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Chapter Nineteen (nineteen right?): Dude, Rip Off

"…Hey Veloci is dancing!"

"He's not dancing Bry. He looks more like scared to me!" Anna corrected, pointing at the grey rooster who was busily flapping his wings, beginning to run around in small and jagged circles.

"Or he could be making a whirlwind!" suggested Cecilia excitedly, giggling and pointing a finger at the frantic bird. "Like, a tornado or something!"

"Or a hurricane!" Anna joined in, giggling with Cecilia beside her. "We have those! Luckily none of the animals were outside in it, or they'd have gone poof."




"Um, yes, I guess 'poof' would be the right word for it," Miro laughed nervously, although giving a snort afterwards to show his disgust. "So Bry, what are we going to do about Chase here?" He pointed up at the creature dubbed Chase because I said so. "He doesn't look very well right now. You know, being a legendary thing and all."

"Hmm. Noooo cluuuuue."

"Helpful, aren't you?"

"Yep." Bry grinned. "What would you all do without me?"

Miro thought for a moment, and then smirked. "I can think of a few things, actually."

"…Like?" Bry tempted, tilting his head. "What could you do without me?" he repeated.

"Oh, you know, stuff."

"Like?" Bry repeated, a bit annoyed now. "Like what?"

"Oh, you know, play a few games."





"…What's tennis?"

"…I'm not going to bother explaining…"

"…Fine. I didn't really care anyway."

Miro rolled his eyes. "Sure. Anyway, back to the conversation started earlier by me…" Miro cracked his knuckles, his eyes narrowing in thought.

"Are you mad at me?"

"Nope. This is how I think," explained he, still looking quite pissed off, even at his statement.

"…It looks like you're gonna kill Bry," Ricca laughed. "And please, do so. I'd like to see some entertainment."

"…You're soooo mean Ricca," Bry sobbed.

Ricca widened her eyes a fair amount. "…Pansy."


Ricca laughed, and then turned to William, and winked. "Riiiight?"

"Right what?" Ricca glared at William, who apparently wasn't listening. "…Ooh. Yes." Ricca smiled in approval, while William sighed under his breath as Ricca turned back to Bry.

"…Did anyone forget about Chase?" Anna piped up, glancing towards the others.

"Uh, yeah."

"Oh, so I wasn't the only one. Good." She sighed in relief, and the others immediately snapped to and whirled around, watching as Trinity's troops attempted to regain control of Chase, even though they had none to begin with. They just think they have to make them feel better.

Kale's troops did the same, only with Kyogre, and weren't doing much better, seeing as Kyogre was trying to drown them by flapping its wings in attempt to raise tidal waves, which was working.

"Kale! We could use some help here! The grunts are getting waterlogged!" yelled an admin under Kale's orders.

"Trinity! The grunts are combusting pretty quick!" yelled another admin on Trinity's side, and almost on cue, a grunt ran by, hair on fire. Luckily, Kyogre had splashed, and his hair was put out quickly.

Trinity snorted, and then glanced to Kale. "I'll see you later. Much later," she added, "honey," rather reluctantly, and scurried off. Kale grunted in agreement, and ran off as well.

"I feel so bad for those two," Bry laughed. "They have to get married, and they hate each other, and like, yeah."

Part where it gets dramatically better after way more

"It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet," sighed Anna, stars in her eyes as she took a few steps and gave a twirl, before tripping over a rock and falling anime style into the rocky floor. "Ouch!"

"Who's Romeo and Juliet? You mean the rapper?"

"…That's Lil' Romeo, Bry." Matthew sighed, shaking his head. "But really, what do you propose we do now?"

"Not a clue." Miro cast a look towards Bryson, who had now begun to sneak around the rocky formations of…rock, apparently in search of something. "Er, Bry…?"

"Not now! I've come across something! Something that could save us!" Bry hushed, waving a finger towards Miro (not the one you're thinking; Bry doesn't have the capability of flipping someone off in a K+ Fanfic, though he should…) as he slinked behind a corner.

"Hey guys! I've found something totally awesome!"

"Do you think it's really that good?" Ricca asked blandly towards the others, obviously not impressed by what Bryson was referring to, even if she had not seen the likes of it yet. "I've barely known the kid, but so far, I've realized he's a real…idiot."

"Who hasn't?" replied Miro with a groan, before shrugging. "Anyway, what else do we have to go on? Anyone wanna try and snap Chase out of it?"


"Good, then. Let's go see what's with Bry, then." All agreeing (most reluctantly due to Bry probably found some rock or a feather), the gang filed off to follow Bryson, peeking out from a large boulder incase what Bry found was dangerous, or hungry. In that case, if it was some sort of monster, they decided it could just eat Bry and let it be.

Of course, Cecilia wouldn't handle that very well, but Cecilia doesn't handle anything very well.

"Whoa, it's a huge door."

"No kidding."

"Isn't it cool?" Bry demanded, looking towards them with a lopsided grin plastered across his face. Pointing towards the way too pearl coloured doors, it almost seemed to brim with energy that pooled from underneath the tiny cracks of the door.

"It's really pretty," Anna and Cecilia said in awe in unison, gazing up towards said doors.

"But, just how do we get it open?" Miro asked bluntly, looking towards Bry. "You don't seriously think all of us can pull something that huge open, do you?"

"Hey, you underestimate me! Look!" Taking a few strides to stand in front of the door, Bryson placed one gloved hand where the doors met in the middle, the tiny bit of crack (crack ehehe), and strained to the left. Suddenly, a long creak let out.

"Bry, for God's sake."

"No, it's the door moving."



Another lunge, and the door creaked once more, causing the tall door to swing out completely, as Bryson did the same with the other one. Peering into it, all he saw was darkness.

"Darkness…the true darkness."


"What, Will?"

"What's with the quote?"

"Never mind."


"Great, it's a huge door. And a cave, apparently, which is pitch black. How does that work?" Miro inquired. "I mean, if we went in, we'd get lost."


"What, Matt?"

"Behind you."


As Bry ignored the others and stood on the edge, sticking his hand into the darkness and waving it freely, Miro and the others turned to see that the legendary beasts, Kyogre and Groudon had stopped their squabbling, and now stared blankly at the door.

Suddenly, Chase roared, and took a step forward in the lava mush, straining as his claws sunk in the banks of the lava pit, lunging his shoulders forward to heave his massive bulk out. Immediately, Team Magma backed down.

"Trinity, what do we do now!"

"Calm down! Just back off from it!" Trinity barked, waving her arm towards herself. "And get ready to get out if necessary!"

A roar of water indicated that Kyogre had moved as well, paddling with deep, long strokes out of the water pit and slowly onto land. Once it had made it, it began to hover a few stories off the ground, meeting about Groudon's height.


"Retreat! Get the hell away from it! If you don't, you'll be crushed! Get ready to get inside the submarines if necessary!" Watching as Maxie and Winona stepped away from each other and joined their respective groups, both returning their Pokemon, he grumbled at the fact of not being able to capture Kyogre.

"Uh, Bry…"

Ignoring William's warning, Bry chuckled, now sticking his foot into the abyss and pulling it out, easily amused.

Suddenly, Chase and Kyogre screeched, Chase digging his claws into the earth as suddenly, some force tried to suck him into the abyss that Bry was busily experimenting with. Kyogre showed the same resistance, landing and trying to dig its wings into the rocky cavern, causing it to rock and shake.

"Bry, move!" Cecilia screeched.

"Wha--?" Turning slowly, Bry stood like a deer fixed in the headlights as Chase and Kyogre were suddenly thrown forward, hurling into the door. Trying to scramble out of the way, a piece of his shirt caught on a spike from Chase's tail, as he was torn in with them, the doors immediately slamming shut.

The cavern began to shake as the legendary beasts began to thrash and scream in protest, some screams even overpowering those by Bry.

"Bry! BRY!" Cecilia suddenly sprinted towards the door, and threw her weight to the side of it, trying to pull it open. She heard pounding on the other side, and could barely make out Bryson's voice in the chaos.

"Cecilia, let me out! It's really dark in here! HELP ME!"

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" she cried, but to no use as the door didn't even manage to budge. Panicked, she looked over her shoulder to the others. "You guys! Come on and help!"

"Kids, get out of here! Get over here, now!" Trinity ordered, as her troops began to file into the submarines as sections of the wall began to cave in, bringing with them torrents of water due to someone having the sense to dig an underwater cavern. "Come on! If you guys get killed, I'll be screwed! Besides, Mom will wonder where I am!"

"But Bryson—"

"Come on! All of you dying isn't worth it for him!"

"Cecilia, come on. Bry will be fine. The door is shut," Ricca reasoned, pulling Cecilia by the forearm, though Cecilia resisted and dug her shoes in the ground.

"No! I'm not going to leave him!"

"Rgh, you guys, force her over here! And hurry!" Trinity watched as Miro, Matthew, and William managed to grab hold of her, hold her above themselves, and start forward.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Cecilia sobbed, thrashing about as the boys barely managed to keep hold until they all had made it to the submarine Trinity was holding open, well, the door.

"Get in! Now!"

Nodding without taking a look back, Anna, leading a terrified Apology as a ramp was lowered, and Ricca who had managed to grab Veloci, and the others filed in.

Closing the ramp, Cecilia managed to stick her head out of the top door of the submarine, screaming out his name one last time before the submarine door slammed shut, submerged itself, and just barely managed to escape before the water completely collapsed the cavern into nothing but a pile of rubble on the ocean bed.