Hi! Welcome to Book 2 of Universal Roadtrip!

Summary: Thanks to the phone booth, Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Helpare now in Dimmsdale. Soon after arriving, a bunch of rabid Chip Skylark fangirls chase them to Timmy's house. Meanwhile, after a horrible day, Timmy finds himself wanting to wish for a big brother. The two groups meet, and become friends. But many mysteries remain. What's going on? Why was Jazz acting so wierd? Why is Timmy acting so nervous? Why am I asking YOU all these questions? Read to find out! Story much better than summary. DP/FOP crossover.

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Disclaimer: I don't own FOP or DP. I do own Help though.

Chapter 1:Where am I?

"Where am I?"

"Danny, that's the fourth time you've said that," Sam said. "And I don't know where we are. This looks like a normal street, but we could be anywhere. We need help."

Instantly, Help popped up. "What do you need?" she said.

The three turned around. "How did you open?" Tucker said. "We didn't press the button."

"Haven't you noticed my name?" Help said. "It's Help. When you say 'help', I help. So, what's the problem?"

"Where are we?" the three friends said together.

"Hmm…I guess I'm allowed to tell you that. You're in Dimmsdale, California, which is about 500 miles from where you live."

"California?" Sam said unbelievingly.

"COOL!!" Danny said. "But-why are we here?"

Help looked to the sky and sighed. "I can't answer that. There are some questions I'm not allowed to answer, and the one you just asked is one of them."

"Well that's limited," Danny said, slapping his forehead. "Hey-maybe we can ask those girls what's going on." As it turned out, a bunch of girls were walking by, chatting excitedly. They were all wearing pink shirts (When Sam saw this, she screamed "AHHH!!! MY EYES!!" and covered her eyes) with the words 'I WUV CHIP' on them.

In my mind, there are two types of fangirls besides closet and open: the kind that thinks anyone that looks even a little bit like the person they're crazy for is that person, and the kind that can recognize the person through excruciating detail. Did that paragraph make any sense? Yeah, I knew it didn't.

Unfortunately for Danny, these fangirls were the first type. So when one of them saw the three (Help had closed herself in fear), she started screaming and pointing at Danny. "Omigosh," she said, "IT'S CHIP SKYLARK!"

Danny stared at the girl. "Chip? Are you nuts? I'm not Chip!"

The girl didn't hear him. "Hey- he's with another girl," a different pink-clad girl said, pointing at Sam. "It's obviously his girlfriend! Oh no- Chip Skylark's got a girlfriend- AND IT ISN'T ME!"

"Or me!" the other girls chanted in unison.

"You know what this means, right?"

"Right," the other girls chanted. Instantly, they grabbed ropes, torches, and pitchforks from out of nowhere. "KILL HER!" they screamed- and lunged towards Sam!

"Run!!" Danny screamed. Tucker picked up Help (the InfoDisc) and the three made for the phone booth. Except that the booth wasn't there.

"Help!" Tucker said, and the hologram popped up. "Where's the booth?"

"It disappears when it's not needed."

"But we need it now!" Tucker said. "Those girls-"

"I don't know the extent of the TeleTransport's technology," Help said. "The inventor-also my inventor- he-"

"Yeah yeah," Sam said breathlessly. "Now how do we escape?"

Help smiled. "Think fast!" she said, and then closed herself, leaving the three to escape the girls themselves.


Meanwhile, in a nearby suburban house, a couple was ready to go out, leaving their ten year old son with a babysitter. But the kid seemed slightly reluctant to be away from his parents.


"Timmy, yelling will do you no good," his mom said. "Now, be good for Vicky while your father and I just stand two feet from the house and do nothing."

Timmy looked bewildered. "What? That's the stupidest excuse for leaving me with Vicky ever! Well, besides the one about making dinner, but-" Too late. Mr. and Mrs. Turner were gone, and Vicky was holding a broom handle to his back. Life was normal.

An hour later, after a humiliating run-in with a toaster, Timmy limped up to his room and slammed the door. When his pet goldfish saw him, they disappeared- and turned into what looked like humans, except that they had 'wands, wings, and floaty crowny things.' They were Cosmo and Wanda, his fairy godparents.

"Sweetie, what happened?" Wanda said.

Cosmo stared at Timmy wide eyed. "Ooh Timmy, your legs are all brown!! YAY! You're turning into CHOCOLATE!! Dweeh!! Can I eat you?"

"No!" Timmy said. "And today was horrifying! I got an F, Francis pounded me to tears, AND VICKY MADE ME PUT MY LEGS IN THE TOASTER!!! Its days like this I really want a big brother. Cosmo, stop eating my pants." At that moment, Cosmo had been trying to eat Timmy's brown colored shoes. Wanda quickly poofed Timmy's legs back to normal. "Why do you want a big brother?" she asked.

"It'd be great!" Timmy said. "He'd love me, have fun with me, and most of all, he'd protect me!! I wish I had-"

"Sorry Timmy, but according to Da Rules-" Wanda said as Da Rules appeared in front of her- "We can't modify the amount of people in families. All those people we conjured actually existed! We also can't conjure people out of thin air. That's unfair. And even if we could, it would be permanent. If you got tired of him, we wouldn't be able to change it."

"Yeah," Cosmo said, munching on some chocolate he poofed up for himself. "It may sound cool, but having an older brother is a pain! He'll probably hate you, he'll hog your wand, and worst of all, HAND-ME-DOWNS!!"

"Cosmo, you don't have an older brother," Wanda said.

"I don't?" Cosmo said. Trying to ignore the two fighting, Timmy flopped onto the bed, trying to think…and think…

Five minutes later, Timmy forgot what he was thinking about and started playing mindless video games.


Meanwhile, Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Help (sort of) were running from the crowd of rabid Chip Skylark fangirls. "We've gotta find shelter!" Tucker said. "Quick- that way!" He pointed to a suburban home with satellite.

"Won't we annoy the residents?" Sam said.

"Don't care!" Danny said. "This is a life and death emergency!"

Help popped up, even though nobody said the word 'help'. "And even if we weren't being chased, I would've wanted you to go in there anyway."


"Umm…because…well, it looks inviting, doesn't it?" So the three (Help doesn't exactly count, because she's a hologram) ran into the house, raced up the stairs (Vicky was sleeping) and into the nearest room.

Tucker shut the door behind them, and all three breathed sighs of relief. We're safe now, they thought. Then they saw what was in the room.

It looked like any little kid's room: TV, at least one video gaming console, closet with a Crimson Chin poster on it, a bedside stand (where two goldfish were swimming around in their bowl), a chest of drawers, and a bed.

And speaking of a bed-on the bed, there was a bucktoothed, pink-clad, brown haired little kid- staring right at them with big, blue, pupilless eyes!

Bye! -SP