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'In a startling turn of events it appears that Witch Weekly's youngest, most sought after bachelor in Britain, Rafael Stevens, was actually Harry Potter. Harry Potter was the eldest son of James Henry Potter and Lily Rose Potter nee Evans. He was reported kidnapped many years ago and not only that, but he is also the one and only Nanashi. After it was revealed that he was taken into Ministry custody with Death Eaters after the events at Hogwarts it appears that Mr Potter disappeared from the Ministry only to reappear at Hogwarts the next day where the final battle took place.

The incident at Hogwarts during the winter masquerade was an attack on the supposed girl-who-lived by four death eaters. It was then discovered that it was not her destined to defeat the Dark Lord but Harry Potter, who also had elemental abilities besides the talent we know he possessed as Rafael Stevens.

Since the final battle Mr Potter had been in a comatose state and is currently residing in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has refused to give a statement and James and Lily Potter have not left the castle. Students have not been allowed outside the gates so as to Mr Potter's current state we have no clue.

We can however say that the Dark Lord has been defeated by Harry James Potter.'

Dumbledore threw his copy of the daily prophet down onto his desk, "This is a disaster," he fumed.

Gathered before him were Professor McGonagall, Lily and James Potter and Madam Pomfrey.

"That boy has interfered and meddled too much, we cannot allow him to go any further."

"But what do you suggest we do headmaster?" Lily looking at him.

"I'm afraid Madame Pomfrey I must ask a grave thing of you," Dumbledore turned slowly to face the medi-witch, "I must ask you to remove the spells on Mr Potter."

"Headmaster," she gasped, "I cannot…I will not jeopardise the life of a patient and a student no less. How could you ask such a thing."

"Poppy," Dumbledore sighed heavily, "I'm afraid you leave me no choice. With all the power the boy now possess he is future danger to the wizarding world, we must do what we can to prevent such an atrocity, Imperio."

Poppy's eyes glazed over and she began to rise from her seat, Lily and James stared in scared wonder.

"Headmaster," Professor McGonagall snapped, jumping to her feet, "I cannot allow this. I stood by you when you told us all to say Elizabeth was doing brilliantly and showing real talent, I staid by you when it was revealed that it wasn't and I stood by you in the final battle but I will not stand by and let you do this. You have done great things for the Wizarding world but that does not give you the right to play God," with that she fired a spell at Dumbledore rendering him unconscious.

Poppy came out of her stupor and looked around, "Please tell me didn't Minerva?"

"I'm afraid so Poppy," McGonagall turned her gaze sharply to the two Potters who looking from Dumbledore to McGonagall, "and you two. Dumbledore will not be headmaster for long after this, I suggest the pair of you leave the castle and never come back."

The two nodded and got up.

"Poppy, please go and tend to Mr Potter, contact Severus as well and inform of the Headmaster's feelings."

Poppy nodded and hurried out.

McGonagall turned to Dumbledore and let a silent tear roll down her cheek, "Why Albus…why? Why after all this time must it all end so badly."

She took her seat and kept a watchful eye on the headmaster, there was no telling what he'd do now.

---Hospital Wing---

Madame Pomfrey came bustling in and over to Harry's bed as fast as she could. Mira was on one side holding one of Harry's hands and Hermione was sitting on the other side.

"How was the meeting with the Headmaster?" Mira asked, not looking at her, "I assume it was over that newspaper article."

"The headmaster cast imperio on me after I refused to take away Mr Potter's life support chamrs," Poppy sighed heavily.

"He did what?" Mira snapped looking at her sharply.

Hermione's gaze however was trained on Harry. Bottle green eyes opened slowly and gazed around the room before falling on her.

"Harry!" Hermione launched herself onto him and hugged him, "You're okay!" she cried joyously.

"Geroff," Harry muttered as he was engulfed by Hermione's wild hair.

"Harry," Mira grinned at him and he grinned back.

"I have to go," Hermione gave Harry a grin before running out of the door.


A hammering on his door and a voice hollering, "Professor Snape, Professor!" made Severus look up from the paper's he was marking.

"What is Miss Granger?" he snapped as he wrenched open the door.

"He's awake," Hermione grinned up at him as Severus' whole face changed.

"Thank-you Miss Granger," he muttered as he stormed out of the dungeons scaring small children out of his way without even looking at them.

---Hospital Wing---

Severus arrived to see Harry sitting up, propped against a mountain of pillows talking to Mira. That blasted girl hadn't left his side since Severus had dragged him up to the hospital wing a week ago. Harry looked up and saw him, Severus watched him swallow hard.

"Mira, can you…" Harry trailed off.

"I'll go make sure that no one gets in," with that she stood up, ruffled Harry's hair and left closing the door softly after her.

"Severus," Harry said before the wind was knocked out of him. He had suddenly found himself engulfed in a bone crushing hug, the potions master burying his face in Harry's hair.

"I thought I'd lost you," Severus muttered against Harry's hair but Harry heard it and his face lit up into a grin.

"You can't get rid of me that easily Sev," Harry murmured burying his face in the dark man's chest.

Severus drew back holding Harry at arms length by the shoulders, "What happened. Lucius said you disappeared due to a stray spell at the Ministry and then when you turned up and the imperio," Severus' grit his teeth, "I couldn't throw it off."

Harry gripped Severus' wrists with his hands and smiled, "It's alright, no harm done."

"But how did you?" Severus' looked Harry up and down.

"When the power went out in the Ministry Mira and I were able to get out of our cell but we were lower than everyone else, we couldn't use the stairs or the lift and so we ended up backed into a disserted office. Mira found a time turner and that was that. We ended up a year into our future and we fought Voldemort there, it took us six years but we did it and then, we came back here," Harry explained.

"You mean you've defeated him twice," Severus heaved a heavy sigh, "why did you come back? Why did you risk your life again? How could you be so foolish?"

"Sev…I…then…it was a hollow victory. There was nothing left there Sev…you weren't there," Harry looked up into the man's ebony eyes desperately, begging him to understand, "All I ever wanted was right here Sev, in this time. I'd give anything…everything to have you with me Sev."

Severus let go of Harry's shoulders and looked at the man before him. Bright green eyes were watching him intently and took everything he had not to look away in shame. Harry had come through hell and high water for him and all the time Harry had been asleep Severus had been arguing with himself on how to proceed with him.

"My birth certificate states I am sixteen. My real age now is technically twenty-two. I've seen the worst of the world Sev; I'm no longer your student, Sev…show me the best?"

Severus looked at him sadly, "Harry I…"

Harry crawled out of bed, lowering himself to the floor slowly and advancing on Severus, "Sev, please?"

Severus gulped, the body before him was only wearing a pair of black boxers and was, although scared, very nice to look at.

"Like it Sev?" Harry murmured licking the potion's master's ear and winding his arms around his neck. "It's all yours to take you know." Harry pressed himself against Severus who groaned in response.

---Censored material removed---

Severus lay next to Harry cramped into the single hospital bed, "There was a meeting with the headmaster about me today Sev."

"What?" Severus propped himself up and looked at Harry, "I never heard about it."

"You weren't meant to, he tried to convince Madame Pomfrey to take away my life support charms and when she refused he placed her under the imperio curse," Harry explained.

"That bastard, I'll see to it he never works again, I'll…"

"Ssh," Harry whispered pressing his lips to Severus', "It's okay, McGonagall already called the Aurors and Dumbledore is being dealt with as we speak. In fact, I heard a rumour that you're going to be the new deputy head," Harry smirked at Severus.

"What are you talking about now," Severus rolled his eyes.

"Fine, don't believe me," Harry replied.

"I won't then," Severus smirked as he climbed out of the bed and began pulling on his cloths.

"Going so soon?" Harry pouted.

"You still need your rest," Severus leaned forward and placed a kiss to Harry's forehead, Harry's face lit up like a light bulb.

"Fine then," Harry huffed, "but you have better send me some bloody flowers."

"Count on it," Severus drawled before turning around in a swirl of robes, Harry smirked and with a flick of his fingers a wind gathered beneath his robes and threw them over his head. After a frantic scramble Severus untangled himself and glared at Harry, "That wasn't funny."

"Oh but it was," Harry said laughing. Severus did not reply, simply left.


'In a startling new turn of events it would appear that the Wizarding World's most promising candidate for Minister for Magic, Albus Dumbledore, was found to have used an unforgivable on a member of his own staff. Albus Dumbledore has refused to comment but Deputy Headmistress, soon to be Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall says that when Poppy Pomfrey, the medi-witch at Hogwarts, refused to removed Harry Potter's life support charms he used the unforgivable to force her hand.

Also present at this meeting were James and Lily Potter but they have not been available for comment. Their lack of objection to this kind of behaviour makes this reporter wonder if they are responsible parents.

Michael Potter, the youngest of the three Potter children did say this however, his parents told him that Harry was kidnapped yet Harry himself said that he ran away. The fact that Nanashi turned up the night of Harry Potter's disappearance would appear to support this theory. If this is the case, one must wonder why he felt the need to run away. Elizabeth Potter, although declared the girl-who-lived at the time, throughout her life, has apparently shown no sign of talent of ability, as such, it could not have been jealousy that drove the eldest Potter away. And if it wasn't jealousy? What was it?'


Harry read the article and grinned, he glanced at the five black roses that Severus had sent him, along with a red one and sighed happily. He looked up as the curtains around his bed opened and Michael appeared. "Nice show you've made here," Harry said waving the paper at his brother who climbed up to sit next to him on bed.

"It's disconcerting you being so old," Michael said.

"I'm not that old," Harry said looking upset.

"I know…but I was wondering…well," Michael trailed off, "nah, forget it, it's a stupid idea.

"No what?" Harry asked.

"Nah, doesn't matter," Michael evaded again making Harry frown, "So, how are you feeling? All better? You took some hits in that fight."

"I'm fine," Harry replied, "Say, what do you reckon to giving your big brother a hug eh?"

Michael's face lit up and he launched himself at Harry much as Hermione had, "Oh big brother, you are real."

Harry just laughed and hugged his brother.


After a public vote the new Minister for Magic, or rather, Ministeress For Magic, is Amelia Bones. While there is no definite news, we can say that several laws are being revisited and Amelia Bones herself said to us that she hopes the Wizarding World will 'flourish in this new age'.


1 week later


Harry was finally fully fit according to Madame Pomfrey and was out of the hospital wing. Minerva McGonagall had replaced Albus Dumbledore who had been stripped off all titles and was awaiting trial at the Ministry, his wand in custody and his magic suppressed. The Christmas holidays had begun and Minerva had ordered that all students go home to give Harry some piece. He'd probably have been flooded already had not Mira and Severus guarded the door fiercely.

Harry wasn't too happy though, Severus had sent him a bouquet of nine black roses with one red one in the middle but he hadn't been to see Harry.

"Cheer up hero," Mira grinned elbowing him.

Harry frowned at her, "Dun wanna."

"What's the matter? Severus not giving you any?" she sniggered and Harry glared at her.

"Not funny."

Mira giggled, "On the contrary, it is very funny."

"Do you know something I don't?" Harry demanded turning on her.

"Don't know what you're talking about," Mira proclaimed sniggering again and taking off down the stairs.

"Oi, you bloody well do, get back here!" Harry snapped running after her…well…he slid down the banister.

When the two arrived at the Great Hall they found and Lily and James stood there, Elizabeth was glaring at Lily's side and Michael was standing next to James.

"Harry darling, you're alright," Lily opened her arms wide and moved towards him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry demanded backing away.

"You're my son Harry dear, we're a family again at last."

"Never," Harry spat.

"Don't speak to your mother like that Harry," James said sternly.

"I told you once," Harry sneered striding up to James and pushing Lily away from him as she made to hug him again, "you have no say in my life." Harry's hand closed around James' throat forcing the other man up against a wall. "You lost that right when the pair of you abandoned me, completely forgot about me…" Harry trailed off, the anger in his face becoming more and more apparent.

James made a choking sound and grabbed Harry's wrist with both his hands, trying to pull Harry off him, "Let go of me you arrogant little prat."

"Daddy," Elizabeth whined.

"Harry, that's no way to treat your father!" Lily scolded.

"Enough," Harry roared waving his other arm; Lily was sent careening backwards. Using his grip on James' throat Harry threw the man down beside his wife and daughter. Michael as stood there next to Mira, neither of whom said anything or made to interfere.

"You are not my parents, you were once but no longer. I do not need you, take the daughter you favoured and get out of my site. She was the one you wanted so have her and be content but never, ever, enter my life again. Am I clear," magic was pouring off Harry in tangible waves and both James and Lily looked terrified.

"Michael, come here baby," Lily said shakily beckoning to Michael.

Michael frowned, "No."

"What?" Lily looked even more horrified.

"I said no…Lily," Michael's frown deepened.

"Not you to baby," Lily was tearful now.

"You still have me mummy," Elizabeth whined but it did not good.

"Michael, do as your mother says," James called out desperately.

"Michael's staying with me now," Harry said stepping protectively in front of his brother.

"Now, just wait a minute," James sneered climbing to his feet, "you have no right to-"

"You know something," Harry retorted calmly, "I don't think society would look too kindly on parents that shunned a child at an early age, didn't care enough that he ran away to look for him, simple said…he was kidnapped and even then made no effort to at least file a missing person report. What do you reckon?"

Harry coked his head one side and smirked innocently, if that was possible.

"Are you black-mailing me?" James growled.

"Yes," Harry hissed, "now get out of my site before I ruin you."

"You wouldn't," James spat.

"There are at least twenty reporters out there beginning for my life story, I've come this far, you think I'll stop for you?"

James glared at Harry who starred back, his smirk widening evilly. Eventually James couldn't hold out, helping Lily to her feet he spun on his heel and nearly dragged his wife and daughter out of the castle. He'd walked away with his image, but his pride and his dignity had been ripped to shreds.

"Can I really stay with you brother?" Michael asked after a pause.

Harry turned and grinned, "That was what you wanted to ask me up in the hospital wing right?"

Michael grinned back and jumped onto Harry's back who laughed.

"What's going on here?"

Harry looked up, Michael peaking over his shoulder and Mira stopped shaking her head.

"Severus," Harry gulped. Severus was wearing a pair of black trousers, not loose but not tight either. A black shirt, buttoned up but still showing his lean figure. He also had a cloak slung casually around his shoulders.

"And this Michael is where we exit and make ourselves useful for the day," Mira said lifting Michael off of Harry's back and ushering him into the Great Hall.

"What why?" Michael called as he was pushed through the door, Mira following after. Michael then stood still, an odd expression dawning on his face… "You mean they…as in two…as in pair…as in Harry and Snape?"

Mira sniggered.

"My big brother is dating my ex-dad's school rival…twisted life…twisted life."

---Harry and Severus---

"I like the shirt," Harry said eyeing Severus up and down.

Severus smirked, "All out of smart comments?"

"Doesn't help that I haven't seen you in a week," Harry muttered darkly.

"I've been busy," Severus said slowly, edging closer to Harry.

"Doing what, frying bacon in your hair," Harry spat.

"Eggs actually," Severus quipped while trying to find something in one of the pockets off his robes. Harry gave him an odd look as the man before him dropped to knee. The cape he was wearing billowed out to form a crescent around him.

"Harry, I'm sorry I've been avoiding you but, working myself up to this has not been easy. Our…relationship has been rocky but after what you said in the hospital wing. I've been a fool and I hope you'll accep my apologise…I also hope that…that you'll…"

Severus trailed off and gulped as he brought a box from his pocket and held it up. Harry's eyes widened, only just cottoning on.

"I also hope that you'll…marry me."

"Yes," Harry gasped falling to his knees in front of Severus, "Yes, I will."

Severus smiled and slid the ring onto Harry's finger. It was a silver snake that held an emerald in its fangs with tiny glistening diamond eyes.

"Shall we?" Severus asked as they both stood, offering his arm to Harry. Harry nodded and the pair went into the Great hall where Mira and Michael were waiting. They were about to beginning talking when a portal opened behind them. All four tensed when a boy of about sixteen with black hair, green eyes, a lightning bolt scar and wearing a Gryffindor tie stumbled out.

"Mira," his eyes widened, "it worked."

"Harry?" Mira gasped stepping forward. The Harry she was referring to was the look alike that had just stumbled through the portal.

"What is this?" Harry demanded, this Harry being the one who had spent a considerable portion of his life as Rafael Stevens.

"Remember that Harry I told you I'd met?" Mira asked looking at the Harry that had an engagement ring on his finger.

"The Gryffindor one?" Mira nodded, "You serious?"

"I need your help," the Gryffindor Harry said looking at them pleadingly, "and this portal won't stay open for long."

"Harry?" Mira asked looking at Slytherin Harry who looked at Michael, then Severus, then Gryffindor Harry and then back at Mira.

"Count me in."


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