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A Place in Time

Chapter Fourteen

Albus made the announcement at breakfast on the Monday morning.

"And I'm sorry to have to inform you that Harry Potter will not be joining us this year due to a rather brutal training schedule in preparation for the war. I assure you he's perfectly fine." At the Gryffindor table Ron and Hermione were staring at him with expressions that said they would be discussing this later, he stared right back at them, looking them straight in the eyes until Ron turned away and Hermione blushed. " On another note though, all meals following this one will be served in your common rooms. The Great Hall is out of bounds from nine this morning until further notice. I apologise sincerely for this but there is no other option"

Flames lit behind him and he turned. "Dorothy, Relena," he greeted the new arrivals as the exited the fireplace gracefully. "How may I be of assistance?"

Relena smiled. "Just dropping off a few presents for the boys Albus. A few gifts from the Lady."

Albus nodded and inclined his head towards the door. "Please."

Relena nodded back graciously and exited, Dorothy following her a split second later, a sardonic smile tracing her lips.


"Hello Mill." Relena smiled at the man who was looking at her groggily. She stroked a finger lightly over his forehead, brushing the blonde strands aside.

"Hey," he croaked.

She beamed and reached for the ice chips that were by the bed, spelled so they would never melt.

"Feeling better?" He nodded and she glared at him until he closed his eyes to make a more thorough inspection of his physical condition.

Surprise came over his face as he concluded the self-assessment and realised that he actually did feel 'fine'.

"I'm alright Relena," he grimaced at the feeling in his throat and coughed to clear it. "I'm just a bit tired."

"Which means you're exhausted," Relena translated. "Honestly you're all the same." She shot an annoyed look at Heero who was looking over some paper at the desk, glancing up every so often in amusement.

True to her words though his eyes fluttered a second later and he was once again sleeping. Relena turned to the nurse, who had stood back as Relena spoke to him. "How is he, really?"

The nurse turned to Heero, an unsure look on her face. He nodded.

"It's fine, she's his sister."

Satisfied, the mediwitch nodded. "He's doing very well actually, they both are, much better than I would expect." She frowned. "It's almost as though they are influencing each other's healing. He," she indicated Zechs, "seems to be taking his enhanced healing ability and applying it to both healings. They haven't woken up together because only one ability is genuine but I would guess that they'll both be awake properly within the next couple of days, if not less."

Heero ducked his head. "Perfect timing," he mused as he deliberately and loudly cocked the weapon Dorothy had gifted him with before she'd moved over to Treize's bedside. She was currently muttering something under her breath that seemed to be directed towards her cousin and was ignoring Relena and Heero entirely.

Relena frowned at him. "Shouldn't you be with the others?" She winced at realising how that sounded but knew that Heero wouldn't take any offence at her question.

Heero shook his head. "I'm not needed right now. Trowa has taken the Tallgeese for the moment and Quatre, Duo and Wufei can handle the Epyon alone." He shuddered. "Quite frankly I would be extremely happy never having to lay eyes on it again."

Dorothy shuddered too, finally halting her quiet monologue. "I don't blame you Heero. Who knew my cousin was an evil genius."

Heero eyed her. "He's not evil Dorothy. Trust me, I've seen evil and Treize is not it…" He paused to allow that to sink in and for Dorothy to look slightly guilty then he smiled. "Personally I've always though the label 'mad scientist' suited him more."


As it turned out Madam Pomfrey's predictions were correct. The next day Zechs woke up long enough to actually have some watery soup and Treize's eyes fluttered for the first time.

The pilots had long since decided that one of them should stay with the injured men at all times but it was just typical that he would be the one left when Treize finally deigned to grace them with his presence or at least Duo thought so anyway.

Typical for Heero, Wufei and Trowa to be off giving some of the Order a crash course in muggle weaponry leaving him to take this shift, considering that he was going to be teaching a class on explosives later that afternoon.

Quatre was supervising the house elves as they fed bits of the Epyon and Tallgeese through the fire. Even with the elves it was long and tedious work but Quatre seemed to get on with the elves better than the rest of them other than Heero.

Nevertheless though this had left Duo on his own with a disorientated General who thought Duo was trying to kill him. It was possible he didn't even remember the final battle. Zechs had remembered his threat against the Earth but not the landing at Hogwarts afterwards, who knew what Treize would know.

The General in question groaned and Duo pressed the button to call Madam Pomfrey trying to both keep an eye on the ginger haired man and not startle him at the same time. Heero would never forgive himself if anything should happen to his lover.

"Treize," he whispered softly as Poppy Pomfrey appeared in the doorway looking tired but alert. Instantly she stepped forwards and started checking vitals, her wand moving back and forth so quickly shooting forth multicoloured sparks that Duo doubted he could ever decipher.

Pale blue eyes cracked open minutely but they were wide enough for Duo to see the beginnings of panic in them as Treize registered his presence. He held up his hands in the surrender position. "It's okay," he whispered, still unsure as to why he was whispering in the first place. "I'm not trying to kill you, I promise." Important things first, after all.

Treize looked confused suddenly and Duo smiled tentatively but his eyes fluttered closed again and Duo nearly had a heart attack before Pomfrey was able to assure him that Treize had simply fallen asleep once more.

Trying to hide his sigh of relief Duo fixed her with a level stare, asking the same question Heero had asked every day since Zechs had first opened his eyes.

"Can they be moved?"

Her eyes flickered from his violet ones to the men and then back again. "Give them until tomorrow at least," she requested.

Duo turned back to the General after her departure. "Perfect timing Treize," he murmured. "By an astonishing coincidence tomorrow night's D-Day… so to speak"


Heero had returned shortly to relieve him and had given the braided pilot a thankful nod as he ran his fingers through Treize's hair.

Duo eyed him curiously and turned to leave. "Duo…" Heero spoke suddenly. "I'll be leaving for a short time soon, I'll be back tonight."

Duo nodded sharply and left.


Despite it being nearly four am by the time Heero returned all of the pilots were awake to see him.

There was a long silence before Duo chanced the question he didn't even really need to finish. "Heero…?"

The Wing pilot nodded once and Duo closed his eyes, so they were on.

Glancing around at the others he could see the familiar spark shining in his eyes that he knew must be in his own and knew they were feeling the rush of relief that he was feeling. The relief that came from knowing that soon it would be over, one way or another and the adrenaline rush that accompanied it.

Really there was nothing else in the world quite like this feeling.

Quatre snapped his fingers and a few of the house elves appeared. "Hello Dobby."

Dobby smiled, a rather sedate grin considering his usual manic expression. "Master Draco!"

"We'll be leaving shortly, you know what to do."

Dobby nodded and then bowed deeply. When he raised his head Duo could see the tears dripping form the end of his nose. "Yes Master Draco, good luck."

With a crack he and the others had vanished.

Quatre turned to the other pilots. "Get some rest, long day tomorrow." With that he waved a hand and a double cot appeared. Not even bothering to change he clambered into it, Trowa following after a split second.

Exchanging glances with Duo, Wufei copied Quatre's actions and Heero curled up in his customary position, on a conjured cot between Treize and Zechs' beds.


'This was the main part of war really,' Wufei mused as he surveyed the small room the next afternoon.

It wasn't honour and glory, cheering crowds, pitched battles and people waving banners. It was a few people saying goodbye, fully aware that they'd probably never see each other again.

As it was they hadn't quite gotten to the goodbyes yet but that wasn't the point.

Right now he, Duo and Trowa were facing professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape, waiting for Heero and Quatre.

Albus sucked in a breath as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy walked out of the room. Aside from the flight suits they could easily have been the students he had watched grow up.

Draco turned to Harry and gave a cruel smirk. "Nice knowing you Gryffindork."

Harry glared back. "Slimy Slytherin!"

They both laughed, tiredly. "Christ we were young," Draco observed.

Albus stepped forwards, hand outstretched. "Hello Mister Potter, Mister Malfoy."

"Hello Professor Dumbledore."

"This is it, isn't it?" Minerva choked the words out and Severus looked at them both sharply.

Harry nodded and Severus stood. "In that case I think you have more goodbyes to say than to the people in this room."

Trowa threw a small bundle at him and opening it up Harry quickly pulled the robes over his head. For a split second Harry looked as though he might protest but then he gave Draco a small nod and he turned and left the room.


Quickly making his way off the grounds Harry apparated to the entrance of the Burrow. He knocked lightly, half hoping that no one would answer.

He was disappointed. No more than a second had passed before the cry of 'just a minute' reached his ears and a few moments after that the door was opened and a familiar, smiling face appeared.

"Harry, dear!" She sounded absolutely delighted to see him. "What on earth are you doing here? Ron said you'd gone away for training. Don't just stand there, come in. Do you want as cup of tea?"

Swept inside in a wave of kindness and hospitality Harry almost didn't even realise they'd reached the kitchen until he was being ushered into a chair and presented with a cup of something hot.

Slightly startled he realised he'd never really quite gotten used to the ultimate motherly presence that was Molly Weasley. In fact, he felt just as flustered now as he had the first time he'd met her. Just after they'd landed a flying car on her door step.

Despite himself he smiled at the memory as she offered him a plate of biscuits.

"Thank you," he murmured as he took one of biscuits and she beamed at him.

"Always so polite. It's no problem dear."

"No." He held up a hand to stop her. "Thank you, thank you for everything. Thank you for accepting me, thank you for taking me into your home. For…" he broke off, his voice thick. "Thank you."

Her eyes misted. "Harry."

"I'm sorry…" he whispered.

She pulled him into a hug that shocked him though he knew it shouldn't.

"Oh Harry." She gently stroked his hair. "This isn't right, children should be kept out of a war."

He remembered her reaction to meeting the pilots not so long ago and felt happier by the realisation that her aversion to children fighting did not just extend to those she didn't know were 'destined' to fight.

But he could see her preparing for an explosion and he spoke quickly to forestall her. "I agree completely but I'm not a child, I haven't been one for a long time." Her eyes blazed and he held up a hand. "No, listen to me. I'm not a child, I wish I was but I'm not… and neither are the people Albus brought to the meeting the other day."

That stopped the rant. "How do you know about that!" She sounded completely stunned.

Taking a chance and a deep breath he changed and she was left staring into cobalt blue eyes in place of emerald green ones.

"Harry?" she breathed. "What in Merlin's name…"

"They weren't children and neither am I, we're agents and we're going to stop him."

"You're a child."

"I am not a child," he hissed. "No one who has seen the things I have could ever be considered a child. I should have been a child but we both know there was never really a chance of that." He deflated suddenly. "Thank you for trying to give me something of a childhood.

"Mrs. Weasley… I just wanted to say thank you and that… I'm happy, really happy. I…" He breathed in. "I found someone, well, someone's actually and I'm fighting for them now. That's why I'm going to win."

Suddenly the sound of the front door opening reached them and Harry Potter was sitting in the chair once again.

Arthur Weasley walked into the room and Harry relaxed, holstering the weapon he'd drawn automatically.

"Harry, my boy!" He sounded confused but pleased. "Great to see you. What may I ask is that fascinating object?"

Harry smiled, some things never changed. "It's a gun Mr. Weasley though I think this is one muggle gadget you should stay well away from."

Arthur looked confused but nodded. "If you say so, what are you doing here?"

"I'm going for training sir, just here to say goodbye."

Arthur looked sad. "You're not the boy I took to the Quidditch World Cup anymore, are you?"

Harry shook his head. "No."

"What happened to you?"

Harry chuckled suddenly. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you sir… But never mind about that. I'm just here to say goodbye and thanks for everything. Love to… love to everyone. You're wonderful people, both of you and I'll never forget what you did for me, no matter what happens."

He kissed Molly Weasley on the cheek and shook Arthur's hand and was gone with a pop before they could say anything.

Molly's eyes lit. "We have to-"

"No." Arthur's hand on her arm stopped her. "Not this time."

There was pure fury on her face as she spun. "Arthur!"

"No! He's grown up, can't you see that? Whatever happens now our world is in his hands, that's what the prophecy says."


"And," he continued pointedly. "I couldn't feel safer."

She sagged, leaning on the table for support. "He didn't even finish his tea…" And with that she started to cry.

Her husband hugged her tightly. "Good luck, Harry Potter," he whispered under his breath. "May Merlin defend you."


Making his way towards the Gryffindor common room Harry was struck by just how bizarre the situation was. He couldn't even count how many times he'd made this journey and this was the last time… he couldn't help but feel a bit nostalgic.

Catching sight of Ron and Hermione sitting by the fire as he entered he shot pointed looks at the other students who quickly decided they had somewhere else they urgently needed to be.

Hermione looked up as he approached them and a number of emotions flitted across her face.


Ron spun. "Harry mate?" The redhead was on his feet in a second and punched him in the arm lightly; lucky for him Harry had been expecting it. "Thought you were off doing your exclusive training."

His voice was hurt, Harry flinched. "Sorry about that. It's kind of a new thing. I've just come to say goodbye, before I leave I mean."

"We should be going with you!" Ron snapped. "We've been with you since the beginning, why should this be any different?"

Harry shook his head. "No one who doesn't need to be fighting should be fighting. It's not your job."

"It shouldn't be yours either." Hermione's voice was calm.

"I know but let's not kid ourselves."

She sighed. "But what are you going to do about your exams?"

He smiled, he couldn't help it, this is what he'd miss. Conversation with people his age who thought about things other than how difficult the last mission had been. But listening to it she just sounded childish, guess he couldn't have everything.

"I guess they'll work something out," he answered finally.

She fixed him with a piercing glare and then she was hugging him tightly. "You're hiding something, she whispered in his ear. "But I know you'd tell us if you could. Good luck with whatever it is."

He hugged her back, tightly. "Thank you Hermione."

He fumbled for something in a pocket suddenly and handed a note over. "Give this to Hagrid would you? I'd give it to him myself but just in case I don't see him…"

Hermione bit her lip but Ron nodded. "Will do, mate."

"Be careful," Hermione blurted.

"I will be," he promised. "You be careful too, it's been fun, just remember that the world's not black and white."

They both looked confused but nodded.

"How long have you got?" Hermione asked softly.

"Not long, I should be going really." He knew the time but checked his watch out of habit.

Hermione nodded. "Okay then, see you."

Ron grinned. "What she said. Any idea how long this training thing's gonna be on for anyway?" Harry shook his head. "Well, have fun then. Don't forget us," Ron joked."

"I could never forget you two." The words were completely sincere and something of that must have shown in his face as their faces grew more serious. He spun before he could say anything else.

He'd left letters with the elves that would get to them later, he only hoped they could forgive him.

He wouldn't want them to die hating him, they were a part of his childhood he could never get back but treasured all the same.


Everyone looked up as he re-entered the room.

Draco smiled at him before he turned back to the headmaster to continue their discussion and asked a question that had obviously been disturbing him for some time.

"Why did you never say anything?"

Albus looked confused. "Excuse me?"

Draco shook his head. "I know you knew. The headmaster is tied to Hogwarts herself. We were careful but there is no way you couldn't have known about us. Why didn't you say anything?"

Albus smiled slowly and sadly, his eyes sliding gently shut before opening again. "Oh my dear boy. It was simple. I trusted that you both knew what you were doing and I was right." Draco blinked, surprised. That wasn't the answer he'd been expecting. "And right now," Albus continued. "I want you both to know that no matter who you are or what you've done I've never been prouder of either of you."

Draco's mouth opened slightly as he sucked in air, stunned by the admission, he was saved by the arrival of Remus and Sirius.

Duo checked his watch. "Time?" Harry asked sharply.

"We should be leaving soon."

Sirius reacted suddenly, grabbing his godson and pulling him into a tight hug. Harry froze for a second before he buried his face in the fabric of Sirius' robes.

"So," he murmured as he eventually allowed Harry to pull away, "What's the plan then?"

"A raid," Harry answered after a few seconds of silence. "A time tested plan. Break in, set charges, wait for the explosions and then do what we came to do when they're distracted. Take advantage of the confusion to take out the Deatheaters and then go for Voldemort. We'll set up an anti-apparition ward to stop him simply disappearing and go in guns blazing." He gave a cold smile. "Literally."

Everyone was staring at them.

"That's the plan?" Remus gaped. "You're insane!"

Duo grinned manically. "I quite like it, easy to remember."

"You're trying to get yourselves killed!" Minerva shouted. "It's a suicide mission."

To everyone's surprise Duo burst out laughing. "Oh for God's sake don't tell him that! He'll go in, determined to prove you right, and come out alive and very annoyed." He paused. "On second thoughts tell him that as much as you want, everyone tell him that."

Harry rolled his eyes. "Oh come on! How many times has that happened?"

The other pilots exchanged glances.

"I've got seven," Duo offered.

"I've only got six," Wufei complained.

"You got jumping off the cliff?" Duo asked.


"Arrival at earth?" Trowa offered.

Wufei shot him a withering glance. "Of course."

"How about-"

"Okay!" Harry shouted. "I get it."

"Are you even scared?" Sirius asked, horrified.

"Of course he's scared." Draco snorted. "He's insane remember, not stupid."

Remus blushed. "I don't mean-"

"Nah," Duo interrupted. "Don't bother, you were right. No one could go through what we have and still be completely right in the head. We've got a good balance now though, it works for us."

"How do you even know where the base is?" Severus asked softly.

Draco smiled at him. "Thanks to you actually. Using the information you gave us we managed to narrow his hideout down to a few locations and Trowa did a sweep in the Tallgeese a few days ago after we'd updated the cloaking technology slightly. He found it and we kept an eye on it, they're still there. Or they should be anyway."

Harry turned to them suddenly. "You do know you don't have to do this, right? This isn't your war."

All four pilots stared at him.

"Tell me," Duo pleaded after a moment. "That he didn't just say that."

"Sorry Duo," Wufei answered. "But he did."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Duo exploded. "You're right, this isn't our war but you're nuts if you think that's why we're here. We're not loyal to the wizarding world you idiot! Not even Q's loyal to it and he grew up here, it screwed him over too you remember. But you were sent to us for a reason Harry and we're loyal to you. We fight for you at your side. Besides," he calmed down fairly quickly. "Where would you be without us there to watch your back?"

"Let us come too," Sirius asked. Harry shook his head without hesitation.

"No, I know them, I know how they'll react, how they fight, how they move. I don't know you, I don't know any of you. It'll be the five of us against the enemy, just like it's always been."

"I like those odds," Wufei grinned fiercely.

A thoughtful look came over Duo's face. "You wouldn't, by any chance, be a betting man headmaster?"


"Sorry, sorry," he grumbled. "Just asking!"

Sirius still didn't look happy. "Harry…"

"Sirius… just make sure Treize and Zechs are ready to leave. No matter what happens, alright?"


"No. No matter what happens to us I want them home tonight." He hesitated. "And I want you two to go with them."

They froze. "What?" Remus whispered in disbelief.

"If something happens to us which is highly likely then someone needs to explain it to them. What have you either of you got here other than each other?"


"Sirius, no matter what happens people will still look at you as Sirius Black, the Sirius Black. Even if they believe you didn't betray my parents or serve Voldemort you're still a Black.

Sirius looked shocked. "How did you…?"

Harry waved a hand dismissively. "It wasn't that difficult to find out. But even if they can see past that you'll still be a man who spent twelve years in Azkaban, they'll think you're insane and by all rights Sirius you really should be."

He turned to Remus as Sirius reeled from receiving such a pointed assessment of his life from his godson. "And Remus, you're a werewolf. No magic in the future means no transformation, ever again. Look, you don't have to decide now but think about it, okay?

"If you do decide to agree though, make sure you're ready to go. The house elves are clearing our rooms and our possessions are being collected in the great hall. Sally will be arriving soon with any magical items that belong in this time. Thank you by the way Headmaster for declaring it off limits.

Albus, who had been quiet for the majority of the conversation, recognising the fruitlessness of words in a situation that was already decided. "It was the least I could do Harry, the very least."

Harry checked his watch. "Right then, time to get ready. Oh, and just so you know, I'm killing Voldemort and anyone else we come across. You get to deal with the rest. We've given the Order some training in muggle weapons, that should give you the advantage of surprise. You'll manage."

Albus nodded. "Good luck, Mister Potter."

Harry shook his head. "I was made for war Professor, I won't need it."


"Okay," Duo decided. "The cliché villainness of this place is really making me miss the classic Ozzie bases. Seriously, who has dungeons these days?"

"Just set the charges," a terse voice ordered through the radio.

"Jesus 04, stressed much? You know what you get when you turn 'stressed' around? 'Desserts', we'll get you some chocolate when we get home, you'll be fine."


"They're set, they're set. Honestly, I am a professional you know."

"02 please," Harry's voice came over now. "I know it was easy to get in but I daresay they weren't expecting people to parachute in. Let's not let our guard down just because people arriving in a plane flown by magic hadn't crossed their minds."

Duo rolled his eyes, "I have infiltrated bases before you know."

"I know, but this is different, just keep quiet, okay?"

Yeah, yeah."

"Two minutes to get to the hall," Wufei's voice came through suddenly, "I suggest you get moving."


Harry arrived first and he was left with a few seconds to muse how, when he'd been dreaming of killing Voldemort when he was younger, he'd never really imagined this. Then again, not imagining breaking into the base with four terrorists and surprising the Deatheaters with explosives while he took out Voldemort using the weapons he knew best probably wasn't that surprising.

You would think he would know better having lived so much of his life in the muggle world but he'd fallen into the same trap the wizards had. Not even considering contemplating that every problem didn't have to have a magical solution.

What he'd always thought about was more along the lines of a battlefield that looked like something out of Lord of the Rings. Both sides facing off and then charging at each other.

He'd been living in a fantasy world, there was no way this war was ever going to be fought on an honourable battlefield.

He felt a presence at his shoulder and sheer familiarity told him that it was Trowa.

An invisible arm reached out and gripped his shoulder, the green eyed pilot didn't say anything, he didn't have to.

Duo was not so quiet.

The cloaking devices that they were wearing, modelled on Deathscythe's shield and then boosted with magic, disguised radio communications too. Apparently the braided pilot was more than willing to take full advantage of it.

"01, 04 and I are rounding the corner."

"Acknowledged 02, 03 and I are already in place. Any word on 05?"

"Coming down adjacent corridor now 01, ETA is fifteen seconds."

"Acknowledged 05, approximated time till explosion is 45 seconds."

Those last few seconds were the worst and when Duo began to whisper "five, four…" It was almost a relief.

They all flinched in anticipation, no one else on the base was as fortunate.

The screams started a second after the bombs had gone off and bits of the base started to collapse.

Someone shouted something near to where they were and they all froze until the voice was cut off sickeningly.

Silently the pilots counted as the doors opened and several Deatheaters rushed past them then moved forwards as one.

The four Deatheaters who had been left to guard Voldemort were quickly taken out, tiny pieces of metal being so much harder to avoid than the beams of green light that the Deatheaters favoured.

Voldemort's eyes widened and he stood up quickly.

Harry pushed the door shut with his foot and stepped forwards, removing the shield as he did so. "Apparition won't work Tom."

As Voldemort turned Harry noticed Pettigrew disappear under a cloaking device and he smiled in approval.


"Hello Tom."

If possible the grip Voldemort had on his wand tightened even further but other than that he didn't react.

"How did you get in, my base is sealed from all forms of detection and apparition?"

Harry smirked slightly. "I flew through the air with the greatest of ease," he responded sardonically.

Voldemort smiled, it wasn't a pleasant expression. It was cold and not completely dissimilar to the one Harry was wearing.

"You're alone?"

Harry frowned. "What do you mean 'alone'?"

"I mean without any ministry agents, without your Gryffindor's, without your precious Dumbledore and without even your godfather."

"Then yes, I'm alone."

Voldemort was growing more confident now, "So that's what this is, a last ditch attempt. Finally broke didn't you, did you even tell anyone that you were coming?"

Harry was silent.

Voldemort chuckled. "I thought not."

'Come on,' Harry prayed silently. 'Come on, hurry up!'

"Shall we finish this then Potter, have this over and done with once and for all? Just the two of us."

Harry nodded, still waiting. "Okay."

Voldemort shook his head mockingly. "Such a foolish Gryffindor, well, you'll be wish your parents soon. They thought they could stand against me too but even they were not as stupid as you. I have over fifty years of experience in the Dark Arts and more years of study. What do you have?"

There was a burst of static in his ear and Harry had to wonder for a split second if they'd simply been waiting for the most dramatic moment. He fired before he could assess that thought in any greater detail though.

Voldemort fell backwards, the superior smile still on his face.

Harry stepped forwards and fired again, the bullets slamming into the skull of the creature that had once been human. Blood, bone and membrane splattered the floor.

"That," he answered the question as he picked up Voldemort's wand and snapped it, watching as the Phoenix feather fell to the ground and a shrill note was heard.

Voldemort's personal shield spell had failed, just like he knew it would. Who would have thought that, just like magic could halt electrical energy, electrical energy in large enough amounts could disrupt a magical flow?"

The trick had been keeping him distracted enough that he wouldn't notice.

That hadn't been too difficult though, the spell only lasted a second. Working in tandem with the other four pilots Duo had performed the spell and sent him the warning a millisecond before Harry had fired. That had left enough time to let the bullet travel and enough time to allow the electricity in the air to dissipate so the other three could perform the spell to trap the essence of Voldemort's magic that had allowed him to survive the last time he'd been 'killed'.

From the look of the angry red glowing substance in the vial in Quatre's hands as he removed his shield they'd succeeded. Pettigrew was curled at Quatre's feet, unconscious.

There was a loud crack from above suddenly and they all looked up. It seemed that their second's disruption of the only thing holding this decrepit building together had been too much for it. A large chunk of the ceiling fell, narrowly missing Wufei's foot.

Duo dodged a falling piece of wall and Trowa vaulted as part of the floor sank. They exchanged glances and apparated away, the ward having been removed as their disruption had taken hold.


Walking back to Hogwarts from Hogsmeade it was Trowa, surprisingly, that said it, "was it me or was that extremely anti-climactic?"

Heero snorted. "You're telling me. Five years of my life have been building up to that!"

"He deserved to die just for the cliché's though," Duo muttered. "I half expected him to say 'Harry, I am your father'."

Quatre smacked him smartly on the arm and Wufei rolled his eyes, slinging an arm around the other boy's shoulders as he did so.

The movement caused Pettigrew, who was floating along beside them cloaked and unconscious, to crash into a nearby tree but no one minded particularly and the rest of the journey was made in silence.


They didn't meet anyone on their way to the Great Hall, it seemed Albus had kept his word about sealing it. They slipped inside and Wufei let the cloak surrounding Pettigrew drop, allowing him to plummet to the floor as he did so.

Sirius and Remus looked up at the thud. Sally barely spared them a glance, preoccupied with her patients.

Zechs was sitting up, Treize was sleeping peacefully.

"Heero?" The blonde sounded confused. "What's going on?"

Heero's eyes darted. "Why don't we discuss this at home?"

"Excellent idea!" Duo proclaimed. "Just a little unfinished business first… Sirius, Remus."

Heero propelled the fat, balding, little man forwards to land at the two men's feet.

"I believe he is more yours to kill than mine."

The two men didn't look at each other, didn't need to and the certainty of their actions reminded Heero of the way he would act with the other pilots. They just stepped forwards, wands raised.

The timing was perfect. Pettigrew opened his eyes just in time to see his two former friends step forwards and speak the two words that would bring his end in unison. "Avada Kedavra."

The green beams him together and he was dead instantly.

"Right then." Duo nodded. "Now that's done, are you coming with us or not?"

Now they were looking at each other.

"Yes," Sirius responded finally. "But not because there's nothing for us here. Because you're in the future."

Heero looked stunned and, after a quick glance at him it was Quatre that spoke.

"Are you sure? We won't be coming back you know. We can't afford to have anyone doing this for the wrong reasons."

"Merlin," Sirius mumbled. "First they're trying to convince us and now they want rid of us. Yes, we're both sure. Besides…" He tiled his head towards Treize and Zechs, the latter of whom was looking rather alarmed at being involved. "I think we'd both like a chat with these two gentlemen."

Quatre's remark had directed Remus' attention to his hand though. "What's that?" The werewolf nodded at the glowing vial.

"Voldemort," was the quick answer.

Both Marauders drew back in horror.

"It's okay," Heero reassured them quickly. "He's existing in a purely magical form. As soon as we reach the future he'll disappear. Completely obliterated." He looked worried suddenly. "It was explained to you what you'd be giving up, right?"

"Yes," Remus assured him hurriedly. "I imagine it will be different but life's all about new experiences."

"Do you have everything you want to bring?" Trowa asked.

"All our valuables went through earlier when the last of your possessions were being shipped. You're not the only ones who have been busy. Not that we can top killing Voldemort but still…"

Duo nodded. "Right then." He turned to the others. "Let us depart this building and time."

He and Wufei were the first through the fire, Sally closely following them with Treize. Zechs paused as Heero made to go through with him and placed at hand on the younger pilot's shoulder for a second.

The message was clear, 'you have unfinished business here. Don't worry, I'll see you soon.'

Remus and Sirius were next, they glanced around before grinning at each other.

"After you Mister Padfoot." Remus bowed slightly.

Sirius pranced forwards gracefully. "Why thank you Mister Moony."

Trowa shot a look as Quatre before he took stepped into the flames, calling out his destination.

Quatre shot a glance at Heero. "You got your will in order?" Heero nodded. Quatre looked around one last time. "You gonna miss it."

Heero surveyed the room too. Considering what the wizarding world had done for him. Considering what it had done to him. He could see the place where he'd first sat immediately after being sorted and the place he'd sat the last morning before a teenage terrorist from the future had been downloaded into his brain.

"Yeah," he admitted finally. "But I'll miss it less when I'm gone and I won't miss it enough to want to stay."

Quatre gave a tired smile as he stepped forwards. I know how you feel."

As he vanished Heero was left alone. Gently he touched a hand to the stone wall. "Goodbye," he whispered softly and then he straightened, walking into the flames without hesitation.


Five minutes later Albus Dumbledore tested the door to the Great Hall, when it opened he knew they were gone.

He stepped forwards and froze as he caught sight of Pettigrew's body.

Perhaps this wouldn't be the correct place to have the press conference after all.

He whispered instructions quickly to Minerva McGonagall and a few minutes later and the assorted members of the press and ministry who had arrived for Albus' announcement were being led away to one of the offices.

They would be told that Voldemort had been defeated once and for all by Harry Potter, who had given his life in the struggle, and by Draco Malfoy, who had stood at his side until the very end only to die there.

It wasn't even a lie. Harry Potter was dead, that's why Heero had fought with his face one last time. After that battle it was over, one way or another.

The lit fire caught his eye and he paused as he turned to leave.

"Good luck, Heero Yuy." He whispered softly to a boy eight hundred years away.

And with that he shot a spell at the fireplace, sealing it permanently, breaking the link between their times. From this end anyway. Just in case he was ever tempted.

Finished, he left to address the press and ministry leaving the ashes sparkling in the dying embers of the fire.


AN I know the fight scene was quite short but in order for their plan to work it wasn't possible to make it longer, or at least I couldn't work out a way. The entire basis of the plan depended on them being able to finish quickly and before he noticed.

I hope the scene with the Weasley's was realistic but when I was writing it I kept thinking about the fact that they've been conditioned since Voldemort was killed the first time to think of Harry Potter as their saviour. To see him as the one who's going to save them this time won't be too much of a stretch, especially if Albus has told they that it's destined.

Besides that they probably honestly think he's coming back, as far as they know he's just off for training, the same with Ron and Hermione.

Hope you enjoyed it.