Hello there it's me KayaWolfGirl, some of you may know me as the great and wonderful Dreaming Wolf!…I just kinda felt like changing my name. I am so sorry I have not updated almost none of my stories. Heehee…J I've just been involved rping and such hanging out on Neopets. Um…And shopping for Christmas plus high school I'm a freshman. Don't kill me! Okay, what happens if a robot learns to love? What happens when the robot falls in love? Would the person he's in love with love him back? What will happen if she does fall in love with him? He's a robot at heart will it work out? I hope you enjoy my fic called...

Metal Roses

Chapter 1 A New Body

Metal Sonic laid dormant in his capsule. His eyes dimmed from the years of being neglected by his creator, Dr. Eggman. The fat scientist had found no use for the metal hedgehog copy of Sonic. Floating in timelessness claws in midair and metal un clanking he stayed there. Frozen.

Until something happened. An amazing thing at that. There was a rather large thunder storm heading from the East. The winds howled and blew as the rain poured down like they weighed at least a thousand pounds. Thunder roaring loudly as it howled across the land like a pack of wolves. Lightning cracking and lighting the sky as the light danced with each movement.

It hit Eggman's abandoned head quarters splicing into poor now kudzu and vine building. The once great structure in ruins as it his the metal. Causing everything inside to cease. Almost like life stopped. Nature didn't hold its breath. It was used too such storms.

However, the abounded building was not. The few electrical appliances, including Metal Sonic's capsule malfunctioned. Causing the circuits to blow as the hot electrical sparks flew from the walls and seemingly everywhere!

Glass crashed as the robot fell from his imprisonment. Lifeless. Or seemingly lifeless. But there was something different about the copy of Sonic. As a computer lit up.

In the rubble and debris lying dormant something disturbed it. "Ah!" breaking from it was a male hedgehog. Looking very much like the blue hero with the exception of a few different colors. "What…?"

Staggering up to the large computer the hedgehog placed his hand on it and felt a sharp sensation of pain. He looked down and let out a scream. Backing up he looked to the screen seeing his reflection.

He looked amazingly much like Sonic. But his fur was a metal blue like the kind someone would find in paint. And if it weren't for the color of his muzzle, stomach, and arms being a much darker color than the blue hero. Eyes a deep dark crimson color like blood.

His shoes were red running shoes but had hovering devices to it so he could hover or possibly fly if he so wished. Gloves a shiny metallic silver he moved his fingers and looked down to one hand removing one of the gloves. One finger…One finger was metal. How he used to be.

"Computer!" he called out. But then quickly covered his mouth. Eyes wider than they would normally be. That wasn't his normal mechanical voice that he was given! It sounded…It sounded alive. Deep and strong almost as though he had passed through puberty. Was….Was that him? "Computer! What happened! Do you know? Do you know what happened?"

The computer shut down. Metal, or the now flesh Metal Sonic pounded on it causing his fists to bleed. Crying out he put his hands under his arms.

"Damn weak body…" he spoke to himself. But hear nothing else. No….No Sonic that he despised! Breathing he looked around. That stupid hedgehog's voice was gone! The robot could no longer hear his thoughts! He thought he would die from joy. Joy…

It was a new sensation to him. He had never had feelings before. Only artificial intelligence. Nothing like that. It was all very new to him. And his vision was funny. Not precise or anything telling him what something was. Everything seemed so vivid.

"I wonder what happened…" he asked the computer. It was beyond the robot's knowledge but that computer was broken. All he could guess was that he was given a weak living body. But why? Maybe it was the storm. Or perhaps it was a new toy that Eggman had tried to install before he abandoned the place. The once metal robot didn't know.

All he knew was that he was alive. And that he was a real hedgehog! He was a real hedgehog…Metal never felt a sensation like that. True, he looked like the original Sonic but he could be his own person! He could be free.

The thought of being free made his heart seem to soar. Heart…He never had one before. Corners of his mouth twitching he looked up and then around before he looked down to himself. His fur had some blood caked on him. But it was alright so he thought. He had never had a body before so he wasn't sure what to do.

But that didn't matter at the moment. Running from the rubble he turned on his shoes so he could hover. Running faster he made his way around and then ran smack into some ruins. Falling backwards he looked up. Ow….That hurt. Another new sensation a lot worse from when he banged his hands.

Maybe all the new sensations he was having wouldn't be good ones…Bringing himself to his feet he groaned and looked around. What was this place? He tried to use a scanner but then remembered he didn't have one. Walking forward he made his way out. Noticing an unsafe rope ladder.

Sneering he hovered up the side and looked into a cave with a track on it. Making his way through he looked around trying to find his way through the darkness. However it was hard when his eyes didn't glow. And when his usual eyes showed him what was in his way.

Tripping over himself and the occasional rock he looked around and then stumbled out into the light. Being in the dark so long he covered his eyes. While he did he walked. Not knowing the danger of that. The poor hedgehog fell into a rather large lake. He tried to swim.

Gasping for breath he looked around his crimson eyes wide. What to do! Water killed him and would make him short circuit! But then he remembered he was alive. Taking in a deep breath he clutched his throat. Trying to breathe again.

He didn't' know he couldn't breathe underwater. He felt pressure around his back and then felt like he was moving. Out onto the land. Panting whoever it was pressed on his stomach. Causing him pain and making him cough up the water.

Gasping and panting his shoulders heaved. And he tried to look around. But his body was so weak. Damn body. The sun was in his eyes and he closed them. Trying to block the bright orb of light.

"Are you okay?" a feminine voice asked. It was rather childish to him. Sounding like a little girl but he couldn't be sure. It sounded nice. Like something from a lost dream. "You almost drowned!…"

He tried to place it but couldn't. All he could see were two eyes looking down to him. Pretty eyes…Pretty emerald green eyes. Panting still he closed his eyes. And then everything went black.

Opening his crimson eyes slowly he tried to move. Eyelids caressing his cheek he moved his hands. Soft. He had never felt anything soft before it was nice. Opening his eyes fully he looked around and thought he would die.

It was all pink, red, and white wherever he was. It was like a little girls room. But then again he had never seen a little girl's room so he wouldn't know himself. Groaning softly he tried to move but felt something on him. Warm? He looked down to himself. A fluffy red blanket covered his body.

And his wounds. They were cleaned up and bandaged. Who did that? Was it that same person who saved him? Wait…Save him! No one saved Metal Sonic. And he didn't save anyone. He stood alone. But…Having someone show him what to do was alright. He supposed.

Hearing what sounded like humming he hear footsteps patting lightly on the ground. Looking over he saw the knob to the door turn. He waited to see his rescuer. And gasped at the sight of her. And felt a sensation different from the others.

The owner of the pretty green eyes. The pink hedgehogess moved in with a grace that girls had. Swinging her hips slightly while she did as the red dress that adorned her swayed and moved with her body. Brushing her bangs back she walked in a little further with a rather large and warm smile.

"You're awake," she piped. It was that voice. That little girl's voice. And suddenly he knew exactly who she was. Amy Rose. The little girl he had tried to kidnap and who was rescued by Sonic. His groupie. But he could tell that she was no longer a little girl as her eyes happened to stop at her chest.

What happened to her chest? It wasn't flat and was rather round. Had it protruded? For a moment he was confused. And then fascinated. Her shape had changed drastically from the last time he had seen her. The scary part was that he found it delightful. She reminded him of an hour glass. He wasn't sure how to react and his mouth went dry.

He stared at her a moment. And then suddenly turned away. His face hot. Trying to lick his lips he blinked. All he did was lie there looking to the ceiling.

Amy smiled a moment and then walked in. Her boots weren't upon her feet for once. Sitting on the bed she tucked her feet beneath her with a smile. The fan girl placed her hands to her knees as she leaned forward slightly looking down to him. She found his reaction funny.

No one ever reacted like that. Usually they just ran away. "It's okay. I'm not gonna bite your head off. Y'know." she tilted her head over to the side still smiling. He looked back over to her. But said nothing. "Are you okay? You were drowning. Good thing I was there. You may not of made it. Why were you there anyway? It didn't seem like you know how to swim. Were you trying to learn?"

He watched her. His eyebrows cocked a moment. How was he supposed to respond to those questions. He wasn't sure.

"Uh…I'm sorry," she apologized after a moment. Still looking to him. "I never told you my name. It's Amy, Amy Rose. What's your name?"

He remained silent. Maybe if she believed that he couldn't talk she would go away and leave him alone. Besides what was she going to tell him? He didn't know many good names. And he couldn't tell her his name. If he did she would try to beat him up. Or kick him out. And that thought saddened him.

It saddened him? He was surprised at himself at that. Not sure what to do. He looked back over to her ad watched her. His crimson eyes watching her as she did with him.

"Do you not have a name? Or can you not talk?" she asked somewhat sadly. Didn't he speak? She would like it if he could. It would be less lonely.

He shook his head. Continuing to charade his false muteness. If he didn't say a word maybe she could speak for him. He liked that idea. Of her being his voice. And the sound of his voice sickened him. It was a weak living voice.

"Do you have a name?" she asked him. Maybe she could get him paper and a pencil if he did. She wondered what his name was. He seemed so familiar and reminded her of Sonic. When she dove in to rescue him she thought it was her dear Sonikku. But it wasn't.

He shook his head again. Maybe she could give him a name. Maybe. He sat there and looked to her. Maybe she would name him. He wondered vaguely what she would name him if she did. But the thought passed rather quickly.

"Oh," she nodded a moment. She couldn't think of a name. "I'm sorry…I can't think of any…But I will. Is that okay?" he gave a nod. She smiled and he felt warm inside. "I'll be back. I gotta get more bandages." at that she stood up and then walked out.

When she left he felt a great sadness. But made no attempt to stop her. His body was so weak and beaten up he could barely move. Sighing a moment he lie on her bed. Continuing to stare at the ceiling.

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