Chapter Two

When I walked into Sound Wave I could see that Lily had finally made it through the crowd and was sitting in a corner with her guitar packed away next to her. She looked like she had either cried or wanted to. I'm sure that I heard her say I love you when we left. It was so loud in sound wave and the words were faint but I wouldn't imagine that in my head. Would I? I finally decided to walk over and slide down the wall to sit next to Lily.

"You may not know this but I heard you when I was leaving with Grace. I didn't know at first if I had imagined it or not but I'm sure I didn't."

"You didn't imagine it. I knew Grace was going to be here but I still had to tell you how I feel. It was hard to not tell the truth."

"I understand. Don't you remember the Mr. Roscoe Pageant? Asking you out in front of all those people was hard to do but I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I had to ask you and I had to make it special. It drove me crazy all the time trying to get enough courage to ask you out."

"How could I forget. I have regretted telling you it was too late ever since that night when you got all those girl's phone numbers. But when there was finally a chance to tell you I changed my mind we ended up on a double date and while Mark was talking to me outside you were inside with Grace who didn't know she was going to be on a double date until a second before we walked over."

"You mean you didn't actually know Grace before the date?"

"No she just filled in cause there were no other girls around. I thought I was your date and that we both were just pretending it was a double date. I should have thought to make sure you knew it was just supposed to be us. I was such an idiot."

"We all make mistakes. Grace is a really nice girl but going out with her was hard. I was trying to replace you. It didn't work so well. She is a lot like you but there is still a big difference. You are the one I have known forever and that I have shared memories with. Grace can't take your place in my memories."

"Was? You said it was hard. Did you break up?"

"We decided to be friends. It was easier that way."

"Was it because of me?"

"To be honest it was. You remember how I told you I was afraid to kiss her because my cell phone might ring?"


"Well what I really wanted to say and should have said is that I was afraid that when I kissed her I'd only be able to think of you."

I took a chance and leaned in for a kiss. Lily did too and that night in the back of sound wave we finally got what we had been waiting for for a long time, the chance to show each other how we feel.

AN: In case you couldn't figure it out from the above paragraph, that was an ending.