Together Forever

Rated: R for Inu's language

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Chapter one: It's finally over

Inuyasha fell to the ground as Naraku dealt what he thought to be the final blow. The only sound being heard was Kagome's blood curdling scream as she saw the battered and bloddy hanyou hit the wall of the castle twenty feet away. As Inuyasha stood a startled gasp escaped Kagome's lips. In front of her stood Inuyasha his eyes were blood red, his fangs and claws elongated, and purple streaks across his cheeks. He growled furiously at Naraku before he lunged at him. Naraku barely had any time to dodge but when he did he landed near Kagome and threw her across the room causing her to slam into a wall. Another growl escaped from Inuyasha's throat before in a flash of red he attacked Naraku and in another flash was by Kagome gently nudging her shoulder to get her to wake up. Miroku, Shippo, Kirara, and Sango looked over to the spot where Naraku had been and noticed all that was left was a pool of blood and scattered strips of flesh and an occasional bone. They started to walk over to Kagome but when they heard the warning growl from Inuyasha they all stopped. They knew from past experiences that it wasn't wise to piss him off when he was in his full demon form for he would kill the closest thing to him and at the moment that was Kagome. He nudged her again and when he got no response he involuntarily whimpered before picking her up and carrying her over to the others. When he got to them they noted the sadness in his red eyes that were begging for them to help the girl in his arms. Sango immeadiatly took the girl out of his arms and layed her down before telling Shippo to get Kagome's first aid kit from her bag. Inuyasha watched in silent anticipation as the taijiya cleaned and bandaged Kagome. When she was done he took Kagome into his arms again and started the long walk to the village. As they were walking out of the castle Miroku grabbed the Tetsuseiga and it's sheath so that they could later turn Inuyasha to his regular self. The trip back took about a week and was uneventful for everyone was too scared to bother the hanyou, afraid that he would hurt Kagome if they did. When they finally got back to the village Inuyasha took Kagome to Kaede and left her there knowing that she would be taken care of before going out into the forest. Miroku followed him into the forest and noticed the demon was waiting for him, having smelled his scent long before. Miroku handed Inuyasha his sword telling him that it was his. When Inuyasha touched the sword he crouched to the ground as his demon blood was pushed down by his human blood. After a few minutes Inuyasha looked up at Mirkou with amber eyes that held confusion in them.

"What happened?" asked Inuyasha

"After Naraku knocked you into the castle wall you turned into a demon. Then you attacked Naraku but when he dodged it he grabbed Lady Kagome and threw her at the wall, knocking her out. After that you attacked Naraku, ripping him in shreds before you took Kagome to Kaede's." said Miroku calmly

" she ok? Did I......did I hurt her?" Inuyasha choked out fear evedent in his eyes

"She will be fine as long as she rests and no you didn't hurt her." said Miroku before he started his way back to Kaede's hut

"Hurry up monk." said the blur of red as it passed Miroku

"Oi wait up Inuyasha!" yelled Miroku as he ran to catch up with the hanyou

When Inuyasha got to the hut he ran inside and pulled the sleeping Kagome into his arms.

"Has she woken up yet?" he asked

"Yes she woke up but her head hurt so I gave her some herbal tea and the only side affect is sleepiness. Where are ye taking her?" asked Kaede

"Home." said Inuyasha as he ran to the well

"Inuyasha! Don't you think it would be wiser for her to stay here?" asked Sango

"No her time has stronger medicine!" said Inuyasha as he ran into the forest

He stopped when he got to the well and looked down at Kagome. 'I'm glad your ok' he thought as he jumped down the well.

"Inuyasha?" asked Kagome as she started to wake up "Why are we in my time/" she asked when she noticed that she was in the well house

"Feh." was his only reply as he carried her into the house

"What happened?" asked Kagome's mother when she saw her daugther

"I'm ok, I got hit pretty hard in the head and back, I'm fine now." Kagome said though the last part was directed toward the hanyou that had a death grip on her

"You need to rest and you need something to ease the pain." said Inuyasha while growling when she tried to get down

"I'll get her some pain killers, can you take her to her room for me Inuyasha?" said Mrs. Higurashi

"Feh." Inuyasha replied before he took Kagome to her room

He layed her down on her bed and sat next to her. His eyes held emotions she never thought he would show, they showed sadness, worry, regretfulness. She reached up and stroked one of his ears causing him to look at her. He didn't pull away and yell at her like she expected him to, he just sat there staring.

"I'm sorry about Kikyo if that's why you're upset." said Kagome

"That's not why I'm upset." he growled out pulling away from her hand

"Why are you upset, or do you still not trust me?" asked Kagome as she turned on her side and propped herself up with her arm

"I trust you, it's're hurt." he looked down at the ground

"It wasn't your fault, I'm just glad your instincts to kill didn't take over while you were full demon." she replied "Why didn't you kill me, or at least attack me?"

"I....uh....I" said Inuyasha as he started to blush

"Alright I brought some painkillers. Kagome is to take one every four hours." Mrs. Higurashi told Inuyasha

"Why the hell are you telling me this?" asked Inuyasha still blushing

"Because we will be gone for a month on vacation visiting family and I know Kagome isn't up for another trip so soon but we promise to take you somewhere later Kagome." said Mrs. Higurashi

"I'll be all alone." Kagome said in shock

"Hell no, I'm staying right here." said Inuyasha

"Alright then, I'll see you to later then. Bye." said Mrs. Higurashi as she kissed Kagome on the cheek then she went to Inuyasha and whispered in his ear "Tell her you love her and she will love you back, trust me a mother always knows how her children feel. Take care of her son." then kissed his cheek and left

"Inuyasha what did my mother say to you?" asked Kagome curiously

"Huh, oh nothing Kagome I....uh...we need to talk." he said looking serious

"Ok." she said and sat up so she could listen to him better

"You wanted to know why I didn't attack you as a full youkai ne?" Inuyasha asked

"yes." she replied

"The reason is because I think of you as my........mate." he said while blushing

"Mate?" Kagome asked

"Or wife as humans call it, so because of that my demon side wouldn't hurt you either." he said still blushing

"So that means you love me?" she asked

"Hai." he said looking away

"I love you too." she said as she tackled him onto the bed and was rewarded with a shocked expression and an approving growl



"I'm glad it's finally over with Naraku and searching for the shards."

"So am I koiji."

The two lovers then fell asleep in each others embrace.


Next chapter: there is a festival going on in Kagome's time and Inuyasha is introduced to fireworks and hotdogs.