Tea noticed a huge change in Yugi's behavior towards her in the past couple of days. Every time she tried to talk to him, he would always make the same reply without looking into her eyes, " Sorry Tea, I can't talk…gotta go!"

Today was the same, except for one detail; today while Yugi made the same obvious lie, the Millenium Necklace appeared on his neck briefly. Tea rubbed her eyes, and the Millenium Necklace was gone, almost if it had never been there, Yugi didn't seem to notice its being there either. Now with the Millenium Necklace entering the fray, Tea was even more annoyed. She knew now that Yugi was keeping something from her.

" And with that friendship speech I keep giving too! Can't he tell me what's wrong?" Tea says to herself when Yugi leaves.

It was definitely getting to her.