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Chapter 13: Off we go!

Tucker unattached the toilet paper, and Danny started explaining. He told about how they got there, and the whole PassCard thing. When he was done, Timmy spoke up. He sounded very sad.

"So………….you have to go?" He was on the verge of crying. He tried looking down to hide it, but a tear slid to the floor anyway. Danny bent down to comfort him, and also started crying a little bit as a result (Tucker shot lots of pictures).

"Well, yes," Help said. "But you won't be sad. Because you'll be going with them."

"Huh?" Sam said. "Why?"

"The only reason she-I mean, I- sent you to Dimmsdale is to pick up Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda. My inventor-and others-saw them as important for this mission." Balls danced around her body. "I've already left a note for Tim's parents. I've told them that you're taking a last-minute End of School Year field trip to Sri Lanka. That's an island near India." Danny rolled his eyes. Then, a muffled boom was heard. Dust filled the air. When it cleared, a large, red phone booth was waiting. "Welcome back," the female voice said. "Fifteen minutes until liftoff. Get inside."

Timmy packed his things with magic and got inside the booth with the others. Cosmo and Wanda poofed back to their normal states. "Wow," Cosmo said, "It's amazing what you can do with old phone booths these days! I mean, look at all the wires!" He touched one-and electrocuted himself.

"So-where exactly are we going?" Sam said.

"Don't be surprised, but we're going to an alternate universe. An alternate dimension. A friend of mine lives there. He'll direct you to where you want to go. Have a nice ride!" Help closed herself.

Of course, it's impossible not to be surprised when a hologram is telling you to go to a different dimension via a phone booth. Shortly, the booth kicked into action. Swirls of color whirled outside the window for about ten minutes…and then there was nothing but void. "Cool!" Timmy, Cosmo, and Tucker said together.

Danny turned to Wanda. "So…are you mad at me…for, you know…being a…you know…"

"Of course not," Wanda said. "You may be a ghost on the inside, but you look like a pretty friendly human from where I stand."


"Okay, float."

About fifteen minutes into the void, the booth stopped. "Cloaking activated," the voice said.

"Cloaking?" Sam said, trying her hardest not to sound scared. "What's that-aaak!" A beam of light encircled her body, shrouding her from sight. Soon enough, Tucker was surrounded by light, as were Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda. There were screams, a shout, and a 'coooool'.

"This is weird," Danny said. His own beam of light surrounded his body. There was a flash, which knocked him unconscious…

Anonymous place, anonymous universe, Eternity

About ten minutes later

Crocker and Vlad landed in a dark room. After figuring out where they were, they stood to attention. "So," a female voice said, "Has the mission been carried out?" It was like Help's, but higher, colder, and slightly preppy.

"Uh…" Vlad said, "You see, well, there's a funny story about that…"

"You failed to stop them."

"Well, yeah," Crocker said. "But we found out who they are!"

"I knew that. Thank you Crocker, you are dismissed." She pushed a button. Crocker fell through the floor. "And as for you, Vlad, I happen to know where they are headed." She whispered some instructions into his ear.

"Thank you, Mistress," Vlad said. "I promise you, I will not fail." He disappeared in a puff of ectoplasmic gas.

"Yes," Mistress said. Then to herself, she said, "Foolish girl-thinking she could interfere! Well, she may have beaten me once, but she won't do it again…"

Well, that's the end of Book 2. Book 3 will be in the Jimmy Neutron section. Now, just to warn you- I haven't put much thought into Books 3 and 4, so they may stink. However, the action will pick up after that.

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