Dominic Toretto walked into the gym in downtown LA. He's been working out there a lot ever since the "truck mess", as him and the team like to call it. Going into the locker rooms, he got changed out of his blue jeans and black tank top and into a gray tank top and gray sweatpants. He got hooked up to the rock wall and started to climb, feeling the muscles in his arms, back and shoulders flexing with tension. There was another person on the wall next to him. Elizabeth Danvers, her long, pale, wavy/curly blonde hair was tied back and her eyes, that were so dark they were black, flicked to him and back at her hands. She finished and launched herself down the wall going to the bar to get water.

A little while later, Dom did the same and sat next to her at the bar.

"Hi Liz." He said and she looked at him, taking a sip out of her water bottle.

"Dom." She said nodding.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. You?"

"Pretty good. Ya doing anything tonight?" he asked and she smiled.

"Yes as a matter of fact I am."



"Come on Liz, everyday for the past three weeks since I met you, I've been asking you out and you've turned me down every time. Why is that?"

"Dom, you are a very attractive man, you're funny, you're sensitive, for the most part, and you're a great person, but it wouldn't work out." Liz said and he sighed.

"Just give it a shot."

"I can't and that's that." She said and he threw up his hands in defeat.

"Okay!" he said and stood. "You gonna spot me on the bench-press?" he asked and she nodded getting to her feet.

A couple of hours later he pulled up in front of the garage and got out, he had stopped at the house first and showered, changing his clothes.

"Hey D." Leon said looking up from his Skyline. "You just get back from the gym?"


"Was Liz there?" he asked waggling his eyebrows with a smirk and Dom laughed.

"Yes as a matter of fact she was." He said, he had told the male populous of the team about her, and made sure that his now ex-girlfriend Letty hadn't heard about her, she tended to get jealous even though they were broken up.

"Did you ask her out again?"

"Yes, and she turned me down, again."

"Give it up man, she ain't gonna get wit you."

"It doesn't hurt to try. Anyway, where's Vince?"

"At the fort with Mia."

"No he ain't I was just there, no one was there."

"Then I don't know."

"Okay. Where's Jesse and Letty?"

"Uh…at Harry's I think. Why?"

"Just wondering." Dom said and walked past him, going into his back office.

Letty and Jesse left Harry's and got into Letty's car.

"Hey little bro?" she asked. Jesse was the youngest of their little rag-tag 'family', being only 22, and shortly after he got out of the hospital Mia called him 'little bro', it stuck so now they all called him it, much to his dismay.

"Yeah Lett?" Jesse asked looking out the window.

"You know that girl that Dom told you guys about? Elizabeth Danvers?" Dom had tried to keep the name and the info away from her ears but she used her feminine wiles on Vince and got the scoop. Never underestimate a motivated woman, especially Letty when she suspects something is being kept from her.

"Yeah. What about her?"

"I want you to find out everything you can about her, do your little computer thing and get me the dirt on little Miss Liz. I want to know everything."


"Dom likes her and I want to make sure she's not another Spilner."

"She's been turning him down though, if she was another Brian then wouldn't she have accepted the first time he asked her out?"

"Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. It's called hard to get, the more time she turns him down the more he wants her."

"Oh. I don't get women at all." he said shaking his head and sighing and Letty laughed. "So you think you could do it?"

"Yeah, it might take me a day or so to get back into the whole thing, but I'll have it to you as soon as I get it."

"Thanks Jesse." She said the rest of the trip back to the garage was in silence except for the sound of the radio, which had been turned down low for just background noise.

"Please Liz?" Dom asked pouting, sticking out his bottom lip and giving her Bambi eyes. Liz laughed.

"You're never going to stop are you?"


"Fine! I'll go out with you tonight!" she said throwing up her hands in final defeat. "Where do you want to go?"

"How's dinner sound?"

"Sounds great? You like Mexican food?"

"Love it. I know this great place, what time should I pick you up?"

"You don't even know where I live." Liz said smiling and he smiled back.

"Well how about you tell me." He said and she did. "Okay, how's six sound?"

"Perfect, see you then." She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek before leaving the gym.

Dom parked in front of the diner in good spirits, he was going out with Liz. Liz the beautiful, funny, strong woman who's occupied his dreams and fantasies since he met her. He kissed Mia on the cheek on the way to his back 'office' and sat down in his chair, picking up a magazine and starting to look through it.

"What's got you into such a great mood?" Mia asked and he looked at her, aware of the large smile that was on his face.

"I have a date tonight." He said.

"Liz?" she asked.

"Hey how did you…?"


"I'm gonna kill him, I told those guys to keep it between us."

"You better kill Vince too."


"He told Letty, well actually Letty forced the info out of him the best way she knew how."

"No such thing as secrets in this family." Dom said, now in a slightly sullen mood.

"Took you a while to figure that one out."

"Oh shut up." He said and she laughed, going back to the front.

That night he pulled up in front of Liz's house and got out going up to the front door. He knocked and shortly after it was opened and his breath caught. Liz was standing there smiling at him in a red halter-top and low slung dark blue jeans with black high-heeled boots. The halter came down high enough and the jeans were low enough that he could see a good two inches of white stomach and a red and black star tattooed on her right hip.

When she worked out she wore a long sleeved hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants so this is the first time than he's ever really seen her body. Her arms were toned and so was her stomach, she was slim and her hipbones just barely jutted out. Her long hair had been styled in fat ringlets around her face and body and her black eyes glinted like chips of obsidian that had caught the light.

"Well are you going to say something or are you just going to stare at me?" Liz asked, her greeting smile turning into a teasing one.

"Um…hi." Dom stuttered.

What the hell is wrong with me? I haven't acted like this around a pretty…beautiful girl since I was in high school. He thought. But damn she's…damn!

"Hi." She said. "Please come in. I'll only be a couple seconds."

Couple seconds read couple hours. Dom thought as he sat down on her very comfortable couch. She went off into the recesses of the house and came back a couple seconds later with a beeper and cell phone clipped on separate hips. The cell phone was hiding her tattoo.

"No rest for the wicked." She said noticing him look at the two and smiling at him rather mischievously.

They were sitting in the restaurant, Garcia's, and were talking when her phone rang.

"Damn, I gotta get this." She said and looked really reluctant but she did answer it. "Talk." She said and he heard muffled talking on the other end. "I'm kinda busy right now." More talking, "That's really none of your business Owens." She was starting to look annoyed; somehow it made her look even more beautiful. "Owens." She said putting her head into her hand and closing her eyes. "Owens I'm really busy right now…I believe I said that it was none of your business…Really? Are you sure?…okay e-mail me the report and I'll look it over. I'm hanging up now. No, I'm hanging up now, and I'm turning off my phone. Goodbye Owens, goodbye I'm hanging up now." She pulled the phone away from her ear and pressed a button, turning the phone off and closing it. She clipped it back to her jeans and smiled apologetically at him. "Sorry about that Dom." Liz said.

"It's okay, was it work?"

"Yeah, unfortunately. I mean I love what I do, but it gets on my nerves sometimes ya know?" she said.

"Yeah I know what that's like. What do you do?" Dom asked and she was spared the answer by the food coming. The picked off each others plates and at one point she offered him a forkful of rice and he wrapped his fingers around her wrist bringing it closer so he could take the offered food off the fork. He slid the utensil slowly from between his lips and watched as she grinned. They finished their food, still picking off each other's plates and he paid, almost taking away her slim wallet so she couldn't pay. They got into his car and he drove back to her house, stopping in front so he could finish his story. "So he blew the piston rings, twisted the chassis, and almost completely destroyed the engine. He was lucky that it still ran, if it hadn't I would have been caught by the cops." He said laughing and she held her ribs as she laughed.

"Damn, I know enough about cars to know that that is really bad." She said and he laughed.

"How much do you know about cars?" he asked looking at her and she shrugged.

"Only how to drive them and do high speed maneuvers." She said and he perked an eyebrow.

"You ever street race?" Dom asked, recalling seeing a Maserati Spyder in her driveway.


"If you're really good at the high speed stunts, you should think about it."

"I'll give it some thought."

"Good, my team and I will hook you up if you decide to."

"Your team?" she asked smirking and he nodded, smiling.


"Right, okay."

"We can't stay in this car all night."

"You're right we can't. You wanna come inside?"

"That was easy."

"Ha, ha, very funny. You didn't let me finish. You wanna come in and watch a movie?" she asked.

"Sure." He said after a moment of thought and they got out of his car after he turned it off. They walked up the walkway and she unlocked the door, letting them in.

"Take a seat and I'll go get a movie." Liz said as she climbed the stairs two at a time and he got a good look at the way her butt fit into the skintight denim of her jeans. Instead of sitting down he quietly climbed the stairs and following the sounds she was making he snuck up behind her in a bedroom and put his arms around her waist, holding her tight against his chest. She froze for a second but relaxed into his strong arms.

"I had fun tonight." He whispered in her ear.

"So did I."

"We should do it again sometime." Dom said.

"Yeah we should. How's this weekend for you?"

"Great, I'm have a barbecue with my family and I'd love for them to meet you, I think they'll really like you, I've told them a lot about you already." He said and she looked at him.

"Did you really?"


"So I'll be meeting your parents?" Liz asked smiling but her smile faded when his handsome face fell into deep sadness.

"My mother died a when I was little and my father died a few years ago." He said and she turned in his arms, touching his cheek gently.

"I'm so sorry Dom. Really I am." She said and he looked at her with a weak smile.

"Thanks. Okay, about that movie." He said quickly changing the subject.

"What do you want to see?" she asked turning back around and looking at the shelf full of DVDs.

"This one looks interesting." Dom said, removing one arm from around her waist so he could pluck a DVD from the shelf. "Pitch Black, fight evil with evil. Sounds cool."

"That's one of my favorites." Liz said smiling. "Come on, let's go watch." she said and pulled out of his arms, snatching the DVD out of his hand. He looked around and saw a DVD player hooked up to a TV.

"We can watch it in here." He said and she looked at him.

"This is my bedroom." She said and he grinned.

"And?" Dom asked and Liz laughed leaving the room, he heard her go down the stairs a short while later. He followed and found her in the living, putting the DVD in the player that was connected to plasma TV and surround sound system. "You sure you never raced before?"

"Yeah, why?" she asked standing and turning on the TV.

"You would need to drop some serious bills to get this kind of system."

"I've worked everyday since I was 16 and never spent a dime of it. It added up real quick." She said and he nodded. They sat down on the couch and he put his arm around her shoulders as she started the movie.

A few minutes later that were cinched together, all thoughts of watching the movie forgotten as they got lost in the taste and feel of each other's mouths. Dom finally broke away just in time to see a man get his head chopped in half by a hammer headed creature with a crunch on the screen.

"Ooh, that had to sting." He said but then Liz started to kiss his neck and play with his earlobe with her lips and he groaned, closing his eyes.

"Are you sure Jesse?" Letty asked as she looked through the file.

"Yeah Lett I'm sure. There's only one Elizabeth Devi Danvers living in LA with a membership to Jim's Gym. She's it Lett. I'm sorry." Jesse said looking fallen and Letty put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't feel sorry for me Jesse, feel sorry Dom." Letty said and went over the file again, reading the very serious information.

Dom and Liz were stretched out along her couch and he had his hands up her shirt, running his fingertips along her stomach and ribs. His shirt was on the floor. She put her hand to his chest and pushed him back a little.

"Hold on a second." She said, her voice breathy, and she plucked her cell phone and beeper off her pants, turning the beeper off and setting them on the table behind her. "Okay." No sooner had the word left her lips that he started to kiss her neck and shoulders, working his way back to her mouth. The movie was long over by now, forgotten by the two on the couch. She gave an almighty push and he rolled off the couch and onto the floor landing on his back on the plush red carpet. She leapt down and sat astride his hips, smiling.

"Like it on top do you?" he asked and she nodded. "I got no problems with that." Dom said.

"The only problem is." Liz said as she started to kiss his collarbone and chest.


"I will never sleep with a guy on the first date. Time to go home Dom." She said and he felt like roaring in frustration, but he grabbed his shirt and slipped it back on, doing the button on his jeans again. He sat up with her still sitting on him and they kissed deeply and full of fire. "This is just a little taste of what you'll be getting if this works out. But don't just want to be with me so you can get sex." She said when she pulled away and he nodded, looking at her with unabashed lust burning in his eyes. He wanted to undo both of their pants and join them right then but he refrained himself, honoring her wishes.

Liz could feel him twitching between her legs through their pants and it sent a spear of want through her, she wanted to break the first date rule right then but her rules were created and set in place for a very good reason. She almost cried at the thought that he wouldn't be spending the night with her. Never in all her life did she want someone as much as she wanted Dominic Toretto. She got off his lap with a heavy sigh and flopped onto her couch watching him as he stood, leaning over her they kissed gently one last time and then he left without a word. She slid down and lay on her couch as she heard his car start and drive away. Turning her face into her throw pillow she screamed in frustration into it.

Dom parked outside the house, he stayed in his car for a little while with his chin resting on his chest, listening to his breathing. It had been tough driving back to the house but he made it through without doing a U-turn in the middle of traffic, hauling ass back to her house, kicking open her front door, and taking her wherever she was. May it be wall, floor, counter or bed, he didn't care as long as it was a flat surface. Thoughts of her under him, her fingers gripping his back while she cried out his name sent his mind reeling.

"Damn." He whispered and shut off the car, getting out and going up the front steps. He opened the door and immediately saw the team in its entirety sitting in the living room, watching a movie.

"Hey Dom." Vince said looking at him quickly then back at the screen.

"Where were you all this time?" Leon asked looking at him and Dom smiled.

"I had a date." He said and Letty looked at him real quick.

"With who?" she demanded.

"With Liz. Oh and V, thanks for telling Letty about Liz when I asked you not to, and Leon thanks for telling Mia." Dom said and the two men looked away.

"Dom there's something you need to know about her." Letty started but he was already heading for the stairs.

"Can it wait until tomorrow? I'm beat." He said and she was silent for a long time.

"Yeah it can wait." She said and he ran up the stairs, heading for his room.

"Kay! See you guys in the morning!" he yelled down the stairs just before his door closed.

"You gotta tell him Letty, or I will." Mia said, Letty had shared the info with them shortly after she had gotten it.

"I think it would be better if you told him Mia. Coming from me he might think it's a stunt to try to break them up."

"Good point, I'll tell him." Mia said and they all turned their attentions back to the TV and the movie.

Dom lay in his bed wearing nothing but a pair of boxers, with his hands behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. But he didn't see the off white paint job; he saw Liz's smiling face. Damn she was beautiful, funny, sweet, sensitive, and intelligent. She had a body that would make the Pope stand up and take notice and damn could she kiss.

Liz lay on her bed on her side in her silk pajamas, staring at her wall. She was thinking about Dom, he was everything she could ever ask for in a man and he was a marvelous kisser, so passionate and sensual, it had made her toes curl and shivers run up her spine. She hoped that he wanted her for her, and not just her body like so many other men.

She knew all about the street racing, her gal friends at her work had told her all about that as soon as she said his name. He was the King of the Streets, respected and revered by all street racers. Everybody in that scene would be against them being together if they found out what she did for a living. But screw them, if they didn't like her, it's their loss not hers. But if Dom left her because of it…she just didn't know.