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True Love…?

The buzzing protruded her dreams; she slowly lifted her arm and thrashed at the offending sound. She missed. She slowly aimed again, lifting her head as she gave force to the slight tap of her hand. She gave a small roll of the body and SLAP.

The noise stopped.

She rolled back into the comfortable space she had been in before the alarm had buzzed her into consciousness, back into the arms of the man that lay beside her. She smiled to herself and licked her lips. She heard him moan and begin to roll over in the opposite direction. She knew what was coming next. First he would roll over so that his back would be against hers then he would realise that he wasn't alone and he would roll back over – give her a slight hug and slowly roll on top of her. Morning sessions were becoming scarce of late. Both of them had lots of work to do and this week alone they had barely had chance to say morning before rushing off in opposite directions of the city only, in effect, to end up at the same place.

Danny felt her roll over to turn the alarm off, he knew she'd miss from the first swipe she took – she always did, she hated having to move to turn the alarm off and so each morning she would always make a futile attempt to turn the alarm off without having to move from the comfort zone.

"Maybe I should move the alarm to my side of the bed" He mused to himself.

He felt her slowly rolling back into his arm. He couldn't face waking up just yet. Waking up fully meant it was time to lose the connection.

Time to pretend nothing was going on between them.

Time to pretend he didn't love her.

To fully understand what's going on you need to go back a month.

A month prior to that morning

"That was a tough case, wasn't it, " Martin stated firmly to Danny.

"No tougher than most, when you think about it. In actual fact the only real aspect of it being tougher was the fact that it was a child that went missing. That and your shooting, of course."

Just as Martin was about to reply their superior walked in closely followed by two slender women. Both of the woman were dressed in black trouser suits, they both looked professional and by no means did either of them look like a victim or a relation to someone that had gone missing - they didn't look like it, but it was possible. One of the women was young; Danny guessed that she was around her mid-20's, she has long reddish-brown hair that was worn lose. She appeared to have long legs, but if there was something he had learnt – it was that women could make their legs look long when in reality they could only be 2 foot tall! The other woman appeared to be in her mid 30's if she was a day, she wore wire glasses that made her look very studious indeed, like the woman accompanying her, her hair was reddish-brown – however, Danny suspected her colour was in fact fake unlike the other woman. She too wore her hair down but it was much shorter than the first woman.

After his initial assessment of them Danny didn't even want to contemplate what brought them to the Missing Person Unit of the FBI office. Sure they didn't look like they needed help but looks could be very deceiving-, as he knew with first hand experience. If he'd looked closer he probably would of ended these thoughts the moment they began, both women were wearing FBI identification and just as they looked professional – they also acted it.

But as he knew, looking for the obvious sometimes didn't help until the last minute.


What was that? –

"Yeah?" He looked up and noticed that all eyes in the office were on him, he had been staring at the previous location of Jack and the two women for what appeared to be only seconds but in actual fact had been five minutes. All of the team were now sat around the large conference table … well almost all of the team.

Danny got up and rushed over to the table. God he needed sleep. Fast.

As Danny sat down at the table Jack gave him an inquiring look. One that seemed to be asking him "what's up?"

Jack cleared his throat and gestured towards the two women now sat beside him.

"Right, now we are all awake…"

The younger woman laughed out loud.

Jack started again.

"Right allow me to introduce two of our fellow agents from the Immigration department. This …" He pointed at the younger woman "…this is Special Agent Katinka Hunter, I'll tell you now before she speaks, she is British – but we won't hold that against her – I'm sure, and this he pointed at the older woman is Special Agent Louise Palmer. Both are joining our team here but will be working on the many cases they have with their own department. Right now they are here to help keep the Lopez family in the USA and so will be using all known data we collected during that case. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to be as co-operative as possible – do I?" Jack looked around his team, a small smile playing on his lips.

Danny could tell he was enjoying being in control – not that he wasn't always in control but at this moment in time, the 'new' members of the team were seeing 'boss' Jack.

"How soon that will change," thought Danny.

Jack stood up, the two women followed suit. He pointed at Agent Hunter and requested she join him in his office, Jack then looked in Danny's direction, pointed at his office and just stated

"Follow me"

"What now… more paperwork? Show them about? He didn't have time to be tour guide to some British international…"

He wondered softly to himself about the jobs that were about to be handed out to him in that office.