"You cannot do this," Hadrium said warningly to the old man, "you must not disturb them from their peace, you will cause more harm than good, to them, the mortal world may be saved, but the spirit world will suffer."

"What else can I do?" the old man asked, angrily. "No, there is no other way. They will forgive me once they see what turmoil our world is in, they will want to save us."

"Half of them weren't even wizards! They will have no idea what to do, and the other half are at least 500 years old! They are not up to date with our spells, and we do not know their spells, you cannot do this, we don't know enough about their times..."

The old man ignored Hadrium, who stood infuriated behind him, as he walked away through another door where 100 witches and wizards were stood.

"Are you ready, my friends?" There was a murmur of agreement. "We cannot undo what we are about to do, remember this, I now give you the chance to back out, while you still can."

No one moved.

"OK, you know what to do."

Hadrium watched from the doorway as they all linked arms, wands in their right hands pointed at the 10 beds that were in the middle of their circle. A chant rose up, and an unnatural wind blew. Hadrium could feel the power pulsating through the room... it was really magical... this much power had not been seen for over 1000 years, not in the hands of good, anyway.

"Heroes of the earth, Wizards, Witches, Knights and warriors of old, come to us and help your fellows in the fight we now face, the war that will change the world, or end it. Come to us in our hour of need, the world has changed from what you knew, but we will help you, we will help you... come to us in the prime of your lives..."

Promises then came from the witches and wizards, all still holding hands, chanting in unison. Hadrium was finding it hard to stand, and he watched his grandfather at the other end of the room, his face working furiously, eyes closed, chanting regular, and he felt a rush of fear from him... no, the fear was coming from the room...

Hadrium squinted his eyes against the wind, and looked to the beds in the centre, where bodies had formed. Eyes wide, and shaking, Hadrium stood where he was, staring, at the bodies.

They were all young, eight men and two women. Hadrium ran over the names in his head, trying to put faces to names...

Harry Potter, yes... Ginny Weasley, yes... both from the time of Voldemort, the youngest of the heroes.

Lady Ravenclaw, Lord Gryffindor, Lady Hufflepuff and Lord Slytherin, yes all there...

Lancelot and Arthur, both non magic but skilled Knights, both there.

Achilles, and Hector... the Greek and Trojan warriors... both there.

The chanting had stopped now, and the people, Hadrium realised with a shock, were all laying still on the ground, all but his grandfather, who was only just standing, and staring at those on the bed. It was only a minute until he joined his fellows.

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