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Pairings: Beast Boy/Raven, Robin/Starfire

A/N: This is a little darker than what I usually write. The chapters will be very short, but I'm going to try to update every third day.


Pronunciation Guide:

Lunis lune-is

Solaris Solar-is


Demon Hunters

Chapter 1: The Hunters

"Where the hell is it, Lunis?" Solaris asked in a quiet, singsong tone, but her voice tight with something close to fear.

"You're right on top of it." Lunis's voice was quiet, as always. "Be careful."

Solaris gripped the Sword of the Pure a little tighter, her eyes darting around as she turned slowly in a full circle. "Pax, give me a read-out."

"It's a third-class demon, but only at half-power. You could probably handle it alone, but there's no point in taking chances. We'll come down as soon as it reveals itself."

Solaris waited, patient as a cat at a mouse hole.

There. A movement in the shadows. Solaris dove to the side just as a huge clawed hand reached out of the shadows to swipe where she had been.

"Now, Pax."

A teenaged boy with dark hair and dark clothes jumped down from the rooftops. He swung the Soul Blade, slicing through the demon and pining it to the ground.

Lunis descended, her silk gown billowing in the rush of her descent. She laid the flat of the Immortal Blade on the demon's forehead. She felt the heady rush of power as the sword absorbed the demon's immortality.

"Make your peace, demon."

Solaris stabbed it through its heart, the Sword of the Pure emitting a blinding flash of light, then incinerating every trace of the demon, even its blood.

Solaris looked inquiringly at Lunis.

"We're clear," the girl replied.

Pax and Solaris breathed a little easier.

"Where to next?" Pax asked casually.

Lunis closed her eyes for a moment, humming softly and tracing a circle on one of her palms. "That way." Her eyes snapped open and she pointed in a direction to the north.

"What did you see?" Pax asked.

"Water. A city. And…" Lunis hesitated.

Solaris looked at her scrutinizing. Lunis didn't hesitate, not when she was giving directions. "Are you uncertain?"

Lunis laughed. "I am certain, it is simply… strange. I saw a 'T', sister."

Solaris gave her a skeptical look, but Pax had already entered the information into his computer.

"I've got it," he said. "It's a few hundred miles from here."

Lunis gave her sister an 'I-Told-You-So' look.

"What's the name of the town?" Solaris inquired, ignoring Lunis.

"Jump City."