A/N Just a short one shot about what happened after Rhade insults Trance

Harper stood behind the bar, looking around. Everything was in place. The hole in the ceiling from the Rhade and Beka bar fight, that everyone had joined in, was now finally fixed. About half the tables were full. Beka and Rhade were sitting at a table, recently joined by Doyle. And there were drunks everywhere. To Harper, all was good.

"How did Harper get the bartending job?" Beka asked.

Rhade just shrugged, looking at his water.

"He killed the old bartender for trying to kiss him. Then he took the job." Doyle said.

Beka choked on her drink. "What?!" she asked coughing. "Are you serious?"

"No, I was trying to make a…joke is it?" Doyle said smiling.

Beka looked at Rhade eyebrows raised. "Ok. Harper will be proud."

"I think so. Now if you will excuse me." Doyle said getting up and walking away.

Rhade and Beka sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"Rhade?" Beka asked.

Rhade grunted.

"Um, about your kids and wife…" Rhade looked up slowly.

"I knew telling you that would come back and bite me in the ass." He muttered.

Beka smiled slightly. "Yeah, you know me. How…how did they die?" Beka you bitch! She thought to herself.

Rhade had a faraway look in his eyes for a moment before saying "They did in an explosion. There were terrorists on Tarazed. They were angry because they believed that the isolationists were trying to suppress their beliefs. We had it all sorted out in the end, but not until after they had blown up many of the Isolationist leader's homes. Including mine. I had to stay late at work that day. I should have been there, I…"Rhade broke of here, his voice cracking. "I should have been able to save them."

"Rhade, there was nothing you could have done. If you were there you would have died too."

"Yes, but maybe I could have gotten them out."

Beka looked at him sadly. "I'm sorry I asked."

"I'm not." Rhade said looking at her. "At least now it feels like you care. It seems like you actually want to know what happened."

"Yeah, about that. You see I didn't really like you."

Rhade snorted. "And you do now?"


"How kind."

"No one accused me of that. Besides, I have to learn to like you if I want to get off this planet."

"I'm flattered."

"Stop, you are sounding like Tyr."

Rhade's head shot up sharply. "Excuse me?"

"Those are typical Tyr responses. If this is what this place has done to you, I suggest a refund."

"I see."

"Yup. I have to go now. See you later."

Rhade rolled his eyes. "so I am Tyr now." He muttered. "Just great."