It's the Australian Outback, Charlie Brown, the FINAL EPISODE!!

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own 'Survivor' or the Peanuts' characters.

DAY 39

Charlie Brown [to the camera]: This is it. Snoopy and I have no idea who will come home with the million dollars or $100,000. We are given one day to take down our shelter and pack up, for tomorrow is Tribal Council.

Charlie Brown: Hey Snoopy, help me tear down this tent. We're going to take this tent cover and put it over that small tree over there and sleep under that tonight.

[Snoopy helps Charlie Brown tear down the tent.]

Charlie Brown [to the camera]: Since both Snoopy and I leaving the Outback tomorrow, I managed to take some pictures of kangaroos over on the other side of the river. I also swam all day today and went and caught some fish for dinner. Snoopy spent the entire day saying good-bye to a wallaby he made friends with.

DAY 40

Jeff: Okay. The Tribal Council consists of the voted-off members of the Peanutogi tribe. They are: Frieda, Linus, Franklin, Sally, Peppermint Patty, and Marcie. Remember, this time you will be voting for who you think deserves the one million dollars. Before the voting takes place, both Charlie Brown and Snoopy will be "pleading their case" or giving a statement saying why they deserve the million dollars. Snoopy, you go first.

Snoopy: Woof, woof, woof, woof. Woof, woof. Woof, woof woof woof. Bark, bark, bark, bark. Bark, bark. Bark, bark, bark, bark. [Translation: I deserve the million because I need a new supper dish...and so I can donate money to the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.].

Jeff: Very good, Snoopy. Charlie Brown, your turn.

Charlie Brown: Well, I may not be the fastest or the strongest or the smartest, but what I do know is that you can vote any way you like. You don't have to vote for me. If you do, thats' fine. If you don't, that's fine. I don't really care if I get one million or one cent.

Jeff: Very humble statement made by Charlie Brown. Let the voting begin. Frieda, you may start.

Frieda: I'm voting for Snoopy. I think Charlie Brown's just trying that "humble act" so that we'd feel sorry for him and give him the million. I'm not buying into it.

Linus: An alliance is an alliance. I'm voting for Charlie Brown.

Franklin: This game is about being the fastest and the strongest. Charlie Brown is neither. I'm voting for Snoopy.

Peppermint Patty: Good ol' Chuck made it this far and I think he should win. I'm votin' for Chuck!

Sally: My brother was mean to me just before I left the Outback. I'm voting for Snoopy!

[Marcie hurriedly puts her vote down into the box.]

Jeff: All right, once the votes are tallied, the decision is final and both contestants will leave with either a $100,000 check or a $1,000,000 check. One vote for Snoopy. One vote for Charlie Brown. One vote for Snoopy. One vote for Charlie Brown. One vote for Snoopy. And the last vote is...................SNOOPY!

Charlie Brown: Congratulations Snoopy! I'm proud of you! [He hugs his dog]

Peppermint Patty: Hey Chuck, your dog won a million bucks! Congrats Chuck! You won $100,000!

Jeff: That's all from It's the Australian Outback, Charlie Brown!