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Episode 94

The never ending dead horse.


The Solar System is in dire peril. The only inhabitable planet, Earth, is falling within the grasp of the Evil Ranma Saotome and his allies, The Youma Lords. With Beryl gone, and Saffron and his people withing their dark grasp, they await only the arrival of the Imperial Fleet to conquer the world. The Senshi race back to the planet, fearful of parental backlash, and death and dismemberment. They weren't sure if the two were related or not...

On the planet's surface, Akane Tendo, and the Men in Black follow their mysterious guides through the wilderness of China towards Jusendo. However, their trek is far from easy. Agent Smith, Ranma's personal minion, hunts them with relentless abandon. All the while Akane Tendo trains at every opportunity, and sharpens her mind by reading as much manga as she can allow in the evenings.

Unbeknowst to them, but knownst to us, a shadowy specter of the distant, and not so distant past gathers strength for the coming battle...


Deep in space a shadow loomed over the surface of a passing moon. A gigantic starship passed overhead kicking up dust from the surface as it passed and ignored the gravitational pull of the sphere. It's hull was an almost pastel violet and the light from its engines burned a hot pink.

Heavy breathing escaped the mask of the tall imposing figure that loomed over the helm of a Jurian starship. He was clad armor reminiscent of a techno-samurai. A robotic looking mask peered out across the field of stars. "It is as you predicted. Soon I will have my revenge. I will destroy anyone who would bar my path to the future." The pace of his breathing sped up slightly as he glared at nothing behind his hot pink mask. His entire robe was pink, right down to the knee high boots.

A short robed figure walked up behind him and kept his face hidden in the shadows of his brown and ragged looking hood. "Soon indeed, my new apprentice. The both of us will destroy our enemy. Without mercy, or regret." His voice was cold and deep and he didn't bother looking up at him.

"Lord Gracious." One of the men rushed up to him and glanced down at the dirty looking robed figure. He stepped back for a moment before coming to attention. "We've managed to lock on to their energy signature. There is no hope of catching them before they reach the planet."

"Very well Captain. Set your course for, Earth." The imposing pink warlord turned away and walked off the bridge after the small robed figure.

"Yes M'lord." He quickly stepped away from the pair and gave the smaller figure one last nervous glance as he rushed away.


Akane Tendo had a scowl on her face, not unusual as of late. She looked as emotionless as the monster she stood in front of, and all around her. "Smith."

"Ah, Miss Tendo. I wish I could say it is agreeable to see you. I don't like wasting my time. I have...important matters to attend."

"I wish I could say I was sorry for the inconvenience." She adjusted her tie a bit just after Smith did, all of him. "I'd rather just kick your ass." She pulled out a couple of energy weapons from behind her back. Each about the size of a 9mm handgun.

Smith sighed and pushed his glasses up his nose. "Very well, Miss Tendo. Have it your way, yet again."

"Stop smirking, you haven't produced yet. What's so different this time?" Akane seemed a little too calm considering her current situation. The girl was checking over her weapons and seemed to be paying no attention to the crowd around her. She was standing in the middle of a market street of a small nowhere town in China. She was alone, and about fifty of the monster's bodies surrounded her. The place was deserted, the whole town was gone.

"There are a lot more of me this time." The size of the crowd doubled as more of him stepped out of hiding. They were behind almost every possible hiding place, and walking out of the buildings. All of them stepped up to back the current crowd and looked to be preparing to fight as they stretched and popped knuckles and necks to loosen up.

Akane arched her eyebrow a little. "What's the matter? Ranma doesn't have the balls to kill us himself?"

"You aren't worth the effort." Smith started to close in all around her and most of him looked quite smug, the rest just looked angry.

She snorted and dropped one of the energy weapons to the ground before reaching into her coat and pulling out a more conventional looking firearm. It appeared to be a very large sawn-off shotgun, with an eight round clip built into it. She leveled it and unloaded a shot at the crowd. A huge area in front of her seemed to vaporise as the air filled with a light spray of red. She was smirking as the weapon went off twice more as she jumped in the air and cleared out a large circular area of each crowd. She landed on a rooftop and swung the weapon across her shoulder. "Not so many now, eh?" she called down to them and strolled across the tiles as if it where a sidewalk on a sunny day. Red dripped down her cheeks and she removed her sunglasses long enough to wipe them off on her shirt. Smith was starting to jump up around her. The shotgun weapon was something they'd cooked up to deal with Smith. It put so many tiny pieces of metal into the air that the monster couldn't dodge them all, and covered too wide an area to run from.

They'd been fighting their way across China for almost two months now. The Chinese government seemed unaware of what was happening, that or Ranma had enough of it in his pocket that they ignored it. He'd always been secretive and seemed to enjoy using it to irritate others. The weapon she was using was just an automatic shotgun with specialized ammunition. She liked the weapon of course, but it had a limited amount of ammunition.

Smith was closing fast all around her yet again. She hopped over the first to try and tackle her and put her heel into his back to push off back off the roof and over the street. Smith followed her into the air, she spun around and picked three of them off in the air before she landed and hooked her shin into the neck of a fourth who had tried to land beside her. He flew away and knocked two more of himself out of the air. She spun around and fired point blank into the belly of the one who tried to catch her from behind. The weapon left a large burning hole behind that spread until it destroyed the chest cavity almost completely. A head shot, like the one she achieved on as she fired just to her right at another charging monster, simply burned the head off with most of the neck.

The thing slumped to the ground at her feet and she spun into a complex series of spinning kicks that were all blocked by the group of monsters around her. She went into the air again and flipped over the head of one after he tried to kick her from behind, planted her hands into his leg and grabbed the back of his jacket as she went over him. Using her momentum she heaved him back at the other three. They started to get up, but it was almost comical to watch them all notice the glowing blue orb that was attacked to the kicker's leg.

It exploded, sending pieces in every direction, the blast knocked another Smith out of the air, leaving Akane Tendo queen of her mountain again. The numbers were dwindling fast, and there was a lot more space in the street below her. A few more jumped up to challenge her position again. Back up was just behind it, creating waves of men moving towards her. She arched her eyebrow again and reached up behind her back. She used her free hand to put her current handgun away as she pulled a light saber from her belt. She cracked her neck and spun the weapon around her wrist as she prepared herself.

Smith made a grab for her as one of him dove at her with his arms spread. She slashed up after he was committed and the fell in two pieces on either side of her. She ducked below a punch and cut one along the legs at the knees. He fell back and hit the ground. She put the blade through his chest as two legs collided in her previous position. She used the stab to vault herself over the hilt and pulled it out in time to stab the one trying to catch her in the air through the chest as his leg passed just next to her cheek. He fell forward over her as she landed and rolled between his legs as he died and put her fists into the gut of the two who had tried to catch her from either side. They flew back into the crowd of about ten more, each with a grenade sticking to his belly. Both exploded, one set the other off and pieces of monster rained down on the area around her.

She walked back to the edge of the roof and hopped back down to the street again. She reached up and picked up her discarded energy weapon. She turned her head and saw a Smith bearing down on her from an alley in a large truck. He had the gas to the floor. She took a moment to regard this before firing a single shot into the gas tank. The vehicle exploded in a spectacular ball of flames and rolled to a dead stop about three feet in front of her. She put the weapon away and started walking.

Jadeite and Kunzite came rushing around the corner on a street just ahead. They both paused and seemed to regard the situation for a moment.

"I'm starting to see why you got left in charge." Kunzite was looking at the mess behind her. It was growing less and less unusual.

She didn't look like being covered in a sticky wet substance was uncomfortable. "Any idea where we are?"

"Well, we're in northern China now, somewhere." Kunzite peered around at the fields as he answered.

"Where the hell are those idiots?" She looked a little annoyed as she asked.

"They said something about food and took off." Jadeite shrugged. "You know them."

"Irresponsible jerks. How much can those idiots eat anyway?" The girl only looked a little miffed. "I hate that they can fly."

Kunzite nodded. "Would be nice. Still, if we listen to those two, it'd only get us killed." They all started to walk down the road together. Akane seemed to be working on loosening up her shoulders a little while the other two strolled with their hands in their pockets. "What do we have to eat anyway?"

"Zoicite said something about pork I think." Jadeite didn't seem to be looking forward to it much.

"Again? I'm thinking we should pick smaller game for meat, this is almost a week now." The pony tailed former general hung his head a little.

"The first think I'm gonna do when I get home is have Kasumi make me a huge meal." Akane looked up at the sky as she walked for a moment with a wistful smirk on her lips.

"I'm going for some okonomiyaki. I got hooked since we came here." The short haired general seemed to cheer up a little as well.

"What the hell is Nephrite doing anyway?" Akane noticed he was absent after a moment.

"He's fuming at camp. He set us out to get you. You know he hates it when we break schedule." Jadeite chuckled a little after he said it and shook his head.

"Schedule for what? We don't even know where we are thanks to those two idiots." Akane stepped off the street and onto a dirt road that led towards a patch of woods beyond a few farms in the distance.

"I'm almost afraid to ask..." Kunzite moved closer so they were shoulder to shoulder as they walked.

"Yeah. I got it." She pulled a bag from under her shirt and sighed as she handed it over.

"Drat. No unscented I take it?" He peered inside and sighed a little. "I hate it when I smell like apples."

"Sorry. All they had." She pulled out a plastic bag with a few small bottles in it as well. "Dinner won't be so bad tonight now that we have this. I never thought I'd miss salt so much." She regarded the bag and hung her head. "I can't believe I had to go through all of that just for some seasonings." She glanced back at the road behind them over her shoulder with her eyebrow twitching a little.


Ranma Saotome stood on what was left of Jusendo with a dark smile on his face. Chibi Usa and the two remaining Youma Lords stood just in front of him looking down at the rows and rows of soldiers below. All of them were dressed in white armor. The only part of their body that wasn't armored were their wings. Ranma had protested, but Kuroi seemed somewhat attached to the idea. Intermixed within the ranks were also large numbers of Smith.

The air blew up around them tossing dust and hair to blow in every direction. The evil Saiyan put his arm up to shield his eyes a little from the dust as A shuttle pulled up to the cliff they were standing on and floated just off the edge with the door open and waiting for borders. "Heh. He'll be here soon."

Kuroi glared back at him for a moment before stepping on board the shuttle with Tochi.

Ranma and Chibi-Usa stood back as the two youma looked back in confusion.

"Come on!" Kuroi snarled at him and waved his arm. "We..."

"We aren't going. I've got business to deal with down here." Ranma didn't seem bothered by the youma's anger.

Tochi didn't bother looking back at them as she sat down at the seat by the door to Kuroi's right. "I'd hate for you to miss something important."

Chibi Usa frowned at the boyish youma and shrugged her shoulders.

"What business?" Tochi put her arm on the younger youma's shoulder and it seemed to calm him a bit.

"He'll be coming here. I intend to be here when he arrives. I won't set foot on those ships until Ranma Saotome is dead."

Kuroi smirked. "Have it your way then." The door closed and the shuttle took off.

"Why aren't we going?" Chibi Usa seemed a little worried and frustrated. She clenched her fist and leveled her stare at him. "You are aware those ships have cannons? It would be easy for them to..."

"Smith controls those ships. He's in command of every important operation. Kuroi isn't as dangerous up there as he'd like to think." He turned away and started walking back down the mountain. "Come on, we're going to be ready when they arrive."

"If we aren't strong enough by now, it's too late." She looked up at the sky. "Even I can tell they are coming."

"Wait then." He snorted and strolled away. The moment he was away from her his face was nothing but a deep scowl.

In the sky overhead, a group of about seven Imperial Warships floated in the sky, a sight not seen in the memory of the planet. Small almost box like shuttles could be seen coming down within the rows of troops. He looked out over the scene as he descended the mountain's side and it didn't help his mood. "I'm waiting for you, hurry up and finish this off. Then you can really suffer." His smile turned strange, almost crazed. It was obvious he was growing impatient with waiting for things to start happening. The arrival of the star ships had only made things worse.


"It's almost time." Gohan was looking up at the star ships in the sky overhead. He was sitting around a campfire with Gohan and the former employees of Ranma Saotome. "My guess is Keichi is safe. It's too late to bother with that anymore. In a few hours, he'll have the attention of every government in the world."

"Like he doesn't all ready." Akane looked a little irate.

The former generals were all silent, and seemed to be paying little attention to much of anything. Each was in his own place.

"Point taken," agreed Trunks with an amused looking smirk on his face.

"We aren't getting any sleep for a while are we?" Akane looked down at the small metal cup that rested in her hands as she looked into the firelight.

"Fraid not." Gohan had yet to take his eyes off the ships overhead as he stood up and turned to face them. "We've got a few hours of peace at most. These things aren't known for patience. They'll start as soon as they get everything up and running."

"What are we gonna do?" Akane didn't seem to be very frightened and sipped at her drink a little.

"Smith could be a big problem, even after Ranma is destroyed. We need to take care of him." Trunks popped his back and scratched at his side giving a few grunts as he spoke. "There's a reason we've been less than available to bail you out more and more you know."

"Take care of Smith?" Jadeite's voice got their attention.

"How do we do that?" Kunzite stood up and crossed his arms with a rather aggressive looking smirk on his face. The generals were paying attention to the trio's conversation now.

"We have to stop it's production. He's pumping these things out at an unbelievable rate. More than he should be making. Smith was a problem, but this is insane. There are thousands of him. Something has him rattled, more than he should be. I'm sure it's not us either." Gohan pulled the map out and laid it across the stump he was sitting on. The group huddled around it and peered down at the tattered page. He pointed out a spot southwest of Jusendo, Akane noted it was near Jusenkyo. The saiyan continued to speak as he moved his finger to where their camp was. "We're here. We leave as soon as it's bright enough."

"Where are we going?" Jadeite seemed a little miffed he was still omitting specifics.

"Ranma's youma factory. We could never find it, because he only made a few at a time, maybe twenty or so a batch. He's gone into some sort of panic overload and made way more. We were able to locate it. Once we do that, we can bring him under control." Trunks was leaning back against one of the logs they were using as seats with his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. "It's gonna be a big fight, it's not a small place either. We've got no reinforcements."

"Well, good luck. You two can handle it right?" Akane seemed cheerful again.

"No." Trunks frowned a bit and opened one of his eyes to glance at her. "We can't do it for you. We've got business of our own. As much as we like you guys, we didn't come back just to protect you."

"A little notice would have been nice." Zoicite seemed annoyed as he started opening the arms cases. They only had three small cases, but their ancient design allowed for quite a bit of folded pocket space for storage.

"Stop complaining. You said you weren't getting any sleep tonight anyway. It had to be tonight, otherwise there'd be too much going on there. We didn't know if Ranma might decide to drop in. We can't hide from him that close up. You can expect it to be crawling with him regardless, just less so now than normal." Trunks seemed to believe that was enough exposition and settled back down for a nap.

"You could have just told us all this weeks ago!" Nephrite seemed to have just reached the point where he couldn't contain himself any longer.

"To what end?" Trunks rolled over on his side facing away from them as he frowned a little.

Gohan was still looking up at the star ships as the other generals held their companion back as he went on a rather colorful rant. "Sky sure is pretty tonight." He sipped on his cup and ignored the events around him.


Ranma Saotome sat with his hands behind his head as he looked at the blue orb in front of them. It was growing larger with each passing moment, but it was still only slightly larger than a speck in the distance. The outer planets loomed as the largest things in view, with the sun shining far in the distance. It was quite a sight to behold.

"We're coming up on the Earth soon." He was the only one in the cockpit, everyone else was getting a last bit of sleep before they arrived. They would wake in a few hours when they drew closer to the solar system.

He was slightly surprised when the door opened. Washuu stumbled in and yawned as she stretched out and sat down beside him. "Hi."

"Hey." He nodded in greeting and relaxed again.

"I had to be up first, I've got a bit of work to do. Gotta make sure everything is ready to go. Last minute stuff, you know." The boy noted she had a cup of coffee in her hands. She sipped on it and looked to still be half asleep.

"Last minute stuff?" His head swiveled towards her.

"Nothing to worry about. Just a few things to make sure they're combat ready after the trip."

"I don't like the way that sounds."

"Which one of us is the genius here?" She was sipping her coffee and not even bother to look at him as he fumed for a moment.

"Whatever. I just want to get there." He looked irritated now as he glared at the planets.

Tenchi appeared on the screen. "There are ships in orbit over Earth. Our sensors are detecting shuttles moving to and from the Earth. We can expect a fight." He didn't look pleased.

"They'll have plenty of time to..." She paused. "What are they moving? There's a lot of traffic..."

"They are transporting large numbers of life forms to the star ships. Quite a force." Tenchi was obviously relaying information given to him by a nearby officer. "I don't like this."

"We can handle it." Ranma seemed uninterested and leaned back in his chair. "You and the Senshi will handle the space battle. I'm heading straight for the planet with Hotaru. We've got business there." His eyes were closed and he seemed to relax a little more now that he had people to annoy.

"It'll be safer for me to operate if I'm on the opposite side of the planet from the battle as well. I'll be more useful if I'm not under fire." Washuu nodded in agreement with his plan. "I can help coordinate the battle, and keep us in touch throughout the whole thing."

"All right. I wish I could land with you." Tenchi seemed honest. "Ryoko will help us here. She's already told us."

"I'm altering my course then. You are to engage the fleet over Earth." Ranma sat back up and seemed alert again. "Nabiki and the Senshi will assist you."

"I'm glad to have them." The young captain seemed to perk up a bit.

"Be careful Tenchi. From what I've seen, those shuttles are full of pilots for the fighters. Be ready." Washuu looked quite serious as she put her face up to the screen.

"Good luck." Tenchi's smile withered a little as he said it.

"We don't need it. We're the most kick ass team in the known universe as far as I know. " Ranma smiled at him as the screen went dark. "I can't wait! I'll bet he's real strong, it could take hours!" The boy seemed quite pleased with this.

Washuu rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. "Well, I've got work to do. Time to put those girl's to work too."

Trunks smiled as the conversation continued.

"Sweet! We're almost there! I can't wait to put my fist through his teeth!" Carrot was getting pretty excited.

"I'll say, I wanna trash the guy." Ranma was an overconfident ball of anger.

"Heh...heh...boom...heh...heh..." Dan was getting ready in his own way.

"We need to be careful! We're supposed to be saving the planet, not blowing it up! Remember how much trouble it was last time?" Pissant was complaining.

All was right with the Universe, well, besides the evil planetary takeover thing. On the whole though.

"Will, somebody shut him up. I'm tryin ta concentrate." Dan seemed a bit angry at the tiny irritating voice.

"You otta be used to it by now!" Ranma snapped just about everything he said. "When I get my hands on that jerk..."

"We all want to kill him." Carrot seemed pleased with Ranma's current mindset. "Focus pal. We're in the home stretch."

"I know. Because of him, I've seen hell!" The others had to suppress the aura to keep from melting the seat.

"Calm down! We're gonna burn our clothes again!" Pissant seemed a bit more forceful than usual. "I'm getting hot."

"Whatever. How many hours?" Carrot was making them look at the readout on the console. It gave them distance and an ETA. "Six. Man, what I wouldn't do for a few rounds of Doom to cool off."

"Yeah. Waiting for explosions sucks. I want one now." Dan made them nod as they looked out at the planet in eager anticipation. They could see the Senshi's group moving off in the distance as they passed by Uranus. Their heads turned to watch the blue planet pass by them. "Huh huh huh huh. Heh heh heh m heh heh. That's cool."

Ranma and Pissant were a little confused by this as Dan and Carrot enjoyed a private joke.

Another moment of amusement quickly passed as they moved on through the system.


The bridge of the 'Queens Pride' was bustling with activity. A chair was elevated near the back of the bridge over a system of pits that housed the control center of every system on the ship. A gigantic window gave a panoramic view of the universe outside the ship. The Earth could be seen spinning slowly and lazily in the starboard side windows.

The golden haired female strolled up to the chair and smiled at the raven haired child youma as she neared. A few bird men passed in front of her in a bit more of a hurry than before. He was standing next to the seat looking into a hand held screen.

"What's going on?" Tochi walked up to Kuroi with her eyebrow arched.

"Our little problem brought some friends along. There's a small group of ships approaching, and another smaller ship moving towards the opposite side of the planet. It will take them a while to get here." The boy was working with a hand held touch screen and brushed one of his black hair spikes out of his face. He seemed preoccupied as he paced around and focused on what he was doing. "We're preparing for combat now. We have plenty of time to be ready for them."

She sat down in the captain's chair. "Friends?"

"Jurian ships. There are three of them. Plus, a small squad of unidentified fighters. The other is the ship that escaped Earth." The boy spared her a glance and seemed to relax a bit more. "They shouldn't pose a problem."

"There are six fighters." Tochi frowned as she leaned into a screen showing the ships position on a map. "Wonder who they are?"

"We have an entire armada of fighters. Smith is proving rather useful. He'll be piloting half the fighters to keep the others in line." The boy glanced over his shoulder as one of them appeared behind them out of the shadows.

"Sir, I am to relay a message."

The boy glanced up at him. Tochi frowned a little. "I'm not sure I like this development." The female straightened her back and stood a bit taller.

"You're surprised? He is a hive mind youma." The boy nodded at the suit clad monster.

"My master wants you to leave the single ship be. Any forces sent against him would be wasted."

"I'd planned on it. I know what he wants, and he can have it. I'll be interested to see how it turns out. I've got what I want already."

That comment seemed to catch Tochi off guard. "Wha?"

The boy ignored her as he looked out into the field of stars with a dark smile on his face as he moved across a walkway over the computer pits and to the center of the walls of glass. He was rewarded with a breathtaking view of the planet, it's moon, and a sea of stars.


The students of Furinkan high were alarmed and panicking. Men in black suits had forced them all out the gates of the school, every one of them looked exactly the same. Ranma Saotome stood in front of the doors with a dark looking frown on his face. He was surrounded by armed men, and had a very attractive, but evil looking woman with pink hair standing next to him.

Not a one had the balls to walk up and argue with him. The men hadn't done anything but cleared out the grounds and now appeared to be guarding the building for some reason.

"Is there a bomb or somethin?" One of the students walked up and asked one of the men in black suits with what looked like shotguns covered in chrome. He turned his head and frowned at him. "Just leave. There's nothing happening here today. All I can say is it's some kind of meeting. You'd best clear out."

The crowd seemed to back away a bit as he turned his head back to where it was and stood motionless with his weapon held ready in front of him. A little at a time, the crowd began to disperse and move away from the grounds.


Soun Tendo was sitting at the table with his head hung low. His eyes were vacant and he looked almost hollow. "My daughters..."

Kasumi was beside him, a deep frown of worry and confusion on her face. "Don't worry father. Nabiki called from outer space and said she'd be home soon."

"Yes, that's very nice dear." Tears were flowing down his face at this point.

The girl turned her head as the door opened. A group of people stood in the entranceway. A couple with a young boy, a single woman with short hair, and a man dressed in an English suit. Each of the adults looked somewhat distraught. The boy seemed pretty cheerful.

"Oh hello." Soun stood up and tried to compose himself.

The group bowed to him in apology. "Please forgive us. We're looking for Soun Tendo." It was the mother of the boy who spoke up.

"I am he? Is there something I can help you with? I'm afraid my family is..."

"Missing a daughter, named Nabiki?" The short haired woman interrupted. "We all got strange calls from our girls a month ago. We, heard your daughter's name mentioned. We aren't sure what they mean, but we think she's with them."

"Anything you can tell us!" The man in the suit rushed forward. "I'll pay anything for information about my girl!"

"Nabiki is fine. She's in outer space." Kasumi seemed quite cheerful.

"Yes. That one." The short haired woman sighed as she put her hand up to the bridge of her nose. "I'm Mrs. Mizuno. This is Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino, and Mr. Aino."

"I'm afraid I know about as much as you do. Kasumi says she got a call..." He looked up at her for a moment. He was starting to think she'd cracked. He hadn't been home and missed the call. The police had come and gone, and now he was waiting alone. Akane had vanished as well, with no word or warning. He had no idea what to do. He hadn't been able to contact Ranma for months. Genma had left him to search for his son, and he'd gotten no word from him either.

Aino fumbled with the phone as it started to ring in his pocket, he almost dropped it answering it. "Yes?" He perked up for a moment. "Hino-sensei! What?" He glanced over at Soun. "Turn on the television, any channel is fine. Are you sure?"

Soun had already done so, and the screen was showing something impossible. There was something in the sky over the Earth. Something much too high up, and much too large to be an airplane. They were grouped close together in the stratosphere overhead, and small lights could be seen moving about between them in the night sky over Europe.

"I wonder if Nabiki is there?" Kasumi seemed quite hopeful. "I do hope she comes home soon. We're very worried."

The group stood around staring at the screen in a sort of shocked awe. Ami's mother fell over in a dead faint.

"Cool! Usagi better give me a ride in her space ship!" The boy was jumping up and down with excitement.


Akane Tendo stood alone in front of a large complex built into the interior of a large cave. It was a building that looked like a factory about fifty yards inside a mountain cave. She was covered in weapons and had a firm frown on her face. Her grip shifted on her weapon as her glasses kept her eyes hidden.

Smith was walking towards her, hundreds of him, meeting her at about twenty feet away. Both the girl and the wall of men stopped. "Ah. Miss Tendo. I'm afraid we aren't expecting company. I'm sure we can find a way to accommodate you." One of the clones stepped forward and spoke up taking only a single pace away from his brethren. "It's a shame you haven't brought your friends with you. We would certainly enjoy meeting them again. I'll be sure to drop in and see them when you're settled in here."

"I don't really need the help." The girl shrugged and rubbed at the bridge of her nose with her pistol still gripped in her hand. She let her arm hang back down and stepped towards them. "I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I've got a few tricks you haven't seen yet."

"Really, that's very interesting." Smith seemed unimpressed and didn't move.

"Believe it." The girl crouched suddenly and performed a few gestures with her hands and fingers without dropping her gun. A hundred more Akane Tendo appeared all around the girl, firming a wall of their own within the cavern. Jadeite and Kunzite appeared at the back of the cavern flinging crates of weapons firearms and swords to the army of girls. Within thirty seconds all of the girls were armed and moving forward as a group. Smith had cleared out a few villages, and a few towns from the map. They'd been raiding the vacant towns for supplies, and weapons.

Smith remained standing where he was with one of his hands over his wrist over his belly. All of them looked the same, and they didn't seem worried about the new development.

Akane opened fire and the men in suits started to fall. They reacted as soon as the first fell and charged forward like a wave.

The girls never lost their grin as they met the charge head on. Each one was as fast as the monster it was facing, and the confined space of the cavern gave her the advantage. The legion of Akanes stopped pressing forward and dug in to keep Smith from gaining any ground.

A few of the girls had swords, and carved chunks, bullet ridden bodies, and charred skeletons littered the ground in front of them as the battle raged. Smith returned fire, but as the girl's dwindled they reappeared.

Akane wasn't even fighting the battle herself. She was sitting nearby with a smirk on her face behind a large boulder in the entrance. She'd picked up a few new tricks from her manga, but Dragon Ball had been her base of study. She had the ki reserves to keep it up for some time. Then, the real battle would begin, once he'd been thinned out a bit. She frowned a bit as she thought about it. It was something she had learned from Ranma. "That bastard. He'll get what's coming to him."


Gohan and Trunks were sitting on top of a skyscraper in a section of Tokyo that would remain outside the scope of the battle to come. They had a large bucket of pop corn and two very large cups of soda on the ledge with them.

Trunks looked at his watch and slapped Gohan on the shoulder. "It's showtime."

A large flash of light formed in the middle of Nerima. Both Saiyans put on a pair of sunglasses and grinned like idiots. "Ooooooh!" They chimed in unison.

"That was a good one!" Trunks seemed pleased with himself.

"We're just getting started too. Great." Gohan seemed to agree and was almost hopping up and down on his rear.

Pops and bangs filled the air as flashes of light sparkled in the distance.



Well, almost there. Doubt this will go a hundred chapters when I do finish. Maybe two or three more to go. It's been fun so far. So I might as well get the rest of it done. Expect chapters of other things first though. I've got three or four half done chapters in the works for other stories.