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Ron fidgeted in his seat uncomfortably. It was Wednesday, mail day. He wasn't expecting any mail, unless it was from his mother wishing him Happy Holidays. But today he wasn't anxious about receiving mail. No. Today he was nervous about the mail he had sent, for today was the day she would get it. The letter he sent to her only a week before.

Her. Hermione Granger, the most beautiful and most perfect witch he had ever encountered. Ron had written her a very special note and made sure she'd get it on Wednesday morning with everyone else. Sure, it'd be more romantic if she received it alone, but he preferred to see it when she opened it, and he couldn't do it without other people around. See, this was no ordinary note. Well, he supposed it could be considered ordinary, but the message itself was not.

The message consisted of three lines, each containing a number and a word. At the bottom was an initial, X. Why "X"? There was no way he would reveal himself. He had even taken care to write neat, so that Hermione wouldn't recognize the sloppy letters called his handwriting. The message went about as follows:

8 letters

3 words

1 meaning


Confusing? Not for Hermione. Rod had surprisingly come up with this ingenious puzzle on his own. Okay, so he found in a book, but he found the book on his own, which must count for something. But it was simple, really. 8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning. I love you. Easy as pie.

Along with the note he also enclosed two flowers, a red rose and a pink rose. Shockingly, he had read that a red rose said, "I love you with all my heart" and a pink rose said, "I am afraid to show you my feelings." So Ron included both to say, "I love you with all my heart but I am afraid to show you my feelings." Smart, isn't it? Yes, Hermione would know exactly what he meant, but she would never suspect it was from him, Ron Weasley.

But for some reason he was still nervous. Maybe it was because she wouldn't think it was him and she'd fall for the clever intellect who sent the message and flowers, never knowing that he was the clever intellect. Or maybe she'd think it was pathetic or cheesy, and his plans would be ruined. Or worse. She could think it was from her belovedVicky.

Even Hermione noticed his anxiety. A worried expression entered her face, and Ron did his best to prevent his ears from turning red. He was doing a very poor job at it, mind you.

"Ron, are you okay?" she asked.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine," He stammered. "Really."

"Are you sure? You don't seem well."

After Ron had promised her that he was fine, a noise was heard outside. The mail was here. Ron's eyes widened and he started shaking. Good thing Hermione didn't notice. And thank Merlin that Harry was too involved with Ginny to notice his friend's nervous breakdown.

An owl flew over Ron's head and dropped a piece of parchment in front of him. It was just his mum, wishing him Happy Holidays as he had expected. An owl flew past Hermione a few times, but her letters were only from her mother, Viktor Krum, and the Daily Prophet. Ron was beginning to think that she wouldn't get it, but then an owl flew in and dropped the parchment and the flowers in front of his beloved.

Slowly, Hermione opened her letter. Her eyes lit up and a small smile spread across her face. He watched her pick up her roses and smell each one with care. He thought he'd heard her sigh and even squeal. It was obvious she knew what the message meant.

Ginny saw what was in Hermione's hands and the two girls started talking about it excitedly. "Who's it from?" "I don't know!" "How romantic!" and "You're so lucky, Hermione!"was all that could be understood from the two girls. Harry was smiling, amused apparently. Ron couldn't help but smile.

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