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Well then. i had some silly drabble ideas while digging through my last week of classes here...and of course thought i should inflict them upon you all. enjoy and remember to leave reviews!

Drabble the first. ya know how Riza's hair gets pretty long through the series? i am sure this would happen to her. i know it has happened to me....

"Damn it...Mustang."
While the irrate whisper did not wake the sprawled Colonel, the distinct sound of the safety of a gun clicking off sent him flying from the bed and a slight burnt smell to drift through the air.
Riza replaced her gun to its place on the nightstand, stretched and laid back. "You were on my hair" was the only explanation she offered in response to Roy's indignant glare before she rolled over and closed her eyes.
"Not fair, Lieutenant." Roy eyed the bed, trying to figure out how best to reclaim his favorite side from Riza's determined sprawl.