Disclaimer: The characters in this story feature characters of the show Digimon: Digital Monsters. They are being written without the consent of Toei Animation. It's still a good story, though. So enjoy!

Digimon: Invasion USA

Chapter 1: A New Mystery

At school, Davis was running late. He was supposed to meet the others to go for a camping trip in the DigiWorld. "Oh God, Kari's gonna be so upset with me!" he said as he dashed through the streets of Odaiba to Tai and Kari's apartment.

He finally reached the Kamiya apartment and knocked on the door. He was about to pass out from having to run all the way from school. He was kind of proud of himself, though: He ran 2 miles in only 8 minutes. "Great, a new record!" he thought.

Tai opened the door and found a wheezing and panting Davis. "Oh, there you are! What took you so long."

"I...huh...missed...huh...my...huh...ride." he said, panting between every other word.

"Why didn't you call? Joe just got a new car." Tai said.

"Uhhgh..." Davis moaned. But then he saw Kari, and his eyes lit up!

"Kari, hey! Did you miss me?"

"Oh, Davis. I didn't know you were coming." Kari said, half not paying attention.

"Stick a dagger in my heart, why don't you!" Davis thought as she just crushed him with those apathetic words. Davis thought "What do I have to do to get her to like me? Make an Internet company!"

"Well now that everyone's here, let's go. Ken, Izzy, and Matt, and all of the Digimon are already in the DigiWorld." Matt said to everyone.

"Wait, why don't we invite Mimi and Michael." Joe says "We can e-mail them"

"Good idea, I'll e-mail them right now," Sora said. After a while, she got an error message:


"That's odd." Sora says. "Maybe the server in New York is down?"

"Nah, she probably unhooked her modem to set up a conference line!" Tai says. "I mean, she spends half her time talking on the phone!"

"Hey, Matt and the others are gonna get impatient." Cody interrupted "Let's go now and we'll e-mail Mimi when we get there."

"Good idea." says TK. "Let's move on out!"

They got their camping bags and held their D3's at Kari's computer. A bright blue light emerged and sucked them all into the Digital World.


"Hey, they're here!" Izzy tells Ken and Matt. "What took you guys so long?"

Yolei answered. "We were waiting for Davis to get his stupid butt over here!"

"Hey! I would've been here sooner if someone told me about Joe's car!"

"Stop arguing, you too!" Joe said. Then he turned towards Izzy- "Did you guys find a good campsite?"

"Yeah" he said. "It's that place near the waterfalls, do you all want to...

But suddenly, Izzy was interrupted by a loud crack of trees and ground from a distance away. All of the Digidestined and their Digimon turn toward the noise to see a white column of light ripping through the earth about a 1/2 mile away.

"What the hell is that?!" Matt yelled.

"I don't have a clue!" Ken said, while asking himself that same question.

They all watch the bright light to see something drilling through the ground. It looked like a flying saucer, but it was connected to a tall steel structure.

"Should we digivolve?" Biyomon asked.

"Go ahead, but don't attack it until we know what it is." Tai says.

All the digimon get ready to digivolve.


But they couldn't.

"I don't understand! What's going on!" Kari yells.

"That thing coming out of the ground must be the reason why our Digimon can't digivolve!" Ken deduces.

Suddenly, the light vanished, and the structure was revealed.

"What is that?" TK asks.

"I don't believe it!" Izzy exclaims.

"You know what it is?" Cody asks.

"It's the Space Needle!" Izzy says.

"The Space what?" Davis interrupts.

"The Space Needle. It's an observation tower in Seattle, Washington."

"That came from America? But how?" Sora asks.

"I don't know. Maybe a vortex sucked it in."

Suddenly, Hawkmon sees people in the observation tower He also sees something wrong.

"You guys!" Hawkmon yells down to them. "There are people in there! And the building is about to fall over!"

"Oh my God! They're gonna be killed if we don't help!" Yolei says. "We gotta help them out!"

"But how, we can't get our Digimon to digivolve." Cody says.

"Let's try to Armor-Digivolve!" Veemon says.

"Yeah, let's go!" Davis says.

All of the new Digidestined yelled: Digi-Armor Energize!

Gatomon... ...Armor-Digivolve to.....!

They digivolved and headed towards the people, who were either panicking or unconscious.

Shurimon stretched his vine legs all the way to the top of Space Needle and grappled the structure to prevent it from falling over. Pegasusmon and Nefertimon helped the people climb onto them, with TK and Kari telling them to calm down. Flamedramon leaped into the building and got the unconscious people out of harms way. Digmon was using friction against his drill arms to weld the steel girders of the Space Needle together, hoping to keep it from falling over. Suddenly, one of the other girders snapped, and a large steel beam was about to crush Yolei and Davis.

"Help!" Yolei yells. Suddenly, an familiar voice yelled out in response to her plea for help.


A giant burst of plasma energy raced towards the metal beam and blasted it out of the way. Millions of petals were blasted all over the ground.

"Lillymon?!" Sora said in disbelief.


Digmon was just putting the finishing touches on the Space Needle. "There!" he says in his Texan accent. "Y'all don't have to worry about any falling buildings. Now, who exactly is the flower fairy over here?

"Nice to meet you, Digmon, my name is Lillymon. I'm the Ultimate version of Mimi's Palmon. I saw this beam of light go through the ground and I figured that you'd all be here!" Lillymon says.

"Figures, we do end up getting into trouble when we come here, huh!" Joe said sarcastically. "Exactly how did you digivolve?"

I had digivolved to help Betamon get out some mud. I brought him.." Her black eyes opened wide. "Oh goodness, I left Betamon in that tree!"

"Don't worry, I got down!" The frog-like digimon says from a distance. "Thanks for leaving me there!"

"I'm sooo sorry, but I had to stop a beam from falling on Davis and Yolei." she said in her most apologetic voice. "Will you ever forgive me?"

"No biggie," Betamon says. "You know I can never stay mad at you!"

Okay, I don't mean to break up this `Full-House' moment, but can you explain what the Space Needle is doing here!" Matt says.

"I don't know, exactly." Betamon says. "Other things have appeared here since the last few days, but they were never as big as that!"

"There's a problem, though." Lillymon interrupts

"And this isn't?" Joe says while pointing at all the dazed and confused people.

"I mean that I can't de-digivolve back to Palmon." She says.

"What's wrong with that, you're an Ultimate level Digimon!?" Davis says.

"But it's not the level I'm supposed to be at." She responds.

"She's right." Ken says. "All Digimon have what I call a `default' level. While I was the Digimon Emperor, I learned that it was impossible to keep a Digimon as a Champion or Ultimate permanently. The only way I was able to prolong it was using the Dark Spirals, and even those wouldn't last forever."

"Then how is Lillymon not able to force herself to become Palmon. That should be extremely easy if it's her default." Joe says.

"I think something- or someone- discovered how to halt all digivolving." Ken says.

"But you did that too, so maybe you can undo it." TK says.

"I was able to only prevent digivolving. I never could master de-digivolving. Even with my old Black Digivice, I was never able to block that." Ken says.

"So someone's trying to conquer the Digital World again?" Matt says.

"I don't think that is what this person wants." Izzy says.

"What do you mean?" Cody says.

"Well, if this person wanted to conquer the DigiWorld, then why stop the Digimon from de-digivolving?" Izzy asks hypothetically.

"To destroy us..." Lillymon says in a solemn tone.

"Huh?" everyone asks.

"Well," she continues, "I feel myself getting weaker and weaker."

"That could be it," Ken says in response to her worry. "I've theorized that if a Digimon cannot return to his default stage, then it could be deleted. But it's only a theory that I haven't even tested, yet," he says so as to not make Lillymon panic.

"But most Digimon cannot digivolve unless they've been in contact with a digivice. For all we know, Lillymon is one of the very few digimon not in her default level."

"So if this supposed enemy isn't after the DigiWorld, then is he after the Real World?" TK asks.

"That could be it," Izzy says, "but we should investigate a little more before we decide on anything. Let's go back to the Real World."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Joe says, "How do we bring all these people back. We can't just leave them here!"

"Yeah, let's bring them back to America. They wouldn't be too happy to wind up in Japan." Ken says.

"Okay, tell the girls to bring them to the computer terminal." Tai ordered to TK.


Sora, Kari, and Yolei were busy trying to explain exactly what happened to these people where exactly they were.

"So this is the Digital World?" one woman asks. "Where are all the computers, they're digital, aren't they?"

"It's not that kind of digital," Yolei tried explaining. "It's like a..." She paused and whispered to Sora, "What exactly is the digital world, no one ever explained it to me."

"Well," Sora began, "it's like, a world in the Internet."

"We're on the Internet!?" a man said.

"Kinda, it's just bits and pieces of it." Kari said.

"So how'd we get here?" a teen guy asked.

"I don't know how you all got here, but we used these to come." Kari said as she showed the girl the D3.

"Then how do we get out?" a very scared woman asks.

"Don't worry, we figured it all out!" TK yelled as he ran to the girls. When he got up to the crowd, he told them that they'll be out in a matter of minutes.

"But how, TK?" Kari asked.

"We'll use our D3's to bring them to Seattle one at a time." Then he turned to the crowd and said: "everyone form a single file line and follow me!" Everyone gladly got up and followed him to the computer monitor inside a log.

"It's all set, everyone!" Izzy said. "I've programmed the computer to take you back to America."

Everyone was excited and cheering, but that ended when an urgent voice came from the computer. "Sora, Matt, somebody!.....Help!"

"Oh no! That sounds like Mimi!" Davis says.

"Mimi!," Lillymon says to her friend on the computer screen. "What's wrong?!"

A distressed Mimi says "We lost contact with the rest of the world. The United States has this wall-thingy all around its borders!"

"That could be why I couldn't e-mail her!" Sora says.

"Don't worry, we're on our way." Tai says. "Izzy, reprogram the gate to take us to New York City!"