Author's Apology: I delight in the fact that a 600 word fic can have 6 chapters, tee hee! Sorry. Indulge me in my annoying habits.

Summary: This is a study of human nature, and how our childhood can shape the adults we become. Through a montage of Faith's life, we see how the tables turned from childhood to powerful adolescence. There's one chapter (for each of the 3 themes – abuse, sex and sanctuary) about Faith as a child, and a chappie for each theme about Faithy the adolescent.

Note: I got carried away writing Faith's slayer dream sequences in The Last Supper, lol! Prickly Heat can therefore be seen as kind of a sister fic to the Last.

Prickly Heat

Faithless, Hopeless…

It should hurt you more. It really should. It's all you can think about. You're not even looking at what you're doing. You can't follow the pieces of glass. From the floor to your hand. Each one marinated red. From your hand to your mouth. Is it blood or wine, and why don't you notice it? Do you know that mommy's gone now? It's quiet again, she's passed out, you don't have to swallow the broken glass. You told her it was an accident but…

It really should hurt you more.