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Summary: Xover with Gundam Wing. When Treize and Zechs appear from the sky during a Quidditch game there's mass confusion in Hogwarts, especially since both Harry and Draco are swearing blind they saw them die a month ago. A Harry is Heero, Quatre is Draco fic, 1x6x13, 3x4x3, 2x5x2, RxD.


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A Place In Time

So long ago, another life

I can feel your heartbeat

It's not a dream, remember us

I can see it in your eyes

We'll find our place in time

A place in time beyond the sun

We'll find our place in time

A place in time to call our own

A Place In Time – Amanda Abizaid

Chapter 1

Despite the cheers from the Quidditch stands as the two seekers hurtled after the snitch everyone heard the roar of engines and saw the two… robots…? Plunge towards the ground.

It appeared that this was one of the few things that could shock Albus Dumbledore, this became evident as he shot to his feet, mouth open in shock as the Gryffindor and Slytherin seekers exchanged glances before turning and tearing towards the two suits. Harry's arm shooting out to grab the snitch as he tore past it before throwing it to the blonde next to him who caught it without even looking at it. Draco dropped it in the lap of an extremely surprised professor Snape as the two broomsticks shot past him with the speed of a bullet.

After casting a quick spell, to insure that his remaining students stayed within the Quidditch stands, Albus was sprinting down the stand's steps and across the grounds after his two seekers at a surprising speed considering his age.


When he arrived towards the landing site he froze in astonishment again, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were talking urgently before they stepped back and each cast a quick charm, instantly the school robes disappeared and were replaced. Harry now wore tight blue jeans and a green tank top and Draco a pair of black jeans and a white dress shirt.

Their appearance was stranger though. Harry's eyes had turned a rich cobalt colour and had an oriental slant to them; his hair was lighter and his skin golden brown. His expression was schooled to be completely blank and when he shot a warning glare towards the headmaster, telling him in no uncertain terms to stay out of this, he could see the promise and knowledge of death and everything no fifteen year old should know.

Draco's hair had turned a wavy mass of blonde and his eyes were a deep sapphire blue, he looked warmer and friendlier than the Slytherin had ever looked, despite the weapon he was now holding in his hands.

Several teachers stepped forwards but were quelled by glares from both teenagers who exchanged glances, conferring silently before each stepped up to one of the machines.

As they hit a release catch on the 'feet' of the two machines, two bloody battered figures fell out of the compartments that just opened over their heads. One of the figures was tall, with ginger hair, he was wearing a blue military uniform and his face was streaked with blood, as was his clothing. He was conscious enough to twist in the air to protect his body as much as possible before the impact. He started as his body was caught and placed gently on the floor as the blonde teenager flicked his wand easily, one look up at the saviour who was now holding a gun to his head and the man struggled to his knees, smiled softly and bowed his head awaiting the inevitable.

A similar situation had played out for Harry except his prisoner was wearing a grey coat and long blonde hair streamed out behind him as he fell, until Harry caught him and laid him gently on the ground, following the blonde's lead.

He turned, keeping his weapon trained, to the pureblood teenager beside him and arched an eyebrow.

"If we have to answer questions so should they." The answer to the unspoken question came with no small amount of humour but there was no mistaking the steely and deadly tone to the voice.

An inexplicable nod later the Boy-Who-Lived turned back to his captive and spoke softly, without any of the emotions that usually accompanied a human voice, it was though a robot was speaking and many of the teachers flinched, still held back by Albus' warning hand, waiting to see what was going to happen.

"If either of you can give us a reason for us to spare your lives…"

"Neither of us want to kill you like this." Draco spoke up next, his tenor voice as cold as ice. "Both of you are too honourable to die on your knees as such, you both should have warriors' deaths, we will kill you however… If you give us no other option.

The blonde on his knees before Harry opened his mouth to speak but started to cough uncontrollably, flecks of blood landed on the grass but the teen holding him at gunpoint watched impassively.

"Oh sweet Merlin." The whisper from Minerva McGonagall was near silent but it seemed that all four in front of her heard it, neither Harry or Draco moved but something about them changed, it was clear that they'd heard her murmur.

"I can't give you a reason." The voice from the ginger haired man was weary but aristocratic and refined, even on his knees. "I deserve death for my actions, I can only ask you to give me a warrior's death even though I know I have not even the right to ask for that. I will ask you for Milliardo's life though, he was acting on my orders and then as he though best to save humanity… And I apologize if we've blown your cover, both of you."

"I…" The blonde man broke of as another coughing fit over came him, "I deserve whatever end you give Treize, even less than him, I have no excuses for my actions, just empty apologies that come too late."

"Pretty words, even in death."

"Indeed," Draco whispered softly, "true aristocracy even till the end." He sent a look towards Harry who nodded even as he waved his wand with a whispered 'stupefy', neither man flinched and then they collapsed, almost in unison.

They each levitated their captive towards the school gates, through the stunned crowd of teachers.

As they started up the steps towards the infirmary Draco's laughing tones were heard, "I take it we're not killing them yet then."

"As you said, if we need to answer questions so should they."

"Trust you to consider death preferable to questioning."

"Ever been questioned by Lady Une?"

"Fair enough."

A faint laugh reached their ears and the teachers exchanged glances before splitting up, the Slytherin and Gryffindor house heads following their wayward students and Albus Dumbledore, the reminder set off towards the Quidditch pitch, not looking forward to the questions but trusting they would get an explanation later.

End Chapter 1

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