it, but it wasn't too bad so she continued to eat.

Him and Buttercup bantered over lunch about nothing in particular. "I'm telling you it would be beautiful. Everyone's hair a shade of Pink or read or pink with read polka dots." Him said excitedly. Buttercup disagreed telling him that only Him and possibly Blossom would like all that pink. Lunch was over quickly and Buttercup soon found her self back in her school cafeteria.

She picked up her book bag as the bell rang and started to walk to the door but stopped as she noticed everyone was looking at her. "Buttercup! What did you do?" Blossom asked from behind her.

"What?" Buttercup asked irritably. Everyone was staring at her head. "Oh you didn't" she said running out the door into the bathroom with her supers speed. She looked in the Mirror and discovered her hair was indeed what she had feared. Pink! But the demon didn't stop there little red flower shapes were there to. Looking closer she realized that they were buttercups. She felt it, the amusement filled the room before the pink smoke did announcing the fiend that did this to her.

"HIM! How could you do this? What could of possessed you to do this? I'm gonna kill you!" She lunged at Him, that is to say her brain told her body to move forward but she couldn't move a muscle.

"What? I told you it would look good didn't I? The little Buttercups I through might have been to much but now that I see it I think it is perfect." The demon leered at her grinning like a maniac.

"Take. It. Off. NOW!" She said through clenched teeth.

"Now if you had said please I might of complied girly, but I think I will just leave it in a week and then come back to see how polite you want to be then." The Green puff gaped at him.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed as she disappeared in his swirl of pink smoke and glitter.

"Buttercup you have some glitter on your shoulder dear, and take your bag off your head." Mrs. Rush told Buttercup as she entered the classroom. Buttercup groaned as she wiped away the glitter angrily. Then she sat in her seat and took the bag off of her head. She let it fall onto the table with a loud Thud as soon as she heard the roaring laughter of her classmates. She vowed revenge on that stupid demon. Once she got her hands on him he was going to rue the day he messed with that green eyes girl.
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