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Time frame: Just after Not As Cute As Puskin

Rating: PG-13. For now.

'Another note,' she thought as she let her book bag drop down from her shoulder to the floor. Her mouth turned up slightly, forming a half smile, as she moved to rescue the note from her windowpane that it had been secured to. She hadn't spoken to Logan for three days. It had been three days since her glorious revenge. Seeing his face contort in horror at the prospect of their impending engagement. . . her grandfather was deliciously evil. And the fact that he was that evil to help her out, well, that was just icing on her revenge cake.

It looked as if Logan was the ultimate good sport, however. Once again the note had been written in his handwriting.

'Same time, same place, same drill. Bring your mask and I'll provide the proper attire.'

She tucked the note safely away in the current book on her nightstand and began the homework she needed to get out of the way.


No longer feeling odd in her current state, she waited to feel the familiar tug of Logan's hand on her arm as she stood in the archway with a blindfold covering her eyes and a small bag on her shoulder, which held her mask and some personal effects.

She heard her watch beep on the hour, and as if on cue, his hand made contact with her arm, dragging her off to yet another event.

"Come on, Ace, we gotta hurry," he urged her as he continued to walk faster.

"What, we're going to be late for the clam bake?"

"We've got a long drive tonight."

"How far of a drive?"

"For a girl who likes rules, you sure don't like to follow any, do you?"


"Watch your head," he instructed as he helped her into the SUV.

"Can I at least sleep 'til we get there?"

"At your own risk," she could practically hear the smirk in his tone.

She sighed and leaned back against the seat, willing herself to stay awake. She could never guess where the events would be held, or what they would entail. He'd mentioned that authorities all over Connecticut would like to get a hold of them, so they couldn't be going too far, right? God, if only he would just let her ask questions. It should be well within her rights, to know of her own whereabouts. Otherwise, she was just being willingly kidnapped. Hating the fact that she sort of liked that part of this process, she decided that perhaps a nap wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.


"Wake up, Ace, we're here," came Logan's voice, coaxing her back to consciousness.

"Ah, here. The place I've always wanted to visit," she joked.

"Come on, you'll have a good time. Have you ever not had a good time with me around?"

"As a matter of fact," she began.

"You can't lie to me. You have loved ever single infuriating moment," he said, slipping her blindfold off. Partially because there was no reason for keeping it on now, and partially because he wanted to see the reaction on her face.

At the same time, she glared and smiled at him. Turning her attention outside, she noticed night was beginning to fall. She also noticed they had gone much farther than she'd anticipated.



"We're in New York," she informed him, as if he hadn't noticed.

"You don't say."

"Why are we in New York?"

"Well, we tried to get them to move Coney Island so as to decrease our travel time, but the bastards just wouldn't do it," his eyes twinkled at her.

"Logan, the amusement park isn't open this time of year," she explained.

"Nonsense. Now, come on," he said, opening the car door and exiting.

She followed behind him, wondering what they were up to now. It was December, and no theme parks in this area of the country were open in December. What kind of fun could they have with a deserted amusement park? Just before they got to the main gates, Logan turned and extended his hand.

"Come on, we need to go get ready," he told her as she took his hand, having no other choice. He led her out to tents that had been set up on the beach side of the park, pointing out hers that was right next his own.

"You'll find clothes, in plain view," he smiled before disappearing into his own tent.

She made her way into the tent, and noticed a dress that looked like it had fallen out of the 1920s. She looked around, wondering exactly how this had become her life. Going to places that were restricted for the rest of the world, wearing amazing clothes—she loved it. She had no idea how or why exactly this had come upon her, but she made quick work of changing and getting to the action.

Logan waited for her outside her tent, now dressed to look like a man from 20s, knickers and all. She had to smile and take his arm as they headed off to the main event.


Stepping into the park, she was beyond amazed. It was completely lit up, full of frenzy and mayhem. There were people working all the booths, rides, and food stands. There were people calling out to come see this attraction or another. Everyone milling about was dressed similarly to herself or Logan—all the girls wearing drop-waisted dresses, or boys' trousers. She must have looked as shocked as she felt, as Logan pulled her closer to him.

"Go with it Ace. You belong here as long as you act like you do," he whispered in her ear.

"But, how, why," she said, looking into his eyes.

"Well, we have one general rule: Never monkey with tradition. And this," he flourished his hand at the scene in front of them, "is tradition. Come on, let's hit a dangerously fast roller coaster, shall we?"

She moved in pace with him, though she desperately wanted to stop and inspect every happening around her. These events were like cultural history lessons, more lifelike than she could probably even guess. It was literally like seeing a book unfold before her eyes.

Stepping into the coaster car, she looked for the lap restraint. Finding no bar or belt, she looked to her partner in crime.

"No safety bars?"

"We had those removed. They ruin the illusion."


"What, you want out?"

She stared at him for a moment, thinking what she really wanted. Did she want to get out and not fully experience this? Could she be more reckless and throw her better sense out the window?

"Just a little trust," he said, and she nodded. Sitting down properly in the car, the guy that put the ride into motion yelled for everyone to attempt to keep all parts of themselves they'd like to retain near the tracks. Feeling her heart lurch, they moved forward into the night.


Walking around later, all appendages intact and slightly exhilarated from the night from the past, she was finally able to feel a part of it all. Eating cotton candy from a large stick, she turned to Logan.

"Why me?"

He looked at her as if he didn't understand the question. Instead of asking for her to clarify her meaning, he turned it back on her.

"Why not you?"

"I mean, you let me into this world, why?"

"You don't like it?"

"It's not that, it's just," she glanced down, and noticed that some people were beginning to head towards the beach. There were campfires made, and people were dancing and singing—all still in character—out past the tents.

"Just what? Relax, enjoy yourself. That's all I'm trying to get you to do. Is that so bad?"

"No," she smiled, "It isn't."


"Hey, Logan!"

They both turned. She knew that voice, and he did as well. He smiled and walked over to the man coming up to them. He wasn't dressed in the period, but that wasn't what made him so obvious to her.

"Hey, you have to take off?"

The other man didn't respond. He was now looking past Logan, to the woman staring blankly back at him, holding the remains of what used to be a giant fluff ball of pink and blue.

"Jess?" Logan asked, looking between the two, wondering exactly what the problem was.

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