Our Little Princess
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A Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon & Gundam Wing crossover

Our Little Princess
(was Five Gundam Pilots and a Princess)

written by K-chan

Chapter One: Surprise Delivery

Quatre heard the doorbell ring and was very relieved to leave the room to answer it. The generous blonde didn't have the heart to throw his comrades out in the streets as much as their behaviors were disturbing him. With Duo's constant pranks and teases that befell Wufei, the latter's patience was short as a fruitfly's life span. Quatre was finally used to the two, but he was quite worried about his other two friends, who were as quiet as moths. (I have no idea why I'm using insect comparisons.)

Heero had this strange bond to his laptop that he always seemed to be on--doing what, no one dares to ask except for Duo, but his questions were always answered with the end of a gun pointed to his head. The only times Heero would leave the laptop was for meals, restroom breaks, and sleep. It was unhealthy, but Quatre couldn't think of a way to get his friend to return to the real world.

At least Trowa didn't have that problem, but Quatre wondered if he was really paying attention to the television whenever he sat on the couch in front of the thing. Certainly he wasn't watching it when his one eye that was visible was always closed. Maybe Trowa was losing himself in the sounds of the television world rather than letting Wufei's and Duo's chaos overwhelm his sane mind.

Whatever that was happening in the Winner Mansion, Quatre really wished half of his friends could be outgoing while the other half could learn to behave. Leaving behind that reality for a moment, the blonde boy opened the front door but didn't see anyone. He looked around but no one was in sight. It couldn't have been a prank if Duo had just ran pass him with Wufei and his sword in hand.

It soon dawned on Quatre that their was a basket on the Winner porch. The basket was rather large where he could wrap his arms around it. He thought he heard a soft sound coming from beneath the pink wrap. He knelt down and slowly crept his hand to the of the fabric. He wasn't sure if that sound belonged to something or someone. He took a deep breath and released, finally pulling the cover aside. What he had hoped it not to be was it (or something like that). He gasped and then fainted with a thud to the floor.

Heero--a least likely person to want to be involved with such a situation--was coming back from the kitchen with a drink when he saw Quatre unconscious in the foyer. The boy was kind enough to let him stay, so Heero might as well do him a favor. He was quite taken back when he saw the basket out on the doorstep. He dragged Quatre's body inside first and then went to fetch the basket next.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Quatre finally woke up minutes later in a panick. His thoughts were immediately on the basket that had caused him to pass out in the first place. He sat up from the couch and realized the other Gundam pilots were posted around the room and on the coffee table was the basket. Trowa was sitting on another couch with his arms crossed and his eyes closed like he was in deep thought. Heero was at the desk with his laptop as if the situation didn't involved him. Wufei stood over the basket with his arms folded across with his chest, staring down at the object with a frown, while Duo was musingly looking at the package.

"You guys," Quatre began as he reached out to the basket, "what should we do about this?" From the basket, he lifted the small being from its confinement and held the baby in his arms like an instinctive mother would.

The baby was quickly identified to be a girl, still sleeping peacefully from the movement to her new location. She wore a pink outfit, where a small pocket adorned the left side of her chest. On the pocket was an image of a white bunny overlapping with a golden, crescent moon.

"What's a cute baby doin' on your doorstep, Quatre?" Duo asked.

"I have no idea, but who would do such a thing?" he said with disbelief. Wufei noticed something in the basket and stretched his hand towards the slim item. He pulled out a piece of paper and handed to Duo. Quatre peered over to Duo, inquiring the contents.

Duo read aloud, "To the five Gundam pilots. . ." The five pilots' heads--including Heero who was really paying attention but didn't want them to know--whirled towards Duo who made a puzzled look. "Is this a joke?!" he questioned, but Quatre insisted that he continued. "I leave the care of this girl in your hands. I know she will be safe with you. Signed, P. PS, her name will be decided by you." He gave the note to Quatre who reread it. "Who's this P, and how do they know we're all here?" It hit him that the possibility of the whole situation could have been from one of the scientists, but what the hell were they thinking?!

"That doesn't matter to me," stated Wufei, "but I'm not taking care of a baby. That's the duty of a weak woman."

"So you think we should leave the cute thing alone, Wu-man?" the braided-boy questioned, not liking that thought one bit.


At that angry shout, it disrupted the quiet slumber of the girl who began to cry. Quatre tried to calm her down as Duo went to help him. He cooed her with embarrassing sounds that made Wufei blushed at the childish sight of one of the Gundam pilot. "Yes, Uncle Wufei is a meanie, waking you up from your beauty sleep," he said playfully to the girl. His finger caressed her cheek, causing a tickling sensation in the girl.

She began to smile and gurgle with giggles. Duo waved his finger around, letting her eyes wander after something that looked fascinating to her. "Duo, you're good at this," Quatre commented, not too amazed that the easy-going pilot of the five would make a child happy. Duo was about to reply when the baby caught his finger and then bit it like it was food.

Wufei smirked while Duo took his finger back, scolding her for being bad, but of course she couldn't understand. Quatre asked, "What should we call her? She needs a name."

Trowa finally spoke, looking at his blonde friend, "Do you intend to keep her?"

He wasn't sure about that, but the note had said that the five of them were to take care of her. Whoever sent the girl to their doorsteps knew about them well and that this child would be safe in their hands, but just who was this person and why was it necessary that the five of them were choosen for this? Was the girl very important? Quatre nodded, "The person did ask us to protect her."

"How 'bout 'Relena?!'" Duo blurted thoughtfully, and everyone turned to look at Heero for his reaction. Now Duo had a gun pointed at his head from the 'perfect soldier.' He gulped just as Quatre distanced himself from Duo. "It was just a suggestion, Heero," he insisted. "Nothin' to get worked up about. Heh."

Quatre looked down at the girl in his arms, noticing the white bunny on her shirt. "How about we call you 'Usagi?'" She giggled at Quatre's touch on her nose.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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