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They drove in silence. Neither of them knowing what to say to each other. Deep down Danny knew it wasn't Kat's fault he had been taken off the Lopez case, he knew Lou and Kat were the right people for the job and the DA accepted the case – that's enough wasn't it? But there was a feeling Danny couldn't shake. For some reason he was angry at her and as much as he tried to work out why he just couldn't figure it out. She was beautiful and knew that she wasn't in anyway annoyed with him – she'd made that clear with the smiles she had given him but Danny knew not to let his guard down. He couldn't risk getting hurt. Not again.

He heard Kat clear her throat.

"You Okay? Want the heating higher? Or I could lower it?" he questioned.

"No – it's fine – but a bit of conversation would help?" Kat took a breath and looked out of the window watching as they passed houses, trees and late night revellers walking down the street, once the breath had been released she decided she had to say something – "I hate being awkward with my partner and you aren't very chatty – I'll tell you what we get through today – pretend we are friends and survive. Then tomorrow I'll ask to be assigned with someone else – that way you'll be happy and I might see a smile on your face for the first time since I joined the office. What do you say?"

Danny was shocked. He hadn't smiled? Not even since she joined the office? Everyone called him 'Easy' due to his smile… he was making her feel awkward? That was the last thing he wanted – he always prided himself on being easy going and liked that people could talk to him.

He slowed the car down for a red light and let out a soft moan and turned to look at his new partner and realised for the first time he had been a bit of a rubbish partner. It was a good job they hadn't got into a gun fight otherwise Kat may not have known whether to protect him or shoot him herself.

"Look I'm sorry I can see I have been a rubbish partner lately. It's jus-" the lights turned green and Danny began to drive off…

"Just that the Lopez case was close to your heart for you? - I know. I don't hold it against you but if we could be civil to each other so that I know that you at least like me enough to protect me – just like I would for you – it would help my nerve a whole lot more than it is now… and Danny?"

Danny wondered what Kat was going to ask him kindly he looked at her whilst he manoeuvred into the left hand lane "yeah?"

"Lou said you have a cute smile – would be good to see it one day!"

Danny burst out laughing and realised for the first time he liked Kat's sense of humour and was glad Jack had put them together.

"Well Lou has a good smile herself – make sure you tell her that was from me!"

The drove the rest of the way in silence, however it seemed less awkward, Kat messed with Danny's radio and found a station playing some dance music; maybe in a different place Kat would have started singing along or even dancing but thought it best not to embarrass herself for a few more days.

They arrived at the address 20 minutes later just as the sun started to rise.

"Maybe we should wait it looks like a family house – calling at half 5 in the morning is a bit of a shock?"

Danny considered it for a moment then decided it was no time but the present so they walked up to the door. Danny got his ID out and pressed the bell.

Moments later a youngish looking lady with blonde hair opened the door.

Danny flashed his FBI identity badge and started to speak, Kat flashed her own ID and stood back whilst watching Danny with fascination "Good morning Ma'am I'm Agent Taylor and this is Agent Hunter. We know it's early but we wondered if we could come in for a few moments. We're working on an important case?"